Falling for the Step(s) Ch. 04

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The following morning I felt the difference before I even left my room. ‘The tension was thick enough to cut with a knife,’ as the old saying goes. Quietly, I entered the kitchen and found Naomi sitting there, her eyes red and her face covered with tears.

“Sonya knows,” was all she said before getting up and walking to the master bedroom.

I had been aware that Sonya knew about her mom and I for several months but the events of the past night had brought it all to the forefront. I knew I needed to deal with it by being totally honest.

I left the kitchen and found Sonya sitting in a chair next to the pool. “Sonya,” I called. “I think we need to talk.”

Spinning, she glared at me. “BULLSHIT!!” was all she said before diving into the pool.

Not to be deterred, I dove in after her and surfaced beside her.


“Well, I want to talk to you,” I replied.

“I DON’T CARE!” she screamed and tried to swim away.

Without even realizing what I was doing, I grabbed her ankle and pulled her back.

She surfaced and yelled, “LET ME GO!”

“And what if I don’t? What are you going to do? Hit me?”

As if that were all the incentive she needed, she slapped me as hard as she could. My head snapped sideways and the entire constellation appeared before my eyes, but I continued to hold her.

“Now let go,” she growled, no longer yelling.

“No, we need to talk.”

“About what? The fact that you’ve been fucking my mother for months or the fact that you and I have been spending so much time together and I thought maybe it meant something or maybe it’s about the fact that you told my mom you loved her last night?”

“All of it.”

Trying to pull away again, Sonya fumed, “Well, I DON’T want to talk about it.”

Quickly, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her against me, her back against my chest. “In that case just listen. You and I both know what this is actually about. It has nothing to do with the fact that I’ve been making love to your mom. You’ve known about that for months. It does have EVERYTHING to do with how you and I feel about each other and what you heard or think you heard last night.”

Spinning in my arms, Sonya glared up at me and spoke quietly, “Fuck you. I know exactly what I heard last night. You told my mom you loved her.”

I loosened my grip on her and looked into her eyes before replying. “You’re right. I did. Your mom is an extremely beautiful, intelligent, and passionate woman … and I do love her but …,”

I didn’t have the chance to finish before Sonya pulled from my grip and tried to knee me in the balls.

“Fuck you … and fuck her,” she continued as she fought to rapidly walk out of the pool. “Oh, that’s right … you already did.”

Refusing to fall into her trap I continued, “… but, I’m not IN LOVE with her,” stressing the words ‘in love.’ Then in a softer, gentler voice I finished, “I’m IN LOVE with you.”

She stopped as if she had suddenly run into an invisible brick wall. Then she slowly turned, asking, “What did you just say?”

I knew that just like in all the romance novels I had ever joked about, this was probably the one and only time I’d have the chance to tell her how I felt and about what had been going on between Naomi and I. “I said, I’m IN LOVE with you.”

She stood there looking at me and then down at the water, thinking, before looking back up at me again. “But you said you loved her and the two of you have been f … mmm … together for months,” she continued.

I could hear the questions in her voice and took the ‘leap of faith’ that people joke about in situations similar to this. “Could we get out of the pool and talk? I think there’s a lot I need to explain and a lot of questions you need to have answered.”

She turned and headed for the stairway leading out of the pool before stopping and in a joking manner asked, “Well … are you coming?”

She and I talked for the next two hours. We talked about how my dad had disappeared and the notes he’d left Naomi and I. We talked about her mother’s grief and hopes of having a family with my dad and how everything seemed so natural the first time her mother and I made love. We talked about the frustration of not getting her mom pregnant and our continued attempts to do so and finally we talked about how the night before was to be our last time because of the feelings growing between her and I.

Sonya fell silent as she thought about what I said and at just that moment, I saw Naomi looking out the kitchen window at us, smiling and tears running down her face.

“So let me get this straight. Your dad disappeared or more probably killed himself because he was terminal with prostate cancer,” then more quietly to herself, “which is probably why he couldn’t get mom pregnant,” before continuing, “and you ended up in bed with her trying to comfort her due to her grief. Is that right?” bostancı escort


“Then the two of you end up doing ‘the nasty’ together before she shows you the letter from your dad. In the letter he tells you what he’s doing and why and that it’s your responsibility to take care of her, including becoming her lover and getting her pregnant. Also, that the two of you have his blessing to do it. Did I miss anything so far?”


