Fawned – A PetPlay Romance Ch. 08

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“Are you okay?”


“You’re getting soft.”

Barnaby frowned, and he reluctantly opened his eyes to see Gil retracting a hand from his cock. The man’s brows were knitted together, and Barnaby worried he might think he did something wrong.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered, fixing the backpack-turned-pillow behind his head. He moved his foot from the seat to Gil’s shoulder, still wanting to keep him close. “I got distracted.”

Gil’s smile was small, but he lowered himself to kiss Barnaby on the cheek. “Wanna talk about it?”

Barnaby shrugged. “Nothing really to talk about. Just—”

I’m noticing you never leave anything in your car. Unless it’s for sex.

And that’s all you keep in your dorm too.

You don’t have posters or decorations or trinkets, yet you have drawers full of toys.

You don’t have any trash or old assignments or stickers on the bumper of your car, but you keep condoms in the glove compartment.

You have so much personality beyond being a playboy.

Where is it?

He considered asking why he didn’t have any stickers, but realizing how ridiculous it would sound without unleashing the entire can of worms, settled for another shrug. “Guess I’m not in the mood.”

A flash of disappointment appeared on Gil’s face, but before Barnaby could admit he was lying, the man sighed, “You could’ve said so.”

“I wanted to be,” Barnaby blurted because that much was true. Neither of them could wait to get their hands on one another between all the teasing.

He cupped the man’s face in his hands and looked into his eyes, “You did everything right, Gil. I’m just- broken, I guess. We can try again later?”

Gil’s eyes narrowed, and he promptly nipped Barnaby’s nose. “You are not broken.” He dipped his head, burying himself away in the boy’s neck. “If you’re not in the mood, you’re not in the mood. Besides-” He kissed his ear next. “You did plenty for me last night.”

Held close, Barnaby nuzzled him, as if he could rub his creeping blush away.

Gil had been reading a book in bed while Barnaby, already nude, laid curled up at his feet. Then came this compulsion. He was hungry. He sat on Gil’s stomach, unzipped his pants, and got to work on his cock. That book was discarded without a word, and Barnaby’s hips were pulled back, his pucker greeted by a warm, eager tongue.

He came on Gil’s chest. The moment he was sure the man was sucked dry, Barnaby turned around and licked him clean. His own cum, he shamefully realized, had a slightly sweeter taste than Gil’s.

Sometime after, he was guided over the edge of the bed and told to present himself. A leash was attached to his collar, and Gil kept a secure grip while pounding into him. It felt safer than he thought it would. Actually, he became so focused on his connection to the man that he’d forgotten his fear of being choked.

He had to trust his master.

Barnaby muttered, nose grazing Gil’s ear, “Doesn’t mean I can’t do more for you today.”

The raven laughed, sprinkling him with more kisses before sitting up. “No…But it might mean you need a break.”

Barnaby pouted as he was tucked back into his pants, reluctantly pulling himself up when Gil returned to the driver’s seat.

“Let’s go to my place,” he offered, “We can order food, watch a movie…And if your mood’s any different by the time it’s finished-” Gil winked at Barnaby as he joined him in the front. “You can sleepover.”

Barnaby giggled, taking Gil’s hand and kissing his knuckles. “Did you remember the..?”

Seeing grey eyes widen told him he very much did not.

“Shit,” Gil grumbled. He ruffled Barnaby’s hair and put the car in motion. “Okay, so we need to make a pitstop.”

Regardless of what mood he was in, neither of them would be getting very far if they didn’t restock on lube.

Barnaby rolled his eyes, rested his head against the window and watched as they drove away from the dead-end park. The ground was littered with snack bags and beer cans, and he thought about visiting another day just to clean it up.

There was another Hit Song on the radio. The default station, Barnaby had come to recognize it as.

“Do you have a playlist?”

Gil didn’t answer right away. In fact, it wasn’t until Barnaby said his name that he responded, “Nah. Never took the time to put one together.”

“What would be on it if you did?”

More silence. A lost cause, maybe. But then – “Probably The Cure. The Smiths. Billy Joel. Stroke 9-“

Barnaby nearly jumped out of his seat. “I love Billy Joel!” One out of four was better than none; he’d grasp onto whatever he could.

“Yeah?” That seemed to bring the lift back to Gil’s voice. “What’s your favorite song by him? Yes, there is a wrong answer.”

The boy raised a brow. “What’s the wrong answer..?”

“Piano Man? Does not count.”

“Oh my gosh,” Barnaby huffed, crossing his arms. “Well, it’s not…it’s Vienna.”

