Godson Ch. 1

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Chapter 1: Simon-Sez

I wasn’t too sure about what we had planned at first, but once Terrell convinced me I lost most of my jitters. What we eventually did could’ve gotten us both in a shit-load of trouble, but our 18-year-old hormones got the better of us.

We actually fucked my 40-year-old godmother, Nadean!

Just about everything went according to our plans. It was my cousin Terrell’s 18th birthday, and he had asked to hang out with me at “Dean’s” place that weekend. At first she didn’t want to go for it ’cause she’s always sayin’ that “T” is a bad influence on me. She never seemed to catch on that I was the one always thinkin’ shit up, while T was the one puttin’ it into motion! Guess she still thought of me as her “sweet little angel.”

That Friday after school we rushed home to set everything up in the den before she came in from work. T’s older brother got us some brews and some adult movies, and I made sure that the “extras,” like the blindfold, scarves and rope, were all hidden behind the couch. T also borrowed his brother’s video camera, which we “hid” on top of the VCR. We had some really kinky shit in mind for Dean.

Now don’t get me wrong, Nadean’s a really sweet lady, and a lot of fun. She never got married and never had any of her own kids. I certainly appreciate all that she’s done since my folks split up, lettin’ me stay with her whenever I wanted to.

It’s just that I’d had the hots for her since I was 10!

She looks really nice for an older sista. She wears her hair in a short afro, she’s light-brown skinned with hazel eyes. She’s also tall (about 5’11”) and a little on the thick side, and has the phattest titties and booty I’ve ever seen.

And the fact that she acts like such a straight-laced, church-goin’ type, made her that much more appealing. T always suspected that Dean was really a freak and tried to front like she wasn’t. I used to think she was a lesbian, ’til we went snoopin’ ’round in her room and found a big-ass black vibrator, and some really kinky bondage and S&M magazines.

That’s when I got my idea!

Dean got home at almost 5:30 on the dot, like she does every weekday. She almost never goes out, unless it’s to the store or to some church function. She has very few friends (she took me in ’cause she and my moms we’re friends from high school), and I’ve never known her to date anybody.

When she walked in we were down in the den watchin’ rented Kung-fu movies and havin’ pizza and brews. Dean didn’t mind if we had beer or wine, just as long as we didn’t get too loud or start drinkin’ the really hard stuff. Sometimes she’d have a drink with us, and that’s when I found out she was a real lightweight. After two brews, she was gigglin’ about silly shit, an’ if she had more than that she’d really start actin’ up.

Liquor made her horny too, ’cause almost every time after we’d had beer or wine with dinner I would hear her in her room later that night usin’ the vibrator!

Dean sat on the couch next to me and had a few brews. T was lying on the floor in front of us. We started off with a sci-fi flick and she watched the movie for about an hour an’ asked us to pause it while she stumbled upstairs to shower and change into her housecoat and slippers, which was her nightly ritual. This meant she probably wouldn’t be wearing underwear! We turned the lights low and kept our fingers crossed, anxiously waiting for her to come back down.

Twenty minutes later she came back wearing her favorite purple housecoat and robe, and those silly-ass pink-bunny slippers she loves so much. We could tell she was still a little tipsy ’cause she started gigglin’ about the lights bein’ off.

“Oooh! Y’all tryin’ to make this into a real movie-house, huh?”

While she was standing on the stairs T snuck a quick pick up her dress, from his spot on the floor. He gave me a wink and a “thumbs up,” which meant that she wasn’t wearing no panties.

Dean sat down next to me on the couch again and propped the “bunnies” up on my lap. She started gigglin’ again ’cause she knew that puttin’ her feet there annoyed me. But I just laughed it off and put my arms across her legs. T gave her another brew and made sure that she had a fresh one whenever she finished. She guzzled each of her drinks and we nursed ours.

After her fifth one I could tell she was startin’ to get a little loose. From the one lamp still on in the far corner I could see that her eyes were gettin’ glassy, and she’d let her robe fall open. I could see her left nipple poking through the thin cotton housecoat. And I started gettin’ hard with her feet wigglin’ on my lap. I pulled off the right “bunnie” and started massaggin’ her foot. She let out a soft moan to let me know she liked it.

T got up to change the video-tape, gave me a wink and pushed the record button on the video-camera.

“Wha’ ch’all gonna watch now…?” Dean slurred as she took another swig from her sixth beer.

“Somethin’ you might like!” T said as he sat on the floor in front of her with his back against the couch.

Dean poker oyna got even more comfortable watchin’ the flick, sinking deeper into the couch. Her left foot slowly slipped down my leg to the floor, leaving her thighs wide open. As excited as I was I played it cool so she wouldn’t know I was lookin’. I started kissin’ and suckin’ on her toes and slipped my left hand down to stroke her knee.