“So the two of you have been f … mmm … messing around trying to get her pregnant … but in the mean time, you’ve been feeling the same things I have when we’ve been spending time together and so you and my mom called off your … what should I call it? … arrangement last night after being together one last time.”

“Yep, that’s it except for two corrections.”

“And what are those, if I may ask?”

Slowly reaching out, I took her by the hand and held it as I spoke. “First, I want to be totally honest with you. When your mom and I first became lovers it was because she wanted a baby but as time went on, I did it not just to get her pregnant but because your mom is one beautiful woman and one hell of a lover.”

She pulled away from me and slapped me playfully on the arm. “Ok, you don’t have to be THAT honest.”

“The second thing you need to know is that the feelings I have for you I’ve felt since the first time we held hands like this. Call it ‘love at first sight’ or whatever but I knew from the first time I met you that I wanted to be with you even if you are my step-sister.”

The joy that had begun to brighten her face suddenly disappeared as if a cloud had covered the sun.

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK,” she screamed. “I’M YOUR STEP-SISTER. That means we can’t … it would be incest.”

It was at that moment that Naomi stepped from the kitchen and walked toward us. Placing her hands on Sonya’s shoulders, she spun her so they were looking directly at each other. “Honey, look at me.”

Sonya slowly looked up before Naomi continued.

“I was worried about the same thing after the first time Jake and I … well, anyway.”

I immediately caught on to the fact that Naomi had called me Jake instead of Jacob for the first time but decided to wait to ask why until some other time as I continued to listen.

“In this country, incest can only take place between two people who are related by blood. That means that anything Jake and I did or anything that Jake and you might do is totally legal.”

Sonya wrapped her arms around Naomi’s neck and hugged her. “I love you, mom.”

“I love you too, darling,” she replied before gently pushing Sonya away, “… and I loved Jake’s dad more than I’ve ever loved any other man including your father. At the same time, I love Jake for what he has given me up to this point and…” looking down and gently rubbing her abdomen, “… what he may have given me for the future. But the simple fact is that I have seen how you look at each other and I have no problem with it. In fact, I’m very happy for the two of you.”

The light in Sonya’s eyes almost blinded me as she walked up to me, threw her arms around my neck, and pressed her lips against mine. I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her there as we shared our first kiss. It only seemed like a second but when we finally pulled apart, both of us were panting for breath.

Naomi laughed and joked, saying, “Why don’t the two of you get a room?”

No to be outdone, Sony replied, “Can we borrow yours?”

Awestruck, Naomi and I stood there as she thought about what Sonya had asked and what it would mean for all of us. Then almost in a whisper she replied, “If you truly want to, yes, you can use my room.”

Amazed at Naomi’s answer, I never had a chance to say a word before Sonya was pulling me into the house. Who in the world would believe that less than twelve hours ago I had made love to Sonya’s mom, my own step-mother and now I was about to make love to her?

We had barely stepped into Naomi’s bedroom when Sonya spun around and pulled me against her. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve dreamt about this? How many times I’ve fantasized about the two of us being together?”

I never had a chance to answer before she continued seductively, “More times than I want to admit but now you’re mine, all mine.”

Grabbing the front of my shirt, she pulled me to her and kissed me while running her hands up and down my back. Then I felt her pulling the back of my shirt up and over my head. She hardly missed a beat as she pressed back against my bare chest and planted her lips on mine again.

I never had a woman act so aggressively when making love and, in a way, it was thrilling. For once, I was experiencing what it was to be to be a recipient.

Her hands never stopped. Sliding down my back, she grabbed my ass cheeks and squeezed them teasingly before moving around to the front and unbuckling my belt. Her hands pushed çeliktepe escort down my pants and my boxer-briefs slid over my hips and to the floor. Within seconds, she had me totally nude … a new record for any woman in my life.

She stepped away and she looked me over as if I were a stallion being examined for purchase or a piece of prime beef ready to be devoured. “Mmmmmm … nice. I can see why my mom wanted you as a lover,” she purred as she ran her fingernails across my shoulders and down my chest.

