Gardening Is Fun – Jenny

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Hi, I’m Mike and I started my own gardening business in the summer of 07 which has really taken off. I’m a retired army officer who saw time with the Royal Engineers. My wife died a number of years ago and although I have a home of my own I live a vagabond style of life, if you continue to read my stories you’ll understand.

Note:- It was easier to write this story from Jenny’s perspective.

It was the sound of a vehicle back firing then coming to a grinding halt that made me glance up. There, through the overgrown hedge I could just make out a battered looking Nissan Pickup, long faded letters on the side of the vehicle indicated that it belonged to some Garden Services or other.

Living in a quiet country lane I was naturally intrigued by the presence of this ‘foreigner’; staying hidden I heard the driver make several attempts to re-start the vehicle but to no avail. Finally with a clunk and a squeak the driver’s door opened.

“Bloody…fucking…thing” followed by what sounded as a hefty kick into the bodywork, was quickly followed the pushbutton-tones of a mobile phone.

“Hello Jim…Mike here…It’s finally given out on me, I’ll be bloody glad when my new one arrives. Can you send the tow-truck…Oh!…Where am I, somewhere along Reddings Lane…Yes I know it’s a bloody long lane…Hang on a minute I’ll see if this cottage has a name…It’s Rose Cottage about a mile in from the Chalk Hill turn off…Hope that helps…Bye for now….Jesus what the fuck am I going to do now?”

Again I heard the key-tones of the mobile phone.

“Hi…Zoe…..I won’t be able to make it today, me trucks broken down and I’ve got to get it to Jim’s…..Yes I’m sorry…..perhaps another day?”

Unable to contain myself any longer I stood up, wincing at the pain and cracking sound of my arthritic knees. All of a sudden, I wished I was dressed in something more appealing than my scruffy skirt and filthy blouse.

This man was gorgeous. His scruffy salt & pepper hair curled over the collar of his tee-shirt and his eyes glared with frustration. I could hardly tear my feverish gaze away from his broadly muscular chest and for a moment, I struggled to say anything remotely intelligent.

Taking pity on him I, with the nervousness of a teenager blurted out, “Excuse me…I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation; is there anything I could do to help?”

Quickly his eyes, an intense hazel brown focussed on me, not on the nettles, brambles or massive docks that made up my boundary wall.

“Um yeah, it’s been neglected for too long. I don’t mind the work though, keeps me busy!”

He grinned at me, the smile crinkling the corners of his eyes. “Well I could go a cup of tea whilst I’m waiting for the tow-truck to arrive and since I have all the gear in the back of the truck I could help you out with your garden, I think that would be a fair trade don’t you?.” he spoke with amusement, assuming that I wasn’t going to show him the door.

“Yes, of course,” I blushed, quickly turning away from him in embarrassment, hoping he hadn’t noticed my redden cheeks and bust. He followed me around the side and through the gate hanging by its hinges.

The back garden was far worse than the front and he stood silently taking it all in. I knew that I had my work cut out here. The easiest option would probably be to hire an excavator and dig the whole lot up.

“It was once a fine garden you know.” Mike said quietly

I nodded. “How much would it cost?” I enquired in a pleading tone.

“Shouldn’t be too much; most of the ground cover is superficial, a few hours perhaps with the mini-digger. But then there’s the maintenance, how are you going to manage that? Pardon me for saying, but you don’t look the type to do the digging this garden would require.”

His gaze slid down my body as if he was undressing me and I felt a long forgotten warmth spreading though my limbs. He was right of course; I was not going to find it easy doing such hard labour.

“I guess I’ll have to manage…” My voice trailed off and I suddenly realised what a mammoth task I was about to take on.

“I could help if you like?” he offered.

“That would be great, but I can’t really afford to pay you for all your time.” I said regretfully.

“No charge, perhaps the odd cup of tea or sandwich would suffice” he said with a chuckle, scanning his eyes once more across my cleavage.

I shivered with unexpected desire and tried desperately not to imagine what he looked like beneath his shorts and tee-shirt. It had been a long time since I had been touched in that way and I could feel my hungry body responding to the sexual vibes emanating from this hunk of a man.

Mike, looked a lot younger than me but what did that matter? I was naturally slim and petite. My breasts were still firm and I revelled in my feminine charms; I had been ignored for so long, it felt wonderful to finally be appreciated once more.

“Well…er…if you’re sure?” I said, licking my lips izmir escort nervously.

