EPOCH: The Story of Rockstars Ch. 02

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Cannes, France.

Nikki and I are sitting in the sand below the break wall, the traffic behind us a low din. It’s six o’clock at night and the sky is an orange hue, the sun still dipping below the horizon.

“What ya thinkin’ about sexy?”

I look over at her and she looks back at me grinning, crossing her legs sexily. She’s my wife; just over five feet tall, one hundred and ten pounds, blond and dressed in a slinky little cocktail dress, she’s taken off her heels and digs her feet into the sand, leaning back on her hands. I laugh and grab her foot and she giggles, making a weak effort to get out of my hand.

It’s our anniversary… thirteen years to be exact. We’re in France for a charity event tomorrow where we have to sing a duet, something we don’t do all the time. They said they wanted something we hadn’t done before but something everyone knew. We had our lawyer and agent dig through our options and came up with “Up Where we Belong”; I was on speaking terms with Joe Cocker who held the rights at this point, so a phone call and a dinner got me the option and I took it.

I know, I know… it’s pussy, wishy-washy and melodramatic… but we’ve done the song before back in high school. Back then we did it with just a piano for fun and that’s what we’d do again tomorrow.

Fuck you… I won’t rationalize my reasoning for this choice with you… besides… it’s the first song she and I connected on…

Fuck you again… I know, I know…

“I’m thinking I want to taste these toes,” I say, pulling her to me by her ankle and she cries out in surprise as I drag her across the sand, her dress riding up to her waist, revealing the little black thong she’s wearing. I hear the click and whirl of camera’s from behind us and I know the paparazzi are there, waiting for moments just like this; pantie shots.

I put her foot into my mouth as she laughs out loud and tugs her dress down. “You are INSANE,” she cries out, stifling her laughter as I continue to gnaw on her toes and run my hands up her legs. She kicks out when I tickle the back of her leg and catches me in the chin and I fall back. “Oh my God,” she yells, moving over me, pushing the hair out of her eyes.

“Are you OK baby?”

“UhnUhn,” I groan, holding my face. “Oh Jeez baby, let me see,” she says pulling away my hands and moving close to examine the no doubt brutal, growing bruise. I catch her, pulling her over me as she gives a yelp in surprise and I kiss her. She giggles and then deepens the kiss, tucking her hair behind her ear as she balances herself on her palms on either side of my head. Whirls and pops trigger behind us along with a faint cheer by onlookers; passion is still respected in France.

She pulls back and straddles me in the sand, looking down at my face, “Your silly tonight.” I run my hands over her hips and nod, “I am… I’m happy.”

She tilts her head quizzically, “Why? Why today?” I give her hips a squeeze and smile up at her, “Melody has the kids tonight… we’re on a date… and tomorrow we do the first song we sang together.” She laughed and patted my chest, eyeing me lovingly, “Baby…! The first song we did together was “Never Alone”!”

I wink up at her and shake my head, “Wrong baby… your talking albums… I’m talking farther back.” She looks down at me surprised and settles back, a tear in her eye, “Oh my God… you remember that? After school…?” Nice… I made brownie points there; I grin and nod up at her, “I do… it’s where you clicked for me.”

“Awww,” she groans, lowering her head to my chest; the cameras snap and click on, catching a private moment some writer fills with a caption of their own later and puts in a tabloid.

Her nails run along my chest, over my shirt and she nuzzles into me, listening to my heart…

It was 1994, at 4:30 in the afternoon in Newport, Rhode island. A cool breeze blew by outside the walkway and I sat at the piano in the large, circular dome shaped auditorium of Rogers High School.

I was leaner back then and less motivated; this music thing was over with graduation as far as I was concerned but I’d been spurred by the blonde from homeroom; Nicole Lumier.

She was a dancer and cheerleader in school, along with being highly focused on things like S.A.D.D.. She had to be though… her entire school year was driven by the need to acquire a scholarship to a private college, something imperative to her future education as her single mother had no other option to entertain.

