Fun With Older Man

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It was a boring Sunday morning and I was prowling the chat rooms looking for someone, anyone to inject a little excitement into my day. Finally an instant message. He was 55 years old, 30 years my senior, and not too far away. He said he was a dom top looking for sub bottom boys who would dress up for him. Right away I was interested, but slightly scared because I had never tried anything like this before.

With some trepidation I agreed to meet him. He put conditions on our meeting. First I was to meet him not at his home but at a nearby mall. This condition somewhat relieved me because I was anxious about meeting him in private and felt somewhat better about having a chance to see him in public first. Second I was to be completely shaved for him, this excites me although I dread having to explain my smooth look to my girlfriend later. Thirdly I am to wear panties for him. His last condition is that the encounter ends the first time I refuse him anything. I agree to his conditions and arrange a meeting time and place for a few hours later.

I log off and run to the shower. I slowly stroke my 5 inch penis and slowly run my hands over my 6’2” 230 pound frame. After wetting down I hop out and prepare my body for a complete shaving by trimming all the long hairy patches with my clippers. I trim my armpits, legs, arms, chest and pubes down to stubble. I run a bath and slowly and carefully shave the stubbly remains until my body is completely devoid of hair. My body shakes as I remember later in the day I will have to explain all of this to my girlfriend, I’m in trouble but there is no going back now.

As I finish up in the bath I hop out and glance at my figure in the mirror. I giggle slightly and remark to myself how I look like I did in 6th grade. I rub lotion over my body and touch up a few areas around my asshole and balls. Satisfied with my shave I give my smooth rod a few tugs and glance at the time. I’ll have to wait as the meeting time is quickly approaching. I run to my girlfriends drawer and slide on a very sexy pair of silver thong panties, they feel so good on my smooth crotch. I finish dressing and I’m off.

I drive by the designated meeting spot and see a heavy set, tanned older gentlemen waiting looking at his watch. “That must be him!” I say to myself. He is gorgeous about 6′ tall, a nice big belly(bellys turn me on soooo much), and graying hair. I walk up to him and say our little code to let each other know we are who we are. I’m pleased to find that it is him.

After introduction are made, he asks me to follow him to the bathroom. I’m getting really nervous now. We enter and I breathe a sigh of relief as the batroom is empty. He grabs my hand and drags me to the handicap stall in the back corner of the facility.

“Take off your pants and show me your panties,” he commands. I do as told and turn my back to him as I slowly reveal my thong and as to him. He gasps and grabs my pants and tugs them all the way off, roughly carressing my smooth legs back up to my crotch. He suddenly and roughly pushed my body against the wall off the stall and spread my legs. He kisses, licks, and nibbles on my ear.

Breathing heavily he whispers in my ear, “What a good little girl you are for daddy.” He reaches down between my body and the wall of the stall and reaches into my panties. I moan as he tugs on my cock and balls. Again whispering in my ear he says, “do you like having your little tiny boy clit played with slut?” I moan in agreement so poker oyna turned on I can’t form words. “No wonder you are a little bitch. There’s no way you could ever satisfy a woman with this pitiful little clit,” he says as he pulls his hand out of my panties.

I hear him fumble with his pants as he take them down. Grinding back against me I feel his briefs covered bulge slide between my cheeks. It is not a monster cock like you read about in most of these stories but I can tell it dwarfs mine.

As he dry humps my crack, he slides his hands up the front of my shirt along my smooth body and finally to my nipples which he at first teases then proceeds to pinch and pull. This really gets me going and I start grinding back against him moaning. He is so hard and I can feel precum starting to soak through his briefs. I love how his big belly feels against my back. Out of nowhere he stops humping against me.

Still with my face against the wall I can’t see or make out what he is doing all I hear is the rustling of clothes. He pulls on my legs indicating he wants me to back up. I look back and his pants are back on. He pushes the top of me down and has me bent over with my hands on the wall, legs spread wide. He kneels and pulls my panties to the side and starts licking around my rosebud.

