Good Girl Gone Bad Ch. 05

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Chapter Five: Meeting the Neighbors

I pulled apart the cardboard base of the last box, collapsing it into a flat sheet, before easily sliding it into the other collection of boxes set to be recycled. After two days of unpacking, Dennis and I were finally settled into our new house.

It was much nicer that our cramped apartment. It was two floors, with a furnished basement and attic space. The three bedroom and two and half bathroom house was situated in a small, quiet neighborhood with a good school district. It was a great starter home for a couple like us.

The move was especially needed for me. Since our wedding, I had been going on a cheating bender, finding sexual satisfaction in any man, even strangers. I was ashamed of my behavior and afraid of it ruining my marriage to Dennis, but I couldn’t stop. My physical needs were overpowering my mind. I needed to get away from the city life and the ease of access to a multitude of willing men.

I had two hours before Dennis was due home for work. I decided with the house fully unpacked, I was going to make a nice dinner to celebrate the move. It was the least I could do to pass the time and keep my mind off my sordid affairs.

By the time Dennis had arrived home, I had prepared his favorite dinner of grilled lemon chicken with green beans and a baked potato.

“Liz, this is amazing. What’s the occasion?”

Oh, just kissing up to you for fucking four guys in the last month, I thought. I had to stop dwelling on this. It wasn’t going to help my marriage if I kept living in the past.

“The house is completely unpacked, so I thought I’d make a nice dinner since I had a lot of free time,” I finally replied with a coy smile.

Dennis wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me into him.

“Look at you, my little house wife. You’re perfect.”

He gave me a quick kiss before pulling away to change out of his work clothes and wash up for dinner. As he did that, I poured him a glass of white wine and lit the candles at the the dinner table. It was a romantic setting.

Dennis came back into the room and promptly sat at the table, famished. As we ate, we enjoyed the standard dinner conversation. It was boring and I found my mind occasionally wandering to other things, like Jack and Alex.

The last time I saw Jack, I was leaving my apartment for the last time. He gave me a heartbroken look as I passed him in the lobby for the final time. Although he hadn’t told Dennis about my infidelity, he was unable to forgive me for seducing him. I was upset that I had let my animalistic desires break up our friendship. I knew it would never recover and had accepted that. It still didn’t make me feel any better about what I had done.

Alex was an even more painful memory. My wedding day lover and the ultimate betrayal to Dennis. Not only had I broken my marriage before it had begun, I had caused a rift between Dennis and Alex. According to Dennis, Alex moved out of state soon after our wedding and had all but cut off every member of our group. Dennis had chocked it up to his job, but I knew the truth. It had been my fault, but it was not clear as to the exact damage I had done.

“Liz, what do you think?”

“Huh?” I responded, finally coming back to reality.

“I said how do you think this room would look painted red? I think it would look nice with the new dining room table.”

“Oh, yea. That would be lovely.” I forced myself to forget my thoughts and focus on this time with my husband.

After dinner, Dennis and I moved to our living room, cuddling up on our couch to watch a movie. These moments together had been rare as of recent, so I was savoring this time in my husband’s arms.

Halfway through the film, Dennis turned to me and kissed me gently. It was sweet and loving. He pushed himself on top of me, forcing me to lie on the couch.

The kiss grew more aggressive with each passing second, until Dennis pushed his tongue deep into my mouth. He swirled his tongue around mine, curving it around my mouth. My hands found their way to his face and I pulled him away. He looked down at me confused.

“Dennis,” I started, unsure of what I was going to say. Part of me wanted to fess us, but the small tingle between my legs was making it difficult to succumb to the logical thing.

“I really, want us to. You don’t know how badly I need it,” I whispered in my seductive voice.

“Go upstairs, baby,” Dennis smirked. “I’ll shut everything down and be up in a minute.”

With a smile, I bounded up the stairs to our new master bedroom. I stripped entirely and laid on the bed in a sexy pose. I was guaranteeing Dennis would not be backing out of this.

When he walked into the room, his eyes lit up in surprise. I beckoned him forward with my finger and he happily obeyed, removing his shirt in the process. He reached me on the bed and pushed me back, positioning himself between my legs.

He started kissing me again, his lips sliding against escort ataşehir mine. His hands went to my exposed breasts, massaging and playing with them. His thumbs twisted and pulled at my nipples. I was growing wet from the attention and panted against his mouth in response.

