Fulfilling a Fantasy

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My wife called me last Friday. Nothing strange in that except for some of the questions she was asking. She asked the normal like what were my plans for the weekend and when would I be home and such, but she also asked things like what was my favorite color lingerie, and did I prefer oils or sex lubrications. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew she had something up her sleeve. I found out later that she did!

I had a long time fantasy for her to totally dominate me. Not just dominate but turn me into her bitch. She never said no, but I could tell she wasn’t really hip on the idea either. We had played around a bit. The usual, you know. I had tied her to the bed, “spanked” her with a leather paddle. We even have a little rubber whip, but that’s about as far as it went. I was shocked when she called back later telling me that she would be home in 20 minutes. I had better have the house clean, dishes done, and be naked and kneeling at the door with the paddle in my teeth when she got there. If I wasn’t in that position with the chores done, there was no telling WHEN she would ever have sex with me again. I was in trouble. I was about 10 minutes away form the house myself. Like a madman I sped home and swept through the house trying to tidy up as best I could. I hardly had time to realize that my darkest fantasy was about to become a reality!

When I heard the lock in the door turn, I almost chickened out. We had only discussed general things, not details like how far she would take this or what I thought I could endure. She entered holding some bags from various stores and quickly closed the door behind her. I started to get up and welcome her, but that was not what she wanted.

“I did NOT tell you to get up!” She snarled.

In shock I knelt back down. “Sorry”, I said.

She knelt down and looked me straight I the eye with a mixture of love and dominance that I can’t describe. “Until I say otherwise, you will address me as Mistress and you will not speak unless I speak to you. This is MY game and we will play by MY rules. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress.” I heard myself say.

“Good,” she said. “Now take these bags into the bedroom, get I the shower and get cleaned up while I order something to eat. I started to peek in the bags, but she must have read my mind.

“If you even think about looking in those bags you will pay dearly!”

I knew she wasn’t kidding so I undressed and hopped in the shower. I had been in there about 5 minutes when I got the shock of ice cold water poured on me. I screamed out in surprise.

“That is for not answering me with a ‘Yes, Mistress’, earlier and for thinking about peeking in those bags.

“Yes, Mistress”, I replied fearing another ice cold drenching.

“Be sure to shave…………and shave everything” she told me.

“Everything?” I asked.

I was answered by the shower curtain ripping back and a glare that told me she meant business and no more questions.

“Yes, Mistress.”

As I was toweling off I heard her in the bedroom, opening the bags she’d brought home. She was humming to herself like nothing different was going on.

“Come in here. I have some things for you to try on.”

“Yes, Mistress.” I was not going to make the mistake of not answering her again.

When I opened the door I couldn’t believe my eyes. There laid out on the bed were several nighties, teddies, and even a garter set in various shades of my favorite color, blue. There were also a few sex toys, a couple of whips, some leather restraints, a spreader bar. All things I had seen on various websites. She held a collar in her hand.

“Once I put this collar on you, You are mine to do with as I please until I take it off. That may be tonight. It may be Sunday. It may be next week. Do you understand?”

A million thoughts raced through my mind. Did I really want this? What about work? I slowly nodded my head. I did want this, I wanted to please her and do anything for her. I knew she diyarbakır escort would not betray my trust in her.

“I should reprimand you for not answering properly, but I will let this one go.” With that she snapped the collar around my neck and it was done. I was hers for as long as she wanted.

“Pick out something to wear and put it on”, she said matter of factly. “The pizza will be here any minute.”

In shock I looked at the various silky garments. I could not believe I was about to do this…..or that I had asked for it! I finally decided on a powder blue pull over sort of nightie that barely covered my butt and slipped it on. The soft smooth material actually felt good against my skin. My wife reappeared holding something behind her back and wearing an almost evil grin.

“That looks very nice. Bend over the bed face down. You might want to grab a pillow or something, because this is going to be somewhat uncomfortable.”

With that last statement I realized what I was in for. She slid a small butt plug between the cheeks of my ass. It was well lubricated, but I was scared as hell! When she started to inch it into me I tensed up like I has been stung.

“It’s only a small plug. If you relax, this will be a lot easier. I want you to know what it feels like when you want me to do this!”

I relaxed and the plug slid in almost on its own like my ass was sucking it in!

“Stand up,” she ordered.

It was difficult with the plug in my ass, but once I got use to it, not all that uncomfortable.

“You will wear this until I say you can take it out.”