I look down at my rock hard dick straining against the front of the panties. He shoves his tongue inside me and I moan loudly, after about 30 seconds he backs his face away and spits at my asshole. Standing up he inserts one of his fat sausage fingers into my virgin asshole. It feels so good, just then we hear the door open. We both freeze in place with his finger deep in my asshole.

After what seems like forever we hear the toilet flush then the faucet and dryer then the door. After the close call he pulls his finger out and says, “You are what I was looking for and did everything I have asked, would you like to go back to my place?” I agree very nervous about such a close call.

I start to dress and he stops me, “one more thing he says,” and he pulls a butt plug out of his pants pocket and says lets put this in for the ride. I bend over again as he spits all over the plug and slowly and gently inserts it in my asshole. “Ok pull up your pants and lets go, I’ll drive,” he says.

As we walk out I try my hardest to walk normally which is difficult to say the least. As we get to the car he points to my pants, “take everything you need out of them and leave them here, you won’t be needing them anymore. Leave your shoes and socks too.” I remove my wallet and cell phone from my pants and do as I’m told pulling off my pants, shoes, and socks beside the car. A few girls walk by and giggle at the sight of me in panties the sides of the butt plug protruding from the back of my thong.

Embarassed I hop in the car and we are off. As he drives my lover unzips his pants and manuevers his cock out of his briefs. Although not huge at about 7 inches and pretty thick his cock is much bigger than mine. I reach over and start jacking him off, I’m so hot and this guy is turning me on and on and on. I notice that I am grinding on the butt plug riding it. Laughing he says, “Look at you you little slut. You like that in your ass, bitch? Tell daddy.” I am only able to moan my reply. “Good girl,” he replies.

“Take off your shirt and throw it out the window,” he commands. I again do as I’m told wondering what the hell I’m going to do when I have to go home. After canlı poker oyna a ride that seems to last forever we pull into his driveway off a main road.

I now realize I’m going to have to walk to the house in just panties in the broad daylight in front of everyone sitting in traffic. “You first,” he says with a grin from ear to ear. “Be sure to walk slow and sexy for me too I want to watch be in in a minute,” he says laughing. I do as I’m told turning bright red from embarassment as cars honk and comments are yelled at me but I follow orders and fight the urge to run. Finally I get to the door relieved I turn the knob. It’s locked! I sit at the door enduring all kinds of abuse from cars passing by as he sits in the car, finally he slowly walks up the driveway and lets me in.

Once we are in the door he strips nude. He walks out of the room and returns with what looks like a dog collar and leash and a video camera. He informs me I will be his slave for the night and he will be filming it. If I don’t like it I can tell him and he will drop me off at the mall. Considering I am dressed in just panties and it is still daylight I agree to his terms rather than get dropped off at the mall.

He removes my panties and the butt plug, which left me feeling empty and sore. He brings the plug to my face and says to clean it reminding me I can say no. I do it, licking up the mess I had left on it. It is sooo nasty but I feel so sexy doing this for him. He tongue kisses me as I finish and informs me the deal is the same all day if at any point I want to stop I can say no and he will drive me back to the mall.

Sitting on the couch pointing the camera down at me he puts on my collar and instructs me to suck his dick. I take him in slowly as I have never sucked dick before. I work up and down his shaft slowly, softly rubbing his balls with one hand and stroking in front of my lips with the other.

Occasionally I suck just the head of his cock and enjoy the taste of precum I get. Finally I try to deep throat him, I gag. He grabs the back of my head with one hand and forces me to get used to it. Then roughly he pulls me by the hair and starts fucking my face. His cock is throbbing and huge, choking me every few strokes. He continues mercilessly until I feel him shoot his wad in the back of my throat. He shoves my face all the way down his pole and buries my face in his pubes forcing me to swallow it. “Very good you little cocksucker,” he says.

