Grey Hair Ch. 04

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I pulled into Morada Bay and found a place to dock the boat. You looked right at home, working the lines and tying us off as I put the fenders out. We made it just in time for the game to start. Grabbed the last table available. As you watched with excitement, you attempted to explain the difference between rugby and American football. As you watched Scotland fall to France, you seemed a little off your usual cheery self. As it was late, I suggested we stay the night…or longer. We were able to conjure up some great excuses.

We walked across the highway to beautiful Moorings Village ( I loved that location because you can see both the sunrise and sunset from the same spot. It offers solitude in a beautiful tropical garden.. I was surprised to find that they had my favorite cottage available. The Maroni House is not only one of their largest, it is the only one with a direct Ocean View. And a huge hammock on a semi private beach. I remembered that you only had the clothes you were wearing. We stopped at the Mayu Beach Boutique.. We were able to find a lovely swimsuit, some soft linen bostancı escort bayan Island dresses. However, they didn’t carry any underwear or lingerie.

The thought of no panties under those dresses meant I had access to that lovely pussy at most anytime. That vision was turning me on. When we got to the cottage, you were delighted to see the hammock. You slipped into the bathing suit and hopped on the hammock. You closed your eyes as you felt the sunshine, and the warm ocean breeze caress your body.

I poured myself a drink at stared at you through the window. As I thought to myself how lucky I was to have these moments. My eyes to you in, from your neck down to those creamy white thighs. I snapped back to reality as I knew you were so fair skinned; this Florida sun would burn you to a painful bright red.

I grabbed the sunscreen and headed out to the hammock. I think you were dozing as I started rubbing in on your shoulders, down your stomach and down to your thighs. As I was rubbing them, I felt a stirring in my trunks. You turned over on the hammock, and I started to rub the back ümraniye escort of your neck , cover your back, down the back of your thighs and kept being drawn to your ass.

I slid my hand up in your suit and squeezed and rubbed your ass. I slid my finger down your rear to explore your pussy. It was wondrously wet. My cock was painfully locked in my trunks and I knew I had to fuck you right there. To take you on that hammock as soon as I could. I knew people may wander by, and we may get caught. But that didn’t matter. And the name of my yacht was ANYTHING GOES, for a reason.

I pulled your legs around off the hammock and positioned you, so that you could lean back with your heels in the sand…rock back and forth like in a swing. I fingered your clit a little harder than in the past. I wanted to fuck you so bad, I had to get you to the same level. By now you were soaked and very ready. I looked around and didn’t immediately see anyone. So I yanked down the shorts that were part of your two piece. I pulled my trunks down to my knees.

I pulled the hammock forward, and my swollen thick cock dived kartal escort into your pussy. When you realized you could push back and forth, like a kid in a swing. But with a cock waiting for your pussy to land on it. You increased the motion. You pulled back, and slammed forward, back and forth, back out, forth in. Each time my cock was completely out, then in to the hilt. It was driving me crazy…and I needed to fuck you deeper and harder, and grabbed your ass in the hammock and rocked you and fucked you as deep, hard and fast as I could. I heard a little clink, like glass or crystal. But I was too lost in the moment to care.

When you heard the same noise, you opened your eyes and peeked over my shoulder. You noticed a couple on the balcony. They raised a glass to toast our antics, and for some reason that made you even hotter and ready to cum. And when I felt that wetness, and your body shudder, that was all I needed…and came in great spasms that I felt from my toes to my balls. You whispered that we had an audience, but they had already gone into their room.

I hopped on the hammock and threw a towel over our well used parts. We hugged and dozed in the hammock. And I thought to myself that I was delighted to be here with you at that moment. Then thought about some special toys I had picked up at the Pleasure Chest, a shop on US 1. It was going to be a memorable few days.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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