His finger slid down my torso, barely touching my skin, eventually stopping between my legs. His fingers touched my wetness, rubbing against the exterior of my dripping lips.

“Oh God, Liz,” Dennis groaned, dropping his face between my legs. Instantly, his tongue was licking the outside of my aching pussy. I moaned as pleasurable pressure built up in my body.

My hand moved to the back of Dennis’s head, pushing his face deeper into me until his tongue finally plunged into me. I gasped and writhed and he brought his finger to my clit, circling it to bring me closer to my climax.

Dennis was a master manipulator of my pussy. His tongue alternated between stroking my inside walls and fucking me like his cock soon would. My orgasm was climbing higher as he continued to pleasure me. Instinctively, I ground my pelvis against his face, but Dennis stilled my hips, keeping control over me.

“Liz, I can’t wait anymore. I need inside you now,” Dennis said, undoing his pants to free his six inch member.

I bit my lip, scared of how my body would respond to his smaller size. I had gotten used to massive cocks in the last month. What if Dennis was no longer enough for me?

I gasped as Dennis filled me in one stroke, a groan of pleasure escaping his throat. He didn’t move for a minute. His eyes were closed as he tried to focus himself. Finally, his pelvis pulled back and he began to slowly make love to me.

His thrusts were slow but hard, filling me with every stroke. My climb was slowed and I tried to increase the pace with my own insistent hips, but Dennis wouldn’t allow it. I knew if we kept this up, I was never going to get my release.

To aid myself, I twisted and pulled my left nipple while my right hand stimulated my clit. I closed my eyes as I pleasured myself, getting lost in the moment. As time passed, the memory of Alex crept back into my mind. As much as I tried to expel him, my orgasm was so close, I couldn’t.

“Oh Liz, I love watching you touch yourself. Don’t stop doing that,” Dennis panted, slamming into me harder and increasing his pace.

I was almost there. I couldn’t control my thoughts but I wasn’t fighting them anymore. I remembered Alex’s lips on mine, gliding over them like silk. His hands over my breasts, teasing and caressing them. His fingers teasing my aching pussy. His long, thick cock driving into me.

The memories in combination with my own teasing and Dennis’s dick became too much for me. I cried out, as my body was racked with an orgasm. Warmth spread through me and my walls tightened around Dennis.

“Oh, fuck,” I heard him cry out, as he stilled inside of me, dumping every drop of himself in me.

We were both covered in sweat and panting wildly as we came back down from our respective highs. Dennis looked in my eyes, lovingly for a moment before pulling out and walking away to clean himself up.

I laid on the bed, fulfilled, but guilt ridden. I was ashamed that I needed the memory of another man to bring me satisfaction. I knew that I was damaging my relationship, but I didn’t realize that in just a month I had caused so much.

My heart sank. I was hurting Dennis and he didn’t even know it. I was a horrible wife.

Dennis returned from the bathroom and slid into bed, pulling the covers over him. I maneuvered back and joined him beneath the bedding.

“Liz, you’ve been taking your pill, right?”

“Yea.” If I wasn’t, I sure as hell wouldn’t know who the father was, nor would I be able to find half of the guys I slept with.

“Good. I’ll try to be better about the condom next time,” he said, pulling me in close. “God knows were not ready for a child yet.”

The baby talk was definitely not helping my mood. I felt a deeper pit in my stomach thinking of how stupid I had been and if I hadn’t been careful, what the repercussions were.

Soon, I heard Dennis’s gentle snoring in my ear. It took me hours to calm my mind enough to fall asleep, but when I did, I wasn’t dreaming of my husband.


Domestic life wasn’t as great as Dennis had led me to believe, in fact it was down right boring. It never took me long to clean the house because we always picked up after ourselves. I wasn’t the type of person who enjoyed sitting around all day, so TV was out of the question.

After Dennis and I got married, he insisted I stay home and be a house wife. Even though I had a college degree in health and wellness, he didn’t want me to worry about work. He was preparing me for my life after we had children, but there was a problem with his logic. We didn’t intend to have children for at least five years. I was going to have to spend the next five years of my life being mind numbingly kadıköy escort bayan bored because my husband wanted me to be.

