First Encounter With my Maid At 20 – IV

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“Gorgeous !!!!!! ” you look … my T-shirt now precious from me when you dressed it up on your body …….. Wwaaaaoo …. Pooja …. You look ultimate why don’t you dress western wear ….
(Her face now glitter with little shy and filled with naughty smile)

Lady Doctor almost ready to gave diagnoses to her patient lying on bed waiting for Her…

………………………. Contine ………………IV……………

She came to bed and ask me to drop T-Shirt …. half pant be in undergarments only …
I drop me T-shirt …. But stopped during pant ….” Come on hurry up now ” she almost ordered me …. “but I have not wear any under-garment” … Ok No problem I had already see you fully nude, Now it hardly matter to. ….

(on seeing her in my long T-shirt… my tool was already in full motion and now afraid of crossing the limit with her I was losing my control…but I had faith on her and words she speak about her boldness in her built my courage so I go without any hesitation wrap towel on waist)

Now I was lying nude on bed she started giving my body massage on my arms, on shoulder, on neck, on chest every movement of her hands and figure…increase my heartbeat more pressure on my tool

She goes down to work on my legs and thigh …. My mind till now reacting like wild horse to grip her once ….. then she final dropped my towel …. and make her speechless, shocked and stun state…. I ask in naughty way,” Pooja ..!! what ? wrong with you and make you statue to react.” I just grip her arm to give jerk. ….

“Ohh Ssaaam..m.m.m..i.r.r.rr.rrr.r you have soooo big already in full motion to attack …… Ohh God ….. am shocked to see the and afraid of working on it….. Ohhh Saam.m.iii.r.rr your tool is so big and difficult for me to handle ……!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just hold her hands polity and put them on my Erratic Tool ….. she slowly hold it and start massage over it with body oil. When she feel little relaxed I hit my Stroke,”Pooja!!! Why you afraid-off on seeing my tool when you already had saw your husband a lots of time and enjoyed “Game Of Love” play with him by surrendering your gorgeous body sharing with his nude warm body… but How ? it could be possible for you to show your that love for me…as am in same state of position as you saw your husband and act accordingly so your are safe and secure with me her.

“My every word attack like“Stroke”on “that Woman” in-side her filled with full “Thunder of Excitement” that woman like her always missed to Explore and afraid to blow-up” her gripping movement of massage on my Tool, show me her feeling filled with excitement, as now waiting me to responded , as that honest, loyal and faithful lady already half surrendered….. ready to melt completely…. In continues I creased her Buttock with my on hand slowly…. This slow down the movement of her working hands …. She remain silent …am still crease her…on Buttock, suddenly I slipped my warms hands lifting my long T-shirt and un dressing her Leggie on her Panty she wear to cover her Assets !!!!!. Now She fully surrendered her as massage almost slowdown and her eye close . But am working on my naughtiness that she was enjoying.

Her heavingly breathe built my courage more strong to step forward… then I ask
“Pooja …. hey Pooja !!!…. I thinking you enjoying this.. just assure me to continue …. Just plotting your lips kiss on my tool …. First she shy but suddenly she published her lipstick…
…Ahhh …. Nice…. Pooja Once more …. Now she look into my eye with her un-conscious eye
and act obediently now I slip my that little up and un hook her Bra-strip just under my T-shirt.

All sudden she stop my and say … “Please Samiir … Stop here don’t go further that is not good for me and my married life…. So no more slipping your hand in my under garments….”

Now tuning in between her heart and mind was totally upsets as notice by me through her words.
Her mind might say this all would spoil her loyal married life … but her heart instructing to go at least once for the wish of woman in side her….

She force slipped out my hand …. Focus on her work to finish 20 minute exhausted in all this, now am worried about her family might think about her delayed. So ask her to stop the massage and be ready for her back home so that I drop her.

But she took my words otherwise ….. she thought I got angry with her. And she silent go to washroom to change her dress. I also search for my clothes

But grip of her arms around me from my back shocked as am standing facing my back towards washroom she suddenly came out and grip my in her arms, but her words socked me more ….
Samir … are you angry with now please see my position am married woman loyal to my husband and family not good for me … but I enjoy lot in less time I spend with you…

Now I turned around holding her I my arms and my hand slipped into once again in her panty through leggie her Nude Buttock are so cold …. Touching of my warm hand make her relaxed and speechless….. Slowly her warm breath dropping on my nude chest getting heavy……

She also feeling the touching of my ”WILD LION” just close to Her “ASSETS” covered with leggie and panty…. “Ohhh Samir… now you blackmailing me my mind losing control over to my heart now… what to do … Ahhaaaa ..”
Just listen to your heart… and enjoy the flow.. just surrendering all over…I tight up my grip..

Her lips almost close to my …. I just give her soft touch by crossing our breathe drop on each other . The room singing the song of our heart beat in single tone. She almost losing control on her body losing safely in my arms.

She was still in my T-shirt so I like to make her Half -nude from bottom by dropping down her leggie to floor . She welcome my anticipation and she was half nude now… now I hold her head and kissing her lips softly licking creasing my lips on her wet lips …. She also responding honestly.

Now I lift her in my arms and place her on bed while I slept side by kissing her cheeks forehead eye ….. lips …… Her moaning sound inspire me more….. then I speak in her hear “ I like the touching of your wet lips on my tool how you like to suck to wash it with your saliva.”
Ok under one condition If you do the same with me as you like to do with you organ….
We both are in 69 position . She had experience of sucking her husband tool but I hardly know about it … watched through adult movie.. She just judge it and guide my how to Eat Pussy..
Now am following her Instructions…. melt the woman on bed…. So that she die to insert the tool deep inn side her….

I dropped her black Panty to see the beauty of her assets …. Start kissing on her inner thigh …. dropping my warms breathe side by creasing with my Lipssss. My breath act more to make her a “WILD CAT” she sucking so professionally make me almost to “CUM”.. She also feel “WETTY” in her web…. As she tightening her legs now I come to her “ VERTICAL LIPS”
Just rubbing my Tongue on her “Bikini Area..” kissing it… she totally wetty now her fragrance work magically to me. I started sucking the tip of her “Bikini Area” crease my tongue there (She guided) ….She started lifting up her waist in excitement and moaning loudly… we both are going to Cum ….. she stop me …. and me back against her …. lips to lips…. chest to breast
Waist to waist …. While crossing our arms towards each other…
She whisper …. “Samir you are getting professional to win a married loyal ladies’ body to melt into strong Arms of your. They you attempt on me and on my body is very romantic caring and secure for a lady. At this point my husband act rationally and wildly he never eat my pussy for which I die for always. But you handle it very safely win my soul and my body for to –night just treat the way you like or I will guide you in my own way, helpful for you in future.One thing we both have to forget about my home and my family to give up our 100% in this Venture of Re-Union of our bodies to-night. I will manage all myself so don’t worry about my family”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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