End of Summer Encounter!

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Big Dicks

First off I am in my mid fifties and have lost 35# over the past year. Looking better and feeling better about myself. Many have enjoyed my 7″ cock and huge smooth balls. I have been spending this last summer doing some work on a house a few hours from home. Been relatively quiet except for visits to the local pub but not much else. Being that my wife stayed home there was also no other action except for my repeated masturbation. So the last Friday night I was going to be there I headed to the pub and took the only available stool at the bar. Many of the regulars were there including a local around my age who introduced me to her niece. We exchanged pleasantries and chatted for a bit. The niece told me she was visiting from the west coast and was considering moving east for a new job.

Well the drinks were flowing and the small talk turned to flirting. I did not make much of it being she was 20 years younger than me. It was exciting and my cock was now rock hard in my shorts and since I had gone commando it was the least I could do to keep it from peeking out. To distract pendik escort myself I turned my conversation to another guy at the bar about the work I was doing. Suddenly I felt a hand sliding up my shorts and begin to rub my cock right at the bar. Well enough about the project so I turned back to find it belonged to the young niece. The stunned feeling I had increased when she leaned over and told me the moment I walked into the bar she wanted me to fuck her. We figured a plan so we didn’t leave together and meet around the corner. So I left and waited for her to join me.

Soon she met me and went straight for a deep kiss while her hand grabbed my cock. We weren’t going to do it right there so we began the 15 minute walk to my place. One spot on the walk is secluded so I took the opportunity to slide down her top so I could play with her big tits and lick her nipples. To my pleasure that had her moaning and wanting more. Feeling I needed some attention I pulled out my cock, pushed her to her knees and impaled her throat with all 7″. Wow I was on a dark path with a 35 year old cock escort pendik slut giving me a blowjob. Not wanting it to end I slid out of her mouth, zipped up and we continued to walk. As soon as we were inside the back door of the house all of our clothes came off. She wanted to head to the bedroom but I couldn’t wait so the livingroom would have to do. It was time I wanted to bury my face between her legs and eat the smooth pussy. Knew she was enjoying as my face was being covered in her juices. She was begging for me to fuck her deep. Now on the couch we were going back and forth between her sucking me and fucking doggie style. I don’t know what came over me but while taking her from behind I decided to stuff my cock in her ass. At first she winced in pain telling me she had never done anal. I offered to stop as I was now pounding her ass but she begged me not to as she was now enjoying it. Not one to disobey a lady I kept my rhythmic fucking until I was ready to cum. My balls tensed as I rolled her over just in time to cover her faith in multiple burs of cock juice. Much of it landed pendik escort bayan on her face but with her mouth open she gladly swallowed some of it.

Relaxing on the couch I still wanted more knowing this may never happen again. Motioned for her wrap her lips around my tool but after having it in her ass she wanted to shower first. Hot water and soap lather covered our bodies before we dried off and headed to the bedroom. I was in heaven as she lay on the bed with her head dangled over the edge. Slowly I began to pump her mouth, sliding in and out getting a blowjob in my favorite position. She was taking it all, massaging my balls and even playing with my hole. Shooting for the moon I pulled out if her mouth and lowered my ass over her mouth and she willingly rimmed me sticking her tongue in deeply. She stroked my shaft as she brought me to a point of no return. Wanting her to swallow my load I put my cock back past her lips and again exploded several ropes of juice deep in her throat. How lucky I was that night.

Spent from our time together we dressed and I walked her back to the pub so she could return to her Aunts. When we reached her car enjoyed one last kiss before she gave me her number wanting to play again sometime. Haven’t been back but maybe I will have a part 2 to this story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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