I had tried to argue the point with Dennis, saying that work was good for me. I also used the student loan approach, but he wasn’t buying it. He wanted me to stay home and there was no point in fighting him.

Boredom was not something I needed in my life. With Dennis spending many late nights at work, I was in desperate need for release, which he was unable to give me. I was on edge daily and there was very little I could do to calm my nerves.

I decided I needed a distraction. I put on a stringy white bikini and pulled my bleach blonde hair back into a ponytail, before grabbing a book and heading out back to the pool.

Our in ground pool was fairly large considering the size of our property. There wasn’t much of a yard in the back and what limited space we did have was dedicated to the patio and lounge area.

The patio had a grill in the far corner and a fire pit in the middle. I pulled one of the lounge chairs away from the pit and into the sunlight, before sitting down and pulling on my sunglasses. It was a beautiful day and I didn’t want to stay inside. I figured I needed to work on my tan and what better way to distract my mind than with a book.

I started to read my novel, but I barely made it through the first page when the familiar ache started to grow. I shook my head, trying to refocus my mind again, but it worked only for a moment. I must’ve reread the same passage five times before giving up.

I put my book down, frustrated. I laid back and soaked in the sun, trying to keep my mind completely blank, but it wasn’t happening. My thoughts kept racing back through my recent memory, stuck on repeat of my scandalous behavior. The ache between my legs was worsening and I squirmed to try and abate it.

I tried to think of Dennis, the love of my life. I tried to think of the happy memories of our relationship, of all the intimate moments we had together. I figured if I was going to feel this way, it should be caused by the thought of my husband, but as soon as I focused in on him, my mind would spin to one of the other men. Soon, my mind was cycling through them, until my mind was permanently stuck on Alex.

He was all I could think about: his piercing green eyes locked with mine, his muscular arms enveloping me, his messy brown hair soaked in sweat as he pounded into me. I remembered the feeling of his lips upon mine and the feeling of his fingers exploring deep inside me. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to relive it.

My backyard was obscured thanks to two large trees, and blocked the view from the street and any of my neighbor’s windows. The fence also provided some protection on the ground level from passersby, so I didn’t feel too exposed why my hand began to wander.

My hand slipped beneath my swimsuit bottoms and found my overly sensitive clit. I gently circled the nub to the thought of Alex. It had only been one time, but the memory of what we had done was incredibly erotic. Being taken by my husband’s best friend in our marital bed. I could only imagine what it was like watching me pleasure myself to thoughts of him. He would enjoy seeing me now.

I slipped a finger inside of my wet pussy, while my palm rubbed against my clit. I gasped at the sensation of being filled and my body ached for more.

I was so engrossed in what I was doing, I hadn’t been aware he was there until I felt his hands slid up the outside of my thighs to my swimsuit bottoms. It took me a moment to realize what was happening as I enjoyed his touch. When I finally came to, I ripped my hand away from my pleasure and opened my eyes.

Kneeling beside me was a man, probably in his thirties, in a sweat soaked, white shirt and ripped jeans. He wasn’t overly muscled, but was in fairly good shape. He had short, messy brown hair that was covered in sweat, and beautiful baby blue eyes.

I said nothing to him as his hands rested on my swimsuit bottoms and he said nothing to me. He looked into my eyes, waiting for me to stop him, but I did nothing. I was paralyzed, but I didn’t know why.

Without protest, the man slipped my bikini bottoms down passed my knees, completely exposing my wet, shaved pussy. My breath quickened, unsure of what to do or say.

The stranger’s hand traveled up the inside of my thigh very slowly, only glancing my skin. I twisted in my chair from the erotic touch as his hand climbed higher up my thigh, until it rested directly between my legs.

I let out a sigh as he grazed my clit several times, gauging my reaction. I knew it was wrong, but it was so hot, I didn’t want to stop him.

Without warning, he slid one of his thick fingers into my hole. I threw my head back and moaned as he slowly moved inside of me, twirling his finger around in me.

After a few minutes, he pushed another one inside me and I moaned even louder, bordering on a scream. escort bostancı The man clamped a hand over my mouth and shushed me to be quiet. I nodded as he continued to torture my insides.

The whole situation, coupled with his powerful fingers was taking my arousal to new heights.

“Faster,” I moaned, desperate for release.