I’d caught her singing in the hall the other day and told her about a music scholarship she could get easily enough if she joined the music club… it was bullshit but she şişli elit escort was cute and frankly her voice… it was amazing. Untrained and raw, it sounded soulful and yearning so my mind spun at the thoughts of what she could do if she focused. I’d secured the auditorium for the night, with Mr. Tellibenum working in the sound booth, his eyes would be focused on us half the time so he OKed it.

“Ummm, hello,” I heard her say and I looked up, spotting her at the base of the steps leading up to the stage; I waved her over with a smile and nodded to the bench I sat on, “Come on… grab a seat.” She looked around with dismay and then put her bag down, taking a seat next to me, “Where’s the club?”

I laughed and pointed up to the sound booth, where she saw Mr. Tellibenum who gave us a wave, “Relax Nicole… I promise to not chop you up and toss you off Cliff Walk.” She laughed at that and blushed, relaxing a bit as she joggled two keys on the piano. “You play,” I asked, surprised. She shook her head and tucked her hands into her lap nervously, “Gosh no… I tried awhile back but it was confusing.” She frowned, looking around, “So… fine, your not going to kill me but seriously… where is this club?”

I laughed and sat back, relaxing, “We meet on Thursdays and Sundays… I just wanted to see how you sound alone with a piano.” She nodded, blushing again, “Oh, OK. We’ll, whenever your ready…”. I flipped through the music sheets until I came to one most people knew pretty well. I put the pages down and highlighted in a faint blue the lines for her to sing and passed them to her.

“You know this song,” I asked and she gave a slow nod, “I think so… I saw the movie once… it’s in a factory right?” I laughed and nodded, “Yeah, sorta… that’s the end of the movie…”. I let her read through the words and grabbed a water, watching her as she mouthed them. She was sitting straight up and at the time was the epitome of beautiful; she wore a red blouse that looked over dressed for a high school auditorium. I was surprised by the jeans she wore, as I’d never seen her not in a skirt. They clung to her thighs and calves, only slightly dropping away at the ankle, revealing the strong dance body she’d struggled to keep even with a school lunch diet.

Never a fan of much jewelery, she wore a small gold charm bracelet and matching stud earrings. She blushed and again tucked her hair behind an ear, watching me out of the corner of her eye. I grinned and nodded to her, “What?” She looked over at me and smiled nervously, “You keep watching me… it’s hard to concentrate…” I grinned at her and scrunched up my nose, trying for cute, “Nicole, how many classes do we have together?”

She rolled her shoulder, “Two I think?” I leaned in and grinned, “I’m always watching you.” She blushed again and chuckled nervously, trying to avoid my stare as she scanned the words again. I sat down next to her, my hip touching hers and ran through the first few bars real quick, letting the sound roll across the auditorium. I leaned over to Nicole and spoke quietly to her, “Are you ready honey?”

She blushed, ever the good girl and bit her lip, giving a nod and avoiding my eyes, “Mmmhmm.” I nodded and flexed my fingers, “Chick says she’s ready then she’s ready…”. I played the first few notes and kept going as she watched for me to give her a cue, which I did a little ways in.

Her voice started low and unsure but it grew a little more solid as she went… she did so well, I waited until she got to my lines and then I leaned over as I continued to play, “Keep going…. the whole song.” Flustered, she continued but found her place easily.

She had truly a dulcet voice that rang out clear and beautiful across that shitty little auditorium and I closed my eyes as she played, enjoying the symbiosis of sounds we made together, her voice and my piano. Fluidly and with a stolid feel, she continued with the song, building in comfort as she went, gaining the eye of Mr. Tellibenum and a number of the drama students painting a background for a play.

They stopped, their eyes locked on the slender girls frame and amazing vocal ability as she rolled through the chorus which, while very soppy, was no less a draw. Her voice rolled on, barely challenged as I looked over and found her eyes closed as she came to the end of the song. I played the last few bars by memory and ran it out to silence, which was met by claps from our captive audience and a whistle from Mr. Tellibenum above us.

“Was that good,” I yelled up to him grinning and his thumbs up and flashing spotlight indicated it was; Nicole blushed again, covering her face with şişli escort her hands and giggled nervously.

