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Hello i am new to this thing and i am bad at writing.

It all started a few years ago, when my friend bobby(names are changed) stayed the night, we were in the spare room down staires watching a movie on the tv i then said to him “that i was beat i am going to sleep” he replied with “can i order a movie” i said “sure but only one as it cost heaps to order movies with austar”, so any way i feel asleep but woke up about 20 minutes laster and i saw bobby wanking him self to a gay porno he ordered i just layied there for a while and the i said “you in you want we can try that if you like” he turned around and said “fuck you scared the shit out of me and do what” i replied with” you know HJ’s BJ’s french kissing or even fucking each other in there arse” he said really ” i then took he cock into my hand it felt a little smaller than mine and i started pumping it up and down then i felt him grab mine and do the same thing it was feeling great he then said “or i will cum” so i did and said ” what now” he the looked at me and said” where is the lube” i pointed to the top draw he then grabbed it and said “can i fuck you in the arse” i got on my hands and knees i then felt some cold gel go on my arse hole it felt really good then i felt him put in dick up to my arse and antalya escort bayan push in there was no pain at all for me as sometimes when i masturbate i shove a 3 inch wide dildo up there he then said “you ready” i said” hell yes” then he started fucking my arse harder and faster then i ever could with a dildo i was moaning heaps about 10 minutes later we were both sweating like all hell and then he said ” i going to blow” and then i felt massive wave of cum getting dumped inside my arse i then said my
and lube up but when i went to push in he said “STOP STOP STOP STOP it hurts too much” i then said “well in that case suck me off” he agreed so i layed down on my back and then i felt his warm lips on my cock then after a while i said “it cumming” then i felt felt my self blow my load in his mouth he swallowed it all i then said ” right you are staying tomorrow night aswell but for now lets get some sleep.

When we woke up in the morning i turned to bobby and saw that he had morning glory i woke him up and said “right round two” and got on my hands and knees he then said said ” really it is only 6.30AM in the morning” i then said “come on i am horny” he said ” nope dick went soft ” i then said fine i am going to make breakfreast but when i get your escort antalya are going to fuck me” he said” what ever” when i came back i had four slices of toast and a glass of Orange juice i said ” here eat this this” i then walked over to the draw and took a tablet he asked ” what are they for ” i said they are just fish oils” he then said “can i have one” i then grabbed a fish oil and a viagra and handed then to him he swallowed them then about 10 minutes later i said you ready to fuck me yet” he said more then ever” and showed me his cock and he usually was on 5 inches long by about 2 inches wide but he was now about 7 inches long and 4 inches wide i then said ” make sure you lube” i then got ready and i felt him once again put some lube on my arse hole and then i felt the tip of his dick enter me he then after about 5 minutes of working it in he said fucking me really hard and really fast again and i was moaning like all hell i said to him ” then feels fucking great” then after another 30 minutes he said i am getting tired” i then said “stop and lay down on the bed i will do the fucking for a while ” then after we switched positions i started slamming my arse on his pole he then said ” i need to cum but i can not” i said ” i know give it another hour then antalya escort you will be able to ” he said “an hour fucking hell” i said “yes alot of fucking” so after about 40 minutes of me slamming my arse down as hard as i could he said ” right my turn” i then said to him” i want you to take this dildo home with you and have it up your arse as much as you can some when you come over next time i can fuck you in the arse ” he nodded his head and just kept fucking away after another 30 minutes he said ” i am going to cum any second now i then felt huge waves of cum hitting the inside of my arse and it went on for wave after wave for about a good 10 minutes i sad “thanks that felt really good wanna suck me off now” then bobby started sucking me off and it only took about 30 seconds to make me cum i then said to him ” you have to come every weekend”…

This is a true story and my very first story so sorry about the punctuation i was never taught that school as i left in year 8

If you have any suggestion of stories for to write email me

just send any names you want included,any tags, and any details about what you want


Names: Ben

Tags: Anal

Little Details: Have a girl call _____ get fuck in the arse by a horse

so just email something with that layout to my email address

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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