I had never felt so over-powered and yet excited. The feel of her nails lightly scratching across my skin thrilled me and my cock immediately began to harden.

“Ohhhh … is that for me?” she quizzed.

“Only if you want it … and can handle it,” I replied almost as a challenge.

She took up the challenge and headed for the bed, stripping off clothes as she walked, then spun around for me to get my first look at her nude body. “So what do you think? Think you can handle me?”

It was my turn to be challenged.

Sonya was 20 years old, only four years younger than me. She was 5-foot, 7 inches tall and, like her mother, she had hazel eyes. Her hair was a glossy brown and her skin was the same light bronze found in most French Polynesian women. She had full, firm breasts that were capped by nipples that were a darker shade and stuck out hard and enticing. Her areola were smaller than her mother’s but a deeper shade of bronze from the blood coursing through them. Her body narrowed down to a trim, muscular waist after which it flared to a wondrous pair of thighs (I later found out that her measurements were 34D-24-33). Between the junction of her legs there wasn’t even the slightest hint of hair.

Thrilled by the way I was staring at her, she sat on the edge of the bed and said. “I should warn you before we get started I have a habit of getting really loud and I love to talk dirty. Is that ok?”

What could I possibly say to something like that? I have never heard of a man who wasn’t turned on by a slutty woman, so I simply nodded.

My response must have been what she was hoping for as well because she slid back onto the bed until she was lying in the center with her legs spread to reveal her seething slit. “Come on Jake, don’t just stand there. Come here and fuck me. Fill me with your cock just like you’ve been doing to my mom. Fill me with your cum.”

As if in a trance, I moved to the edge of the bed. The sight of her quickly overcame any questions or doubts I had as I moved up next to her. Gently, I started to put an arm under her head and lean over to kiss her when she flipped over on top of me encasing my hardening cock between us. “Jake, I know that this is going to sound weird because it’s our first time together but I don’t want you to make love to me … I want you to fuck me, hard and deep. We can make love as often as we want later but … well … I’m talking about what you and mom have been doing and remembering all the times she screamed when you were going at it has got me so fucking horny. Just feel this …” she said as she grabbed my hand and knelt up before pushing it between her legs.

It was hot and slick from her juice. The aroma was fresh and full like her mother’s but definitely not her mother’s. Pulling my juice-coated hand to my mouth I tasted it … definitely NOT like her mother’s. Her juice was thick and tangy with the slightest taste of salt from the amount of time she spent in the ocean.

Leaning down, she pressed her hard nipples against my chest as she rubbed pussy against my cock. “See what you’ve done to me? We can play all we want later but now … now I just want to feel your cock deep inside of me,” she said as she grabbed my shoulders and rolled over pulling me with her.

Now on top, I steadied my weight as she reached between us and brought my hardened member to her awaiting womanhood. “Put it in me,” she sighed.

All of my defenses and all the years I had spent being a “lover” collapsed as I lowered myself on her. I felt her body tighten and struggle under me as I pushed the head between her outer lips and into the entrance.”

“Ohhhhhh … fuck! So big. I never imagined your cock would feel so big. I’m … I’m not sure … I can take it,” she stammered.

“Yes you can … and you will,” I answered as I slowly pushed against her, forcing more and more of my cock into her waiting pussy.

“AAaaaagghhhhhhhh,” she cried. “No … no more … Stop … stop … too big … too much.”

I stopped only to get the surprise of my life when she wrapped her legs around my hips, locking them behind my back and pulled up against me.

“Don’t stop,” she said breathlessly. “Don’t ever stop. No matter what I might say, don’t stop. I want you and I want you to have me. Push that cock of yours deep inside of me. Press against my cervix like you do to mom and if you want … cum in me. Fill my pussy with your cum … make me your cihangir escort lover … make me the mother of your children.”

Hearing her almost pleading with me awakened some primal, animalistic creature buried in the back of my mind … something from a time when men took their mates by force. “So you’ve been thinking about this? You’ve been thinking about what it would feel like to have my cock buried inside of you … to have your step-brother’s cock fucking you and fill you with his cum,” I snarled as I forced more of my cock into her.

