First Encounter Ch. 02

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As Steve slowly sank to his knees, his eyes rose and met Sharon’s. She held his gaze despite his desire to drink in her beauty, to examine every inch of her feminine curves. The brief glimpse he had as he stood in front of her was like an addiction he could not break. He longed to caress her with his eyes. He sank back on his heels and could stand it no longer. His eyes lowered to her tanned neck, then down the curve of her shoulders. He hesitated because he knew that his eyes would be frozen once he dared let himself absorb the sight of her full heavy breasts. He knew that she would know too and that he would be lost.

He was in a trance-like state. He barely felt her left hand reach out to gently touch the back of his head. He was suddenly aware of the warmth of her hand. She pulled gently and he responded by rising slightly on his knees, his eyes now even with her captivating breasts, noticing the gentle swell of her breathing. Still she drew him closer, gently, his lips now barely an inch from her nipple.

She could feel the warmth of his breath and she felt electric. As he had first stood in front of her she had felt so naked, so exposed. A moment of natural embarrassment melted as she saw the look of wonderment and appreciation in his eyes. She wanted to be exposed for him, to share her body with him. She could feel the effect her presence had on him and she was empowered now. Despite her feeling of control she suddenly felt a warm rush as his breath swept across her nipple. Her nipples responded and she felt them reach to him.

He was almost frozen. He saw her nipples respond but before he could react he saw her right şirinevler escort hand cup her right breast and lift it gently to him as she eased the back of his head firmly the last inch to bring his lips to her offered nipple. Reflexively his lips parted and she felt them surround her now hard nipple; the gentlest of pressure as he sucked her softly. She felt her knees weaken again and now held the back of his head to keep from falling.

He felt her movement and his hands found her hips both to steady her and to begin to devour her as his passion grew. She felt his passion as he intently drew her nipple in, his tongue now tickling her. She felt him begin to control her now as a flood of warmth connected her breasts to the sensations building between her legs. He hungrily moved to her left breast, cupping it with his left hand as his right moved around her waist drawing her to him. She felt her body surrender to the passion as he took her body.

But just as she felt her body fall against his, she felt him pull his warm lips from her. Had he lost interest so soon? Would he not give her the release she wanted?

Before she could contemplate she felt his hands on her hips, easing her gently but firmly back creating a few inches of space between them. She felt a chill from the air conditioner now as his body warmth drew away. She looked down and saw him smile and knew there was more to come.

She felt his fingers trace the line at the top her black panties. She felt his fingers between the elastic and her warm skin and felt them slowly ease down from her waist. Slowly, slowly he slid them şişli escort down past the fullness of her hips, her legs parted just enough for them to drop to her knees and she felt them fall to her ankles. She looked down and placed her hands on his shoulders to steady herself and stepped out of the black fluid circle of her shiny black panties. She saw him capture them in his large hands and rise with them to stand fully in front of her, she suddenly felt small. He caressed the panties in his hand and then placed them in his pocket.

Once he knew she was steady he offered her his arm again just as when they left the restaurant. It felt so natural despite the fact that she was almost naked. They both relished the feeling.

He walked carefully to the sofa and turned her and offered her a seat. She slid gently into the soft fabric sitting erect with her knees held together, ever the lady. He now towered over her but moved back just slightly. She saw him remove his blazer and his tie and toss them to the bed. He looked again at her and once again slowly knelt in front, his hands falling to her feet. She felt his gentle touch on her ankles, she wanted to close her eyes and let her head fall back against the sofa but she also wanted to watch him. He slowly caressed the smoothness of her stockings as his caress moved up her calf, first one then the other she could feel the warmth drawing upward to her thighs. He drew his fingertips gently along her knees and now along the tops of her smooth thighs. She felt her skin tingle as his fingers drew lazily to her waist. He leaned upward and forward and his lips found taksim escort hers now hungrily and she realized this was the first full taste of his lips she had enjoyed since the gentle peck when they first entered the room. They hungrily took each other, their tongues actively intertwined, but not the awkward engagement of adolescents, the pleasing exchange of adults secure in their sensuality.

She felt him pull away slowly though and he eased her gently back against the soft back of the sofa. He eased back again in front of her and she felt his hands surround her thighs. She felt her body begin to relax and willingly yield to the gentle pressure he applied to ease her legs apart. Further and further until she was completely exposed for him.

She felt his soft lips touch gently against the inside of her left thigh. The now familiar feeling of his soft lips and probing tongue drew a line ever-closer to her. First one side and then the other, the feeling was almost uncontrollable, her hands found the back of his head again and she pulled his head toward her but he stopped and firmly removed her hands and placed them at her sides. The pace would be his now.

She looked down and saw the top his head mover ever closer to her sex. The slow movement was frustrating and exciting at the same time. She told herself to relax and enjoy. She felt his hands placed fully on the insides of her thighs, gently easing her apart and knew she would soon feel his lips.

She felt his tongue softly probe her and begin to open her wet lips. She felt her body spasm slightly and she rocked back against the sofa. She arched her hips toward him and now he welcomed her fully to his lips. She began to rock slowly as his lips and tongue explored her and they both knew when he touched the exact spot that she longed for. She grabbed his head again and pulled him toward him. They increased their rhythm and soon she felt the warm flood sweep over her…

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