Dweeb Ch. 06

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Chapter Six

By DDDDave

“Big Tits, Big Dicks, Fantasy Fucking”

(o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o) (o )( o)

Dwayne was slumped over Ms. Largeness’ back. He was trying to catch his breath after having had an epic fuck fest with the sexy teacher. She was also trying to recover. She had enjoyed more orgasms than she could count while he had emptied his balls three times before they had finally cum to a halt. There were tendrils of hair plastered to her sweaty face and back.

“God, that was good!” she panted before reaching back to pull him to her for a steamy kiss. “You are the best! And not just because you are the biggest, best hung man I’ve ever met!”

“Thanks,” he responded. He had been told many times over the past weeks that his prick was enormous! Some times he felt that that was all he brought to his lovers. It was nice to hear that he was also a good lover, not just a really, really big lover!

“Look, next week we’re going to be doing a small group exercise. Pairs, actually. I’m going to set you up, Dwayne. I’m going to make sure that you’re paired with a girl that is perfect for you! Play your cards right and you could have some fun!”

“Okay. If you say so! I’m always looking for good looking girls to hook up with!”

“Well, the girl I have in mind is really good looking in a certain way. Just be patient. She’s a little shy. But I’m sure that you will be able to bring her around! Just be yourself.” She kissed him again while squirming against him.

“Now I think we have time for one more. How bout I ride you cowgirl style?” It was one of his favorite positions and she knew it.

The next Monday as promised the class was paired off. Ms. Largeness drew names from a fish bowl. Dwayne was matched up with Marie Massimams.

At the end of the class he approached Ms. Largeness.

“That’s who you matched me up with? Marie Massimams?” He looked back at his new partner who as usual had her head in a book and was ignoring everyone around her.

“Yup, that’s right!” Ms. Largeness replied. “Don’t be too hasty. If you get to know her I think you’ll really enjoy, I mean like, her! Would I steer you wrong? Now go introduce yourself to her!”

He didn’t know much about Marie. She was a Goth. That was obvious from the black clothes, black eye make-up and lipstick. She was a loner with no friends that any one knew about. She read all the time. Usually weird things like the book she had now, “Wiccans for Today” whatever that meant.

But Dwayne introduced himself to her.

She looked up briefly, and said. “I guess I have to work with you. Make sure you pull your own weight. I don’t want to be saddled with having to do all the work! Meet me in the Library and we’ll get started after school.”

“Nice to meet you too,” he snapped back at her. “You just worry about doing your fair share. I’m not going to pull your load just ’cause you think you have more important things to do, like learning about pre-Christian rites and rituals!”

“Humpf” was her only response as she put her head back into the book.

‘Well, we’re off to a great start!’ he thought to himself as he walked away.

Later that day they did meet in the Library and bounced some ideas off each other about their joint report. To their mutual surprise they actually had some ideas in common. Over the next few days they established a tentative working relationship.

Dwayne found that Marie had a sense of humor hidden under the Goth exterior that she presented to the world. And she, in turn, found that he wasn’t just a sexist pig like most men, but had a sensitive side, too. At least she didn’t catch him staring at her like so many men did. Pigs!

One day she took off her ever-present jacket because it was just too hot. And that is when Dwayne’s interest spiked.

Under the jacket Marie was wearing an oversized t-shirt featuring some Goth band he had never heard of. It wasn’t the ‘Sisters of Mercy’ logo that got his attention. Not really. What he really noticed was that, even though it was way yabancı escort too large for her she still seemed to be leaning against it from the inside! And there was almost constant movement under the shirt. Marie seemed to have a pair of enormous breasts! Well hidden most of the time but now they were noticeable.

If you judged her by her arms, legs, hips and shoulders you would figure her to weigh around 100 pounds tops. Her braless tits however, were immense. They hung past her waist. And for all that they swung so low they were full, not saggy as tits that size usually were. No, these were truly immensely oversized breasts. Her nipples pointed outward by 45 degrees and were positioned looking forward, not on the bottom of those gigantic ovoids. Just breath taking, he decided!

They had been working for about 15 minutes, reading thru massive tomes looking for good references they could use for their final report when Chuck felt her hand land gently on his thigh under the table.

Startled he looked up to find Marie gazing at him. “Ms. Largeness told me you were someone special. I didn’t know what she meant. But I started to hear some rumors about you recently. I want to find out if they are true.”

Her hand slowly moved up until she had reached his groin.

“I dunno,” she said. “Nothing special here!”

“Um, sorry. I dress left, not right.”


“That means that my member hangs to the left, not the right.”


“Penis, Dick, Cock, Johnson, Wang, what ever you want to call it.”

