Fighting for Love Ch. 01

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Author’s Note:

This is an idea I have had for a great number of years. Not a lot of sex in this first installment, but there will be more to come. If you enjoy this story, please let me know so that I am encouraged to continue to write additional chapters. It is likely not perfect, I wrote it at around 3 AM once a week over a couple months… Constructive criticism is welcome. If you leave comments that are just harsh and not helpful, you will be ignored. Thank you! 🙂

Jenna arched her back and allowed her passion to take over. She rode hard and fast on top of Robert, trembling as her climax began to take her.

“Oh, yes! Robert, oh, fuck!” She placed her hands down on his shoulders and began to grind her clit against his pubic bone, trying to prolong her orgasm as much as humanly possible. After around a minute of this, she looked down at the man below her, and permitted herself a small smile. She slowed her pace, barely moving up and down on Robert’s hard cock.

“Oh, Jenna… Come one baby, don’t tease me!” He moaned, reaching to place his hands on her hips.

“Why not, baby? You don’t like it when I ride you like this, nice and slow? You don’t like my hot and wet pussy around your big cock?” She enjoyed this part, making a guy wait as long as she wanted him to wait. If she was going to give a guy her body, he was going to earn it.

“Oh come on! Just let me fucking cum! I want to fucking cum inside your pussy!” He was trembling with anticipation, and he kept his hands firmly on her hips. However, he didn’t dare try to make any thrusts himself. She told him beforehand that he was not to attempt to take any action without her permission, or he would have to finish jerking off to his collection of cheap porn.

She grinned, and responded by stopping all motion, bringing herself to simply rest on his cock, flexing her PC muscles against the girth that was invading her pussy.

“Not yet, love.” She whispered, leaning down to kiss him softly. She then sat back up and, reaching behind he, gripped his balls in her hand, gently pulling them away from his body. She had heard all the rumors; Robert Giovanni was not gifted in bed. Sure, like most of the gorgeous and well-built Italian boys in her school, he had a nice body, and a pretty sizable dick (which she did appreciate), but was known to be a two-pump chump. That being the case, she had gone through great pains to make certain he was going to last. At this point, they had been fucking for nearly half an hour, which was a big jump from someone who usually blew his load inside of five minutes.

As she played with his balls, she began to ride up and down gently, and he heard him moan with ecstasy, and whimper with the desire for release. She was enjoying torturing him, as she had already had two orgasms, but decided it was probably time to let him get his rocks off.

“What is it you want to do to me, baby?” she whispered into his ear. “Do you want to flip me over and pound my pussy raw? Or do you want to flip me over and tear my pussy up like a little bitch?” She leaned in to gently bite his lip.

“Jenna, please! I need to fucking cum!” He looked at her with his dark eyes pleading for release.

“No way, baby. Not until you tell me what it is you want to do to my pussy.” She stopped riding and just sat there. “Or my breasts.” She leaned back, offering him the full and lifted view of her 34C breasts.

“I want to grab them.” He was breathing heavily now.

“That’s it?” She offered a mock pout. “Then I guess you don’t really want to pump me full of cum then.” She shrugged and made to get off of his dick. He quickly grabbed her and held her in place.

“No, Jenna, I…” he paused, looking for the words, “I want to grab them when I have you on your knees and I am slamming you from behind. I want to squeeze them and just fuck you until we are both cumming so fucking hard!” he looked at her, waiting.

It wasn’t perfect, but she figured that he had never lasted this long, so maybe she should let him go ahead and tear her up.

“Go ahead then, Robert. Flip me over and fuck my pussy until it turns red from the punishment. Go ahead and abuse me, baby!” She grinned mischievously.

He did not need any more encouragement. He practically threw her off of him, and then was quickly up on his knees, grabbing her and moving her into position. He quickly slammed his cook into her pussy, and began to maul her breasts as he fucked her as hard and fast as he could.

She was surprised at how fast he moved into position, and was not quite sure how she got to be on the receiving end of doggy-style, but she took it.

“Oh, god, Jenna…” His breathing became ragged, “I am gonna, oh… fuck!” She felt his throbbing cock explode as he buried his entire length within her pussy, pumping hard and rotating his hips with the waves of the orgasm. He withdrew his withering shaft from her cunt, and flopped down on the bed, breathing very irregularly while Jenna collapsed forward, leaving her perfect ass up in the şişli elit escort air.

