Ever play “Sex chicken”?

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Set in the early 2000’s

Hilary and I have been married close to 20 years. We have two great kids 10 and 12, we live in a great community, I have a good job, and Hillary just bought a Flower shop that is doing great. It is a wonderful life.

Things couldn’t be better. Even our sex life is well, you shall see.

We are at our neighbors one Friday night in June, We have lived next door to them for 5 years and are great friends. Dave is a commercial pilot, but when he is home we go running together. Angie and Hilary go to some card game once a month called Bunco? I am afraid to ask. Their kids are about the same age as ours, so the four kids are out playing in the pool and the adults are hanging in the kitchen working on dinner.

Hilary is dressed in a yellow sundress and you can see her blue bikini through it. I am not the only one turned on by it as I see Dave glancing over at her. Hilary has a great figure and great ass but small up top, probably 32B. While Dave is glancing poker oyna at Hilary, I will check out Angie, I swear Lionel Ritchie wrote “Brick House” about her. She is wearing a black one piece that is straining at the top. She is a lot more curvy than Hilary, but in all the right places. The glancing and double entendres got a lot further go a lot further and very wrong at a later date. But that is for another story for another time.

By this time I am getting horny. I lean over and nibble on Hilary’s ear and tell her that “I can’t wait to get her home, get her naked and lick her all over”. She giggles and walks over to the counter to get some of Angie’s homemade guacamole.

Dave sees this then asks me, “How do you keep the spark alive?” Angie had confided to Hilary that it had become very stale in their bedroom.

“Oh there is no spark”, I reply. Hilary turns to look at me with the chip halfway to her mouth. The look is more like a scowl.

“We have a raging bonfire!” I canlı poker oyna exclaim. Hilary laughs and finishes her chip.

“And to prove it”, I say in my best Austin Powers voice, “I am going to take my sexy wife into your guest bathroom and shag her rotten”. I grab Hilary by the hand and she lurches behind me.

She finally catches up to me and gives me the “Really?” look. I nod my head. We get to the bathroom door and I look at her, expecting her to laugh or say “No Fucking Way” and walk away. She still has that smirk on her face. She is not backing down. Well, neither am I.

I push her into the bathroom and close the door, locking it. Remember, there are four kids within 20 feet.

We look at each other again, she still has that smirk on her face, and I have a growing grin (something else is starting to grow).

Holy Crap, this is going to happen! We kiss passionately, but then she stops me. I had pushed her up against the door, now with her back against the door, internet casino she slowly slides down. Hilary unties my swim trunks and frees my cock. It is semi-erect. She strokes it a couple of times, then sucks on it for 30 seconds.

This isn’t make love for 2 hours straight, we are going for a fuck that lasts less than 2 minutes.

She stands up, turns around, flips up her sundress and pulls aside her bikini bottom and leans over the bathroom counter.

I stick a couple of fingers into her pussy to see if she needs to be lubricated. Nope, she is soaked. So I ram my cock into her pussy, while she plays with her clit. I am picking up the pace because this is so hot and I am getting close to cumming.

I see a massive shiver go through Hilary, knowing she just had an orgasm. Which causes me to peak and I explode, sending streams of cum into her pussy. We both wipe up real quick and get clothes on and adjusted.

We come out of the bathroom, giggling like a couple of idiots. We get to the kitchen, where Dave and Pam are both standing there with their mouths open.

Hilary and I high-five, Marshall and Lilly style, and Hillary finally speaks and says, “That is how we keep the spark alive.”

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