Erotic Photo Shoot

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The limousine leaves you at the entry to your new luxury beachside residence at Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rice on the morning of your next photo shoot. Working without a crew has been challenging but the background activity has proven to be too distracting to you and your model. But it’s given you the flexibility you longer for and has become a great success. These ‘one on one’ shoots have resulted in photos displaying great intimacy and eroticism and there is now great demand for your work. It’s also proven to be very lucrative. You never imagined owning your own resort residence and more — luxury cars, motor launches and a collection of state of the art photographic equipment that is the envy of your peers.

The first time with a new girl can be awkward for photographer and model – sometimes you are lucky and the chemistry between you make the job so much easier. A knock on the door — great, she’s arrived on time. Simonia introduces herself to you. Wow! For one so new to modeling, she is confident and relaxed and a rare example of perfection. Flawless skin and exquisitely proportioned, her body is indeed a work of art. Beauty like hers is so rarely balanced with such a lovely personality. She could demand anything she desired, yet she is poised, caring and considerate.

She accepts a glass of champagne and relaxes easily as you talk through your program for the weekend shoot. The conversation flows so naturally — although new to etiler eve gelen escort modeling, she is very comfortable alone here with you despite her initial hesitation when you booked her for the shoot. As you talk, she confides that she spent time looking through samples of your recent work and found it very erotic. You interrupt the conversation and ask to take some preliminary shots to take advantage of some strong morning light. She agrees with a smile, sips the last of her Bollinger and slips out of her shoes and clothing. You explain the concept of the shoot and ask her to pose in a subdued manner to start the as she feels comfortable, to increase the sense of eroticism. You want her to have control during the shoot as you know it helps your models feel engaged — to feel at ease and secure.

Taking comfort in her natural beauty, she relaxes her faint inhibitions and opens her charms to you. You take your time getting to know her better through the lens. She responds to your patience, rewarding your further as she becomes more relaxed and comfortable in your presence. You notice her relax more – small subtle difference in her posture and demeanor – as she gains confidence being naked for this first time in front of you. Gradually, these differences in posture become much more apparent. Now less inclined to shield her body with her arms, she turns towards you and smiles. Initially more at etiler grup yapan escort ease standing, she now descends to the cool floor. Looking playful now, she raises her leg a little and places her foot on the door frame where she is sitting … teasing you slightly with a brief glimpse of her pussy. Then encouraged by your obvious interest, she turns slightly to face you … measuring her comfort in your presence … and gives a telling smile. She looks into your eyes and is warmed as your meet her gaze – it is rare for a man to look so deeply into her soul when so much else is on display – she likes you for that. Perhaps as a reward, she reclines slightly resting on her elbow and smiles widely as you notice her tease her nipple gently and slowly part her legs. Just a little at first, but then fully spreading her raised knees as she leans back on both elbows … this time she wants you to look closely – to take time to appreciate her charms.

You can no longer hide the effect she is having on your body. Your arousal has become all too obvious — not at all in keeping with your usual professional conduct. You are embarrassed and apologize when Simonia notices how tight your shorts have become, but then she shift position and moves onto her hands and knees. She is not teasing you … this is an invitation; one that she never extends to someone she has just met. You hesitate, but when she asks etiler masöz escort you to come closer, you know she means business. Removing your shorts brings relief from the cramped conditions. She looks closely and smiles … liking what she sees. You are now on your knees behind her and use your hand to guide your advance and enjoy that feeling as you enter her treasured beauty.

How did you get so lucky today? This shoot was arranged through a chance meeting through an old friend. Hmm, no time to think now as she pushes back to meet you and gradually increases rhythm. Time becomes meaningless as you hear her breathing get heavier – a little at first, then more obvious as she now urges you … “harder … deeper … mmmmm”. You cannot last much longer. The sight before you would cause any man to peak early, but she urges you on … “Ohhh … yesss” … until you feel her tightening around your manhood – gripping in warm silken spasms as her body starts shaking uncontrollably. Culminating with this wonderful sensation, you erupt and pulse inside her … again and again … then hold her tight in a final embrace. Simonia no longer has the strength to remain kneeling and she falls slightly to her side and curls her knees up a little. Never before has she experienced such heights … the waves of pleasure continue and, although diminishing in intensity, bring yet another smile to her flawless face. She lays there, unmoving, knowing that you have all weekend to get to know each other better. She is slightly embarrassed when she realizes that she want you again (soon!) and feels that tingle between her legs that she cannot ignore. She looks into your eyes and says with a sexy smile … “Don’t go away, I’m just going to get the champagne while it’s still chilled and I’ll be right back for more.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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