“Your good,” I said, nudging her shoulder with mine and she wiped her eyes with her hands, laughing, “Thanks.” I opened my water and took a sip, eyeing her closely again and she looked back at me suspiciously, “What?”

“Your amazing,” I said seriously and she shook her head, “No… I just-“. I shook my head, cutting her off, “No… beyond the vocals… your amazing. Just… the whole look, the personality and the voice… your amazing.” She rolled her shoulder again and tucked a loose strand of hair over her ear nervously, “Well… thank you. Really, thank you.”

I fiddled with the keys a few more times and let the awkward silence roll in before I looked up at her, my mouth dry, “I think you should join the club… I mean, like really join it.” She leaned away from me and bit her lip before carefully stating her position, “Eric… I know this is important to you but I need a scholarship to move on with my education… Most of my time is spent trying to focus on that-“.

“The scholarship pays… six thousand dollars,” I blurted out loud, almost regretting my words as they left my mouth. Almost.

She looked surprised and shook her head, still unsure, “I don’t know… I mean, I’d still have to compete with others to get it-.”

I cut her off again, my stomach flip flopping as my lie grew, “No… no one else is trying for it.” Her interest was peaked and she eyed me again, “Really? I mean…. six thousand dollars is a lot…”. I shrugged in mock indifference, “Don’t know what to say… no ones interested though. It’s too bad really because there are two days left for sign up…”.

She bit her lip and looked down at the piano keys intently, as if they had the answer. Her eyes moved up to mine and she murmured, “What are the requirements?” I nodded, trying to hide my glee, “Ummm…. good grades in the other classes… college prep courses only… you show up for our Thursday and Sunday meetings… perform at our shows and that’s it.”

She looked surprised and leaned forward, “That sounds easy…”. I nodded, “It is… but I need to know for sure Nicole… I still need to request the form and get it signed by tomorrow…”. Her eyes showed shock, “Oh my God! Seriously? Well… alright I guess… as long as it doesn’t affect my other scholarship…”.

“It won’t,” I replied, watching her as her smile grew. I shook my head slowly, tsking and she looked nervously at me, “What is it?” I fiddled with the keys and leaned over, nudging her shoulder with my own playfully, “We still have a problem…”. She looked concerned and met my eyes with her own, “What is it?”

“Your going to have to spend a lot of time with me,” I replied, smirking. She blushed and sat up straight, looking away, “Eric… I have a boyfriend-“.

“Paul,” I asked with a chuckle and she looked back at me accusingly, “Why are you laughing?” I shrugged, meeting her eyes again, “Nicole… Paul’s a nice guy but…,” I said softly, wincing at the words before they came out. “But what,” She asked, her tone rising slightly in annoyance.

I regarded her out of the corner of my eye and continued slowly, “You have a passion Nicole… I feel it when I watch you dance or give your opinion in class… Right now… I feel that and I’m the only one who gets you…”. Her eyes softened and she relaxed, watching me closely, “You think you get me?” I nodded and we sat in silence for a few seconds as she soaked that up and then she murmured, “What do you get about me?”

“Besides the passion?”

“Yes,” she said, tucking a loose hair behind her ear and watching my hands on the keys, “What do you see?”

I got goosebumps and my throat dried out; this was asking me to be painfully honest about how I felt about her but I had to get it out. I’d known her a total of a month and my constant flirting and finding reasons to be with her were obvious. She was sweet… a good girl really, something I hadn’t been comfortable with yet but found no less intoxicating. I wanted her desperately but not like the others; I wanted her to want me with her.

I swallowed hard and licked my lips, watching the keys of the piano, “Beauty… a strength… not just yours but… mine. When I’m with you I feel like… like… I’m better…”. I stopped playing the piano and rubbed my hands together, trying to control the quiver in my voice, “I think you don’t feel it’s fair… your struggle to get where your going… you want to be like every other girl and worry about prom and your boyfriend and just live… but you can’t…”.

