Filipinas: Penny

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Female Ejaculation

Author’s notes.

My stories are based on my personal experiences. They are NOT fiction or fantasy. Each story is as close to accurate to what actually happened as I can remember, and I have a pretty good memory (even many years later). These stories are posted in the order that they happened, so if you want to read them in order, just read the story with the oldest publish date first and then move through the stories from oldest to youngest.

Nobody in this story was underage.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Hi. I’m Pete. I was finally heading back to Southeast Asia after an accident where I had broken a vertebra in my back. Luckily, it was just a simple fracture and didn’t affect my spinal cord, but it meant that I would have to be a lot more conservative with my insertions and extractions in Laos.

Anyway, I was back at Clark in the Philippines for about a week. I had intended to meet up with a girl named Ziggy, but she was nowhere to be found, so I had to make do with what I could find for female companionship.

After dropping my bag off at my hotel room and searching for Ziggy, I decided to visit a couple of bars. It was early in the afternoon, and I found that the less experienced girls were usually in the bars at that time.

That was how I met Penny. I had learned long before how to recognize new girls in and around the bars of Fields Avenue, and Penny exhibited all of the characteristics of a cherry girl. She was sitting in the back of the bar with another bar girl, and the bar girl was doing most of the talking while Penny just listened.

I asked a waitress about her, and sure enough, Penny had just come to the bar the day before. The mamasan was out, and the other bar girl was supposed to teach Penny. I asked the waitress to have Penny come to my table.

When she went over to the table where Penny was sitting, the other bar girl talked with the waitress and looked over at me. I guess I must have looked innocent enough because the other bar girl brought her over and introduced her to me. The other girl started to sit down, but I said I had only asked for Penny to come over.

Before she walked away, the other girl told me that Penny was a cherry girl and that there were special rules concerning her. If I wanted to take her out of the bar, I would need to talk with somebody. I nodded OK, and introduced myself to Penny.

We talked for a bit while I bought her lady drinks, and I learned that her story was common. A recruiter had come to her home and convinced her parents that they could get her a good job in the city. Penny and the recruiter ended up in Angeles City, and suddenly Penny was under contract to the bar.

She was alone in a strange area where few people could even understand her mother tongue. She knew some Tagalog and she had studied English in school, so she could communicate, but it was difficult for her. She felt abandoned and alone. I had seen this before with other girls.

I told her about myself, and she was very interested. Penny said that she had heard that Americans were very kind and generous. In fact, her goal was to marry an American. I told her that as beautiful as she was that shouldn’t be a problem.

Penny was surprised when I called her beautiful. Filipinas seldom think of themselves as beautiful, but in my experience, they are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Not only are they beautiful on the outside, but they mostly have loving hearts.

After chatting for about an hour, I noticed that the mamasan still hadn’t returned, so I asked the bartender if I could take Penny out. He said, “Sure. No problem,” and away we went to my room. We stopped along the way for some orange juice and ice and then went to my room.

Once in my room, I sat Penny on the bed while I went into the bathroom to eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar mix a couple of drinks with orange juice, Everclear and ice for her and just orange juice and ice for me. Then, I sat on the bed with Penny and we continued to talk as we drank our drinks. Penny really liked the cold orange juice drink, and she drank a few before slowing down.

I told Penny that I had been looking for a girl like her for a long time, and that it would be difficult for me not to fall in love with her. The mention of the “L” word got her attention, and she looked at me differently. I asked her, “Do you think that you could love me?”

She looked up at me and said, “I may already be in love with you.” I took her in my arms and kissed her. She struggled a bit at first, but then melted into my arms, pressing her body against mine. I continued the kiss until Penny was struggling to breathe. Then, I released the kiss and leaned back a bit. She automatically leaned her head against my chest. “I can hear your heart beating. Is it beating for me?”

“I think so,” I replied. She gave me a hug and reached up to kiss me again. Penny had already made her decision. Our kiss seemed to last forever, but in reality, was only minutes. My hands wandered around her body and she made no attempt to stop me. They finally ended up on her breasts massaging the soft flesh there. She shuddered, but made no moves to cover herself.

