Girls Tennis Coach Ch. 02

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Note from Slickman: I received a bunch of requests to keep this storyline going. Everyone in the story is at least 18 years old who are sexually involved. Make sure you are at least 18 as well and enjoy. Please read the Literotica rules concerning the copying and use of these stories and read “Girls Tennis Coach” first.

Steve dragged himself home that evening and discovered his wife’s voice message on his answering machine.

“Steve. Call me. It was not what you think it was. Bill was here but…. I don’t want to discuss this on the answering machine. Call me. I still love you very much.”

Steve played the message back two more times. It sounded as if she had been sobbing. His body was so tired from the sex he had with Ann and Tamara. Right now he didn’t have the energy to listen to his wife’s lies. He set his alarm and fell off to sleep. Before the alarm went off someone rang the doorbell. He struggled out of bed and wobbled to the door. He peeked through the peephole to see his wife Julie standing there. Shit. Not what he wanted. He opened the door.

“Why didn’t you call me back?” Julie asked as she moved around him not waiting to be invited in.

“Julie. You are not supposed to be here. That’s what a separation means. Separated.” Steve said loudly.

“You said your lawyer would call me tomorrow. Does that mean separated?” She asked as she walked around his room to see if she could find any evidence any woman had been there.

“OK. You want to talk about it. I call you and Billy Boy answers the phone. He goes into our bathroom and opens the shower door to notify you of a phone call. I suppose you were wearing your bathing suit when he looked into the shower.” Steve said as he walked into the kitchen to start up a pop of coffee. His head was hurting badly.

“No. But, that doesn’t mean we were sleeping together.” She said again almost in tears. “I was feeling down and had stayed home the past few days from work. I left my phone off the hook and didn’t want to talk to anyone. I missed you so much and was so depressed.” She wiped a tear from one eye.

“So you took off your clothes and invited Billy Boy over to wash your back.” Steve said with a forced laugh.

“Let me finish please.” She sobbed.

“Bill did come over because he was worried about me. I was a mess. I had not eaten for three days and stayed in bed most of the time. Yes. I invited him in because he insisted and would not leave.” She stopped and walked over in front of Steve.

“I have to confess we have been intimate but we have not had intercourse.” She said sounding like Bill Clinton. She did not say they did not have sex.

“See. I knew it.” Steve said. “That’s it. Just get out of my sight.”

“We were not intimate before you left. Sure, you thought we were but we were not.” She said moving back from him.

“When you left I was so alone. On the trip to Seattle I had too many glasses of wine and the next thing I knew I was sitting on Bill’s bed and we were kissing. I’m so sorry. I can’t explain why I did it.”

Steve poured a cup of coffee and sat down at the small table in the kitchenette. Julie came in and sat across from him.

“So, if you didn’t fuck him what did you do?” He asked not looking at her.

“We only kissed and touched.” She said quickly. “He wanted to do more but I said no.”

“A little late don’t you think?” He said smartly. “He touched your pussy?”

“Yes. And I touched him.” She said softly. “I don’t love him.” She added.

“But, you love his prick.” He said coldly.

“God. You are such an ass.” She said.

Steve thought about the sucking and fucking he had done the past few days and realized she was right. “Tell me everything.” He said feeling his prick starting to swell slightly.

“That’s it. We touched.” She replied. She did not want to get down into the graphic details.

“If you want me to forgive what you did you have to tell me everything.” He added.

“It’s only going to make you worse.” She said hoping he would drop his request.

“It’s going to make me worse if you don’t tell me.” He said.

Julie gulped and finished the story. “He touched me first on my breast. I told him no but I didn’t make him pull his hand away.”

She didn’t want to tell Steve just how good it felt. “He touched me there for a while and then tried to open my blouse. Again I said no but didn’t try to stop him.” Her face was now looking down as she confessed.

“He unbuttoned my blouse and took it off. We started kissing again and then his hand moved up under my skirt. I can’t do this.” She said stopping.

“Fine. Let yourself out.” He said as he stood to pour another cup of coffee.

“His fingers touched me on my panties and I lost control. They moved underneath and he touched my…..” She hesitated. “My vagina. I climaxed right away and it scared me. I stood up to dress and leave but he pulled me down on the bed lying next to him. We kissed some more and he took my hand and put it on him.” She knew Steve poker oyna knew where she meant.