After she regained her composure, she began to work her way up to place her head on her pillow. As soon as her head hit her pillow, she placed a hand on his chest and smiled. He looked at her and smiled.

“Thanks, Jenna. That was a hell of a ride!” Robert then stood up and began to gather up his clothes.

“Robert, I want you to stay! We both worked up a sweat. I figured we could grab a shower, have something to eat, and you know, whatever…” she smiled and inhaled, allowing the air in her lungs to lift the swell of her great breasts, running her hands through her light brown hair. She gazed at his great body with her green eyes.

“Nah, I gotta go. Gotta see the guys and shit, you know how it is.” He pulled on his jeans, not even looking in her direction.

“Are you sure?” She brought her knees up, planted her feet with her legs apart, showing off her shaved and just pounded pussy. “You don’t see anything that you would like to play with?”

” I said I had shit to do!” he turned and looked at her, stern with his gaze, and stern with his words,” I already fucked your brains out, didn’t I? So, we had our fun, now I am gonna go!” He pulled his shirt on over his head, and began to look for his cell phone.

“Robert, why are you acting like this? I thought that we were going to spend the weekend together? I mean, you know, finals are coming up and all that, and my parents are gone for the weekend.” She looked at him, trying to figure out why he reacted so strongly to a pretty girl willing to bang him for three days straight.

“I changed my mind. I don’t want to stay all weekend. We had our fun, and now I wanna go and hang with my guy friends.” He was pulling his shoes on.

“But, you said…”

“Damn it, Jenna, I know what I said! ” he was mad now, “I just said that I changed my mind! We had sex, it was good, right? So you can’t complain! ” he looked at her hard. “I know all about your rep, so I knew I could get laid if I played the game. So I did. Again, thanks.”

She could not believe what she was hearing. She was no saint, she had been with a few guys, though she had only started fucking about six months ago. She wouldn’t consider herself a slut, or easy, or gullible…

“What the fuck are you talking about?” she asked as the tears began to well up in her eyes. “I don’t understand what you are talking about.” She was starting to cry.

“God, leave it to a skank like you!” He looked at her and gave a smirk, “You put out to any guy who asked, suck more dick than a porn star, and get mad when a guy takes you for a party ride.” He headed for the door. “Don’t get clingy on me, Jenna. This was fun, that’s all!”

“Fuck you Robert, and get the fuck out!” She screamed, tears now flowing freely. She could not believe that anyone would talk to her like that. She had been with four guys, so how did she get the reputation for being the town whore? “I don’t want to see you again, and you can forget ever having me again!” she glared at him, truly meaning it. It didn’t matter how horny she was, he wasn’t going to poke his cock in her pussy again.

“Whatever, bitch!” he said as he walked out of her bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

She heard him walk down the stairs and out the front door. She sat, and began to sob uncontrollably. She curled up under her blankets, and let her grief wash over her. It wasn’t fair! Everything she had done had been to drown out the bad memory, to convince herself not every time was going to be like that… Her thoughts were interrupted by her phone buzzing on her night stand. She reached out from under her covers to grab it, and pulled it under her blankets. It was Karen, so she decided to answer it.

“Hello?” she sniffled weakly into her phone.

“Jenna, are you okay, love?” Jenna noted the obvious concern in Karen’s voice.

“I’m fine, Karen. Just feeling a little emotional and all that.” It was a blatant lie.

Karen Takemura sighed on the other end of the phone. After a few seconds she started speaking, “Jenna, how long have we known each other?”

“About fifteen years,” she sniffled again.

“Right… And do you think in that time I don’t know when something is wrong with you, Jenna Alexander?” she paused for effect, and then said more gently, “What happened, sweetie?”

Jenna started to fill her in on what happened, and her conversation with Rob, and how she felt like a cheap whore, and before long she felt the sobs coming on.

“…and I don’t fucking get it, Karen!” She said between her tears. “I was just trying to make him like me… I don’t want to be a slut, I just want to show a guy what he is going to get if he takes me!”

Karen listened intently, trying to formulate the right combination of words to help her dear friend. Finally, she had an idea.

“Look, babe, “she started soft and tender, “We both know there are some serious other issues at work şişli escort here, and we both know that you are trying to bury some shit underneath sex. I don’t blame you with the…”

“Not now, Karen! Please?” She begged and pleaded with her friend. “I have to see Doc Conway on Tuesday, so can you please just be my friend and not a psycho-babble-something? Please?”