“Alright, that’s a good one.”

“What about yours?”


“…Piano bursa escort Man?”

“Yes, but no.”

Though he could say he was a fan of the artist, it didn’t take Barnaby long to realize he could only name so many songs, each of which was a miss from Gil. He dug out his phone at one point, to start reading off titles until he got it right, but the instant Gil noticed, it was deemed ‘cheating’, and that was the end of the guessing game.

Their pitstop wasn’t far off from campus. At a glance, Barnaby had to wonder what they were doing at a Dental Office, but as they pulled into the parking lot and rounded the white-walled building, he spotted another entrance – a door with an 18+ sticker on it and a neon sign above reading Eden.

“Did you wanna look inside a bit?” Gil asked, stopping the car.

Barnaby laughed, not that anything was particularly funny – but the fact that he was 20 years old, no longer a virgin, and still too nervous to willingly go into a sex shop? Yeah, that was laughable. “I’ll pass.” He fidgeted with his seat belt, ensuring it wouldn’t go anywhere. “I think we, uhm- have everything we need at home.”

Gil shrugged, scoffed, and opened the door to step out. “Suit yourself.”

Barnaby was perfectly content to settle in his seat again, going through his phone in the time Gil was away.

It’d barely been a minute when he received a text from the man.

‘You’re missing out.’

Attached was a picture of a giant teddy bear. Bound in a sexswing.

Barnaby grinned to himself and shook his head.

‘That’s animal cruelty.’

He bit his lip, catching a glimpse of their previous messages and deciding to revisit them.

‘Aren’t you in class?’


‘Then why are you texting me?’

‘Because I had a thought…’

‘What kind of thought?’

‘Well…Would you ever make me wear a vibrator to class?’

‘I probably wouldn’t make you. But would you want to try that?’

‘I don’t know…’

‘You don’t know. But you’ve thought about sitting in class with a vibrator inside you. You’ve thought about what might happen if I made you. Would anyone notice? Would they call you out or would they watch you fall apart?’


‘What if your professor found out?’


‘Would he fail you or would he make you show him after class?’


‘I know what I would pick.’

It was enough to paint the picture. An empty lecture hall, Gil in a nice button-up and tie, and Barnaby – bent over his desk, ‘presenting himself’ and the man’s plug of choice.

It was like he could already feel Gil tracing a ruler up the backs of his thighs, making his hairs stand on end. He couldn’t help but squirm.

He pocketed his phone, tilted his head back, and closed his eyes.

He wanted to be good. For Gil? He could get himself in the mood again.

He slipped a hand between his legs and let out a rattled sigh.

He tried to focus on how happy Gil would be when he found him. I don’t need a break, Barnaby would tell him, I need you. See? I’m hard now. Just from reading our texts. Only you’d be able to do that to me, Gil. C’mon, play with me!

This time, he wouldn’t get distracted. He would have Billy Joel playing in the back of his mind to keep him on track.

The bulge in his pants grew, and Barnaby’s breath hitched as he traced the outline over and over. His legs spread so it didn’t feel so tight.

He was as ready as he had been when Gil first came to pick him up.

The driver door clicked open, and Barnaby rested his hand on his leg.

“I got a new flavor for you.”

The boy blinked to find Gil handing him a small, plastic bag. Inside, he discovered, were two bottles of lube: classic strawberry and the new salted caramel. “Thank you.”

He looked to Gil with a smile, waiting for him to Notice – but when the man buckled in and locked his eyes on him, his lips formed a straight line.

“Did you touch yourself?”

His tone rocked something inside of him, Barnaby couldn’t tell if he was genuinely shaking or if the car’s engine was making him vibrate. “O-Only a little,” he admitted, “But not…I didn’t touch it all the way. I just rubbed it through my pants-“

“But you did touch yourself?”

Barnaby fumbled with his words. Suddenly, he wasn’t as proud of himself anymore. “I’m sorry.”

Gil sighed, tapping the steering wheel for a moment. “You broke a rule.”

“I’m sorry, Gil, I-“

“You know what I have to do, don’t you?”

Barnaby pursed his lips and looked out the window to hide his quivering chin from Gil. In his reflection of the side mirror, he could see how easily he had given himself away. His face was deep red, and his eyes were glazed over, pupils wide.

He never considered what a punishment from Gil might be.

The radio played, but Barnaby still felt crushed by the weight of an awkward silence between them. He started biting his nails. “Are you gonna hurt me?”

He couldn’t look at Gil, but he curled in on himself more bursa escort bayan when a hand touched his knee.

“I’m going to spank you.”