Penny was wearing a dress, so my next move was to undo her hook and zipper in the back. Once that was done, I reached for the bottom hem and slowly lifted it as we kissed. I had to break the kiss while I lifted her dress over her head. I resumed the kiss as soon as possible.

Penny was hugging me to her body, pressing her bra into my chest. My hands went behind her back and unhooked her bra, which then fell away from her breasts. She looked up at me and said, “The mamasan said that I shouldn’t go too far with a man until she says so.”

I asked, “Do you love me?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“Then don’t worry about what the mamasan said. This is different.” I said. I kissed her deeply, letting my tongue dance with hers. Penny once again melted into my body, her bare breasts now against my shirt. My hands came up from the sides to massage her breasts as we kissed. She was soon leaning into my hands.

I broke the kiss. “Penny, can you take off my shirt, so I can feel your nipples directly against my skin?”

She immediately started unbuttoning my shirt. Once the buttons were loose, she pushed my shirt back over my shoulders and off. Then, she leaned back in, pressing her nipples into my chest. “Like this?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied. “Exactly like that.”

I leaned into her pushing her onto her back on the bed, and then I lowered my kisses until I was suckling her nipples. “Oh my God,” she exclaimed. “That feels so good.”

I continued suckling her nipples, switching back and forth as she pulled me toward them. My hands weren’t idle, and soon my pants and boxers were on the floor next to the bed. Then, I concentrated on rubbing her pussy through her panties. Once more she started, “But the mamasan said,” but once again I asked if she loved me. Once more, the answer was, “Yes,” and her resistance melted away.

I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down and off her legs until they were dangling on one foot. She wiggled her foot until they fell off, completing the removal. My lips were all over her breasts while her panties were coming off, and she was pulling my head toward her nipples, so I would suckle them more.

My fingers found her pussy, and I was rubbing her clit, her labia and her vaginal entrance. Penny had a very thin hymen right at the surface of her vaginal sincan escort bayan entrance, but it stretched enough that I could insert a finger into her vagina. I slid down her body until I could suck her clit into my mouth. She protested, “Its dirty,” to which I told her that it wasn’t dirty and that she was sweet down there.

Penny calmed and opened herself up to me, letting me suck, lick and rub wherever I wished. It was as if a button had been pushed and she relaxed. She was no longer worried about anything that anyone had said and was willing to do whatever I wanted.

It wasn’t long before her body started to shake, with the first signs of an oncoming orgasm showing themselves. Her legs didn’t know where to be. One minute they were tight against my head and the next she was spreading them as far as possible. Finally, the first wave of pleasure broke over her, and the sensations overcame her completely.

I moved up over her until my cock was rubbing against her pussy. Her hips were rocking in time with the waves of her orgasm, and I just timed it so my cockhead was being held firmly at her vaginal entrance as she pushed against me. The result was that my cock slid into her pussy, tearing her hymen, and diving deeply into her vagina.

She cried out for a second, but then pushed against me again as another wave of pleasure hit, completing her deflowering. Once my cock was firmly seated against her cervix, I just pressed in as her orgasm came to an end. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. She must have tasted her juices on my lips, but it didn’t deter her.

“Thank you,” she whispered to me. “I love you.”

My cock twitched deep inside of her, and she felt it. Penny looked down between us, as if suddenly realized that we were connected. She rocked her hips to see what would happen, and I backed out and let my cock slide into her just a little more. I kissed her and started withdrawing and thrusting back into her. Her reaction was to meet my thrusts by rocking her hips into me.

I increased my tempo and depth until my cock was repeatedly pressing into her cervix, and she was pushing back with every thrust. It felt so good inside of her pussy, and I wasn’t sure that I would ever get enough. I finally arrived in paradise as waves of orgasmic ecstasy washed over me, shooting spurt after spurt of hot sperm deep into her womb.

It was lucky that Penny had cum before I penetrated her because she didn’t orgasm the first time she was filled by my cock. I wasn’t too worried about that, though, as I knew that was normal for a girl losing her virginity. Even though several girls I had been with had cum the first time we had sex, I realized that it was luck more than anything that had sent them over the edge.

