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It had started out so innocently. Both were new teachers at a large urban high school; both were from small, rural middle schools, albeit at opposite ends of the state. They’d found themselves in adjoining classrooms on the second floor of an old annex to the more modern building. With less than a week before school opened, they were both experiencing a level of stress hitherto never felt at this time of year. Moving to a large city had seemed such a good idea earlier in the summer, but neither had foreseen the amount of bureaucracy that would face them in a school district so much larger than the ones from which they had come. Indeed, nothing had prepared them for city life at all. Finding an apartment, finding parking spaces, getting groceries from the car to the apartment, learning to live with neighbors so close, knowing which areas to avoid had seemed like monumental challenges, but they paled into insignificance when compared with the challenges of getting supplies, preparing plans for several vastly different classes, remembering how to get from room 143A to room 322C within the five minutes allotted to class changes, memorizing the multiple passwords required for inputting student grades, and knowing which teachers to avoid in the faculty lounge.

It was only natural, therefore, that they had started to spend a quiet hour or so in their classrooms at the end of the day trying to catch up on parent phone calls and the myriad of forms that seemed to need completion. And it was only natural that, when they were both too exhausted to continue, they would get together over a cup of coffee at the cafe on the next block and compare notes about their day, hoping perhaps to benefit from an epiphany that the other might have reached, or at least, to sympathize with each other. It was even completely natural that they would sometimes linger over coffee long enough that it seemed only logical to order dinner.

As the year wore on and aspects of their profession became more a case of habit than a source of stress, their conversations became more relaxed, social events instead of a frenetic exchange of school-related topics. It was then, after dinner and a bottle of wine one evening, that their relationship began to move in a slightly different direction. They were walking from the restaurant to her apartment when her shoe caught on a loose piece of concrete. She stumbled, he caught her. Simple enough. But instead of letting go, his arm remained around her, and instead of moving away, she pressed her body closer to his. That evening was the first time he stayed at her apartment. Other nights followed. Their students would have been amazed to see their teachers’ alter-egos. From mild-mannered, but authoritarian teachers to wanton, sex-crazed individuals, each night bringing them şişli elit escort more passion than they had ever imagined. The first night he had taken things slowly, kissing her while his handed caressed her back and pressed her body closer to his. His lips had parted hers, his tongue entwining itself with hers as he kissed her with increasing excitement. He had released her and sat back while she undressed for him, tantalizingly, a button at a time, her skirt lowered in slow motion until it fell from her hips. Her lacy panties and matching bra were a surprise, a pleasant deviation from the more conservative outer clothing she wore at school. Her figure, never delineated by that clothing was perfect. Her large breasts strained at her bra, the cleavage impressive, and the nipples pointed and hard. Her legs were long and lean, her stomach flat. The lace of her panties left little to the imagination, its sheerness allowing to him to see a neatly trimmed pussy and an expanding wet spot. She was equally impressed as he removed his clothing. He was well-muscled and lean, and his manhood was impressive in length and girth, particularly as it was now rising to the occasion.

She reached out, encircling it with her fingers. He leaned in to kiss her moaning softly into her mouth as their lips connected and their tongues began to dance. Her body pressed more urgently against his, and he broke the kiss, pulling her into the bedroom, and pushing her firmly onto the bed. Her legs spread almost of their own accord as he brought his mouth to her sex, his tongue gently lapping the already prolific juices flowing from her. Bringing fingers into play, he inserted one and then two into her pussy, curling them slightly in order to massage her inner walls. His tongue continued to work, strumming at her clit and bringing her closer and closer to climax. Her writhing body served only to encourage his attentions, and it wasn’t until she came, her body bucking and shaking, that he slowed, drinking her nectar with a smile. They lay together then, her body continuing to shake and occasionally shuddering with aftershocks. Sweat coated her forehead and he kissed her, relishing the saltiness that was in such contrast to the musky sweetness of her pussy.