Barnaby had never been spanked – not as a child and certainly not into adulthood.

He could, however, remember his mother making threats. He remembered being afraid that it would hurt.

But how much would it hurt as an adult, he wondered, if it was such a popular theme on porn websites?

He sucked in his breath and stripped to his boxers, knowing he would soon find out.

“You won’t be needing those either,” Gil told him from where he sat on the edge of the bed. “Take it all off.” He was still fully dressed, all the way to the newly revealed leather gloves covering his hands.

Barnaby pouted and obeyed. Next, he asked, “Where do you want me?”

“Right across my knee.” Gil gestured, and Barnaby, head down, approached. Before he could sit, he was grabbed, re-positioned, and laying on his stomach across Gil’s lap.

“I’m going to spank you ten times,” the man explained, already rubbing Barnaby’s bottom. “You’re going to count. If you lose track, we start over.”

Barnaby nodded, raising his hips higher since having his butt played with was never a bad thing.

“Tell me you understand.”

“I understand, sir.”

He bristled as the first strike was delivered. A test. More of a tap than anything. “One-” Two more, of similar intensity. “Two. Three—”

Barnaby gasped as the next strike made him tingle from head to tailbone. “F-Four-“

“Guess I do need to use a stronger hand,” Gil muttered, massaging the sensitive skin, “You have a lot of meat back here.”

“Y-Yes, sir- Five!” Barnaby whimpered, his thighs starting to tremble. He could sense his flesh prickling, but whether he would actually define it as pain or not – he wasn’t sure. He didn’t think his buttcheeks were the only cheeks turning red.

“You’re doing well so far.”

Two more in rapid procession, and Barnaby yelped, struggling not to jump out of Gil’s lap from how much it stung. “Y-Yellow?”

“Alright-” A gloved hand swept through his hair, and the boy sighed with relief as more attention was dedicated to massaging his ass.

Thank god for safewords.

“Not used to this, are you?” Gil purred, “You’ve been such a good boy for me up ’til now.”

“I-I didn’t mean to be bad,” Barnaby insisted, “I- Well- I wanted to get myself ready for you. I wasn’t thinking that I’d be…breaking a rule…” He dared to look at the man over his shoulder. “I’m sorry.”

A soft smile made its way to Gil’s lips, and he gently patted Barnaby’s ass. “It’s okay, buck. So this is the first and last time you’re punished. Consider it a learning experience.”

So he wasn’t getting away with it.

Emitting a small huff, Barnaby lifted Gil’s shirt to kiss his side and traced patterns absently along his thigh. Just until the sting in his ass had faded. Eventually, he muttered, “Green.”

He winced as his bottom was pinched.

“Do you remember your number?”


Another, harder pinch.


“Good boy.”

The last three spanks were quick, but Gil did not hold back. He left Barnaby with his face buried in the mattress, muffling whimpers that continued to spill out with the aftershock. His ass was throbbing.

“Learned your lesson?” Gil asked. His gloves had disappeared, and he used a bare touch to work a soothing cream into Barnaby’s bottom.

The boy sniveled, “Mhm.”

“Am I gonna find you touching yourself any time soon?”

“Nu uh.”


Someone (probably his mom) had warned Barnaby a long time ago that part of how people develop drinking habits is by convincing themselves that alcohol tastes good. That, apparently, is achieved through repetition. You have one sip, then another to get used to it, then another and another-

And soon, you’re too drunk to forget it tastes bad.

Barnaby wasn’t sure his punishment actually felt bad.

Sure, it stung, and sure, it was tough to sit afterward, but he’d still had a boner by the end of it.

He still liked having his butt played with.

It all made him feel very tingly, and he liked that, maybe.

But to be positive, he’d have to try again.

He’d have to break another rule.

“…Nine, ten! Good boy, Barnaby!”

Gil snatched the M&M from Barnaby’s nose, and the boy let himself rest on his knees. Of all the tricks Gil wanted him to perform, that little balancing act was the only one that required actual practice. At least he wasn’t falling on his ass anymore.

His hair was ruffled, and two treats were held to his mouth.

Locking eyes with Gil, Barnaby licked them up from his hand-

And promptly spat them right back in his face.

Rule : Don’t be a brat.

The response was immediate – Gil grabbed him by the chin, and with one blink, his eyes had turned to daggers. “There better have been a good reason for that.”

Of course there wasn’t. A Good Reason wouldn’t get him escort bursa punished.

So rather than answer, Barnaby tilted his head and began nipping at Gil’s hand.