Penny had me wrapped up in her arms and legs, holding my cock in place deep inside of her pussy. She had obviously enjoyed the experience, even though she hadn’t climaxed at the end. I drifted off to sleep to the warmth of her skin against me and her soft murmurings of love in my ears.

When I woke, Penny was softly kissing my face, urging me to wake and kiss her back. I complied, and she was soon pushing against my cock that was still deep inside her. Evidently, she had been moving against me the whole time I had slept, and now she was ready for another round.

I rolled back up on top of her, and Penny smiled up at me. I started thrusting and withdrawing with more effort, and I was again pounding into her cervix with force. This time, Penny was more actively thrusting back at me, trying to get my cock as deep into her body as possible with every thrust. It seemed that we went on like that forever, with my cock repeatedly pressing into her cervix and then withdrawing until only the tip remained inside her vagina.

I gölbaşı sınırsız escort finally felt my seed rising from my balls, and I pressed as deeply into her as I could manage. Her hips continued to rock until my sperm started shooting into her womb. Then, she came unglued as her orgasm hit her as well. We were pressed tightly together, load after load of my seed being pumped directly into her womb as her vaginal muscles did their best to milk me dry.

You can’t get too much of this feeling of paradise, but soon neither of us was able to go on. I rolled to the side, and she rolled with me, careful to keep my cock still embedded within her pussy. This time, my cock eventually slid out of her as it softened.

This was the first time I saw the evidence of her loss of virginity. The towel she had been laying on was spotted with her blood, and her lubrication was mixed in, forming a pink liquid. A little bit of my semen had leaked out, but it was in a much smaller quantity than I had pumped into her.

I asked if she would like to take a shower with me to clean up. At first, she was shy, but then she realized that she was already laying naked on the bed with me, so there was no reason to be shy. We went together into the bathroom. I took the towel she had been laying on into the bathroom, and the first thing I did was to wash it out, so the maids wouldn’t have a mess later.

We got into the shower and I adjusted the water temperature to be warm. This was a luxury she wasn’t used to. She normally used a bucket and a small cup to bathe. I got her body wet, and then I told her that I would be the one to wash and rinse her. She objected, but then let me have my way when I insisted.

I soaped her up thoroughly, making sure that I found every bump and crevasse on her body. I’m sure that I spent a lot more time than she was used to making sure that she was well-washed. I found that she was a bit sore around her vaginal entrance, which was to be expected. When I was satisfied that I couldn’t have any more fun with her body, I rinsed her thoroughly.

Then, I told her that it was her turn to wash and rinse me. Again, she was hesitant, but I told her that this was what lovers did, she started soaping me down. She spent a lot of time scrubbing my cock and balls, and even some time washing my butt crack. My chest and back were well-washed, and she eventually ran out of places to wash, so she rinsed me off.

We got out of the shower and dried off. I suggested that we just eat in the hotel restaurant, so she wouldn’t have to go by the bar. She agreed, and after dinner, we went back to the room. We spent the night in each other’s arms, fucking, cuddling and sleeping. My alarm went off in the morning, which confused her at first, but I told her that I had to go to the base for the morning.

We had another shower together, but this time I faced her to the wall and slid into her pussy from behind. She was still a little sore, but she pushed back against me while I fucked her from behind until I orgasmed and shot load after load of sperm into her womb. Then, we got washed and rinsed, dried off and I got dressed. She stayed on the bed naked because she didn’t want to put her dirty panties on. I suggested that she wash them in the sink and hang them to dry while I was gone.

She said that she would go to her room to get some clothes. She wanted to stay with me, so I told her that under no circumstances was she to tell anybody where I was staying. We didn’t want unwanted visitors at night. I suggested that instead of going to her room, where she would likely be caught, she should stay in my room until I returned, and I would take her to buy to a couple of dresses and several panties to wear while I was in AC.

She agreed, but I guess she tried to sneak back to her room anyway. She obviously got caught and I never saw her again. I didn’t go back to the bar where she worked. There was no point. If she couldn’t follow simple instructions to stay in my room while I was gone, then she was a liability. I had my room changed that afternoon to prevent any unwanted visitors from finding me.

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