What did that mean? Was she going to leave it in all night? All weekend? How long? My thoughts were cut short by the doorbell ringing. Thankfully I was in the bedroom, so the delivery person couldn’t see me. Or so I thought.

“Joanna, get the door please!”

Who the hell was Joanna? My wife came back into the room and looked at me sternly.

“Joanna! Get the door! The pizza is here!”

I looked at my wife utter disbelief. She wanted me to answer the door like this?! And she was going to call me Joanna now?! I looked into her unyielding eyes. She was serious.

“Yes, Mistress”

As I made my way down the hall I could feel the plug filling me up. It felt very strange. The girl delivering the pizza just stared when I opened the door. I blushed beet red and reached for the pizza and thanked her wanting this to end as quickly as possible. I’m sure they people back at the pizza place weren’t going to believe her…at least I hoped they wouldn’t.

I took the food into the kitchen and got down two plates. I suddenly realized how hungry I was and forgot how I was dressed, almost. I was about to take my first bite when my wife entered the kitchen.

“AHEM! Don’t you think the Mistress of the house should get first choice of the pieces?”

Again in disbelief I looked at her. She was wearing a dominatrix outfit and I mean to tell you she looked incredible! My wife is a real beauty anyway, 5’6”, brunette hair, beautiful brown eyes, and a body that won’t quit! Now here she was, barefoot in a black halter type thing, black stockings, and black short shorts.

“Yes, Mistress.” I forgot all about the pizza girl, the clothes I was wearing and almost the plug in my ass. She was so stunning that I got hard immediately.

She smiled, “We will put that to use later. Right now I am hungry.”

After eating she told me to clean up the kitchen and come to the bedroom when I was done. I thought of how much I loved her for doing this to and for me. She is a very special person. As instructed I went to the bedroom and she told me to bend over the edge of the bed again. Relieved that she was going to take out the plug I quickly assumed the position. She gently slid it out, but told me to remain in that position. She showed me the small plug that was in me and smiled.

“See, it wasn’t that big. Not nearly as big as you are.” Then düzce escort she pulled out another plug. “This is more your size!”

With that she walked around behind me and started to push the larger plug in. I cried out. My ass was on fire! It burned and I don’t mean a good burn either, but my wife kept pushing steadily until my ass sucked this plug in just like the last one. As my hole closed around the new plug, it got more comfortable.

“Now sit on the edge of the bed. If you are going to be treated like a bitch, you need to look like one, too!”

When I started to protest I got the nastiest glare I have ever seen. She was beginning to enjoy this! She gave me a manicure, and painted my nails a bright red. Then she pulled out her makeup bag and put all sorts of makeup on me, half of which I don’t even know the name!

“Go look in the mirror.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I looked silly, not at all like a woman. More like the big transvestite form the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

When I was done marveling at haw ridiculous I looked, I turned to go back into the bedroom. There was my gorgeous wife with another shock for me. She had a long, thick, very life-like strap-on dildo dangling between her legs.

“I always wanted to know what this would feel like!” she said grabbing the dildo and stroking it like she’d done mine a thousand times. “It feels good! Feels powerful! Get over here and lay down on you stomach!”

I wasn’t sure I wanted any part of this and I hesitated.


That snapped me back to reality and I realized my otherwise very laid back wife was not kidding around any more. She was enjoying this authority and was not going to give it back to me until she was damn good and ready!

I slowly walked over to the bed and lay down. No sooner had I gotten all the way on the bed than I felt the sting of the cold leather paddle against my ass.

“I am not going to tell you again. When I speak to you, you WILL respond with ‘Yes, Mistress’ or you will regret it!”

“Yes Mistress!” I blurted out, not wanting another blow from the paddle. I got one anyway.

“That is for not responding correctly earlier.” SMACK! “That is for making noise when I pushed the plug into your ass! You’d better get use to it, because tonight you are mine and I intend to use you for a long time!” CRACK! “That is just because I can!”

Each blow stung more than the last and I felt my ass cheeks start to turn red. With each smack, my butt clenched and I squeezed the plug in my asshole. Again I realized I was rock hard.

“Roll onto your back and lay sideways across the bed!”

“Yes Mistress.” I did as I was told.

“You are going to learn to suck dick like a good little slut!”

“But Mistress……..”

My wife smacked the fake cock against my cheek, not hard but enough to let me know she wasn’t joking.

“Lick it, bitch.”

