First Time Anal

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This is a work of fiction based on real life events. All characters are over the age of 18. All characters are fiction and any likeness to real people is pure coincidence.


I was nervous meeting Erica for the first time. We had chatted online so I knew a bit about her. And I also had an idea what she looked like. We had agreed to meet outside a supermarket near where she lived and where i worked. We were going out for a meal together nothing fancy just a local pub so we could chat in an informal setting.

Erica walked up. She was about 5’6″. Blue eyes, blond hair in a bob and a full figure slightly larger than average. This also showed in her breasts. 38 DD and she looked gorgeous in the black dress she wore.

I am 5’10” short black hair, blue eyes

We introduced ourselves to each other. I walked her to my car and we got in. I drove us to the pub. We went in and had tea while we talked. Afterwards I drove her home and she invited me in. We moved in to the living room and before I knew it she had dropped to her knees and got my trousers and boxers down and took all 6″ my cock in her mouth. She was great at sucking cock and I loved it but didn’t cum. I’ve never cum from getting oral but that didn’t stop me enjoying it. I stripped off and repaid the favour. I pushed her dress up and took off her panties. As I moved my head towards her pussy I noticed she was shaved and wet. I loved it. I moved my tongue from the bottom to the top of her slit getting a taste of her. I then pushed my tongue deep inside of her before moving back and sucking her outer lips one at a time. I heard her moan and I started licking her clit and her moans increased. I then took her clit in my mouth and started sucking it. She cried out that no one had done that before right before she came in my mouth.

She took off the rest of her cloths and handed me a condom saying “We don’t want any date babies. Then she laid down on the floor and I moved on top of her slipping my cock in to her wet pussy going in in one swift motion. I built up a rhythm thrusting in and out. Her movements matched me and I started sucking her nipples which were hard. Sucking, licking and gentle biting, this pushed her over the edge again. We changed position so I was lying on the floor and she was riding me. She would lean forward so I could suck her tits as well as caress them with my hands. I could also rub her clit as she rode me. My cock sinking inside her as my fingers played with her clit increased her pleasure and she was doing the work. This time I came first but I stayed hard till she came again and collapsed on top of me exhausted.

After a few minutes we separated and I got dressed, kissed her goodbye. She saw me to the door and I went home and she went to bed.

We continued to talk online for the next couple of days after work. On Friday while we were talking I said I could be at hers within 40 mins and she said “Do it and bring a change of cloths.”

Neither of us had work on Saturday. I would pendik escort be staying overnight. I put some things in a bag and set off. It took me 45 minutes altogether till I was knocking on her door. It was also quite late.

Erika welcomed me in when she answered the door. I kissed her the minute the door closed. She went down on her knees again but I stopped her and suggested the bedroom. We were both naked by the time we got there. Then Erika went down on her knees and took my cock in her mouth again. I enjoyed it and when she finished I told her to lie on the bed.

I moved on top of her with my knees either side of her torso. I leaned down and kissed her passionately even though she’d just sucked my cock. I then moved down and kissed her neck. Erika really liked this and moaned so I kept doing it. I started to move down her body trailing kisses as I went. Over her right shoulder then down her breast till I came to her right nipple. I sucked licked and kissed the right nipple till it felt like a pebble in my mouth. I then kissed my way down the inside of her breast till I was in the centre where her breasts meet and I kissed and licked that spot. I was rewarded with another moan and she said “that’s nice no ones done that before.”

I then kissed my way up the inside of her left nipple and repeated the process till again it felt like a pebble. I moved down her stomach kissing and licking as I went. I run my tongue around the inside her belly button quickly before continuing down. I moved down and paused before moving to her right thigh and licking the join between pussy and her thigh and moving down her thigh. Erika moaned and called me a tease. I then moved over to the left thigh and repeated what I’d done on the right thigh. This got another moan.

I then moved to her pussy licking from bottom to the top of her outer lips getting a little taste of her arousal that had leaked out. This got a louder moan and Erika said “finally.”

I then took her right lip in my mouth and sucked it, then the left lip. I then pushed my tongue in to her opening slowly, until my tongue was all the way in. Then I started moving my tongue in small slow circles inside her. I increased the size of the circles slowly but never stopping. As I was licking I moved my arms under her legs and up toward her breasts. I placed my hands on her breasts and started kneading them making sure her nipples were hard. As my circles got bigger and bigger my tongue started hitting her clit at the top of each circle. This move got louder moans from Erika. I then took her clit in my mouth and sucked it and as i sucked it I hit it with my tongue. Erika was moaning constantly by this time and I could tell she was getting near her climax. I then released her clit and tongue fucked her and moved one hand away from her breast and used it to caress her clit. I swapped the position of my hand and tongue sucking her clit and pushing two fingers deep inside her, finger fucking her.

Erika screamed out as she came and escort pendik I released her clit and removed my fingers just in time so I could get my mouth over her pussy to catch her girl cum in my mouth. I swallowed it all as she ejaculated in to my mouth. When she came down from her orgasm, Erika said ” I never squirted before.”

