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Jennie and Denise were sisters, twins, and had, from day one, shared everything up to and including the day they brought home a local tough guy from the bar and fucked him until he cried. When they were done, laying together there in bed, they told him to get his clothes and get out. After he left, they stayed that way until morning, laughing about what a terrible lay he had been, victorious in the knowledge that they had broken him. They stayed that way, holding each other, filling the silence with soft kisses and gentle caresses, until the sun rose and another day began. There were not enough hours in the night.

They stand across from you now, Jennie and Denise, in the corner sipping cocktails, matching black dresses, matching hairstyles, even their perfume comes from the same bottle. They dress this way, they act this way, because they both know that it will be the easiest way to draw another one into their grasp, into their world, where their sexual power exists within each other.

You see a young man approach them, a hotshot in Armani who thinks his game is better than theirs, but tomorrow morning, when he’s gathering up his wrinkled suit, playing by their rules, he’ll know better.

Alex was a sales rep for a major cellular company whose true sexuality lay dormant inside him, stifled by a strongly religious family. They would have disowned him had they known about the night Alex met a man at an art exhibit, took maltepe escort him home, and sucked him off ravenously. Their torrid affair lasted almost two months; over and over Alex let this man fuck him, like an addict who just can’t seem to get his fill, his urges pacified only by small moments of passion which seemed to pass too quickly.

Alex is at the bar now, nursing a dry martini, too dry. You approach him, brush past him as you signal for the bartender who’s too busy flirting with a forty-year-old hussy at the other end of the bar to notice you. The heat you can feel from Alex is undeniable, the heat of someone whose sexuality has been pent up for so long that it’s ready to explode.

He doesn’t notice you staring at him; he’s watching the hotshot in the Armani suit, imagining a thick cock buried to the hilt inside him, wondering just how many drinks it would take to get that kid away from those twins.

Charlotte’s first experience was the summer of her freshman year in college with her stepbrother. She hadn’t seen him for nearly six years, and by the time they were reunited, she had blossomed into a fiery-haired beauty. As they both learned quickly, her sexual prowess was matched only by her temper, and when he tried to tell her it was over, that the guilt was too much for him, Charlotte beat him so badly he couldn’t get out of bed for a day. She refused to be dumped, especially by her mecidiyeköy escort own stepbrother, and the young vixen continued to ravage him for three months until she decided to move on.

Her flaming red hair catches your attention out of the corner of your eye. You’ve given up on trying to get a drink in this place, and satisfy yourself watching Charlotte with her new girlfriend in a dark corner. The girlfriend, a pretty blonde, has run her hand up Charlotte’s short skirt, and you notice the distinct motion of an enthusiastic fingering. When she pulls her fingers out, Charlotte grabs hold of them and slips them in her mouth.

By the look on the blonde’s face when Charlotte whispers in her ear, you can tell that Charlotte is in control, Charlotte is used to getting what she wants, when Charlotte wants, and Charlotte won’t have it any other way.

It wasn’t Rebecca’s fault that she was victimized by her lovers so frequently, but she was never ingrained with the kinds of protective behaviors most people had. The truth was, she loved it deep down, she loved being controlled, being touched, being grabbed and shaken and fucked up against a wall while she cried out to stop. It had been her first husband that had so long ago tied her down for eight long hours while he teased her clit relentlessly. At the end of the night, he’d fucked her and come on her so many times she could barely stand nişantaşı escort up when he let her go.

When Charlotte whispers in Rebecca’s ear again, you can see the young blonde respond negatively to her request. Charlotte grabs Rebecca roughly by the wrist, the other hand taking hold of her hair, and for a moment, you consider playing hero and breaking them up, but then you notice the sexy smile on Rebecca’s face, the glint of excitement in her eye.

These two are perfect for each other, you’ll never separate them. Tonight, they’ll go home and fuck each other’s brains out without a care in the world when they’re wrapped up in each other.

James had been impotent throughout many of his teenage years, and had been the laughing stock of many of the girls he’d tried to sleep with in high school. When he finally managed to get it up at all, he would come too quickly for it to make any difference. His first long-term lover would fuck him, let him come a minute later, and then satisfy herself with an immense dildo she kept under the bed. Finally, when the Viagra revolution came to be, James stood a chance.

Your eyes scan the room back to the twins, who seem to be having a rather amiable conversation with James. His eyes glint with delight, knowing that his cool demeanor and sleek Armani suit are going to help him get these two girls in the sack with him. He’s never fucked twins before, and the thought of getting them both at the same time makes him feel like a god.

Little does he know, all of the Viagra in the world isn’t going to help him now, these two are going to chew him up and spit him out. You laugh quietly to yourself, knowing you’re smarter than he is, waiting for him to be sucked into their world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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