He chuckled before complying, slamming into me faster with the same force. His thumb was placed on my clit, keeping constant stimulation. Everytime he pushed into me, his thumb would push up on my clit and everytime he pulled out, he would release his pressure on my nub.

My head was tossing wildly as I tried to stifle my moans of pleasure. Suddenly, my body arched up, and heat coursed through me. My juices coated the stranger’s thick fingers, which he kept inside me until I had finished riding my orgasmic wave.

When he removed them, he brought his fingers to his lips, cleaning them. He groaned at the taste of my juices, before standing up and gazing into my eyes.

I sat up, weakly in my chair, taking in every inch of the six foot tall man. He brought my hand outside his jeans and I could feel the massive hard on beneath the denim. I wanted to take him in my mouth and coat every inch of his cock with my tongue, but it wasn’t going to happen.

The sound of tires rolling over gravel broke our gaze. With a smile, the man brought a single finger to his lips, requesting my silence, before heading to my neighbor’s fence, and climbing over. I couldn’t believe the situation. My neighbor had just snuck over my fence and fingered me in my backyard. There was an eroticism hidden beneath all fucked upness of the situation, but I didn’t have time to ponder it.

I ran into the house and nearly crashed into Dennis as I rounded the corner into the living room.

“Woah, Liz, where’s the fire?”

“Sorry, sweetie,” I said flustered. I was still a little worked up from my experience with the stranger in our backyard.

“What’s the rush?” he asked.

“I didn’t realize how late it was. I was reading out back and got lost in the story. I’ll just hop in the shower real quick and then I’ll get started on dinner.”

“That’s okay, sweetie. I’ll probably grab some leftovers and head to bed,” he said kicking his shoes off.

“Are you sure?”

“Yea, I have to go back at work early tomorrow.”

“Oh,” I said, disheartened. “Okay.” I knew it was going to be another lonely night for me.

I followed Dennis to the kitchen to catch up with him. I had very few moments in the day with him, so I wanted to spend some time with him today.

“I met our neighbor, Annie, on my way home today. She invited us to dinner tomorrow night at her house.”

“That was nice of her. Do you think we’ll be able to go with work?” I asked. Dennis was always on call and I didn’t want to accept an invitation if he was going to have to bail.

“I get done at eleven tomorrow morning, so I should be fine for dinner at seven-thirty. I’ll be sure to grab a nap when I get home just to be safe,” Dennis said, moving around the kitchen.

Dennis continued to speak excitedly about meeting our new neighbors while he gathered his food. All the while my mind was wandering to my unknown neighbor who had just spent ten minutes with his fingers buried deep inside me. The memory was making me wet and I twisted and writhed in my chair trying to get comfortable. I had to hide my arousal from Dennis, which I was finding increasingly difficult in this skimpy bikini.

By the time Dennis had finished his food, my swim bottoms were completely soaked. I wanted to slip my hand beneath the waistband again and push myself to another orgasm, but I couldn’t. Not with Dennis here and certainly not to the memory of a stranger fingering me.

None the wiser, Dennis gave me a quick kiss goodnight and headed upstairs to bed. I slipped out onto the patio, hoping the fresh air would clear my mind. What the hell was I doing? How depraved and desperate was I getting that I would let a complete stranger finger me without so much as a single word being uttered?

I thought I was safe now, away from the city, but I wasn’t. My own home couldn’t protect me from my deviant thoughts and behaviors. I pushed my face into my hands and cried. I had broken my vow to stop cheating, but worse, I was breaking my vows to my husband to be his loving wife.


“Are you just about ready to go, sweetie?” Dennis asked.

I was putting on the finishing touches to go meet our neighbors. Dennis had been incredibly excited to socialize with the people in our neighborhood, but I didn’t share his enthusiasm. I was still flustered about what had happened yesterday with my next door neighbor. I didn’t know which neighbors we were meeting and I was scared of meeting the one who had pleasured me in my backyard.

For the event, I decided to wear a simple summer dress. It was white with blue and yellow flowers at the bottom corner of the skirt, which fell just above my knees. It had thin straps and the top gave only a hint of cleavage. My blonde hair was pulled back into a low, messy bun, with a few strands of hair escaping around my face. The only makeup I wore was brown eye shadow and eyeliner to make my blue eyes pop.

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