Full Moon Party Ch. 03

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I slept until three in the afternoon the next day. I tried to wake Louise, but she wasn’t moving, so I pulled on some shorts and stepped out into the bright sunshine of another day in Thailand.

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I walked down towards the beach. I thought I’d slept in, but no one else seemed to be awake. The pool was deserted, there was just one or two people slumped over tables in the café, and the beach, which was usually so packed with people playing volleyball or sunbathing, was half empty.

I decided a swim was the best way to get over my hangover, so I walked straight into the sea and dived forward, relishing the sensation of the cool water surrounding my body. With a few strokes I was away from the shore and I turned to float on my back, looking up at the clear blue sky, thinking about the night before.

Looking back on it, it seemed incredible that Becca and Kallie had been so up for sex with me and Louise. I guess it was partly the way they’d met us — stumbling across us while we surreptitiously fucked on the beach. Then the ecstasy and the party atmosphere had helped to get us all relaxed and physically intimate. And they were both obviously keen to experience life on this, their first trip away from Victoria.

Bobbing up and down on the waves, I smiled as I remembered just how much of life we’d all experienced the night before. It had been a shame Louise hadn’t let me fuck either of the girls, but the whole foursome had still been a massive turn-on. I pictured my cock pistoning in and out of Louise’s pussy while the two teenagers watched, both eagerly waiting for a taste of cum-soaked dick. It was the sort of thing that I’d only ever seen before in porn films. But now it really was happening to me. Well, I figured, it had to happen to someone, so it might as well be me.

As soon as I stepped out of the sea, I saw Kallie lying on the beach. It was her long dark hair spread out around her head that I noticed first, but as I approached, my attention was diverted by her large breasts. They were covered in the same bikini top she’d been wearing the night before, and as she lay on her back they were jutting straight upwards, two fleshy, golden globes of perfection.

“I hope you’re wearing sun block, young lady,” I said as I approached.

Kallie jumped up at the sound of my voice and looked around to see who had spoken.

“Nick!” she said when she saw me. “Jesus you scared me! I was asleep.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, kneeling down next to her. She was wearing large, dark shades so I couldn’t make out her expression, but she didn’t seem too disappointed to see me.

“How are you feeling?” I asked.

“Not too bad,” she said. “You?”

“Fairly rough. Better for a swim. What did you two get up to after you left us last night?”

“We went back and danced on the beach for a while. Becca hooked up with this guy around dawn, and wanted some time alone with him, so I came over here and got some sleep.”

“Sorry you had to sleep on the beach, Kallie. I think Louise would have invited you to stay with us, but you’d both tired her out too much!”

We both laughed nervously.

I continued: “We both had an amazing time though.”

Kallie just smiled and looked at the sand.

I added: “I hope you’re not regretting anything. Are you?”

“Oh no!” said the teenager quickly. “It was like totally amazing. You were…….you were…….”

She trailed off and went back to staring at the sand.

I felt my stomach rumble. “Well I’m starving. I’m going to get some lunch. You want to join me?”


“Yeah. Come on.”

I jumped up and Kallie followed. It turned out that she’d not eaten since they arrived at Samui airport yesterday. They’d spent all their remaining money on the pills we’d taken last night, and she was starving.”

Over some omelettes she asked how Louise and I had met.

I told her about Literotica and briefly about the threesome with Abby.

Kallie’s eyes widened. “You’re winding me up, right?”

“No. Not at all,” I protested.

“You wrote a story on this website, and two girls both contacted you, and you met up and all did it together?”

“Yup. More or less.”

“And you’d never met each other before?”

“No,” I said. “Kind of like I’d never met you or Becca before last night.”

Kallie giggled: “Oh yeah. I guess it is a bit like that.”

I smiled at her, taking a sip of my pineapple juice. I could see her thinking her head around what I was telling her.

Finally she said: “Can I read the story?”

“Yeah. Sure,” I said. “Wait here I’ll go and get my laptop, and a code for the wireless internet.”

Back in the room, Louise was still asleep, so I kissed her cheek and stroked her silky blonde hair.

“Mnph,” she said.

“Are you skipping today or something?”

“Uhgh,” she said and rolled onto her back. Even in this state, with her hair strewn all over her face, pillow lines down one cheek and squinting at me, still she turned me on. I kissed tuzla escort her on the lips.”