“I’m sure.” Mike smiled. He tucked his hands into his shorts and headed back round the front of the house. I entered the kitchen, wondering just what the hell I had agreed to.

Mike returned with a barrow full of tools muttering something ‘About making a start whilst waiting for the tow-truck to arrive’. Following a short interlude we spent all day outside, enjoying the warmth and clearing a sizable chunk of ground.

I was miles away when I heard the gate bang against the side of the house. Pushing my unruly hair back, I rubbed my face just in time to see a newcomer walking down the path.

“Where is he then?” asked the newcomer

Mike hearing a familiar voice emerged from a tangle of brambles. “Took your bloody time getting here, I was beginning to think I’ll have to ask this lady for bed & breakfast.”

“How’s it going?” he asked cheerfully, taking in our dishevelled state.

“Oh not too bad!…I’m getting there slowly” replied Mike smiling and with a glint in his eye

“I bet you are,” replied the newcomer, picking up on the innuendo.

Mike, now standing beside me helped me stand up, I was startled when he reached out and rubbed my cheek with his finger. For an endless moment, his face was inches away from mine and I could smell a hint of aftershave behind the fragrance of manly sweat.

“Mud,” he said by way of explanation. I barely heard him; my heart was thudding so loudly in my chest. “Right then, I’ll go and help Jim couple up that heap of junk I call a pick-up Okay?”

It took a minute for me to register that he had spoken. All I could think about was the feel of his earthy finger on my face, so gentle for such a man. My mind was working overtime, playing endless reels of eroticism that tantalised me.

Shit, I thought. I am acting like a teenager with a crush!

“Okay…..I’ll go and make us drink, would you like one…..Jim?” The question came out in a rush. I knew I needed to put some distance between Mike and me. Maybe then I would actually be able to think straight.

“Yes that would be lovely, eerrrr.”

“Jenny, call me Jenny please.”

“Okay, Jenny. Lovely name, it suits you.” A flash of a smile again and he turned away to go and help Jim.

I disappeared inside, catching a glimpse of my flushed face in the mirror on the kitchen wall. This is ridiculous, I tried to tell myself. Mike couldn’t be flirting, he was just being nice. But the more I thought about it the more I wasn’t so sure.

The kettle soon boiled and I manage to control my feverish urges long enough to make us three cups of tea. Mike and Jim took theirs with a briefest of “Thanks.”

“I’m going to call it a day…I’m miles away from home so I’ve arranged a lift back with Jim” muttered Mike quickly gulping down the remainder of his tea.

“Sure, that’s fine. It was good of you to do what you’ve done. I couldn’t believe how much we’ve achieved in such a short space of time. It would have taken me weeks to clear all that.”

He loaded up his barrow and much to my disappointment slowly walked out of my life

“I’ll be back on Friday afternoon to finish off, if that’s okay?” Mike shouted whilst he and Jim threw the heavy barrow into the useless pickup.

“That’s fine. I’ll be here.” I shouted, shading my eyes against the setting sun.


As promised, Mike turned up on Friday with his replacement pick-up. This time however he wasn’t alone. A Labrador called Cindy accompanied him, Mike was all apologetic and said that it wasn’t his; it just had a habit of joining him on his rounds.

Soon the mini-digger burst into life and my thoughts were drowned in a cacophony of noise. Cindy vanished into the house, I soon followed; I couldn’t stand the sound of Mike’s digger flexing its muscles as ripped the gardens to pieces. Within a couple of hours, the job was completed. The mini-digger was carefully loaded onto its trailer, leaving the front and back of the house resembling of lunar landscape.

“Thanks for everything,” I said politely.

“No problem,” grinned Mike, carefully adjusting his crutch as he bent to change his footwear.

I smiled warmly, feeling a shiver of anticipation run like fire through my veins. Now I knew I wasn’t imagining things.

Mike flicked his gaze down my body before focusing back on my face again. “All going well I’ll be back just after lunch tomorrow.”

“Cool, I’ll still be here.” There was a dark note of promise in the unassuming words and I jumped on it with glee.

Unfortunately Mick was too far away to take any notice.

Mike drove away in a cloud of diesel fumes and I was left in a state of heightened arousal. It took me a long time to fall asleep that night and when I finally did, I was plagued by erotic dreams.