“Um, okay.” Under the table her hand shifted to the other side and started to run down his leg. This time she could feel a bulge under her fingers. As she moved further down the leg she found that it extended further than she had imagined that it might.

“Um that’s more like what I had been led to believe.”

“Wait until I get hard, Marie. Wait until I’m erect,” he was almost bragging! His confidence had really improved over the past several weeks.

Her hand was still resting on his wang. “Not erect yet? Wow! I can’t wait to see this! Lets get out of here, Dwayne!” Her carefully cultivated air of disinterest was vanishing quickly!

Together they went out to her van. Windowless, it offered maximum privacy as the teenagers kissed each other in the back.

“Wow, I had no idea,” they said at the same time.

Her hands were in his lap while his were running over the massive hillocks hidden behind her t-shirt.

“Let me get you out from this,” he offered as he started to pull her shirt over her breasts. It was going to be a struggle he found.

“Only if you slip out of these pants,” she countered. His belt was unbuckled and she was trying to pull down his zipper despite its being pulled tight by his incredible erection. She was gazing at his crotch while licking her lips.

Clumsily he stood, bent over trying to not bump into the roof. He kicked off his shoes and his pants which allowed Marie to grasp his cock with both hands thru the boxers he had on.

“WOW! BIG! I’d no idea that men came in this size! I love it! Let me see it, Dwayne, let me see your horse cock!”

“Turn about is fair play,” he said, reaching again for the hem of her t-shirt.

“Okay, okay. But don’t laugh! I’m really insecure about how I look, you know!”

Together they pulled the shirt out far enough that they were able to pull it up and over her tits. Those breasts, now revealed as she pulled her shirt over her head, rested in her lap. Her aureola were the size of saucers, the nipples, puckered in excitement, were almost the size of shot glasses! HUGE!

But their size was in line with the gigantic breasts that filled her lap and overlapped her thighs!

“Jesus,” he breathed reverently. “How have you managed to hide these treasures? Amazing!”

“Don’t make fun of me,” she objected. “I know what I look like!”

“Maybe, but you should see yourself thru my eyes! You’re gorgeous and sexy and hot as hell!”

“Stop it! I know you’re lying!” She sounded yeni escort hurt.

“Lying? Does this look like I’m lying?” he drew her attention back to his hard-on. Quivering in front of him, no longer semi-hard, his dick was at full mast! More than a foot long it pulsed with his heartbeat, throbbing and jerking up and down!

“Oh, Dear God!” she exclaimed. “Did I do that? I mean, did you get that hard just from looking at me? Wow! Look how big you are! So big! So HARD!”

Her hands reached out and softly, tentatively she drew her fingertips from his ball sack to his dick head. Already at full extension, it quivered under her touch.

“Easy there, Marie! I’m right on the edge! You’re going to make me cum if you’re not careful!” he gasped.

“Oh, yes! I want you to cum! I want to see you cum for me! I want to see how much this giant prick can spew all over my big tits! Show me, Dwayne! Do my tits excite you? Show me how much my titties excite you!” She was barely touching him as she stroked up and down his cock.

Grunting in release Dwayne shot wad after wad of cum onto Marie’s chest. She giggled and laughed as she smoothed his offering into her skin.

“Wow, I had no idea!” she exulted. “You came so much! I had no idea a man could spurt out so much! So exciting!” She reached out to run her fists up and down his dick. More cum oozed from his dick head. She collected it in her hand and wiped it on to both her nipples.

“Oh, Dwayne, look! You’re still so hard! Let me…” she leaned forward and ran her tongue up and down the shaft. She stuck her tongue further out and swirled it around and around his dick head. Pursing her lips she kissed just the tip of the dick head. He hadn’t noticed how plush her lips were. Or how long her tongue was!

Working slowly she allowed her lips to part and began to slide down his hard shaft. After a few inches she drew back.

Gasping for breath she looked into his eyes while she stroked him with both hands. “I really like the taste! I didn’t think that I would. I mean, I never really thought about it. But I do! It’s yummy!”

She struggled to lift her right breast to her mouth so she could suck up the cum that she had wiped onto it moments before. It was difficult due to the extreme mass of her bosom. Stretching her tongue out as far as possible she was finally able to scrape up almost all of it and pull it into her mouth. She savored the taste and texture before swallowing it down with relish!

“So good,” she moaned. “I love it! I never knew!”

She dropped back to rest on the blanket covered mattress she had put in the back of her van.

“Come on, I want to see what it feel like to get fucked with a really big dick! I’m not a virgin you know. Well, I mean, I’ve never had a man before but I’ve had lots of practice with my fingers, hands and dildoes! I wonder if it feels different with a real penis?”

He didn’t say a thing. He just slid into position between her thighs and placed his dick head at the entrance to her pussy. Pressing gently he started to move against her.

