Giving In to Desire

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Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of incest or incest content.


My son Greg and I struggled to get on. He had come out a few months ago and I just couldn’t relate to him. I worked in construction and liked cars, women and sports. He preferred reading, watching cooking shows on tv and long walks. His coming out just made me feel even more distant from him.

Greg decided to take a year off before going to university, so I got him an internship where I worked. He hated it from day one, and he wasn’t great at the job either. He couldn’t do any of the physical building tasks, and he was hopeless when they moved him to a role finishing off the work. But my supervisors took pity and let him stay on and to his credit he struggled through, finally settling into office work.

One afternoon one of the younger guys working on welding went missing when I needed him. I found him in the break room. “Hey Dave,” he said as he poured a coffee. “How’s things?”

“Yeah fine, Ben. Where were you earlier?”

Dave grinned at me. “I had something to do.”

“What do you mean?” I asked. “You can’t just disappear.”

“Oh man,” he said. “I can’t really say.”

I got annoyed now. “I’m afraid I have to insist,” I told him. “We we’re struggling earlier.”

“Ok listen,” he said. “But you can’t tell any of the other managers.”

“What is it?” I asked, now really curious.

“One of the girls from the office is giving blow jobs in the basement, down where we’re storing a lot of the timber and dry cement. I was down there.”

I was really shocked to hear this. “She’s done it more than once?” I asked.

“Yeah man, for a couple weeks now. Almost daily. After 4pm, when the office girls leave. She’s there. I know three other guys plus me who have gone. Today was my second time. She’s fucking amazing!”

“Who is it?” I asked, now getting more than a bit turned on.

“No one knows,” Ben said. “We all have our guesses.”

“What do you mean no one knows?” I asked. “Do you switch the lights off or something?”

“No. She’s built the wood up and there’s a hole. A glory hole. Go get your dick wet!” he laughed.

“Uh no. I’m married, plus I’m management Ben.” He looked alarmed as I said that.

“Please don’t shut this down man. You’ll get every guy hating you. It’s harmless fun.”

I thought about this and agreed to keep quiet. But I was turned by the thought.

The next day I was in the office at leaving time for the girls. The main office closed at 4pm and we had a smaller crew doing urgent work from 4-6pm only. I looked around trying to work out which girl it might be. poker oyna There were five in the main office team, plus my son. ‘Hmm, I wonder if Greg knows?’ I thought, then remembered that even if he did I could never ask him.

Just then a thought hit me so hard I tought someone kicked me in the back. Greg. What if it was him? It couldn’t be. Could it? The guys would know surely. Or would they through that hole?

I tried to put the thought out of my head but I couldn’t. It made too much sense. I knew that he had been cruising in the local men’s room in the park, I caught him one day by chance. He also stopped getting a ride home after work with one of the girls who lived near us and started driving himself. He’d just disappear at the end of the day. But I’d still see his car sometimes when I was leaving at 6. When I asked him one day he said he was going to a friend’s house nearby.

The next afternoon I headed downstairs to see if I could spot the culprit. I was still hoping it wasn’t Greg, but I fully expected it. At about ten past four I heard steps on the stairs. I slid out of sight behind a stack of warped wood. Then I saw, it really was my son. I watched him with a mixture of shock and curiosity as he took the plank with the hole and secured it in place, then went behind a pile of dry concrete bags into the little room he built for himself.

I sat against the wall. My son was doing this. And the guys I worked with, straight, some of them really homophobic, were getting their dicks sucked by him, thinking he was a girl from the office.

I heard someone on the steps then, and I moved back into the shadows to stay out of sight. It was Dariusz, one of a few Polish workers who came over as apprentices on the project. He was one of the more homophobic guys, though certainly not the worst, but he was a womanizer. I could see why, he had a really nice body – tall, slim and toned, with a handsome face and a good head of jet black hair which he always brushed back with gel.

I watched him glance around the room and approach the hole. From my position I could only see Dariusz from behind but I could tell he was unbuttoning his jeans and then guiding his cock into the hole. I could physically see his body relax and I knew my son was now sucking him. Dariusz moaned softly and put his hands on top of the wood barrier in front of him. His hips were pressed against the boards, and then they started to move. I watched his hamstrings and ass muscles moving through the fabric of his jeans as he fucked the mouth on the other side of the hole.

My son, I thought. I’m watching Dariusz get a blow job from my son. I let that sink in, appalled canlı poker oyna at what I was seeing yet somewhat fascinated, like looking at a car crash as you drive past. A few more thrusts and I heard Dariusz catch his breath and stifle a groan as he unloaded in my son’s mouth. I watched him put his cock away, lean down and say “Thanks baby,” into the hole and then head back upstairs.