She swallowed and held herself şişli eve gelen escort in check as I continued, “I think Paul doesn’t push you and I think that’s why you chose him. You have so much inside you, desperate to get out that I think if he did… you’d break like a wave over him and you’d consume him. I feel it right now…”. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye, her throat constricting as she struggled to not break her fragile mask and I nodded, leaning in and nuzzled her ear with my nose, my own will shaken, “I think if I tried to kiss you right now… you wouldn’t stop me…”.

She moved from me like she was on fire, grabbing her purse and standing up, heading for the stairs. As she stumbled up the aisle I shook my head in frustration, “Nicole… hey!” She stopped, her back to me, “Yes?”

“Will you be back on Thursday,” I asked, swallowing hard. She stood still and looked down at her feet before murmuring, “Yes… if you have the teacher put in the paperwork.”

I grunted a sound of success and stood up, “I will Nicole… and Nicole?”

She sighed, turning to regard me as she back stepped up the aisle, her bag in her hand, “Yes?”

I grinned, “Can I call you “Nikki”?” She growled, turning away from me, “NEVER! If you ever do, I’ll hurt you!” I laughed and watched her go, my heart racing.

I loved her and knew it right then…

She’s under me now, in our suite overlooking the Rue Jean Daumas; the windows open and we can hear the traffic below… it mixes with our sounds of love. She arches up to me, her hands locked behind my head, pulling me in, to her kiss. It breaks and she breathes hard, meeting my downward stroke with her own upward drive, trying to get more of me inside her. Her legs are locked at the heels behind me and around my waist, her body covered in a faint sheen of sweat, mixing with mine.

“I love you,” she pants up at me, her eyes as hungry as her body and I want her to know how much I love her. “I love you too,” I rasp back at her, knowing my words failed me in my own mind but she smiles up at me before moaning, arching hard up into me as my downward stroke meets hers again.

She is close now and I feel the urgency; her breathing picks up into a pant, her hands moving to hook under my arms as she changes the angle, driving up harder into me. It’s a sense of desperation that consumes her and then me as I drive into her harder, wanting it more and for it to never end but knowing it will. She whimpers as do I and my hands find her hips and I hold her fast to the mattress, slapping into her with a driving beat. She cries out, her nails raking my shoulders and she looks up into my eyes, desperate to feel everything.

“I love you…,” she murmurs almost sad in her tone and I send it back to her…

“I love you…”

Like a mantra, she repeats it, her tone rising, her eyes filling with tears as she moans it out again, over and over…

“I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you…”

Her thighs unclench and rise higher, her knee’s tucking under my arms and she begins to tremble and I have her.

She is mine now to finish and then me for her.

I pull back and drive into her two… three… four more times and her neck tightens, her body taunt and still, her head thrown to the side…

“OOOOHHHH GUUUUDDD,” she groans aloud, tightening into a ball in my arms as she rocks against me, her tight sex locking onto my own. I feel her own body pulsate beneath me and I groan as well, pushing into her as deep as I can and let go, collapsing onto her.

“Oh… yes baby,” she whimpers as I fill her with my love, my hips grinding into her own as I gasp, her own sex still milking my own.

It takes us a minute before I roll off of her and we lay panting, her head on my chest, her leg thrown across me. She cuddles up to me and I hook my arm around her, pushing the tousled hair out of her eyes and smile down at her weakly. She looks up at me and blushes, nuzzling my chest, “What is it stud?”

I chuckle and pull her tight against me, running my free hand along her muscled thigh lazily, “I want to do that forever…”. She looks up at me with one tired eye and grins weakly, her hand tracing lines on my chest, “Awww… you always say the cutest things…”. She nuzzles me again and closes both eyes before murmuring, “I’d need a nap before you do that to me again…”.

I grin and a minute later, her girlish and slight snore tells me she wasn’t joking. Tonight, she’ll wake me again, her mouth consuming me and we’ll have each other once more. In the morning, we will shower and I will take her once more there before we make our way back to the penthouse where Melody and the kids sleep right now.

My life is good… I can’t complain and I count myself lucky to have two women so understanding but Nikki was the first. Nikki was always there and that is what makes her special… she was there when I was nothing and together we’ve made history…

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