“Hey!” His chin was released, but not a second later, Gil’s fingers were hooked in his hair, ensuring he couldn’t turn away. “You were behaving so well a minute ago, what’s gotten into you?” The man almost sounded sympathetic.

Barnaby, however, wasn’t looking for sympathy. He shrugged, and though he couldn’t move his head, let his gaze drift away from Gil while humming a tune.

“If you keep it up,” his owner warned, “You’re going to find yourself punished.”

Barnaby resisted the urge to smile. Instead, he rolled his eyes as dramatically as he could.

Then, came two magical words: “That’s it.”

His hair was tugged, and Gil ordered him across his knee.

Barnaby sprung into position, his ass raised high. The tail of his plug stood straight at attention.

“Now you listen to me?” Gil muttered, rubbing Barnaby’s bottom.

The blond nodded hurriedly and swayed his hips. His cock was already twitching with interest.


“I thought you’d learned your lesson after yesterday.”

Barnaby bit his lip to suppress a whimper. Fortunately, Gil gave him enough time to recover and say, “You thought wrong, I guess.”

Another smack. A chill racked Barnaby’s spine, and he was sure there were goosebumps on his ass. One more, and it started to sting. A moan was torn from his throat.

It was official. Barnaby Hirsch liked being punished.

“You’re not counting,” Gil growled.

“I don’t want to.”

Smack – right at the back of his thigh. Barnaby couldn’t help but jump.

“Make it twenty and pray I don’t forget.”

“Yes, sir.”

He shook his ass just as Gil delivered another strike. Another moan fell from his lips.

“If I didn’t know any better,” Gil muttered, grabbing a cheek and digging his nails in, “I’d say you were enjoying this.”

Barnaby giggled and looked over his shoulder at the man. “Maybe,” he said, grinding his cock against his leg, “You don’t know better.”

Gil raised a brow, but just as Barnaby started to suspect he’d turned the tables, the raven spanked him again and again without a chance for recovery.

Barnaby writhed and gasped and squealed and swore but holy shit, he loved each one more than the last.

“You’re not supposed to like your punishment.” One final blow, and Barnaby was dumped to the bed, scrambling to lay on his stomach while Gil dug through the nightstand.

“What’re you doing?”

“You won’t learn that behavior isn’t acceptable if you see your punishment as something to look forward to.”

Gil faced him, and Barnaby began curling in on himself, heart picking up speed. In his hands, the raven held three bundles of rope.

“Can I-” And just like that, Barnaby’s nerve was fading fast. “Can I still use my safewords..?”

Gil nodded but didn’t waver from whatever he had in mind. In fact, he spoke like it wasn’t any concern: “Put your hands behind your back.”

Barnaby did not resist. His breath hitched as his tail was removed, and moments later, his wrists were bound.

“I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t—”

“Quiet, Bee.”

The man helped sit him up, and Barnaby had to grit his teeth against the soreness pulsing from his bottom. A shame he couldn’t say he didn’t ask for it.

His ankles were bound next, one to each of the lower bedposts. Elaborate ropework ensured Barnaby was comfortable but secured. He smiled softly when the man lifted his head, wanting at least to appear grateful.

Gil merely stared and sighed. “This isn’t going to be anymore fun for me than it is for you.”

Before Barnaby really had a chance to question him or brace himself, a rubber ring was slipped down the shaft of his cock. It had a peculiar attachment that, when pressed by Gil, made it vibrate incessantly.


Oooh god.


The man slid right up beside him, kissing his cheek, his neck. He snuck a hand between the boy’s legs, grazing his thigh, and his whole body spasmed. There was nothing he could do.

“What happened to-” Barnaby whimpered, already trying to get his hands free somehow. “It’s not supposed to feel good..?”

“This?” No matter how Barnaby tried to tilt his head, Gil kept his face away from sight. Pressed against his neck though, he could sense the reason: a smirk, trying to be hidden. “This isn’t your punishment.”

Barnaby’s mouth quickly ran dry, and worries went forgotten as he let himself accept his unexpected gift. So he wasn’t allowed to move. He could deal with that. He twitched and shuddered against his will, but each time, he made sure to counter it with a “Thank you”.

“Thank you” for touching me there.

“Thank you” for marking me, sir.

“Thank you” for being so merciful.

It wasn’t long until Barnaby became puddy in Gil’s hands.

He didn’t know how much time had passed exactly. He didn’t know much of anything at all. He knew how to say “thank you”, and he knew that he felt good.

His legs stopped twitching, but his cock was throbbing. Gil, it seemed, had touched him everywhere except where he needed him most.

And he was nearing his limit.

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