It wasn’t long before I saw Greg climb back out from behind his space and sneak back upstairs. I waited a bit to make sure he was truly gone before making my own way out.

The next week I was asked to collect some items from downstairs. I had been avoiding it so I didn’t accidentally bump my son. But it was first thing in the morning, before most guys got in, and I figured I was safe. I had actually left Greg at home because I had to run errands before work, which is why I got in so early. I made my way through the area with the glory hole and gathered what I needed. On the way back I saw the hole through the corner of my eye. I was curious how my son made all this happen and I set down what I was carrying and moved closer to see if I could figure out how this hole and hiding space was constructed. It was then that I saw a finger at the hole.

‘Holy shit. He’s actually fucking in there!’ I thought, panicked.

I took a step back, worried that he could see me, but then I realised no. The way the hole was constructed and where I was standing meant that he could only really see my boots. Anyway, if he saw it was his dad he’d be freaking out, not waving his finger at me.

I stepped closer again and that’s when I saw my son’s tongue through the hole. He then pushed his mouth up against it, wide open, begging to be filled. A wave of guilt passed over me – I *actually* was feeling horny at the sight of a hungry mouth begging to suck some cock.

‘It’s natural to feel like this,’ I told myself. ‘Especially since it had be so fucking long since I got a blow job.’

It had been years since I got my dick sucked properly actually, because my wife really hated doing it. Now my son was begging to do what his mother wouldn’t for me. I stepped closer again and the mouth at the hole moved again, making a sucking motion. I could now feel myself starting to get hard in my jeans now.

‘What the fuck is going on?’ I thought. ‘That’s your son, get the hell out of here,’ I told myself. There were more fingers in the hole, then the tongue and mouth again.

‘Shit, he really fucking wants it.’ I thought. ‘And so do you’ my sub-conscious told me. I thought back to Ben, and how he told me how good it was. I also thought about how much Dariusz enjoyed internet casino it. My subconscious kept talking to me: ‘You’re waaaay overdue for a blow job, man. Literally no one knows you’re down here right now. Not your wife. Not even Greg. He thinks you’re coming in later.’ The thoughts were swirling in my head right now. ‘You really need some head. Look at that mouth, offering a free blow job.’

I was so confused. I was annoyed with my son for doing what he was doing, and even more annoyed with myself for being so turned on by it. I looked around, it wasn’t even the official start of the day. Everywhere was empty and I was alone on this part of the site. The hungry mouth beckoned and my cock was rock hard for it.

On autopilot, I slowly stepped closer to the hole, undoing the buttons of my jeans and pulling my cock through the hole in my boxers and out of my jeans. I had to, in order to relieve the pressure. I was solid and dripping precum now, watching my son’s mouth make its inviting sucking motions. I stepped forward, and held my cock in my hand. I was in front of the hole, stroking now. The mouth was pressed against the hole, wide open. I forgot where I was for a moment and pushed the head of my cock toward the hungry mouth. It brushed against the lips and I let it hover there, the feeling of my son’s warm breath on my cock. How did I get this far?

I felt my son’s tongue meet the tip of my cock and lick some precum from the tip. Waves of pleasure pulsed through me and I forgot where I was. I gave in and pushed my hips forward, sliding my cock into the open mouth on the other side of the glory hole. My son had no idea this was his own disapproving dad’s cock sliding into his mouth, over his tongue and filling his mouth, and he started to give me an expert blowjob – it was the best fucking bj I’d ever had in my life. I loved my son’s tongue swirling around my cock and sucking me like he was worshipping it. He throated me and I gave into the pleasure, letting my son do his best work for me. Soon I was pushing my cock into his hungry sucking mouth, fucking his face through the hole like I’d watched Dariusz do.

I tried to hold back as long as I could, but Greg was so fucking good I found myself getting close after only a few minutes. Another wave of guilt passed over me, and I thought I should pull out and finish in my hand. But my son was so good at sucking my dick, and I as pushed deep into his throat, that did it. My balls tensed and I couldn’t control it. I starting to cum, pumping my huge load down his throat, which my son dutifully swallowed without missing a single drop. Every bit of the same seed that had made him.

I slid out of his mouth and he licked my dick clean. I packed it away and got out quickly, so I didn’t get caught and he couldn’t see it was me. I really could see why that hole was so popular now. And I knew I’d be back tomorrow.

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