First Time

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I smile as you stir in your sleep. I have been awake for a long time and have been watching you sleep. I let my fingers run along your back and hear you moan. You roll over onto your back and I can see your massive hardness stand up. My pussy gets wet instantly.

I let my hand slide between my legs and start stroking my clit. I love lying next to you and masturbating, knowing you will wake up at some stage and ravish my body. My fingers start working over my clit and into my pussy faster. Little moans start escaping from me.

“Faster my little minx,” I hear you say, “cum for me.” I look over at you. Your pushed up on your elbow and are watching me. I slowly remove my fingers from my needy pussy and lean over to you. I offer you my fingers and let you lick them clean. Once you are done, I move back over to my bedside table. I decide it is time that you let me be your mistress.

I open the drawer and take out a black leather collar. I sit up in the bed and slip it around your çankaya escort neck, fastening it. I attach a leash to it and tell you that you are mine now. Moving back over to the nightstand I remove a strap-on dildo from it. It is about 7 inches by 10 inches big.

I see a slight look of shock in your face, but we have talked about this before and I know that you want it as much as I do. I tell you to hush and relax. I move between your legs. I rub the thing down with K-Y, but don’t put the dildo on yet. I lean over and take your cock in my mouth. Then I place the dildo up against your asshole and start pushing gently. You can feel the head of it working in, but soon you are only thinking about my mouth on your cock.

There are a few times when the fake cock hurts going in, but I can feel the way it turns you on by the way your cock hardens more and more in my mouth. You cum in my mouth and I start lapping it up. I keep sucking, because you are still hard. çankırı escort You still have the dildo in your ass and the whole time I am sucking you I am slowly working it in. You can feel the base of it hit against you and know that all of it is buried deep in your ass.

My head moves up and your cock slowly slides out of my mouth. I smile up at you and move my pelvis closer and start strapping it on. Slowly I start pumping my hips. You clench your teeth as I start moving, and I know that it is still hurting you. I can feel how hard it is to move and lean forward. Gently I kiss you and tell you to relax. After a little while your body eases under me and I know that you are ready for me to start moving again.

I sit back up and start sliding the strap-on out of your ass and then slowly back in. You moan out and I know that you are starting to enjoy the feeling of me fucking you. After a little while I pull out and ask you to get on your hands and knees for me. Once çayyolu escort you are I get behind you and push the rubber cock against your ass and slide it in to the hilt. I then grab your waist just above your ass and start pulling you back against my hips whilst fucking you.

I let one hand go around you and let my hand grab your cock. I start jacking it up and down in the rhythm of my fucking. I can feel it throb hotly in my hand. You are starting to get really worked up as you feel my hips against your ass. I am burying the thing deep in you. It’s starting to feel so good that you are actually moving with me. Backing into me with each stroke. Trying to get more of the hardness in your ass. I start pumping and grinding harder.

I can feel my hot pussy juices running along my inner thighs. I know that I am close to cumming and start jacking your cock faster. I can hear you growling and can feel your cock twitch in my hand. I thrust hard into you and hear you yowl in pain, just at the moment as both of us start cumming. I feel your hot cum run over my fingers and my own dripping onto the bed. Slowly I pull out of you and un-strap. You turn over and I lean over to kiss you gently.

“Thank you for fulfilling my dream baby,” I purr into your ear.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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