“Mmmm….that feel’s good, baby…” she purred.

Her right hand went behind her head and her left slipped over T’s head and gently stroked his chest. The robe came open even more.

“This’ real nice, boys…..I like when we c’n do this….”

The brews and the skin-flick T had put on were definitely starting to get to her.

T looked back at me and I winked at him. I nodded at him, lettin’ him know that everything was goin’ just fine, as long as we took our time and played it cool. I continued strokin’ and suckin’ Dean’s toes, while sneakin’ my hand up to her thigh. T put his right hand behind his head and strecthed a little, finding her left nipple with the back of his hand, which he genlty stroked without drawing her attention.

On the TV, an amatuer video was playin’ showin’ two sistas and a brotha. One of the sistas was bein’ tied up while the other two did whatever they wanted; spankin’ her, fuckin’ her, whatever! Dean’s eyes never left the screen; this rough-kinky stuff was definitely her thing. Every now and then she’d make a soft moan or comment in response to what she was watching or what we were doing.

“Mmmm….yes…mmm, yeah…do it…smack dat ass…”

My hand was now at the top of her thigh. I could feel her heat at the tips of my fingers and the smell of her sweet pussy was all over the room. T was softly pinching her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, and he’d taken her hand and put it to his mouth alternately suckin’ and lickin’ each finger. I could feel her thighs quivering and little beads of sweat were on her neck and forehead. I nudged T with my left foot and I nodded at him to make the first move.

Five minutes later he got up and went over to where I’d hidden the “extras,” and came back to stand just above where Dean’s head was resting.

“You OK, Dean?” he asked with a big smile, “You want another beer or anything?”

“Naw, I’m jus’ fine, honey…” she said reaching back to stroke his thigh, “I got ev’rything I need right here…”

“Well, we got a suprise for you…,” he bent and whispered into her ear, “why don’t you sit up for me so I can show you…”

“Wha’ kinda su’prise y’all got for me..?” she giggled as she slowly sat up.

“I think you’re gonna like this!” I smiled at her.

“OK… close your eyes.” T instructed her.

“OK…!” she giggled again, .”..I’m closin’ my eyes…”

Her robe was wide open, now and both nipples were standing at attention. The housecoat had bunched up at her waist and was only and inch below her pussy. Our eyes feasted on all this woman that was sittin’ there in front of us. My hands were shakin’ a little, ’cause I still wasn’t 100% sure that we could pull this off. But T again took the lead and I was able to relax and enjoy myself.

He walked behind Dean and placed a silk scarf over her eyes and tied it firmly behind her head. She didn’t say or do nothin’, just giggled a little.

“Is that too tight on you, Dean?” T asked her.

“No, it’s fine….” she replied, touching the blindfold with her left hand, .”..wha’ kinda su’prise is this anyhow…?”

“We’re jus’ gonna play a little game…” he assured her. .”..jus’ gonna have us some fun!” I always admired what a smoothe-talker T was. “You feel like playin’?”

“What we gonna play?” she giggled.

“You ever played ‘Simon-Sez’?” T asked, “well we’re gonna play ‘T & Leon-Sez’, OK? Whatever we tell you to do you gotta do, an’ if you do it right you get anotha surprise. But if you do it wrong you gotta pay a penalty…you got it?”

“What kinda su’prise an’ what kinda pena’ty I get?” she giggled.

“Let us worry about that.” I finally chimed in.

“OK, you jus’ sit back an’ relax…” T grinned as her turned the lights back up so we could see everything. The blindfold kept her from noticing that the room got brighter. .”..let us handle the rest!”

Dean layed back into the couch, still gigglin’ and smilin’….

T walked behind the couch and started massaggin’ her shoulders and nuzzling her neck and ears. She softly moaned her approval. He manuevered the robe down her arms….

“T-Sez, maybe you oughtta take this off…” he whispered in her ear.

She leaned foward and pulled her arms from the robe.

“That was good!” T approved, “you gonna do jus’ fine, Dean!”

My ‘jimmy’ was jumpin’ aroun’ in my sweats jus’ beggin’ to get out! T motioned for me to do something besides stand there lookin’ stupid. I went over to the VCR and got the camera to get some close-ups of what was going on. T mugged and played to the lens.

“Ooooooh…! You boys’ are makin’ me feel all tingly…!” she giggled canlı poker oyna like a schoolgirl.

She rhythmically opened and closed her legs, teasin’ me with quick glimpses of her pussy. I panned the camera from her toes up her long smooth legs to her firm, thick thighs. I got down on my knees and leaned in to get a real close-up of what she was flashing us between her legs.

