Easy Rider

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I have always loved motorcycles, especially Harley’s and Indians. What’s even better is the leather the bikers wear.

I was sitting in a coffee shop one morning deciding where I wanted to go for a few days’ vacation. I heard a loud motorcycle pull up in the parking lot and looked out the window. You got off your bike, took your helmet off and as you turned around to come into the coffee shop you stopped my heart. You were the sexiest man I had ever seen. The leather chaps you had on accentuated one nice tight ass. Your leather jacket had fringe that swayed as you walked.

I caught your eye as you came in, and you walked over to my table and asked if you could join me. Of course I said yes. I already knew I wanted you. After some small talk, you asked what my plans were for the weekend, and I replied I was deciding where to go for a few days. You made the suggestion that I join you on your bike for a few days and you would show me the country side from your bike. The longer I looked at you, the hotter I got. We got up and went to your bike.

On the road, I had my arms beşiktaş escort wrapped around your waist. I could smell the sensual scent of you mixed with leather. I put my hands under your jacket to keep them warm. You move them down to your belt line. I take the hint and slip one hand down to your crotch. I feel you push back against me, you place your hand on mine and push my hand down on your hardening manhood. I can feel the heat rise in my loins. The wetness is driving me crazy.

You turn off the main road and find a secluded area and park the bike. We take our helmets off and you grab the back of my head pulling me to you. You roughly kiss me as you grab my swelling breast. I take your coat off and throw it on the bike. In the next instant you literally rip my blouse off. Leaning me up against the bike you suck hard on my breasts making every nerve ending scream with delight. I pull your head back and look into your eyes. I can see the fiery passion in them that doesn’t want to wait. I take my jeans off.

You kick off your boots, and I slowly beşiktaş eve gelen escort take off you leather chaps and pull your jeans down. You kick them off and grab me again. Our tongues mingle in a heated passion that I have never felt before. I lightly bite your lip. I can feel your hands caress my ass as we kiss. Suddenly I can feel your hand moving towards the front and your fingers find a hot wetness waiting for you. You find my hard clit and begin to rub lightly. A moan escapes from my lips. I can feel my knees go weak. I slid down in front of you, kissing and licking your chest as I go. Soon I find your rock hard love machine and take it deep in my mouth. Oh god you taste so good. I rake my nails across your engorged balls. With my other hand I squeeze tightly at the base as I suck and lick you.

You lift me up and tell me to get on your bike. I put your coat on the handle bars and straddle it backwards. Leaning back I watch as you stroke yourself and walk towards me. Spreading my legs wide, you slide a finger in my hot wanting beşiktaş grup yapan escort pussy. As you do this you lean in and begin to lick and devour all of my juice you can get to. Before long you work your tongue over my swollen clit. I arch my back and grab your head pulling you harder into me as you give me an orgasm so strong I nearly fall off the bike.

I tell you to trade me places, and you lean back as I was against the handle bars. I start by teasing your nipples with my hot mouth as I stroke your rock hard cock. You pull my head up by my hair and tell me “now baby, now”. I straddle you and put my feet on the foot rests of the bike. You slide towards me a bit, and hold your stiffened cock up as I slide myself down on you. You fill me up with your hardness. I put my hand on the handle bars, and as I slide myself up and down on you, you fondle and suck on my tits. I stop and get you as deep as I can inside me. I lean over and kiss you passionately. You push me back and ask me “fuck me now baby, fuck me hard and fast, I need to shoot my hot load into your hot pussy”.

As I slide up and down, your hips are bucking into me with each move I make. Before long you grab my hips and shout “damn, baby yes, yes” and I can feel you release your hot load into me. It feels so hot, so good; so deep in me. I lay down on your sweaty chest, and you cover me with your arms. What as way to start the weekend with you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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