“I squeezed him and thought it would be enough but he unzipped his pants and pulled it out.” Steve’s prick was now expanded to its max as she described her hand job on her young handsome boss.

“You jerked him off.” Steve said. “Was that it?”

Julie stopped and took a deep breath. “No. We were there two nights and the next night I told him we needed to stay in our own rooms. He knocked on my door after I was in my pajamas. I attempted to keep him out but he was getting loud in the hallway so I told him only a few minutes.”

“A real big effort you made to keep him out of your room.” Steve said sarcastically.

“I did.” She said. “After all he is my boss and I needed the job.”

“So you jerked off your boss to keep your job.” Steve laughed.

“God. You make it sound so bad.” She moaned.

“I do consider touching another man’s cock bad.” He said.

“Can I finish?” She asked. “I told you that you would take it worse.”

“No. Please continue.”

“We sat and talked for a long time. He told me had not met the right person and normally didn’t date at all. We talked about you and the jealously you have about me going on overnight business trips with him.”

“Good. You talked about me before you jerked him off. That makes me feel a lot better.” Steve gasped.

“I told Bill I loved you but was not sure if we would get back together. He said he thought we would work it out. That’s when he hugged me. I was so happy for a man to hold me I wasn’t even thinking about sex. But he was.”

“Go on.”

“He pushed me back on the bed and fell on top of me. I told him no and he stopped but didn’t get off. He asked me to touch him again.”

“And, of course, you were happy to oblige.” Steve laughed.

“I thought if I did it he would not pressure me into having intercourse with him. So, yes I jerked him off as you like to say. But, that’s all we did. I would not let him touch me again.”

“What a Saint you are.” Steve joked.

“To finish the story Bill came by that day and made me eat something. He was cooking some soup when you called on the phone. I wished he had not answered it and why he didn’t just hang up I don’t know. When he opened the shower door I told him to ask who it was. I hoped it was not you but it was.” She stopped and reached over to take his hands in hers. “Please forgive me.” She begged. “I still love you very much. I resigned from my job.”

Steve was not ready for the last few words. “You resigned?” He repeated.

“Yes. You are more important to me than any job. I hope I didn’t realize that too late.”

“Julie. I don’t know what to say.” Steve said. Her job was the killer in their relationship. He knew he had done a lot more screwing around than she did and he also knew she would not forgive him if he told her everything.

“Just tell me you still love me.” She said teary-eyed.

Steve thought about Ann and realized he really didn’t love her. He had only met her a few days ago. Yes. He did still love his wife.

“Yes. I still love you. But, I need some more time to think about all of what you told me today. We still have a month to finish our separation time. I think we both need to use that month and erase any doubts we might have about getting back together.”

“But, I’m afraid you might find someone else.” She said.

“I won’t.” He said as he stood by her and hugged her into his body. “Will you answer one question for me?”

“That depends.” She said smiling for the first time.

“Is Bill bigger than me?”

She shook her head not believing he would ask such a question. “No dear. He was not bigger than you. Especially now.” She said giggling as she reached down to grab the bulge in front of his pants. He jerked back and smacked her on her ass. They both laughed.

“At least call me.” She said as she leaned upward to kiss him.

“I will I promise.” He said as they broke their lips apart. Steve smiled as he watched her walk out the door. Maybe his marriage would work? This thought was short-lived when the phone rang. It was Gina.

“Coach. I’m at the school waiting for you to run with me.” She said.

“Sorry Gina. Something came up this morning. Go ahead and run but not as much as you did yesterday. I’ll be in shortly.” He hung up thinking about his anal sex with her. Damn, if he got back with his wife he would definitely have to give up the perks of this job. Unless he thought. She was involved as well. That would take some convincing and planning.

Steve made it in before 8AM and found Dana waiting in his office.

“Coach. This is your schedule for today.” She said handling him a sheet of paper. Steve looked at Dana and thought about what Gina had said about Dana and the previous coach having relations. He wondered if Dana was a virgin. From a male point of view that is.