“Hmm, I guess you are right, honey. I am sorry about that. How about this, then…” Jenna could her the happiness in her friend’s voice, which was usually uplifting, but made her nervous in this case, “I am going to come get you, we are going to go and grab food that is bad for us at the Burger Barn, go back to your place and make brownies, then we are gonna swipe some beer from your parents fridge, and pass out with our stomachs full of burgers, beer, and brownies. The three B’s!”

Jenna couldn’t help but smile at this notion. Jenna knew that Karen solved all problems with the exact opposite of this approach, choosing to practice her boxing or karate, but she was willing to put it all aside for her friend.

“Don’t you have to watch that perfect Japanese waistline, Karen?” she quipped on her friend.

“Fuck it, Jenna. I have a perfect diet and training routine twenty nine days out of the month. Let’s get drunk, get fat, and get happy!” And then, without waiting for a response, “I will be there in ten minutes, be sexy so we can knock ’em dead at the Barn!” She quickly hung up, which told Jenna that she had probably eight minutes to get her ass moving and get dressed, or Karen would drag her out of her room and into public naked, if that was the state she was in. She sighed, got up, and started to put on some tight white jeans and a silvery, and very revealing, top. She looked in the mirror, and realized that she was gonna knock the boys for a loop. She didn’t have the perfect body like Karen, but she had the boobs to make up for it, and she knew how to use the sex appeal that she did have. No sooner did she put on some bright red lipstick than she heard the knocking at the door.

She opened the door, and there Karen was, wearing black jeans, hooker boots, and a spaghetti strap pink top the showed what little cleavage she did have.

“Ready, bitch?” Karen asked, smiling very broadly. Karen smiled and followed her friend down to her new model Corvette.

They sat at the Burger Barn, downing burgers, fries, sodas, and talking about girl stuff, cars, and their upcoming graduation.

“I can’t believe that this is almost over!” Jenna said. “We are gonna graduate in a couple months, and then its college and all of that new stuff.” She took a huge bite of her burger, smiling, having forgotten about earlier.

“I know, I am excited to get my degree. I mean, you know, if being a sexy Asian model doesn’t work out for me!” Jenna knew she was kidding, as Karen hated cameras and thought models were snooty bitches; her older sister being one. Jenna giggled and took another bite of her burger.

That is when they heard it. Laughter, coming from a table to Jenna’s left side. The girls turned to see what the commotion was, and there was Robert, with a few of his friends. Jenna felt herself go pale.

“Hey, Jenna, I guess you really do like a great big mouthful of meat, huh?” asked one of Robert’s friends. She couldn’t remember his name, but he was blonde, and she was pretty sure he was on the soccer team.

Jenna dropped her burger, feeling the emotions starting to boil inside of her and the tears starting to make their way to her eyelids.

She sensed, rather than saw or heard, Karen get up from the table. By the time she realizes what was about to happen, her friend was standing next to the “jock” table, ready to hold her own against all of them. She froze, realizing that this could get really ugly really fast. Even though Karen’s parents were Japanese immigrants, the fact remained that she did not adopt the shy and demure lifestyle that was commonplace and stereotypical; she was a scrapper, and she did not back down from a challenge. Jenna was helpless, so she simply sat back and watched in a mix of horror and amazement.

“Boys, is there a fucking problem?” asked Karen, hands on her hips, glaring at the boys.

“Yeah, I think that there is, baby.” said the blonde who had started the terrorism towards Jenna. He smiled at her with an obnoxious grin, “You aren’t naked and riding my cock!” All the guys at the table burst out laughing at this comment. Karen didn’t even flinch.

“Sorry, Boomer, I don’t think I would feel that tiny pin prick. I am way out of your league. And, come to think of it, so is my best friend over there, who I know you want to apologize to.” She stood, immovable, waiting for a response.

“Fuck off, little girl.” He was no longer smiling. “Don’t confuse me with your kind. We all know that your kind have the needle dicks!” he appraised her up and down as he stood up to his full six foot four inches, “I guess you chinky bitches all have no tits too, huh?” This şişli eve gelen escort brought all kinds of laughter from his friends.