“What’s the time?” she asked.

“Nearly five.”

“Uhgh,” she said.

“I’m down in the café if you ever get up.” I kissed her again, picked up my laptop and headed back to where Becca was spooning an enormous ice cream sundae into her mouth.

“You still hungry?” I asked.

“Not really, but these look amazing.”

“Yeah. I guess so,” I said, raising an eyebrow as she shovelled more of the chocolate ice-cream between her lips.

I logged on, found ‘A Story’ and span the laptop towards her.

As she read the story, she carried on eating the ice-cream, only slowing down occasionally when she reached the parts where she widened her eyes and leaned in towards the screen.

By the time she finished it, she had chocolate smeared around her lips, she was wriggling in her seat, and I could see the flush of arousal in her cheeks.

With a deep breath she looked at me. “That is so fucking hot,” she said. “Is it all like really true?”

I nodded.

We looked at each other, her deep brown eyes searching my face, as if trying to work out whether I was telling the truth or not. I could see her breasts rising and falling with her breathing, and then she flicked her tongue out to lick up some of the ice-cream, leaving her lips moist.

“God, that is hot,” she said finally.

“What’s hot?” said a voice behind me. I span round and saw Louise standing there, arms folded.

“Hiya babe,” I said. “You finally made it up.”

“Yeah,” she said, and with a groan settled into a chair next to me, slumping her head onto the table in front of her.

“Still feeling rough?” I asked.

“Been better,” she replied. “So,” she said looking up, and staring levelly at Kallie. “What’s so hot?”

“His story,” said the Australian teenager. “About you and the other girl in that hotel.”

Louise turned to look at me. I smiled at her.

“Kallie wanted to read it,” I said feebly.

“No doubt she did,” said Louise, still looking levelly at me.

“You two are like the hottest people I’ve ever met,” said Kallie. Louise didn’t stop looking at me.

I could tell she was angry. I thought that if we were going to have an argument we should probably not have it in front of Kallie, so I suggested Louise and I take a dip in the sea.

Louise agreed, so I left money to pay for the lunch, and asked Kallie to look after my laptop while my girlfriend and I went for a swim in the sea. Kallie readily agreed. I knew she’d read more of my stories while we were gone, and of course that’s what I wanted to happen. I’m a writer — I like people reading my work. And if they happen to be gorgeous 18 year old girls who get turned on reading it, then what can I do about it?

In the sea, Louise made it quite clear that I ought to be doing something about it. She was angry with me, and explained that last night was a one-off, that she didn’t want me talking to the girls again, and that she certainly didn’t want me turning them on with stories about how I first bedded her.

I had to admit I could see her point.

When she reached into my shorts under the water and gripped my cock, I found it even more difficult to disagree with her.

When she started telling me she was going to turn me on more than those two girls ever could, she’d won the argument.

“What can I do to turn you on?” she whispered in my ear, her hand sliding up and down my now rigid shaft. “Would you like to fuck me in the sea? Would you like to go back to our room and fuck me in the ass? Would you like that, big boy?” She reached down to squeeze my balls.

I groaned. She wrapped her legs around me, and placed her arms around my neck. I was standing in water that came up to my chest, so what went on under the water was hidden, and there weren’t really many people around us. The nearest was a bloke trying unsuccessfully to get onto a surfboard about twenty metres further out to sea.

“Would you like to get some other men to fuck me too? Would that turn you on, you dirty bastard? Maybe I could do what Rachel did for you. I could have three men cum in my ass and then I could eat all their cum. Is that what you want me to do?”

I didn’t know she’d read that story.

“You don’t have to do that,” I said, just as she reached down to pull her bikini bottoms to one side and slide the end of my cock inside her pussy. I gasped and she began to passionately kiss me, all the time sinking millimetre by millimetre down my rockhard shaft.

When I was balls deep inside her, she came up for air. “Why not? It seemed to turn you on when Rachel did it. Why not me? Or do you not want me fucking other men? Is that it?”

“No,” I said. “I just don’t think you should take three men in your ass like that.”

“Why not? She did it.” Louise was using her arms on my shoulders to raise herself up and down on my cock. It felt fucking incredible. “Why can’t I do it if Rachel did?”

“Well, she didn’t really. That tuzla escort bayan story was a bit exaggerated.”

