Getting to Know the Neighbors

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I was driving down my street one day after work. I saw a moving van parked a couple of doors down. Someone was moving into the Thompson place. It had been vacant for a long time. I changed into a comfortable pair of shorts and a t-shirt and went down to offer my help. Walking up the lawn next to the van, I saw someone coming out of the garage. I said,

“Hello, I saw you as I drove by and thought I could lend a hand.”

A tall muscular man with a black goatee extended his hand and said,

“Hi, yeah we are a few bodies short. We would appreciate a little help. My name is Rick. The man carrying the television is Jack, a guy I work with. My wife is in the house trying to arrange a few things.”

I helped Rick move in a couch. Going in the door, I glanced towards the kitchen. Rick’s wife was unloading some boxes. She was tall with broad shoulders. She had long blond hair. She was wearing a loose fitting sweatshirt and baggy blue jeans. Looking her way, I almost dropped my end of the couch. I thought she was beautiful. Setting the couch down Rick said,

“Hon this is Tim. He lives down the street. He came down to give us a hand.”

Rick looked at me and continued,

“That’s my wife, Jan.”

We each said hello and continued working. We worked until past midnight. We had everything moved in and a few things arranged.

After Rick and Jan lived there almost a year, we had become good friends. Jan worked as a receptionist at a car dealership. Rick worked for a bank. Both our jobs kept us busy. We did find time to play tennis and racquetball on weekends.

One Saturday morning after playing tennis, Rick and I were resting on a bench at the side of the court. Rick looked at me and said,

“I have something kind of odd to ask you. Jan and I have been thinking about having a threesome. It has been a fantasy of mine to make love to my wife while she is sucking another man. We want this third person to be someone we know, but not someone from work.”

I stood there speechless. I was excited, but I didn’t know what to say. Finally I said,

“Sure that sounds interesting. Jan is very beautiful.”

When Rick dropped me off after tennis, he said,

I will finalize everything with Jan and call you later.”

Rick called after I got out of the shower, everything was set. I was going over there at seven. I had a small dinner, watched some college football and relaxed until then.

I arrived right at seven. poker oyna Rick answered the door. Motioning to the hall, he said,

Jan is changing she will be out in a minute.”

We went into the living room. Rick and I talked while waiting for Jan.

A few minutes later Jan came out. She was wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of green cotton shorts. Her hips and thighs were large. My mouth started to water thinking about seeing her naked. I could feel my cock swell in my shorts as we said hello. Being tall, her thighs seemed to go forever. Her calves were muscular. I have seen her several times since they moved in checking the mail or coming in from work. Weather it was a business suit, blue jeans or shorts I always loved to stop what I was doing and check out her beautiful body. I was admiring her body so much I slipped into a daydream. She started saying something that woke me up. The three of us sat in the living room talking for a few minutes. Rick looked at Jan then me and said,

“Well let’s go into the bedroom.”

I followed Rick and Jan into their bedroom. There was a king size bed against a far wall. Standing at the foot of the bed, Rick reached for the bottom of Jan’s shirt. Pulling it up, they took it off. Her breasts were round. They were medium sized firm breast with large nipples. I quit staring when she started pulling down her shorts. Leaving her underwear on she said,

“Now you guys have to take something off.”

Rick and I quickly undressed. Throwing my underwear on my pile of clothes, I felt funny standing there naked. I looked over at Rick. His cock was large. I guessed maybe nine inches.

He leaned over to suck on Jan’s left tit. He quit long enough for them to lie down. I got on the other side and started sucking her other tit. Jan seemed to enjoy the attention. Rick reached for Jan’s pussy. He delicately masturbated the folds of her pussy. She started getting wet. With Rick’s hand down there, I moved to lick her pussy. Sometimes I licked Rick’s fingers, which seemed odd.

Rick nudged my cheek. I knew what he wanted and moved to the head of the bed. Jan moved onto her stomach. She raised her hips to give Rick a better angle. I watched her reach towards her pussy, she wanted to feel Rick’s cock as it entered. Jan turned around to me. She started playing with my cock and balls. She then started sucking my cock. The slurping noises really turned me on.