As Erika was recovering from her orgasm I reached in to my bag and retrieved my vibrator and lube. It was 6 inches long and just less than an inch in diameter. A previous girl friend convinced me to buy it and to use it anally. I quite enjoyed it. I covered the vibrator in lube and used my fingers to lube up my anal passage. I then pushed the vibrator in slowly till it was all the way in, then I turn the vibrator on. My cock grew even harder and I was on all 4s at this point.

Erika gave me a strange look as I asked her to use the vibrator to fuck me with it. Erika moved behind me and started moving the vibrator in n out. I loved it. Erika asked me “Are u enjoying this.”

I replied Oh yeah.”

Erika then asked me rather hesitantly “Do you want me to use my strap on. “

I replied “First it depends on what size it is”.

Erika then pushed the vibrator in me fully and moved to a drawer just out of my line of sight. I heard her rummage about for a minute or so then she moved in front if me. She held up a dildo about 8 inches long as an inch in diameter. Erika asked “Is this OK.”

I replied “Yeah.”

Erika then said “And.”

I said “And I get to fuck you in the arse after.”

Erika said “Ok” as she moved to put the strap on harness on.

While she did this I drank in the sight of her naked body moving. Her breasts swinging free as she bent over and the sight if her wet shaved pussy as she straightened up. She took the dildo and was about to slot it in to the harness when she paused and a smile crept on to her face. She moved the harness down slightly to have clear access to her pussy. She then slid the dildo inside herself in one swift motion. She then removed it and bought it to her lips. She then proceeded to suck it clean. When she removed the dildo from her mouth she smiled and said “delicious “.

Erika then slid it back inside her pussy. When she removed it this time it was dripping with her juices. Her moved the harness back in to position and slid the slick dildo in to position. She then said to me “Open wide.”

I went to reply “What.”

But as I opened my mouth, Erika slid the strap on in to my mouth. She then said “Clean it and prove you want me to fuck you.”

I started sucking it and she started sliding it in further till I started gagging.

Erika said “You got to do better than that. Prove you want it.”

I put more effort in to it and when she slid the dildo in I breathed though my nose so the gag reflex wasn’t overpowering. I managed to take about 5 inch. Erika said ” That’s good enough for now” and then laughed and pulled the strap on out of my mouth.

I asked “What do u mean pendik escort bayan for now”.

Erika replied “Lets wait and see,” with a smile.

Erika moved behind me and suddenly asked “Would you suck it clean after I fucked you with it.”

I replied “Would you suck my cock clean after I fucked you up the arse.”

Erika replied “Possibly.”

I said “Well I won’t.”

Erika said “Fair enough.”

She put a condom on the the strap on and lubed it up. She then stopped the vibrator and removed it. She slapped my arse then I felt the tip of the dildo at the entrance to my anal passage. Erika gabbed my hips and pushed the dildo in to me slowly. When she had 6 inch inside me she slowed down and said “Let me know if this hurts.”

She pushed the last 2 inches in. It hurt but not too much. Erika waited for about 30 seconds while I got used to the strap on inside me. Then she withdrew it slowly leaving just the tip in me before pushing slowly back in. She did this a few times then she started increasing the pace. She kept 1 hand on my hips the other she moved about. Erika slapped my arse, grabbed my cock and gave it a couple of tugs, she even moved it up and rubbed my nipple before punching it. She got a good rhyerm going and fucked me for about 30 mins. I came twice in that time, once when her hand touched my cock and the other just from the anal stimulation. I enjoyed it. She withdrew the fake cock out of me and said

“I’m glad you enjoyed that. Now its my turn.”

I got up off all 4s and stretched while she got on all 4s where I’d been on the bed. I put some lube on my finger and rubbed it round her anal opening. Then pushed it inside. I started to finger fuck her arse pushing a little deeper each time. While I did this I used my other hand to lube up the condom I put on as she was getting on the bed. When my finger was as deep as it could go I added a second then a third finger. I judged she was ready for my cock so I placed the tip at her opening and started pushing saying “let me know if its too much.”

I pushed and Erika just moaned softly till my cock was all the way in. I started going slow till Erika said “fuck me hard and fast.”

So I did. I grabbed her hips and rammed my cock in and out hard getting faster with each thrust. Till I was fucking her asshole like I fucked her pussy. She moaned constantly unable to form words. She suddenly cried out and started to spasm. She started to collapse on to the bed my hold on her hips giving me warning and I was able to move with her, keeping my cock inside her. She was now laid on the bed and I was practically laid on top of her.

“Wow that was intense.” Said Erika. “keep going.

So I did. I fucked her till I felt my climax approaching and I moved one of my hands in between her spread legs and started rubbing her clit. Soon we both climaxed. Erika started cumming and that pushed me over the edge. When we had both come down I pulled my cock out of her. I took the condom off and threw it in the bin. Erika moved so she could suck my cock n clean it up. Then we cuddled together under the covers both naked and fell asleep exhausted.


If u liked this I can do more encounters. Please leave feedback.

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