I started to lick around the dildo tentatively, but my wife grabbed the back of my head and lifted my mouth to it.

“C’mon! Lick my cock like I lick yours!”

I started to lick around the head and the underside of her “cock”. I wasn’t that bad really. I heard a buzzing sound and noticed that a cord was coming from inside the strap-on harness. She had a vibrator in this thing! My wife started moving her hips forward and back, enjoying the sensations of the vibrator.

“Suck it,” she ordered with her eyes half open. “Suck my cock, Joanna.”

I put the tip in my mouth and kind of left it there. I swirled my tongue around it a couple of times before my wife started pushing it into my mouth further.

“You can do better than that. Suck my cock. You know you want to. Suck it like the little slut you are.”

With that she started moving her hips faster, pushing her “cock” in and out faster while I tried to suck it.

Then she suddenly stopped and turned off the vibrator.

“Get on your hands and knees on the floor, bitch!”

I edirne escort quickly complied, not wanting her to use the paddle anymore.

“Now, suck my cock and make me come!”

She stuffed the dildo back into my mouth and turned the vibrator back on. She held the back of my head and started pumping in and out like she had a real cock and was face fucking me! She started going faster and faster. She had a vise grip on the back of my head. When she started cumming she rammed her cock into the back of my throat and screamed out in ecstasy.

“Yes! Suck my cock! Suck it you fucking slut! I’m cumming!” She kept pumping her hips into my face until her orgasm subsided and she turned the vibrator off again.

Falling back against the bed she smiled down at me.

“You did a good job, Joanna.” Now it’s your turn.”

I thought she was finally going to suck on me or let me fuck her, but I could not have been more wrong.

“Turn around and lean over the bed.”

I did as she asked and she slowly slid the plug out of my ass. I had grown quite use to it being there and almost missed the felling of having something back there. I didn’t have to wait long though, because my wife slid her cock between my asscheeks immediately.

“Now you are going to know what it feels like to have a hard cock stuffed up you ass, little slut.”

She started pushing into me inch by inch and to my surprise there was almost no pain whatsoever. Just a delicious feeling of being filled up. Within moments I felt her thighs against the back of my legs.

“There you go, slut. You have 7 inches of hard cock up your ass. How do you like it?” she whispered.

I couldn’t lie. “Oh god it feels better than I imagined”

“Well, little slut are you ready to get fucked good?”

“Oh yes”, I replied almost out of breath already.

My wife slowly pulled out of me almost all the way and slammed back into me with such force that it took what little breath I had away.

“ I am still the Mistress and you will address me as such. This is your last warning, bitch!” she hissed.

“Yes, Mistress!”

My wife started to move slowly in and out of me, letting me feel each incredible inch of her cock moving inside me. On every out stroke, my ass clenched to hold her in. On every in stroke, it opened to accept her willingly. I was lost in heaven. I never dreamed it would feel this good. All of a sudden she stopped moving. I tried to push my hips back against her, but she just backed away form me.

“I want you to beg me for it.” She whispered.

“No, please Mistress. Don’t make me beg.”

“Beg for it or I will stop right now and go to sleep!”

“Please Mistress, no. I don’t want to beg!”

“You already are, you little slut! Beg me to fuck you. Tell me how you want me to fuck your ass with my big cock. Tell me!”

She had pulled out of me completely now.

“Please Mistress!”

“Please what, slut?”

“Please fuck me”

“I don’t know. You don’t sound to convincing……..” she teased me.

“Mistress, please. I need you to fuck me. I want your big cock in my ass. I need to cum with you fucking my ass!”

That did it. “Turn on your back,” she commanded. I did and she grabbed my legs and lifted them. She coated her cock and placed it at my ass and drove it is with one stroke.

“Oh god!” I screamed out. I no longer cared what was going on. I just needed her to fuck me till I came.

She switched her vibrator on and started humping into me harder and faster than before. She started shouting at me.

“Take it you fucking slut! You like that? You like being fucked up the ass like a little bitch don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress! Please fuck me! Fuck me hard with your big cock!”

Her body started to shake and tremble. She was cumming and fucking me hard at the same time. She grabbed my cock and gave it about one stroke which sent me over the edge. I shot cum all over my chest, my face, my hair. I even got some in my mouth.

When we calmed down and quit breathing so heavy she leaned down and licked a streak of come off my face and licked her lips.

“I love you”, I said.

“You still have the collar on. ‘I love you, Mistress’”, she corrected me.

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