Emily, My Cousin’s Hot Friend Ch. 02

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Aidra Fox

I woke up to the sound of the girls laughing. My room was separate from the girls’, who had decided that Samantha and Scarlett would share a room, while Emily would be solo just like me. The laughter came from neither of their rooms. I quickly pulled of the cover and got up on my feet. It was only when I looked down that I realized the solid boner which had emerged in my boxer shorts during the night, and I remembered vaguely dreaming about Emily. More specifically I had dreamed about taking her curvaceous ass from behind. My thoughts were disrupted by a sudden knock on the door.

“Are you up, Jake?” Samantha asked through the wooden door.

“Eh…yeah, I’ll be out soon!” I replied while trying to push my hard-on down, but it only made it even harder. The thoughts of my wet dream with Emily and I, had triggered the dirty side of my brain. I put on a pair of shorts, as well as a t-shirt, before I went out of my room. The moment I stepped out, I spotted Samantha and Scarlett chatting with each other in a friendly manner. They were standing by the counter in the kitchen, and I assumed they were making some sort of breakfast. I looked around and I almost got a bit disappointed when I didn’t see Emily anywhere. I walked up to the them.

“Hey girls. Didn’t know you were such early birds,” I said.

Samantha glared at me as if I had forgotten something. “You already know that I wake up early every morning to work out with Emily,” she said before pausing for a second. She realized she had come on too strong, and her face quickly lightened up. She continued, “I meet Emily at the gym before we go to school.”

“That it real dedication, but I didn’t know Emily worked out as well,” I said, trying to move the focus subtly towards Emily.

“Are you joking with me, Jake? I mean, have you not noticed Emily’s amazing body? It doesn’t become like that by itself,” she replied.

Oh, I had definitely noticed. I looked around, but Emily was still nowhere to be seen.

“Speaking of Emily, where is she?” I asked them.

Scarlett, holy family izle who hadn’t even looked at me since I entered, pointed her finger in the direction of the bathroom. “She told us she was taking a shower,” she replied.

Samantha and Scarlett, continued chatting like before, while resuming with the food preparation. A huge urge to use the toilet rolled over me, so I made my way to the other end of the cabin, where the bathroom was located. As I came closer to the bathroom door, I could hear the sound of the shower. I had had way too much to drink the evening before, and I didn’t know how much longer I could hold it in. I carefully knocked on the door.

“Hey, Emily… Is it long until you are finished in there? I desperately need to take a leak,” I said through the door.

I heard a soft voice through the sound of the splashing water on the floor, “Sure, just come in and do what you need to.”

“Did she really invite me in?” I thought to myself. I waited a while in disbelief before I entered. I closed the door behind me and it didn’t take me long to spot a naked Emily in the other end of the bathroom. The water was trickling from her head and down her perfectly shaped body. It was definitely a sight to remember. She saw me and smiled without saying a word. I tried to look away, but that was no easy task. She had to be the hottest eighteen year old I had ever seen. The girls I had dated in their mid-twenties were not comparable to her. I went to the toilet and I pulled out my semi-erect cock. Who am I kidding, it was full grown. It might have had some growth potential before, but after looking at Emily in the shower, it was pointing straight out. I did my errands while hoping Emily didn’t notice my erection. I tried to concentrate on doing my thing, and nothing else, when all the sudden I heard her talk for the first time since I entered.

“Excuse me, Jake. Not trying to interrupt, but what is going on down there?” she said jokingly with a smile.

I tried to cover my hard-on with hotel portofino izle my hand, but it was too late. “Fuck… I hoped you didn’t notice. Please don’t tell Samantha about this,” I said pleadingly.

She laughed and turned off the shower before sliding the glass door open. Emily stepped out and smiled at me. “Don’t be so shy, Jake. It isn’t like I have never seen one before. To be honest, I would be offended if you didn’t think I was attractive, and you cock confirms that.”

I didn’t know where to look. The situation was all too overwhelming. The idea of standing in the room with my cousin’s naked friend didn’t help resolve my boner issue. I looked up from the floor and stared at her perfectly round ass. To my surprise she slid her hand across her right ass cheek and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Do you like my ass, Jake?” she suddenly asked.

“Fuck yeah…” is all I managed to say. My body froze where I stood. She continued to tease me by rubbing her hand across her ass, alternating between rubbing and squeezing it. At one point I saw one of her long nails pierce into her ass cheek and it disappeared. I looked up at her face. She bit her lip and said, “You know… I was thinking that I could help you with your little problem down there…Or shall I say a rather big one.” in a sensual tone. “Samantha told me that she and Scarlett were going to make breakfast, but I could use a starter.”

My body was still frozen, but I managed to make nod. This felt so wrong, but that made it even hotter. I couldn’t even image what would happen if Samantha went looking for me now, but I had no chance but to listen to this young goddess in front of me. “Good choice,” Emily said with a smile as she walked up to me. I felt her steamy warm body as she stood face to face with me, as if she couldn’t get any hotter.

While I looked into her eyes I felt a soft hand grabbing my shaft. She started to stroke it gently, still remaining eye contact with me, and I could feel my cock growing rock solid by her touch. house of hammer izle I didn’t have to say much. Before I knew it, she knelt down before me. Just as I looked down I felt Emily’s wet tongue slide from the base of my shaft and towards the head of my cock. It left a long strip of glistening saliva.

“Fuck…” I exclaimed in frustration. She swirled her wet tongue around the head, making it all wet. It made me feel her warm breath more intensely as she prepared herself to continue. My frustration took over and I managed to break lose from my paralyzed state. I placed my hand at the back of her head and I gently pushed her towards me. It seemed like my gesture was welcomed by her. She steadily took more and more of me inside her warm heavenly mouth. It didn’t take long before her head was bobbing up and down on my hard shaft for a good 30 seconds. Her mouth felt like heaven, wrapped around my cock, sucking and slurping away.

My primal needs had taken over any reason I had. I found myself pushing the back of her head even harder. Once again, I didn’t receive any objection from this good little girl. Emily started to gag on my shaft and I felt the head of my cock hit her throat. I didn’t have to do much after this point as she continued deepthroating my whole length all by herself. I felt some precum drip out, but I doubt she tasted it, as the tip was well buried deep into her slimy throat. I felt the urge to burst a big load into her mouth grow more and more as she did an expert job sucking my cock. Just listening to her gags made it almost intolerable pleasurable.

It was like she read my mind, or perhaps she felt it, because she pulled out and said with a breathy voice, “Please cum into my mouth, Jake. I’m a hungry little slut.”

She immediately resumed deepthroating me, with moments of just sucking the tip once in a while. My cock was covered with her saliva and it made it slide effortlessly inside her mouth and throat. She definitely had done this before and I could no longer hold it in, it felt way too good. I grabbed her hair tightly and pulled her down on me as I burst a big load of cum down her throat.

I pulled her of of me and I heard her swallow. Emily stood up and looked at me, with the same smile as before. “We should clean up and head out to the girls. We don’t want them to come looking for us,” she said.

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