T had moved from her shoulders to her titties. He had both hands full, squeezing and kneading her breast and rolling her nipples between his fingers. Dean’s giggles had turned to moans, and she was getting louder and louder!

“Mmmmmm….. oooh, yeah! You gonna haveta stop doin’ this to me… This ain’t right…. Y’all are makin’ me all wet…! …Ooooooo, right there baby, jus’ like that….!”

“T-Sez, stand up for us Dean.” T softly commanded. She slowly stood, still a little wobbly from the alcohol.

I almost busted a nut right there in my pants! T was a lot smoother; he’d had a lot more experience with girls than I did. He pulled Dean’s arms up over her head and started to pull off the housecoat. She allowed it to slip over her head without puttin’ up any fuss…

I stood up and slowly walked around her recording every inch from head to toe. This wasn’t the first I’d seen Dean naked. I’d peeked in on her in the shower at least two or three times, but that was the closest I’d ever been to her when she had almost nothing on.

The only thing she still wore was that one bunny-slipper on her right foot. T thought it was kinky and wanted her to keep it on.

T stood close behind her, rubbing both hands over her thighs and ass. Dean stood there biting her bottom lip, her arms crossed under her huge titties as she leaned back into him.

“So, Dean,” T whispered into her ear. “what you think we oughta do with you now?”

“I dunno…” she moaned, “…whatever y’all want I guess.”

Right then and there I busted my first nut of that evening. I couldn’t help myself! Just thinkin’ that this sexy, middle-aged sista was gonna let both our horny, teenaged black asses do anything we wanted to her was too much for me to handle!

Cummin’ in my pants hit me so suddenly that I almost dropped the camera (we all got a good laugh at my blooper shots when we watched the tape later). T shrugged it off and motioned for me to go get cleaned up. I put the camera back on the VCR and went to the bathroom, still a little embarrased that I’d lost it so soon.

I pulled off my sweats and wiped my jimmie and legs clean. Since my sweats were all sticky (and figurin’ I’d be taking them off anyway!) I went back into the den wearin’ nothin’ but my t-shirt. My jimmie didn’t let me down and was back at attention by the time I go back to the action.

When I got back to the room, T was out of his shorts too and was standin’ in front of Dean strokin’ his cock. I got the camera and went back to work.

“OK, Dean,” T said, “get down on your knees.”

She did as she was told.

“Uh-oh!” T said shaking his head, “I didn’t say ‘T-Sez’…. now you gotta pay the penalty!”

I had no idea what kind of ‘penalty’ T had in mind. By this time Dean was so hot and horny that I don’t think she cared what it would be anyway.

“T-Sez, stand up,” he commanded.

She stood.

“T-Sez, turn around.”

She turned.

“T-Sez, squat an’ grab your ankles.”

She part her legs and squatted like she was gonna take a shit, and reached down to firmly grab each ankle, leaving all that phat, high-yella ass wide open.

“Every time you break the rules,” T informed her as he winked at the camera, “this is the penalty you gotta pay!”


T gave her two hard, open-handed slaps across both ass cheeks! I think I was just as shocked and surprised as Dean was, but she wasn’t upset and let out a soft gasp and a moan.

T had figured that anybody who reads those kinky-ass S&M books must really be into that shit. And this was further proof that Dean really was!

“You OK, Dean?” T asked rubbing and squeezing her still smarting ass.

“Yes…I’m fine….” Dean answered. She seemed like she was short of breath.

“OK, so let’s try this again,” T smirked. “Stand up Dean.”

She’d already straightened up, before she realized she’d just earned herself another penalty.

“Awww, Dean…penalty, baby, penalty!” T laughed. This time he motioned for me to come over and give Dean her punishment.

“This time, you gotta pay your penalty to Leon.” He told her as he took the camera from me.

I hesitated at first, but when Dean grabbed her ankles again, and I saw all that phat booty sittin’ right there in my face…


“Oh..! Yes!” she whispered softly through her teeth. Dean was just as turned on by this as we were.

I did just as T did and got myself a handful of her ass, allowing my fingers to slip into her wet pussy.

“We’ll try this again.” T informed her, handing the camera back to me. “T-Sez, Dean get on your knees.”

She knelt.

“Now, Dean, you know internet casino it’s my brithday, right?” T asked standing with his jimmie inches from her face.

She nodded.

“An’ Lee tells me you c’n sing yo’ ass off.”

She nodded again.

“T-Sez, sing me ‘Happy Birthday’…,” T smiled as he pressed his dick into her mouth, “while you suck on my dick!”