He had almost drifted into sleep when he felt her move, sliding down the bed away from his arms. He felt her hands moving over the hair on his chest and slipping lower towards the hair on his groin, lovingly and gently curling it with her fingers. His skin increased in sensitivity, the nerves alert to every touch, as he focused on the sensations and the expectation of where she was going. Moving her position, she slid her body between his legs, the warmth of her breath making his cock twitch in anticipation. As her head lowered, şişli escort her tongue moved along his length, sliding slowly down to his balls. Taking one into her mouth, she savored the feel of it moving under the skin as she rolled it around with her tongue. Squeezing gently with her lips as she released it, she gave the other the same attention and then returned to the head of his cock, sucking on just the tip and allowing her tongue to roam around the rim. She could feel it hardening, and took him all the way into her mouth, sucking him deeply into her throat and continuing her exploration with her tongue. He could feel the back of her throat against him, could feel the muscles of her throat, and could feel the smooth firm caress of her tongue. As if at some unspoken signal, his hips began to thrust as her head began to bob, her cheeks contracting as she pulled him in, her lips squeezing along his length, and her tongue just one more exquisite sensation against his manhood. He wanted to cum, he wanted the sensations to never end. He wanted to say wrapped in that warm velvety cocoon forever. Too soon, he felt his balls tighten. He could feel his heart racing and the sweat beading on his forehead as he came with such intensity he thought she must surely choke on the quantity of his seed spurting into her throat. But she swallowed it all, smiling and licking her lips to ensure that not a drop of his salty sweetness was missed.

Within a month, they had moved together into one apartment. It was a little further from school, which gave them the chance of perpetuating the myth that they were merely coworkers. Whilst not forbidden, relationships that crossed the lines of friendship and an occasional cup of coffee together were discouraged, and neither had the inclination to become fodder for the gossip of the faculty lounge. They had been initially nervous about the move, and, indeed about the direction of their relationship and the chance of discovery, but as time went on and nothing was said, they began to relax.

Their passion was becoming greater rather than less. Seemingly never sated, they stole kisses begind locked doors in their darkened classrooms at lunchtime, their hands roving over each other, desperately wanting to go further, but knowing that they couldn’t until they could escape the dusty halls and return to their apartment. In public they continued the charade of friendly, but formal coworkers, interested only in their students’ grades, their lesson plans, and the bureaucracy that seemed to govern their every teaching moment. In private, their exploits only increased in intensity, fantasies being fulfilled as quickly as they could be dreamed.

As humans, when we are not caught, we tend to perpetuate untruths. When we get away with şişli eve gelen escort something, we are liable to push the envelope a little further the next time. Stolen kisses and roving hands at school eventually became more daring. They didn’t always remember to lock the doors and their hands began to slide into the clothing rather than remaining on top. Still, they were not interrupted or discovered and they began to become even less concerned about being caught. She would wait until he was grading papers and would crawl under his desk, unzipping him and taking him into the wet heat of her mouth, moaning in unison with him while she brought him to increasing hardness and then over the brink, his groans only slightly stifled. He would come into her room as she was cleaning the board or shelving books, his hands sliding up her thighs, taking that conservative skirt with them, exposing her to the empty desks and pulling her panties aside so that he could fuck her with his fingers.

It was on one of these occasions that he discovered she was not wearing panties that day. Relishing the feel of his hands on her, and knowing how much it would excite him, she had decided to make it easier for him to access all of her. His reaction was all she could have hoped. She could feel his hardness pressing against her ass as his fingers eagerly sought her clit and slid between the wet folds of her flesh. She could feel his hot breath against her neck and his increased heartbeat against her back. It may have been their continued lack of discovery, or perhaps the unexpected nakedness of her, that made him throw caution to the wind. Unzipping and releasing his cock, his pants falling around his ankles, he bent her over the bookcase, pushing her legs further apart.

He was so hard and she was so wet that he slid into her easily, his hips immediately beginning to rhythmically thrust. His one hand sought her breast, pulling it free of its constraints, while his other gripped her hip and stomach as he pounded into her, his balls slapping against her ass, and his cock plunging deeply, driving her against the bookcase. They were oblivious to everything but a primal need, an instinctual desire to bring each other to an earth-shattering climax. Their groans were muted but not silenced and the rocking of the bookcase served as percussive accompaniment. Together they climaxed, her cunt being flooded with a messy cocktail of their combined juices. They stood that way for endless minutes while he slowly softened and their breathing returned to normal, the bookcase being a necessary support for their weak and shaking knees.

It was only then that they began to become aware of their surroundings, aware that their breathing was not the only sound in the room. Eyes slightly blurred, and brains slightly fuzzy, they looked towards the doorway. The door was still closed, but standing there was a student from her senior class. She vaguely recognized him as one who was repeating his senior year, and who had been slow to turn in work that semester. His cell phone was in his hand and a smile was on his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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