The humid, sticky air had been oppressive all day. As the afternoon lengthened, the alsancak escort sky grew ever darker, faint rumblings of thunder warned of an impending storm. “Where the hell is he.” I muttered to myself as I moped about the garden; it was too damned hot to do anything useful and I was too frustrated to care. Eventually I settled in an old garden chair and tried to read a tattered ‘Mills & Boon’. Unfortunately the dashing heroes and insipid maidens did nothing for me whatsoever.

I must have read the same paragraph a hundred times; my concentration was shot to pieces. All I could think about was Mike’s face, legs, and bum; in fact everything about him.

In the distant I heard claps of thunder and when the first spats of rain began to fall, I felt like a newborn child and began dancing to its cooling effect on my body, suddenly I realised that all my washing was hanging out on the line and it was about to be soaked.

Jumping up quickly, I began to strip the line. Suddenly there was a bright flash immediately followed by an almighty clap of thunder and the heavens just opened up in one tremendous deluge. Within seconds I was soaked to the skin, the rain quickly mixed with the mud on the paving stones forming a slippery quagmire. Frantically I dashed and slid down the path, pulling everything off and clutching it to my chest in a vain attempt to prevent it becoming wetter than it already was.

“Need some help?” yelled a voice, barely audible above the sound of crashing thunder. It was Mike. Without thinking, I thrust the wet washing into his arms and grabbed the rest of the clothes. Water cascaded down our faces as we dashed into the kitchen and out of the storm.

“I tried your front door but I got no answer…” His voice trailed off and I stared at him silently. His tee-shirt was soaked though, as were his shorts. I looked down at myself and realised that my white blouse was virtually transparent. My erect nipples were visible through its fabric and to make matters worse Mike had noticed.

My body flamed in embarrassment; this was not how I had envisaged our next meeting. My hair was plastered to my face in thick strands, as for my shorts these were stuck to my body leaving nothing to the imagination. I must have looked a terrible sight.

Turning away quickly, I stared out at the newly formed lake outside the kitchen door. Oh shit Mike’s work must have blocked the drain, my thoughts needed to be anywhere but here.

I felt rather than heard him step up behind me. His warm strong hands rested on my shoulder and gently pulled the wet hair away from my neck. I froze; my senses were tingling and all my nerves were dancing, awaiting his next move.

“You need to get out of these wet clothes quickly or you’ll catch your death.”

I shivered at his touch and soft words, but not from the chill. My body felt feverish and hot. An unfamiliar ache throbbed between my legs and I sucked in a shaky breath before replying,

“Yes I know…..I’m soaking…”

He chuckled at the double entendre in my statement and turned me slowly around to face him. I dropped my gaze; I couldn’t look at him. I just couldn’t believe that this beautiful man was interested in me. Surely it was a joke and he was going to start laughing any minute, at my expense.

“Look at me Jenny,” Mike said firmly, tilting my chin upwards with one finger. Reluctantly I returned his gaze. “I can go right now, if this isn’t what you want, just say the word.”

“I…I don’t know what I want…I’m afraid…It’s been so long” I admitted, feeling ashamed that I was so lacking in self confidence.

“You don’t have to be afraid of me,” he reassured me gently. “I won’t hurt you.”

“But I’m older than you. I’m not beautiful or sexy or…”

“To me you are all of those things and more!” he interrupted me with a grin. “And so what, you are older than me by a few years. Not a lot I imagine. I am fifty odd and you can only be about sixty or so?”

“I am sixty two.” I admitted with a sigh.

“Well you sure as hell don’t look it!”

I blushed again. “Thanks…”

Mike smiled and bent to kiss me, his lips barely touching mine. I felt myself tingling a little, the contact so fleeting it was hardly there. It wasn’t enough and I instantly craved more, so much more.

I could feel the damp heat of his hard body, pressed urgently against mine. It surprised me to see clouds of steam emanating from between us; my feverish skin felt like it was burning up.

Our lips meshed together, tongues gently tasting and exploring. My doubts fought for supremacy in my tortured brain, but my body was winning the battle. It had been too damned long and I needed to be loved a little.

My hands splayed across Mike’s chest. His nipples felt like hard pebbles though the wet cotton as I brushed lightly over them. He shivered in response and pulled me closer, crushing my hands between our bodies. The edge of the worktop dug into my ass, but buca escort I didn’t care; all I cared about was the feel of his hard body against mine.

“Shall we go upstairs?” Mike asked, reluctantly breaking the kiss. I nodded mutely and he took my hand, allowing me to lead the way up the narrow stairs and into my bedroom.

