Friends Ch. 03 Pt. 1

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Jane continued to sit on his cock while they watched the movie. Through it she would move around wiggling in his lap feeling his cock twitch inside of her. It was a truly filling feeling being stuffed like that, and she definitely knew she could get used to this. A few times she would start to get up then sit back down saying she forgot what she had been getting up for. Marcus knew what she was doing and let her have her fun as he had all summer to get her back.

40 minutes into the movie Jane did get up and off his throbbing member. She was still hungry and needed more pizza. When she got up there was a small rush as his cock left her body, as well she could feel her juices begin to slowly drip down her leg. Her pussy now left open and feeling empty she began to think that as some point this summer she would have to get one of those close a willy kits, for when Marcus wasn’t around to stuff her full of his massive cock.

As she got up his cock flopped down against his stomach glistening with her juices. She quickly grabbed a few more slices for herself as well as a few for Marcus and made her way back over to the couch. This time sitting next to him and placing her feet around his big cock. Then she cupped her feet around his member so her toes and heels where touching and began to stroke his cock up and down.

“That’s some talent you have.” He said watching her feet work his cock.

“What do you mean?” She asked giving him a grin with a mouth full of pizza.

“Well, you are able to stroke my cock with your feet, eat pizza, watch a movie, and oh yeah talk with food in your mouth all at the same time, and without skipping a beat.” He responded the sarcasm was clear.

Jane just smiled back continuing to stroke denizli escort his cock between her feet, up and down in a nice slow steady rhythm. This continued for the rest of the movie Marcus could feel the frustration building and he needed to cum. He stood up moving her feet off of his cock then picked up Jane. He wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He placed his hands under her ass lifting her up and sliding her down on his rock hard cock. She smiled big as they began to make out as he lifted her up and down milking his super sensitive hard horny cock.

As the sensations began to build he began to walk her toward the closest wall pressing her back up against it for support. He then began to fuck her in a more rhythmic manner, the moans growing in intensity escaping her mouth. Marcus began to lightly nibble and pull on Jane’s bottom lip as they continued to kiss passionately. He could feel the tingle begin to grow in his balls and he started to make long hard thrusts now before he pushed his cock in deep and filled her with his load.

“Oh… My… Goodness… That was amazing…!” Said Marcus out of breath and gasping for air. He turned around and carried Jane into the bedroom and placed her on the bed before collapsing next to her.

“That was hot, but I hope you haven’t forgotten about me…”

“No worries just need a minute…” With that he sat up crawled up to her and kissed her on the lips before working his way down and stopping between her legs.

Jane just laid there with her head down legs up and spread waiting for what would come next. She had watched videos, read stories, and heard about guys who would go down on a girl after he came inside of her. Jane dikimevi escort found this to be very hot and a huge turn on. She always felt that if guys expected girls to swallow there load, than they should know what it tasted liked themselves. Laying there and thinking about this made her lose focus and realize he hadn’t done anything yet.

“You okay down there?” She asked Marcus.

“Yes, I’m okay I was just thinking.”

“What do you mean? What is there to think about?” She asked a little puzzled.

“Well I was just considering how exactly I am going to attack this beautiful vagina of yours, not only to tease the heck out of you, but also give you optimal pleasure.” Marcus said looking up in her direction meeting her eyes and giving her a playful grin. As he did this he reached up and using just his finger-tips began to lightly run them along the insides of her thighs. Starting on one side and switching to the other but never touching her pussy. He would continually get close to it though never touch it.

His fingers tips just barely touching the skin as they ran from her inner thighs down her legs and back up still making sure to get as close to her pussy as he can without touching it. The goose bumps on her legs clearly visible along with the moans escaping her mouth Marcus knew he was doing a good job. Jane really began to squirm at all of this and wanting to add to the teasing Marcus leaned down and began to kiss and suck on her inner thighs. He continued to do this for several minutes before finally making contact with her pussy. Well sort of, he just ran his tongue lightly up and down the outer edge of her pussy lips.

“You’re such a fucking tease…” Said Jane trying to dikmen escort grab the back of his head and move it close to her pussy.

“Takes one to know one, and if you keep trying to grab my head I might just have to tie you up but then again we have all summer for that.” Marcus just looked up giving her a grin then went back to teasing her pussy. Slowly moving his tongue up and down her pussy lips barely touching them he was totally enjoying this.

Marcus pushed his tongue in between her pussy lips. Stroking it up and down just brushing against her clit this sent a whole new wave of chills up her spine. He began to move his mouth harder into her pussy now sucking on her lips one at a time into his mouth. Then driving his tongue hard into her pussy licking, moving, and flicking it inside of her the taste was amazing. Though hers was the first he had ever had, he recalls listening to the guys in the locker room at school talk about their girlfriends and all had a different opinion on how there girl’s pussy tasted.

Jane’s almost had no taste or even scent, to it at all despite how wet she got. This made him want, to lick and suck her pussy till either his jaw hurt too much or she just couldn’t take it anymore. Marcus of course continued to eat her out focusing most of his attention now on her clit. Jane couldn’t hold back anymore grabbing the back of his head pulling him into her nice and tight, and screaming to her first orgasms.

Once her hands loosened their grip Marcus went back to work sucking up all the new pussy juice from her orgasm. Looking up he could see Jane was clearly exhausted and it had been a long day already, After he had finished cleaning her up he crawled up the bed lying next to her as she rolled over. They were now spooning each other on the bed, a position she would come to enjoy as it placed his cock firmly against her ass. A small grin crossed her face knowing her would forever be wet as long as Marcus’s cock was available to play with, or just simply touching her.

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