Steve looked at the schedule. He had to set up a scrimmage match with a team canlı poker oyna in the next town. The team was late in everything and had to catch up quickly. He had to do at least one road scrimmage to see if they were ready. Dana brought him up on the specifics and he had everything he needed when he called the other coach. He was surprised to find out the coach was someone he had played with in College. “John Wilson? It’s me Steve Duncan.”

“Really? I lost track of you after your injury.” John announced. They forgot about tennis for a while and brought each other up on what was going on in their lives.

“That’s too bad about you and Julie.” John said.

“We talked last night and things just might work out.” Steve answered.

They finally got around to setting up the scrimmage which they made for the upcoming weekend. The team would travel on Friday afternoon and stay until Sunday. Steve put down the phone and saw Dana looking at him.

“Who rooms with whom?” She asked with a smile.

“We have 10 players, you and I. So I guess we will need 7 rooms.” He answered.

“We only have a budget for 4 rooms.” She said smiling.

“Do you think the players will mind sharing a bed?” He asked.

Her smile gave her away. “No. I’m sure they won’t mind at all.”

“Well, you set it up the way you want.” Steve said. He was going to try and make an effort to be good.

Ann stopped by his office after lunch.

“You coming by later?” She asked smiling.

“Actually I have something to tell you.” He said hoping she would take it in stride. He told her about his wife’s visit but left out the sex part with Bill. So, I have to make an effort to not have sex until we can get back together.” He answered.

Ann was upset at first but really didn’t think Steve and she was compatible. After he left last night Tamara and she stayed up most of the night and discussed their relationship. They ended up taking a shower together and had a great mutual oral sex performance before school started.

“What about the dude who answered the phone while she was in the shower?” Ann asked confused.

“She said they did no more than touch.” Steve replied. “After all who am I to complain?” He laughed.

She smiled. “Well. I’ll try to stay away but it’s going to be tough.”

Steve concentrated on that afternoon’s practice session and the three other practices that week. He made the girls work hard and made sure he was not alone with any of them in the office or locker-room. The bus trip was fun on Friday and the girls were anxious to play someone else besides their own teammates.

When they exited the bus Dana read off the room assignments. He, of course, had his own room and the rest of them were distributed into the other rooms. The problem came up when only two of the rooms had two double beds. Those rooms could accommodate eight players but it would leave three players to share a single double bed. Steve pulled Dana aside.

“What do you suggest?” He asked.

“I’ll be happy to share a room with Sarah.” She said smiling. Steve had forgotten about Sarah’s birthday which was that day. He also knew Dana wanted to show her the lesbian way of life.

“Who else would be in your room?” Steve asked suspiciously.

“Anne.” Dana answered. Steve remembered seeing Dana touching Anne on the massage table the first day on the job.

Steve looked at the list and walked away from Dana. He motioned for Tamara to come over to him.

“Dana wants to share the single bed room with Sarah and Anne.” Steve whispered.

“Figures. She’s been after Anne for some time and I’m sure she wants Sarah’s cherry.” Tamara whispered.

“What do you suggest?” Steve asked.

“I think Sarah should share a room with me and you.” She whispered.

“I can’t do that.” Steve whispered.

“Leave it up to me.” She said smiling. She took the sheet and moved over to talk to Anne. They made some changes on the paper and handed it back to him. Dana saw what was happening and almost ran to get the sheet before it made it to Steve. She was too late.

Steve read the names to himself first and then to the girls. Dana was pissed she did not get the room with Sarah and Anne. Tamara put herself in that room. Dana had to share a bed with Gina who did not turn her on. She grabbed her bag and the key from Steve’s hand and walked away mad.

Steve made his way to his room and collapsed on the bed. The past week had basically worn him out. He was dosing off when he heard someone knocking. He opened the door but no one was there. But, he could still hear the knocking. He closed the hallway door and realized someone was knocking on the door connecting the room next to his. He cautiously opened the door to see Tamara, Anne and Sarah standing there.

“Coach. We have the room next to yours. Isn’t that so cool?” Tamara said excitedly as she winked.

“And, I thought I would get some rest tonight.” He moaned. They laughed and pushed their way into his room.

“It’s internet casino Sarah’s birthday and we wanted to make it extra special. Right Anne?” Tamara said to the Notre Dame transfer.

“Yes. Extra special.” She grinned.

Steve looked at Sarah and noticed her blushing. Evidently Sarah was ready and willing.