She sang and sucked, taking his dick in both hands.

“Happy Birthday to you…-slurp-suck-…Happy Birthday to you…-suck-slurp-…Happy Birthday dear Terrell….-slurp-suck-….Happy Birthday to you…!”

“That’s good, baby,” T interrupted, “T-Sez, jus’ keep on suckin’ for right now.”

She kept on suckin’ an’ slurpin’ away at T’s 10-inch johnson. I walked around them getting as many shots from as many angles as I could, jus’ like I’d seen in the porno-flix. I’d take the opportunity to squeeze on her titties or play with her pussy whenever I got close enough.

“Yeah, bitch!” T growled through clenched teeth, “T-Sez, suck his dick! Suck it good!”

Dean moaned and sucked like his dick was made of real chocolate. Sweat was pourin’ down T’s face and he had both hands on the back of her head and started fuckin’ her mouth like he was goin’ crazy.

“Oh, shit! I’m cummin’!” T announced as he pounded away. “T-Sez, swallow it! Swallow it all, bitch!”

T came long and hard, and Dean did just as he ordered her to. She swallowed every ounce of his jism, only allowing a few drops to spill down the sides of her mouth.

I was just as much in shock as I was turned on. Even in my wildest wet dreams I’d never imagined that Dean had this side to her.

“Now it’s Leon’s turn….” T told us as they caught their breath. Both he and Dean were covered with sweat.

“Go’on, slim!” he said to me as he took the camera, “work that shit!”

Dean wiped the remaining cum and sweat from her face as she rested back on her hands. Her nipples were standing fully erect on her large, slightly saggin’ tits. I admired her body for a few seconds, tryin’ to decide what I wanted to do first. Then it came to me.

“Leon-Sez, stand up.” I told her as I helped her to her feet.

I had her wait there a few seconds while I grabbed a few of the “extras” from behind the couch. I came back with three of Dean’s silk scarves and a 3′ broom handle I’d gotten at the hardware store.

“Leon-Sez, put both hands strainght out.”

With a small smirk on her face, she did as I said. I took one of the scarves and firmly tied her wrists together.

“Leon-Sez, spread your legs.”

Her smirk turned into a big grin as she spread both legs as wide as she could without loosing her balance. Remembering something that I’d seen in one of Dean’s S&M magazines, I firmly tied both of her ankles at each end of the broom handle. This would keep her pussy and ass wide enough for the things I wanted to do!

“Get on your knees.” I told her.

Still smiling she started to get to her knees.

“I didn’t say, ‘Leon-Sez’…!” I told her, “an’ you know what that means, right?”

Without hesitating, she squatted and grabbed the broom handle with both hands, letting out a sigh as she awaited her punishment. T was crackin’ up laughin’ while he taped the whole thing.

I got down on my knees behind her, so that Dean’s ass and pussy was wide-open right there in my face. I was in heaven!

I took one ass-cheek in each hand and spread her open even wider. Then I stuck my whole face up in there! I’d seen a woman get ‘eaten-out’ in the porno-fix and always wanted to try it. The few girls my age I had been with wouldn’t let me, but now I was with a grown woman who was willin’ to let me do anything I wanted!

Dean’s pussy tasted kinda like Cream-o-Wheat; smooth, but with no real taste or flavor at all, but a little salty, which was probably the sweat. She smelled like peaches, which was probably the shower stuff she likes to use.

I probed around her pussy with my tounge, deep inside the lips, in her short pussy-hairs, inside her open ass-hole, rockin’ the ‘little-man-in-the-boat’. She moaned louder each time my tounge found some place new to lick and suck.

And jus’ to let her know that I hadn’t forgot…


“Oh…!” she gasped as I cracked her left ass-cheek.


“Uhhnn…yeah!” she groaned when I smacked her on the right one. I rubbed and squoze each cheek after I smacked it. I slipped my left hand down to pinch her nipple, which was almost hangin’ down to the floor.

I started probin’ more into her ass-hole, and each time she’d inch away or try an’ tighten her ass up. This only made me want to go deeper in there!

“Leon-Sez, open your ass an’ stop movin’!” I said tryin’ to sound forceful.

“But…I don’t want you to do that, baby…,” she pleaded.

I was actually more turned on by her beggin’! I was definitely NOT gonna stop!


“Leon-Sez, stop movin’ bitch! Keep your ass still!” I ordered.

“Go ‘head, Leon!” T encouraged.

Dean did exactly as I said. She put her hands flat on the floor in front of her for more balance, and relaxed her ass-muscles. I stuck the tip of my tounge as far up her ass as it would go! After a few seconds she got more and more into it, angling her hips to give me even more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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