“Yes and no,” she gasped. “I’ve thought of having you take me and fuck me. I’ve thought of what it would feel like to have your cock buried deep inside me and filling me with your cum … but NOT as my step-brother, as my lover and hopefully my future husband.”

That was all I needed to hear as I grabbed her shoulders and drove my cock the rest of the way into her pussy in one continuous thrust.

“AAAEEEeeiiiiiii,” she screamed as I drove into her and hit bottom against her cervix. Reflexively, her legs flew open and dropped to her sides.

I knew that I had hurt her and immediately regretted what I had done. I pulled back slightly so I wasn’t pressed against her hyper-sensitive cervix and placed my arms under her head. I cradled her to me as tears ran down her face. “I’m so sorry, Sonya. I don’t know what …”

“Shhhhhhh,” she said soothingly. “This is what I wanted … what I needed. But what I need right now is to stop for just a little while until my pussy gets used to you. I’ve NEVER had a cock inside me and to tell you the truth, I love it. I can feel every vein on your cock. I can feel how it’s stretching me and pressing against all the right places. I can feel it teasing me when it seems to expand and then slowly decrease as the blood pumps through it … but what I feel the most isn’t something physical. I feel how much I love you and how much you love me. Does that make sense?”

Gazing into her eyes I leaned down and barely touched her lips with mine. “Absolutely,” I answered before kissing her.

Sonya’s arms were around my neck and shortly her legs wrapped around my waist once again as she started to slowly grind her clit against the base of my cock. “So nice. So fucking nice and hard. Yours is definitely the biggest thing I’ve ever had inside me,” she cooed. “Now that I’ve gotten used to it, it feels like I’ve gone to heaven.”

Slowly I pulled from her depths and a new smell filled my nostrils. Looking down, I was horrified by the sight of blood coating my cock and the inside of her thighs. “What the fuck?” I yelled as I yanked my cock from her clutching pussy.

A look of disappointment, fear and regret covered her face.

Suddenly, I understood or thought I did. “Are you … Were you … I thought you and Tim?” I stammered.

The smile quickly returned to her face as she realized the source of my confusion and fear. “Yes and no. Tim is short for Timika. She and I have been friends forever and yes she and I have done a lot of playing together. We’ve kissed and touched. We’ve fingered each other and we’ve even sucked each other’s pussy. Once I even let her fuck me with a small strap-on dildo but I’ve NEVER been with a man. And I can guarantee you that her toy wasn’t nearly as big as you are. That’s probably why I’m bleeding.”

A sudden wave of doubt flowed over me. I had made love to my share of women but never a virgin. “What do I do now?” I thought.

Though younger than me, she seemed to instinctively recognize the look on my face as she spread her arms and legs. “It’s ok. I wanted you to be my first … and only. I’ve thought about this since the first day we met. To tell you the truth, I was jealous of mom when you went to bed with her but not now, not anymore.”

Slowly, I leaned forward and kissed her while making sure to keep my cock from touching her pussy. “I … as long as we’re being honest I’ve never been with a virgin and I’m not quite sure what to do,” I whispered.

Pushing me away, she laughed as she flipped over on top of me. “That’s simple … You fuck me,” she said as she slid onto my cock as if we’d been lovers for years. “SSSssshhhhhh, so nice.”

I wrapped my arms around her, pulled her back down to me, and kissed her as I felt her breasts shift across my chest, her hard nipples bumping against mine. “I love you,” I said after breaking our kiss.

Sitting up in my lap with my cock embedded deep in her pussy, she looked down at me seriously before saying, “I love you too, Jake, but more importantly, I’m in love with you. I feel the same as you said you do. I’m not talking fuck love or brother-sister love, I’m talking complete, total, lifetime, love. I want to be not only your lover, but your partner, friend, confidant, and the mother of your children.”

Surprised, shocked, relieved and overwhelmed, I lay there as what she had just said sank in. I lay there for what seemed like hours but was actually only seconds before I gave the only answer I knew was right, “Yes.”

“Wha …?” she started to say before I cut her off.

“I’m in love with you too. I want you to be my lover, my partner, my friend, my confidant, the mother of my children and … my wife. So the answer to your proposal is … Yes.”

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