“Really?” said Louise, still grinding up and down on my shaft.

“Yeah. She didn’t take three cocks in her ass like that.”

“So what really happened then? Come on, don’t tell me you’re not really the stud, the fuck-machine I think you are.” Her breasts were floating between us, the water lifting them up, making them even more pert than they were normally.

I could feel my cum rising in my balls.

“It was just me and her. She wanted to have three men, and we’d arranged it all, but the other guy didn’t show up and when it got to it the gardener couldn’t get a hard-on.”

“But what about the Cialis you took?”

“We didn’t,” I confessed. “I spent the afternoon fucking Rachel, and it was great, but she asked me to write a story as if it had gone the way she’d planned. I wrote it there and then on her bed with her telling me what to write.”

With Louise slowly sliding up and down my cock, I was having trouble concentrating on the conversation, and remembering the afternoon I’d spent fucking the beautiful Liz Hurley look-alike Rachel was turning me on even more, and when I looked to our right to see two beautiful twentysomething women jumping over a wave not ten metres from us, shrieking as they did, their bare breasts bouncing in the air and their long blonde hair flying about, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. Grasping onto Louise’s hips to hold her down, I filled her pussy with my cum, spurt after spurt pumping out of me and into her.

She stayed there, kissing me tenderly, while my dick deflated inside her, and my breathing returning to normal.

“Well, ok then,” she said finally. “I won’t let three men fuck me in the ass.”

“Good idea,” I agreed.

“But I will let you fuck me in the ass.”

“Even better idea,” I said.

“Later on, after we’ve had some food.” Loiuse slid down off my prick. “Let’s go eat, and then I’ll show you that you really don’t need those teenagers to satisfy your needs. I can do it all myself.”

“I’m sure you can,” I said, smiling at her and kissing her gently on the lips.

As we swam back to the shore, I still glanced to check out the topless girls who were bouncing over the waves oblivious to the fact we’d been fucking so close to them.

We walked through Hat Rin, which is normally the bustling hub of the island but that day was like a ghost town. Everyone was sleeping off the effects of the party the night before.

Louise and I didn’t talk much over our noodles. We talked a bit about the diving trip she was going on the next day, but for most of the time we just looked out to sea in silence. It wasn’t uncomfortable silence — we knew each other well enough not to have to talk all the time. We were both tired and I was thinking about the strange way this holiday was turning out. I couldn’t quite figure out why Louise was behaving like this. She seemed to be blowing hot and cold. Looking back now I can see what was going on. It’s clear what she wanted from me, and even clearer that I was failing to give it to her. But at the time it was a bit of a mystery.

As she finished the last of her noodles she looked up at me.

“Take me back and fuck me so I can’t walk tomorrow,” she said simply.

Luckily the restaurant was empty so no-one heard her.

Tossing a few baht on the table I jumped up and headed for the exit. She might have been confusing me but there was no way I was going to ignore an invitation like that.

We didn’t talk on the way back to the hut. I didn’t even stop to see where Kallie had got to with my laptop. I was thinking about how I was going to take Louise, and by the time I opened the door I had a plan.

I turned to catch the beautiful blonde 26-year old in my arms, pulling her slender, supple body close to mine and leaning down to kiss her.

“Take me any way you want me,” she breathed. “I want you so tired you forget all about fucking horny young teenagers.”

I didn’t speak, just pulled her t-shirt off her head, then in one motion unclipped her bra and pulled down her shorts and panties. She kicked off her sandals and stood there naked in front of me. I stepped back and admired her pale, flawless skin, the gentle swell of her breasts, the flaring of her hips above her slim waist, and her slender, toned legs. She just watched me as I slowly looked her up and down, taking my time to appreciate every inch of her body.

Then I picked up one of her sarongs and blindfolded her.

With another I tied her hands together. I tied it tightly so she couldn’t escape. Then I lightly trailed a finger over her cheek, looking at the light smattering of freckles across her nose. I slid my finger lightly over her pouting lips, down her soft white throat and, slowly, ever so slowly, across her firm breast until it came to rest on her left nipple. She stood still in front of her, her mouth slightly open, her nipple enlarging and hardening to my touch. Then I trailed my single digit escort tuzla across to her other nipple and gave it the same treatment. She was trembling slightly with the effort of restraining her lust.