Well, Karen had never been one to tolerate the racial remarks from anyone. She looked at him hard.

“Well, now you have to apologize to both of us, don’t you?” she said, burning daggers into him, showing no sign of backing down.

“Fuck no, teenie tits!” he looked down at her, towering over her by a full foot. “Just be lucky that we even gave you the time of day, but play time is over.” He made to push her away from the table.

That was all it took. She anticipated something like this. She swatted both of his hands outward as he tried the push, causing him to lurch forward. As he fell towards her, she caught him with a double jab straight to the nose. As he reeled back, holding his face, she threw a perfect side kick at his abdomen, knocking him over the top of the table onto the floor. She stood ready, waiting for someone else to try something.

“What the hell is going on here?” Came a voice that was advancing towards them. Karen didn’t look, but could picture the no-neck man with the massive gut who managed the business as he walked over to them. He stomped forward, wiping his greasy hands on his apron.

“Get out, all of you! I don’t want to see any of you in here for another month!” he bellowed, obviously trying to show everyone that he was in charge.

Karen dropped her hands as she backed up.

“C’mon, Jenna, let’s go get some brownie mix,” she practically dragged her friend out to her car, and they tore out of the parking lot.

A couple of hours later Jenna filled her mouth up with brownie, swallowed it, and followed that with a swig of beer. At least her parents bought imports and not that watered down American-brew crap.

“That was great, Karen!” she said, just now loosening up after a couple of beers, “Bam! Sock! You showed those guys who was the boss!” she still played that last kick through her head.

“Eh, it was nothing! He didn’t know how to fight, and besides, “she took a mouth full of beer before continuing, “he fucking deserved it!” Both girls began to laugh at the situation, realizing that a girl who was just under five-four had dropped a tall soccer player with three good shots.

After they were both buzzed, they started a couple of movies. Jenna didn’t remember much about them, except one of them had a lot of really ripped guys walking around without shirts.

“So, waddya think?” Karen slurred a little, not used to being a real drinker.

Jenna, even half lit, shot her friend a quizzical look. “What are you talking about, Karen?”

Karen smiled, and then spoke quite plainly, “I can find you guys who are more ripped, real, and actually accessible. Want to meet them?”

The pain of the day hit Jenna at the thought of meeting with other guys, and she immediately sobered up. All things considered, becoming instantly sober in this situation was quite depressing.

“Look, Karen… I think I want to get away from the guys for a while. I want to forget about this shit, and move on with my life, you know?” She looked at her friend, who was still giving her a goofy grin, obviously inebriated.

“Okay, sweetie, if that is what you want to do,” she paused. “But, I have an idea. How about I take you somewhere with these ripped guys, and if I promise that no one will hit on you, and that the whole thing will feel no pressure, would you do it? C’mon, just for the eye candy!” She motioned towards the flat screen television and DVD combo that they had just watched the movies on. Jenna sighed, her friend, even plowed, was able to tell how interesting she found the men on the screen.

“Fine, Karen, sure.” She didn’t want to argue anymore. “Just make sure I know a few days ahead of time, okay? What type of event did you have in mind, anyway?”

The only response Jenna got was a casual “um-hum”. She looked over and saw that Karen was trying to lay on her side to go to sleep. It figured, it was after 3 A.M., and they were both blitzed. Jenna decided to follow suit. He dropped her pillow on the floor, put her head down, and was almost immediately out.

The next day passed uneventfully, aside from the hangover and greasy food that they both ate to try to fight back the nausea that is often a side effect of too much damn fun. The rest of the week seemed to just plod along, and then began to blend into the next one until the problem that had befallen her had become only an annoying memory. Unfortunately, at least to Jenna, the discussion of the “situation” that Karen had brought up during her drunken stupor was forgotten.

“So, this Friday, I am picking you up!” Karen beamed at her friend at the lunch table.

“Okay, where are we going?” Jenna asked her friend, knowing better than to argue.

“Jenna!” She shrieked, staring at her in disbelief, “You promised you would go to meet some guys and enjoy the eye candy, remember! I am giving you three days warning. It is Tuesday, after all.” She beamed again, thrilled with the fact that she was going to get Jenna to do this.

“Are you fucking serious?” she asked suddenly, dropping her sandwich. “God damn, hon, you were so drunk that I didn’t think you would remember the conversation! I only said I would go to get you to shut up.”

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