She stopped sucking my cock to let out a moan of canlı poker oyna pleasure. I looked back at Rick, he was pumping harder and harder. Before I knew it Jan was back sucking my cock. I was close to cumming. I was about to say something, when Rick let out a loud moan and said,

“Oh god I’m cumming!”

I could tell Jan was cumming again. She moaned louder then before. Rick rolled next to me. He watched Jan masturbate me faster and sucked my cock with more intensity. Within a short time I started cumming. Jan swallowed some of my juice and some dribbled down her chin.

The three of us relaxed on the bed. After a few minutes, Jan looked at Rick and said,

“Well was the reality as good as the fantasy?”

Not even thinking about his answer, Rick said

“Yeah and then some.”

Jan volunteered to get us something to drink, and got up to head into the kitchen. I grinned as I admired her body. Being large with a large bone structure, she had a big butt. I started to daydream about being between those luscious thighs. When she returned, she handed Rick and I a beer. With a sly look at Rick, she said,

“We lived your fantasy, now I want to see you fulfill a little fantasy of mine.”

A little leery, he asked,

“and what would that be?”

Jan set her beer down and crawled on the bed. Looking at me then Rick she answered,

“I want to see you suck Tim’s cock.”

Rick looked shocked. I could tell he was going to say something, but nothing came out. After a short silence, Jan said,

“Hey you guys like to see two women lick each other in the x-rated movies. Plus I was good enough to give you your fantasy.”

Rick looked at me and said,

“Okay with two conditions.” Looking at his wife, he continued, “You help me and the second condition, Tim return the favor.”

Jan agreed to give Rick a few pointer then asked me if I was willing to return the favor. I thought about it then, said “I’ve never done that before, but I suppose I could try.”

Jan looked at Rick then me and said, “Lie down and I will get Rick started.”

Jan moved to one side of me. Rick got on the other side. Jan started by grasping my cock moving her hand down she licked it, then sucked it. While starting a rhythm of sucking my cock, she moved her hand down to massage my balls. After a few more minutes of her expert sucking, she said to her husband,

“You finish, while I watch.”

Rick leaned down. Setting internet casino a hand on my thigh, his hand felt weird. I’d never had a man’s hand there before. He licked the head of my cock. He seemed timid. He licked down the under side of my cock. He moved his hand from my thigh to my balls. Rick sucking my cock. He seemed to be getting more comfortable with what he was doing. I looked over at Jan. She was sitting in a swivel rocker fingering her pussy. She seemed to be enjoying the show.

My mind went back to what Rick was doing. I was enjoying it so much; I forgot it was a man down there. I was getting close to cumming. I think Rick knew because he was moving faster. He was simultaneously sucking my cock while masturbating around the base. I started cumming. I thought about warning him, but it felt so good. I watched as he kept sucking. He swallowed some and let some roll down his chin.

Rick rolled on his back. Turning his head towards his wife, he started to say something, then just watched. Jan still had her hand between her legs. She let out a low moan and looked up. Rick asked

“Was the reality what you expected?”

At that point I started wondering if they had planned this ahead of time. I know Rick seemed shocked when she requested we fulfill her fantasy, but he could have been acting.

My thoughts were interrupted when Rick said,

“Your turn.”

I moved over to the other side of Rick; So Jan could have a better view. Rick leaned back and looked towards the ceiling. I reached down for Rick’s cock. It was large. I was almost scared. How was I going to get that in my mouth? I started slowly, I licked his balls and the base of his cock. Moving to the head, I licked a couple of times before sliding it between my lips. He was so big; I could barely fit the head in my mouth. I tried to take him deeper, but it stretched my jaw. I relaxed as he slid deeper. While I slid up and down on his cock, I played with his balls and the base of his cock. I sensed he was close to cumming and quickened my pace. I was concentrating so much on what I was doing I didn’t realize he was lightly hitting the back of my throat. I was beginning to enjoy it and decided to stop. I looked at Jan. She was watching intently

I went back to sucking Rick’s cock. I started to suck him as deep as before. I started to play with his balls again. He started to moan. I sensed he was about to cum. I started to release his cock. I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to cum in my mouth. Before I could release him, he started cumming. I swallowed some and let some dribble down the length of his cock. I leaned back to lie down. After we talked about the evening, I got dressed and went home.

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