“You’re making me wet,” she said.

I didn’t speak, just moved behind her, moved her wavy blonde hair to the side and planted soft kisses on her neck and her ear. As I did I ran my hands over her toned stomach, relishing the softness and smoothness of her skin. Then without warning I picked her up and carried her to the bed. There I used the loose ends of the sarong to tie her hands to the bedposts.

Standing back to admire my handiwork, I watched as she slowly spread her legs wide. She knew I was watching as her pussy lips opened before me. She had a thin strip of blonde hair above her pussy, but was completely shaven apart from that. We’d done it together on our first night in Ko Phangan. I could see how wet she was for me already.

In seconds I had stripped off myself and was kneeling between her legs.

She had no idea where I was, so cried out in surprise when she felt my tongue lick her pussy. The only contact between our tense, lust-filled bodies was my soft, warm tongue on her pussy. I ran it up and down her juicy slit, sucking up her wetness, pushing the tip in and out of her hot hole, and finally sliding it across her clit. As I pressed harder and rubbed back and forth across that hard nub, her cries grew more urgent and she bucked her hips up towards my face.

She came with a cry and I felt her juices flood across my face.

I sat up on my knees and looked at the hard, thick cock waving between my legs. It wanted some of the action.

“Oh fuck me, Nick. Please fuck me.”

Slowly, teasingly I ran my cockhead up and down the length of her slit. She growled. “Fuck me. Put it in my cunt.”

Her dirty talking was turning me on even more, and I could see the veins in my shaft start to pulse.

But I wasn’t going to give it to her yet. Quietly I moved off the bed and stood beside her. Then I placed the end of my dick against her lips. She smiled and opened up to suck me into her. But again I wasn’t going to give her that just yet. Slowly, carefully I ran my dick along the length of her wet, full lips, letting her feel every ridge, every vein, every pulsing, throbbing inch.

Then slowly I pushed it inside her mouth. Millimetre by millimetre, feeling her warm, sucking mouth close over it bit by bit, until I reached the back of her throat. I held it there, letting her breathe through her nose, then slowly pulled out.

She gasped when I released it.

She might have thought I was finished fucking her face. But she was wrong. Quickly straddling her chest, I held the side of her head in my hands and pushed my hips forward so my cock was back in her mouth. Then I set up a rhythm, pounding my shaft in and out of her pretty face, enjoying the sounds of her sucking and slurping, and of my cock thudding against the back of her throat.

Soon, there were strings of spit connecting my shaft and her lips. I kept up my assault on her face, not stopping when those strings dropped down her chin, onto her chest, feeling my cum rising in balls that were swollen and heavy.

Then suddenly I pulled out.

She gasped, again trying to catch her breath, but didn’t say a word.

I moved back to kneel between her legs, grasping her thighs in my hands and lining my cock up against the entrance to her pussy. It wasn’t bobbing about any more. It was a solid spear of man-meat, throbbing, purple and desperate to get inside the pussy in front of it. I could feel the heat coming from her cunt, see the juices oozing out of it.

I leant forward and slid easily into her. I pushed her thighs backwards, so her legs were up around her ears and I was able to pound downwards into her gaping, open pussy.

I pumped in and out of her, forcing as much of myself into her as I could, my balls slapping against her ass, my hips grinding into her’s.

Then came, lifting her lower back clear of the bed, her vaginal muscles clamping around my shaft, and a powerful jet of clear liquid shooting out to spray her face.

She screamed as she spasmed around my cock. I held still, gripping tightly onto her spread thighs, watching her writhe about, feeling the cum soaking my cock and running down over my balls. Her gushing had covered her torso, and now it was running off her, forming a wet patch around us. I was getting worried our neighbours would get worried by her screaming.

So, I slowly eased my aching cock out of her pussy and went to put some music on. While she panted on the bed, recovering, waiting for my next assault on her exposed body, I selected some dance tunes, cranked it up to full volume and then moved back between her legs. The room was filled with the scent of sex, and Louise’s breathing was ragged, her drenched breasts heaving up and down.

I spread her thighs again, and pushed them back so she was open in front of me, her feet next to her ears. Louise does a lot of yoga, so I knew the position was comfortable for her, but to be honest we were both so turned on at that moment I don’t think we were noticing any sensations other than those coursing through our sexual organs.

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