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Selene had known Johnny for a few months now, but they still hadn’t been able to find the time to meet in person. As the plane landed, her heart raced, but it wasn’t due to the rocky landing. Her mind imagined what it would feel like the first time her eyes met his, so she hadn’t realized that she was the only one still on the airplane. She gathered her things, exited the plane, and proceeded to the baggage claim.

As she walked through the corridor, her mind reflected on all of the passionate discussions, erotic desires, and online interludes they’d shared. She found herself growing more and more anxious as she got closer to the baggage claim, but she also felt that familiar wetness leak between her thighs. She shivered in anticipation, this is why she was so drawn to him, he could make her wanton and wet just from the memory of their conversations.

She rounded the last corner, checked the board, and headed toward baggage claim would have her suitcase. As she got closer, she saw him standing there, facing away from her. She took a minute to stand there, just to look at him, and it made her smile from ear to ear.

She walked toward him, brushed her shoulder against him as she said, “fancy meeting you here,” with her coy smile on her face. His face lit up as he turned to wrap his arms around her. “Baby, you’re here,” he said, and she nuzzled her face into his neck, as he squeezed her close at last.

Selene took the chance to take in the smell of his sun-kissed skin, his scent overwhelmed her composure, and she kissed his neck. Her lips were so hungry for his skin, she kissed him softly all the way to his ear, then she nipped at it, and whispered, “I’ve waited so long to finally be close to you.”

Johnny looked down at her, passion raging in his eyes, taking one hand he caressed her cheek, then entwined his fingers in her hair, and pulled firmly. As he pressed his lips to her ear, he growled, “careful, or I’ll take you right here and now.” They collected her things, and walked to his truck like smitten lovers, as they taksim elit escort were. They spent the drive catching up and just studying each other, both clearly anxious to have their hands all over one another.

As they got to her hotel, Selene checked in, and they rushed into the elevator. Johnny didn’t waste a second, and he pressed her into the corner, slide his hand up her outer thigh, caressed her, kneaded her flesh. When he reached her hip, he dug his fingers in aggressively, pressed his hard body into her soft one, and finally kissed her lips.

She wrapped her arms around him, and devoured the taste of his mouth on hers, moaning softly, greedily nibbling his lips, running her hands all over his chest. The elevator reached its destination, and he pealed his body off of hers, lust apparent in both of their eyes. He took her hand, as she seemed unable to move, and they walked to her room.

They barely got the door shut, and he had her pressed against the wall. Johnny devoured Selene’s lips, his hands everywhere at once, he cupped her breasts, caressed her hips, and squeezed her ass. She knew that would be the most consuming and ravishing sex she had ever experienced, and she could barely keep her breathe calm. He looked her straight in the eyes, with his hands on either side of her face, and said “I need you bare, now.”

With one quick motion he had her dress over her head and tossed to the floor. Selene stood before him wearing his favorite pair of lace black panties and nothing else. She trembled as his eyes, hands, and lips continued to roam her flesh. She pawed at his shirt, pulling it over his head, finally dug her nails into his bare shoulders, she relished the feel of his trim muscles under her wanton fingertips.

He swooped her up, and laid her curvy body on the bed, as he stood at the foot of the bed, unbuttoned his jeans as she watched, her mouth slightly open, and her eyes locked with his.

Johnny removed his boxer-briefs when he removed his jeans, and Selene taksim escort unconsciously licked her lips. Finally she feasted her eyes on his tan, toned body and she wanted nothing more than to kneel at his feet and fill her mouth with his large cock.

He could tell what she was wanted, he laughed, touched her face, and whispered, “you will wrap your pretty lips around me soon enough, but right now I need to ravage your cunt.” He loved to say cunt that way, he knew how it made her body respond to him. She bit her lip, whimpered, but conceded to his power over her.

He had been rock hard since his lips first touched hers in the elevator, but now his cock was angry hard. The veins were well pronounced, and the channel along the bottom was clearly throbbing, he needed to bury himself within her. As he climbed on the bed, and straddled her body, she moved further up in the bed, while she watched his movements carefully. He removed her lace panties quickly, and saw her beautifully waxed cunt, swollen and already wet for him to claim. He took his long fingers and stroked her softly, and could feel how ready she was, he smiled wickedly.

Selene slid her legs from under Johnny’s body, bent them to expose her cunt to him. Johnny positioned himself between her legs, held his cock in his hand, watched her face, and waited for her final consent. She smiled coyly, and said, “claim my cunt, fill me, I need it.”

That was more than enough for him, he grabbed her hips and slide his full, angry cock all the way into her. Selene let out a moan that vibrated through her entire body right down to her hard clit. She panted as she let her body adjust to having his girth inside of her. Once Selene relaxed her muscles, she bucked her hips beneath Johnny, while smell of her wetness filled the room.

Johnny settled into his rhythm of slow, hard, and deliberate strokes, and he lowered his body on top of Selene. She wrapped her legs around his hips, tilted her pelvis to accept him deep into her womb. As their bodies taksim eve gelen escort mated, their hands and lips, caressed and tasted every inch of skin either could reach.

Selene wanted to feel the aggressive alpha male let loose on her body. She entwined her fingers into his hair, pulled his ear to her lips, growled in her own wanton way, “I want you to fuck me relentlessly, and seed my womb.” His eyes flashed with raw animal need as he looked down at her, she knew how to push his buttons, just as well as he could push hers.

Johnny pinned Selene’s hands above her head, entwined his fingers with hers, and squeezed tightly. His animal nature was ready to take over, and he ground his hips down and into her harder and harder, this time he pumped to the rhythm of his desires. His desires were to fill her willing and waiting cunt with his thick potent seed, and plant his beautiful baby in her.

Johnny began to pound Selene relentlessly, as she asked, he grunted and growled, while she cooed and moaned. His grip on her hands became vice-like, she felt his heavy balls draw up, and he looked her dead in the eye. Johnny managed to growl out, “are you ready to be the mother of my child?,” while smirking ever so devilishly.

Selene couldn’t even manage to respond. His powerful and rough pounding made her body surrender to her own animal desires. She moaned loudly as her orgasm ripped through her sensitive cunt, and her tremors sent Johnny over the edge. He let out a roar that vibrated the walls, and sped his thrusting up to a feverish pace as he unloaded his full potent balls into her waiting womb. She felt every spurt as it splashed against her cervix, and it sent her into another quick but more powerful orgasm. She knew that they had done it, that this would be the man that would make her a mother.

As their orgasms subsided, they stayed connected, and Selene used her muscles to milk what ever remaining cum was left in Johnny’s cock into her womb. He finally released her fingers from his grip and caressed her face, as her warm, now flushed, cheeks smiled at him. He slid out of her and cradled her in his arms, pressed his lips to her ear, nibbled and whispered, “that was just round one, I am far from done with you baby.” She smirked and looked at him, “I know lover, I know,” as she anticipated all the pleasures that would come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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