Fantasy Submission

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She came out of the bathroom dressed in a long baby blue sheer nightgown. It was slit from the hem to midway up her thigh. He could see her legs each time she took a step and felt himself growing hard as he watched her cross the room. He could smell her perfume as it drifted throughout the air. Her lips, fingernails and toenails were painted ruby red. Diamond studs decorated her ears but she wore no other jewelry. It was finally their time. This time they could fall make love all night, falling off to sleep and awaken in each others arms, only to make love again.

He looked into her eyes as she leaned down over him, two laughing pools of blue, that he lost himself in each time they were together. Then he watched as she hungrily took in the sight of his naked body relaxing on the bed. She knew each place to touch him so that he would feel the sensations the most. She looked as if she were wondering what part to caress first.

He didn’t give her time to decide, he needed to hold her. The dreams that has sustained him through the weeks were about to become reality and waiting longer was out of the question. He pulled her to him and she tumbled to the bed on top of him. His arms held her close as his hands roamed over her back and began to massage her ass. He placed both hands on her hips and held her tight against his groin. His hard cock pressed against her pussy and he could feel her warmth on his body. A slight moan escaped his lips as he claimed her mouth with his own. Their tongues moving together searching in deep soul kisses, for the part of kağıthane escort each other needed to make them whole.

He pulled the gown off of her body. It was a woman’s body, scarred with stretch marks, round in the belly, not the body of a young girl, but one that knew about the pleasures of the flesh. Slowly he started at her neck, leaving a trail of kisses as he moved lower and lower. His tongue licked at her, the way a cat would lap up it’s milk. He felt her sigh deeply as he gently turned her on her back. Her breasts were soft in his hands as he kneaded them, causing her to moan softly. Her nipples tempted his mouth as he watched them getting hard and standing straight up. He rolled one between his fingers and thumb, while he took the other in his mouth to suckle.

He felt her wetness as her legs began to open. His fingers slipped inside of her and he rubbed her clit. Her body arched and shook. His mouth went to her nipples again and he sucked and licked them while he played with her pussy. He put one finger inside of her, teasing her by moving all the way around inside of her. Then he added another finger this time using both of his fingers to fuck her.

He stopped just before she could reach a climax and moved his mouth to her waiting love hole. He sucked her clit inside of his mouth and then used his tongue to go around it with tiny flicks and circles. This time he heard her gasp and felt her release in his mouth. Her cum was thick and sweet. It reminded him of warm honey as he ate and drank from her kartal escort essence.

She started to move to take his cock into her mouth.

“Oh no, darlin, I’m not finished with you yet.” He whispered into her ear as he began to kiss her lips again. “I’m going to make love to you until your body and your soul are satisfied, I want all of you. So many times I lay awake at night and long to have your body close to mine. Well this is my night. I won’t be denied and you will know what it is like to be thoroughly loved”

She looked at him in surprise. “You know I want to do the same for you, I want to taste you, touch you.”

“And you will and you have, but Sugar, for tonight surrender to me. Let me take you higher than you have ever been before. I know that this is your fantasy, you have told me, please let me take you there.”

“I’m yours. Whatever you want.” she answered.

“Good” he smiled as he reached into a glass setting on the bedside table, “then let’s cool you off before I set you on fire.”

He held a single ice cube in his hand and began to run it over her lips. Then he moved it across her shoulders and between her breast. The melting ice left a trail of water on her body and he licked it up. He used the ice cube to trace around each nipple, making it stand even straighter if that was at all possible. Then he placed his mouth over her nipples warming her with his tongue and breath. He felt her body quiver and she called out his name, he quickly slid his fingers into her waiting pussy and pumped küçükçekmece escort her as she came.

Once more he got ice from the glass. This time he pulled her to the side of the bed, and placed a pillow under her hips. He parted her legs and knelt between them. Her pussy lips open and the pink of her inner lips and clit were showing through. He felt his cock jump at the sight of her. Precum had gathered on the tip of his cock, he wiped it away with his fingertips and then put those same fingertips in her mouth to suck on. Once again he knelt between her thighs. Licking and kissing each one as his mouth made it’s way to her wet pussy. Just as he reached her open lips he placed the ice cube in his mouth. He felt her jump from the cold ice and then let the ice cube drop out of his mouth. His mouth closed over her pussy and he licked and sucked at it until once again he felt her release into his mouth.

She turned over raising her hips high in the air offering him her pussy. He stood behind her placing his hands on her ass to steady himself and slid his cock into her waiting body. He stood there for just a minute, letting the walls and muscles of her pussy draw him into her. He almost came at once when she started to milk him with her inner muscles. Slowly he began to thrust into her, picking up speed as he began to feel his own body floating in paradise. He could feel the cum building up in his balls. It felt like he had a river inside of him to shoot into her. She bucked back against him and he could feel the contractions of her orgasm as she pulled him over the edge with her. He cried out as he rammed his throbbing cock into releasing his hot cum into her. He felt his own cum mix with hers and coat his cock like a warm blanket. He stayed inside of her until he could no longer, and then held her in his arms until they slept…for awhile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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