The rain continued to pelt down outside, I shivered a little, more from nerves than cold, Mike noticed this and pulled me in between his thighs as he sat on the edge of the bed. The bed stripped earlier of its linen which now lay downstairs in a sodden mass. I didn’t care however; all I cared about was this man.

Mike slowly ran his hands from my waist and up my body. He brushed against the sides of my breasts where I let out an involuntary gasp. It had been so long since any man had touched me and I was like a woman dying of thirst who was unexpectedly offered a drink. I wanted to gulp it down, but I knew I should savour slowly it to fully appreciate it.

My nipples were hard and aching. Keeping his gaze fixed on my face, Mike slowly began to unbutton my damp cotton blouse. I could barely breathe, the anticipation of his touch on my naked flesh was excruciating. One by torturous one, he undid its buttons until eventually the blouse slowly parted, revealing my firm breasts.

Carefully he removed the sodden blouse then he slid his hands along my ribs before cupping each breast gently with his work hardened hands, slowly he rubbed his work hardened thumbs across my erect nipples. I flinched and moaned at the sensation; he just smiled, pulled me close then captured a nipple in his lips and suckled gently.

“Oh Mike…” I moaned as he began to nibble the captured teat. My eyes closed as I lost my reason in the hot feel of his mouth on my nipple. Tiny slivers of desire shot down my nerve pathways straight to my clit as I pushed my pelvis into him, seeking relief from the delicious torment.

His hands crept round my back, gently stroking my bottom through my sodden shorts. The material stuck against my heated skin as I pushed into the cradle of his strong thighs. I could feel his fingers deftly undoing the button and then the zip of my shorts. Before I was even aware of it, the shorts were tugged down my thighs and they fell to the floor in a sodden heap.

Suddenly I was pleased I had spent so much time in the garden of late, my legs were toned and slim and my body was in as good a shape as it had ever been. I didn’t have the physique of a twenty year old, but it wasn’t that bad.

My now, transparent skimpy knickers and resembling a thong, clung eagerly to my body as if it was a last form of defence against my invader. Teasingly, Mike traced small patterns on my feverish skin, circling lower and lower, finally dipping between my parted thighs and stroking across my sex. I gasped out loud, my body jerking constantly with the stimulation.

Mike’s fingers rubbed across the crumpled up gusset of my knickers. My legs trembled involuntarily as I held onto his broad shoulders. His mouth kissed its way to my belly, licking and nibbling at my salty skin. It was agonising, I couldn’t stand much more of this torment. The need for release was unbearable.

“Please…” I begged; my words barely coherent.

“Please what?” Mike asked teasingly.

“I need…” I paused; it was so damned difficult to say the words. “I need you to…” I gasped as he brushed his fingers over my clit. Oh god! I knew I was going to cum if he carried on touching me like this.

He slipped my knickers down my thighs, pausing for a moment to kiss my stomach. Then he dipped his damp but rough fingers into the sodden cleft of my pussy before parting my lips and sliding deep inside me. It had been so long that I cried out with pleasure as soon as he invaded my tight channel.

Using his thumb he gently rubbed my clit, whilst his fingers wet with my juices, continued their exploration of my pussy as I squirmed between his thighs. How he must be feeling I couldn’t imagine. All I knew was that I didn’t want him to stop. I could feel my orgasm gaining momentum; the pleasure spiking higher and higher. I buried my face in his hair as he relentlessly increased the pressure and speed, responding to my moans and movements against him.

Then it happened. I exploded into shards of light and colour; my whole body wiped out in a rush of rapturous bliss. For a few seconds I was oblivious to everything, then gradually, slowly, I came down from my high and realised to my horror what I had just done.

I had let a man touch me; a man whom I hardly knew. I felt ashamed even though my body was humming pleasurably in the afterglow of an amazing orgasm. It was so unlike me. My long gone husband was the only other man I had been with for almost a quarter of a century. God, what must Mike think of me?

I tried to turn away; I couldn’t look at him, I felt so bad. He must have sensed it because he pulled me back and forced me to look at his face.

“Hey,” he said gently. “It’s okay. I promised I wouldn’t hurt you didn’t I? Trust me…”

I dared myself to look at him properly. His brown eyes gazed into my soul, dispelling my fears and reassuring my heart that he wasn’t going to use me and cast me aside. Slowly my doubts faded and I ventured a weak smile.

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