“Oh, that’s nice,” she sighed. “That’s really nice! Do it harder! You are so big, you’re going to have to press harder to get into me! It doesn’t hurt, harder, harder! I want to feel it!”

She was banging her heels against his ass in an effort to get him to move faster and harder. Taking the hint Dwayne increased the pressure and speed. Soon he was working hard to stuff more and more of his dick into Marie.

“Yes, Oh, YES! That’s so good!” Her efforts to work her way further and further onto his prick was causing her tits to move heavily on her torso. Dwayne watched, entranced, as they rode above her shoulders, framing her smiling face, and then flowed downward to reach her hips and beyond before rebounding! Her nipples were hard a dowels, rising almost an inch above her aureole.

“Oh, fuck! It’s so much better than a dildo! So much better than anything I’ve felt before! Fuck me, Dwayne, fuck me hard and make me cum! I need to cum on your huge cock! So BIG, So GOOD!

Dwayne yenibosna escort dropped onto Marie. Using both hands and both arms he gathered up her breasts and began to suck and lick them. Sucking her nipples into his mouth he pulled back until he lost his oral grip. He watched her breasts shiver and shake and then he did it all again! They were so big! So soft! And shapely. Even though she was lying on her back her tits stuck up into the air. They were at least twice as deep as her torso and maybe even bigger, he estimated.

His appreciation of what defined ‘large’ in relation to breasts had changed in the past weeks. Billie Jean was gorgeous. But her Double D bosom was out matched by Ms. Largeness and her perky Double E’s. Brittany Fulman at forty-nine inches had larger breasts than her daughter. And if forty-four inch Barb Fulman thought she had the biggest tits in school? Well she hadn’t met Marie Massimams, that was for sure!

While he had run thru his list of recent conquests he had kept on treating her tits the best he knew how. Marie was groaning and moaning in pleasure. Both hands were in his hair, holding him to her chest while he licked and sucked her immense tits.

“Oh, fuck I’m there!” Marie gasped. She came like a cannon on his rampant dick. She was holding him to her while she worked her way thru the most intense orgasm that she had ever imagined. Again and again she slammed her hips at her lover.

She was trying to catch her breath as Dwayne pulled out. His enormous cock throbbed above her.

“I’m going to cum, Marie, I’m going to cum! Where do you want it, you hot foxy fucker?” He was running his hand up and down his shaft keeping himself primed.

“Not in me,” she exclaimed. “I’m not on The Pill.”

“Okay, here we go!” Before she could react he had slammed his dick between her tits, folded them over his prick and began to tit fuck her amazing breasts! Her nipples were rubbing against each other as he thrust himself thru her cleavage.

“Oh, what are you…” She asked aloud. Without thought her hands joined his to hold her together while he pounded away. She liked feeling him slide between her tits. And the look on his face? He obviously was having fun, running his dick between her giant tits!

“I’m cumming now!” he exclaimed as the first wad of cum shot out of his dick to be caught in her valley. So were the next couple of wads.

But then Marie pulled him out and pulled him to her mouth. She swallowed his dick head, sucked up the rest of his cum before gulping it all down!

With a sigh of exhaustion Dwayne settled next to Marie on the mattress and they snuggled for a few moments.

“That was FUN!” she told him. “I always knew I’d like sex! But your huge dick was amazing!”

“So are your tits! I’ve never seen bigger, sexier, more exciting tits! You have to have the biggest tits in school! Poor little Barb Fulman thinks her 44 inch bust is the largest!”

“Really? 44 inches? Golly, I beat her by at least a ten inches! Are guys turned on by big tits? My Mom always told me to cover up so as not to get teased.”

“Teased? More likely girls are jealous of how magnificent you bosom is!”

“Magnificent? Are you sure?”

“I’m sure,” he told her. “Your huge tits are so sexy and exciting! Just look what you’ve done to me.” He directed her attention to his newly refreshed hard on. “I’m hard again just from playing with your huge titties! Big tits are sexy. The bigger they are, the sexier! And you have AMAZING big tits! You are SO SEXY!”

Dwayne was playing with her nipples, getting them to grow stiffer and playing with her titties, shaking them and squeezing them.

“Ohhh, that feels good! I like it when you play with my titties. Suck me! Lick me. Make me feel good! Put your dick between my titties! Fuck my big, sexy tits! I enjoy that!”??”Can you push between my tits so I can suck on your cock while you drill my big titties, Dwayne?”

Turns out that he could. And they spent the next hour playing with each other. He cam three times, twice between her tits and again while she sucked him down her throat. She came too while they sixty-nined.

It was an amazing experience for them both! Over the week-end Marie went shopping and visited her hair dresser for a re-do. She had learned some things and was eager to put them to the test!

The Enddd

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