“OK. But, after dinner. I have to get some rest.” He said as he escorted them back into their room. He made note of Sarah’s nice young round ass as she walked ahead of him. The door closed and he turned the deadbolt to lock it. He picked up the phone and called Julie.

“Yes. I’m on the road. The team will be scrimmaging another team tomorrow and early Sunday.” He said. “Yes. There are eleven girls on the trip with me and yes I do have my own room.” He said laughing.

“Are you alone?” He asked wondering if Bill was visiting again.

“I told you that was over.” Julie said.

“I know. I guess I can’t get the image of you jerking him off out of my head.” He said.

“It was not a big deal.” She said before realizing how it sounded.

He laughed. “Yes. You said it was not that big.”

“God. You are impossible. Where are you staying in case I might need you for something?” She asked hoping he would tell her.

“Hampton Inn. Silver City.” He answered. He told her he had to take the girls for dinner and hung up.

Steve knocked on the door next to his and Anne opened it a crack. “Are you ready yet for dinner?” He asked as he tried to peek over her head. He could see the mirror in the bathroom and it was steamed up. He thought he could see a pink form through the frosted shower door.

“No coach. Give us 30 minutes.” Anne said. “We are getting Sarah ready for her special night.”

Steve moved back and expected her to close the door but she opened it about a foot instead. He gasped when he saw Anne’s bare right breast and long pink nipple. “See you later coach.” She giggled as she closed the door. She had flashed him on purpose.

After the girls left the coaches room Tamara and Anne talked about Sarah’s birthday party while she was in the bathroom. Tamara had noticed Sarah watching her as she took showers in the locker room. She knew Sarah was interested in her. How much she didn’t know.

“Why don’t you take the first shower?” Tamara said to Sarah when she came from the bathroom.

“OK.” Sarah said as she grabbed her overnight bag and moved into the restroom. She started to close the door behind her but Tamara held it open. “One of us might have to use the sink.” She said. Sarah blushed knowing she would be naked in the shower while her teammates watched. So far she had been careful not to expose herself in the locker room when she showered. She normally wore a robe and waited until most everyone was gone. Nudity was something Sarah was not comfortable with.

Tamara pretended to wash her face while she peaked at the young girl getting undressed. Sarah faced away from her which was great because the girl’s ass was her best feature. Sarah turned to grab her shampoo when she saw Tamara looking at her naked front in the mirrors reflection.

Tamara smiled and Sarah quickly moved into the shower. Tamara and Anne quickly removed their own clothes and were moving to join Sarah when their coach knocked on the door. Tamara stood behind Anne and massaged her ass while she opened the door to talk to the coach.

“Show him your breast.” Tamara whispered in Anne’s ear. She grinned when Ann opened the door and did what she asked.

After the door was closed they moved slowly into the bathroom and looked at the pink figure in the frosted shower door. Tamara swiped her hand over the glass to get a better look. Good. Sarah was facing the other way.

Sarah was soaping her lower stomach and her hand was moving down into her soft pubic mound when she heard the shower door open. Before she could turn around she felt someone’s body push up against her own. She knew it was a woman because her soft breasts and hard nipples crushed against her bare dripping back.

“Anne and I thought you could use some help.” Tamara whispered in Sarah’s ear.

Sarah was too nervous and excited to talk as she stood rigid while four soapy hands started moving over her virgin body. Only her own hands had ever touched her like this. She lifted her arms to allow Tamara’s hands to slide under and around to cup her small breasts. She moaned.

“You like that don’t you?” Tamara asked as her fingers teased and pleased the girl’s soft orbs.

“You’re going to like this even better.” Anne laughed as she moved her soapy hand down Sarah’s side and across her stomach. When she touched her navel she headed directly south into her soft matted mound of pleasure. Sarah gasped when Anne’s fingers found her virgin clit.

“That feels so good.” Sarah moaned as she started feeling more relaxed. Her legs opened and the warm stream of water moved down between her breasts and Tamara’s fingers to the top of Anne’s wrist. Anne curved her hand to allow the gentle flow down into her hand and across Sarah’s pink slit.

“So what do you want for your birthday?” Tamara whispered as she sucked on the girl’s earlobe. “You want us to touch you until you come?” Sarah shook her head yes.

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