Getting up from the couch he positions the camera next to the couch on a tripod. “Now you’re going to eat my ass until I’m hard again slut,” with that said he bends over kneeling on the couch. I put my face between his hairy ass cheeks and licked for all I was worth. I felt so dirty and sexy licking his ass and shoving my tongue up his hole. After about 5 minutes he was hard again.

He got up grabbing the tripod and pulled me to his bedroom by my leash. He roughly throws me to the bed and sets up his camera bedside. I’m told to get on my hands and knees and I do as commanded. He stands bed side oiling himself up with some kind of lotion he pulled from his drawer. When he is covered he pours a good amount on me covering my back, legs, and ass he rubs it in lovingly then he takes the bottle and shoves the top in my ass and squeezes it, shooting it in my hole until it pours out the sides of the bottle.

He then fingers my ass fast and hard. First one finger, then two, finally three driving me crazy with internet casino lust. I can hear the swishing of the oil being forced out my asshole by his fingers and I can feel it spilling out and running down my legs.

I am in ecstacy and lay down humping my smooth cock against the bed. Then I hear a tremendous smack. He spanks me for getting out of position and repositions me. He then pulls a 8 inch long, thick vibrator from his nightstand and fucks me with it deeply. Again I get into it lay out humping the bed. He stops and pulls the vibrator out. He brings it to my face, I see it is filthy, instead of making me clean it he wipes it all over my face. I coo, I am in dirty slut heaven.

I will do anything for this man and what is worse he knows it. He goes to his closet and comes back with a belt, rope, and a ball gag. He goes to each bed post and ties my arms and legs to it. He then takes the ball gag and rubs whatever filth is left on the vibrator on the ball and then inserts it in my mouth and straps it on. I then feel the sting of the belt on my ass.

Again and again I am struck. After 10 or 12 swats my eyes fill with tears. I’m crying, just then he stops. He apologizes for punishing me and tells me to not make him have to do it again.

He then says, “I’m going to fuck your ass slut, I never wear condoms with my bitches. If you want this can stop now. Just nod no and it’s over.” I don’t nod I want, no I need his cock in my ass. He lies on top of my prone tied body. He slowly slides his cock back and forth between by ass cheeks. His oily belly rubbing up and down my back. He puts the head of his cock on my rosebud teasing me.

This lasts for minutes until he in one stroke buries his cock into me. I cry out in pain around the ball gag. He fucks me slowly for 15 minutes. Slowly gliding all the way into my asshole and pulling slowly out until just his head is in me. I’m moaning and groaning muffled sound of lust.

He picks up speed and all I can hear is the slap of his body against mine. I’m trying my best to fight my restraints and fuck back into him and get all I can get of his dick in me. Finally after 30 or so minutes I feel his cock jump in orgasm spilling his seed into me. He slowly thrusts back and forth for a few more minutes.

He removes my gag and comes up to my face. He shove his dick in my mouth to let me clean him off. Then he says, “Now you are going to eat that load.” Lying next to me he slowly fingers my ass and feeds me the cum from my ass which I eat happily.

He then says he has some stuff to take care of and asks if I want to leave. Of course I say no both because I want to cum and because the mall is still open at 5pm. He gets up stops the tape and replaces it with a new one. He then takes a towel and dries off my asshole, this confuses me. He then shows me a curved vibrator that supposedly hits your prostate. He oiled it and inserted it, fucking me for a minute or two.

He then says he has to go do his stuff and I hear the sound of duct tape which he uses to to hold the vibrator in place. He tells me he’ll be back as soon as possible and puts the ball gag back on and blindfolded me leaving me tied there with the vibrator in my ass.

I was humping away as best I could and managed to cum three times while he was gone, which I later found out was for an hour and a half. Finally he came back and while taking the vibrator out and releasing me from my bonds explained he had gone shopping and had called some friends over.

He wanted me to put on a show for them if I wanted to leave I could. I said let me shower and I’ll do it. He agreed and handed me a teddy and thong with matching garter and stockings…. This was going to be a long night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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