Groomed for daddy sex. by Frida

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My early life and staying with my daddy

I watched ‘Pretty Baby’ starring Brook Shields, daddy told me he was going to name me Brooke as I resembled her back then at the same age, even his friends when they came around to drink beers, would say the same and hint if I looked the same as her in some of the scenes. Truth was I did, and bending down deliberately in front of some of them let them see how flat chested I was, even it it meant showing my pink nipples, yes I was a flirtatious little l****a, daddy would whisper into my ear as we cuddled together on the settee, watching a movie.

We were alone and he was my sole parent ever since I was eight, that was when my mother left both of us. This was our special time, lying there lost in the escapism of our reality and as I watched this actress just ages with me, there was something magical spooning with daddy on that settee, after all he told me I was his woman of our house, and I took that responsibility seriously, seeing how girls back then as depicted in the movie did have sex with grown up men.

Of course all girls were like me in that sense, we were being prepared for sex thanks to our hormones and eggs before adding the media whizzing around us with films and women using sex for fame, women I liked to follow, suddenly admitting to never wearing panties and being photographed one step from intercourse.

Liberated and free, yes I got horny with troubled thoughts of just letting it all go, our playground in fucking school was full of young girls running around with their pussies wanting to be fingered by the male staff, and some of the female staff. We were all following each others lead, competing with each other, undoing a few buttons to reveal our new breasts, aching to be suckled, lingerie knickers that would embarrass our parents, but that was the exciting bit about it, we were messing with stuff we had no clue about, and making a pig’s ear of it, but the men were really enjoying our fumbles and we were learning more and more as we let them enjoy themselves with their hand and fingers down our knickers or cocks up our pussies, it was my turn, the only troubled part was it was my daddy, I wanted to fuck the man who had borne me, and tonight was the night.

‘Do you think I am beautiful’ I asked him, as I pushed against him, feeling his erection against my bum under my dressing gown?

He put his arm on my shoulder and gently kneaded it, causing me to push harder into his groin. His had had found my bare skin and he moved ever so gently along the shoulder, feeling no brassiere straps as my gown slackened easily enough and gave way as he pushed it away from my body.

The more he pushed his fingers towards the inviting little protuberances that masqueraded as breasts the more I openly moved my bum into his swollen cock in circles, there could be no doubt we both knew were crossing that divide that men and daughters felt, but I did not want to stop until I felt him inside me, he was openly inches from my hard nipples, and I gave a soft groan as I shifted my body upwards and felt his fingers finally compress my soft breast tissue and contact my rubbery nipples as my hand reached behind me and delved down to the bulge pressing hard against it and feverishly feel for his zipper.

Daddy never did answer my question about me beauty, kissing my neck and ears, as I succeeded in freeing the monster that created me, we both were releasing the feeling the had built up over the intervening years, I was now on the cusp of womanhood, my body was ready to receive and pleasure his love organ, I grasped with all my girlish power, I had it and knew where to put it, thank you biology classes, as daddy helped lift the back of my nightdress I brushed my bum crack, now wet with my own lubricant, I gasped as my labia opened so easily and pushed my own father inside my body and humped until his pubic hair tickled my soft arse and he lay behind my belly button, moving my internals in circles, I just gasped and sobbed, as orgasms flowed and traversed my limp body, rewarding me for doing it, regardless of the assumed wrongs, but fucking is what we are made for, as daddy tried to pull from me because of his impending peak of sublime pleasuring, my inexperienced tiny tight pussy had other ideas, I was really enjoying it, so daddy gave me another lesson in feelings, he ejaculated and I felt three distinct powerful jets of warm semen hit my cervix, ask any woman having sex for the first time, just how satisfying that feels.

We both lay there, still connected by his now flaccid cock, I did not want to break our union, and why should we, no one knew we were like this, we were in our own home, behind our closed door and when daddy spoke for the first time, his warm sweet breath in my ear, he finally answered my question posed some fifteen minutes earlier, ‘Yes my precious darling, you are more beautiful then anyone I know or desire, even more than your mother before you’.

I fell asleep feeling his cock throb and twitch and answered each twitch with a squeeze of my own, our sexual organs were talking to each other, as his cock seeped his semen down its length and dribbled onto my naked crotch, I really did feel complete and now, I could do this every night or whenever I felt the urge to do it, just like my parents did when I used to sneak out of bed and watch them through their open door or keyhole, listening to the bed creak with their exertions and mothers loud moaning, we both had come full circle, now mother was outside the door listening my moans, I had supplanted the bitch and conquered daddy’s affections, he was mine now and my pussy and eagerness was his reward, he as my first, one of the many I had on my bucket listing.

Sex was like a packet of sweeties, different flavours, textures, and colours, each one adding a certain pique to the mix, yes girls my age knew that as we weaved in and out of life, we make the decisions and are willing enough to try them out and decide for ourselves, our bodies want to fuck, our peers so no, fathers not willing to give up on the beauty he created to another man, men who want us but can’t have us, so they make laws forbidding others our youthful pleasures, the list goes on and on and in the end, we are labeled sluts, because we do, this is why in sexually suppressed women, we all harbour that slutty image and why all famous women behind closed doors are the biggest sluts and whores imaginable including pedophilia, ‘If you can tickle it and it gets hard, climb on-board and fuck his brains out’, said a famous lady to another famous lady, as they put cocaine in their pussies and made fans lick them to a high.

My older life and still experimenting with sex with older men and something else

He was a retired man in his late 60’s and widowed, his wife passing before I arrived here with my family. My husband works away a lot, connected to the oil industry, which sees us separated for more than half a year but sometimes for months on end, as was the case on this occasion.

I had taken my dog for a long walk into the forest that sprawled on the southern edge of our village. I loved the quietness and smells associated with nature, the dead leaves and mosses, earthy and sexy, the serene silence of humanity as I walked along little paths well trodden by other dog walkers, which to my surprise as my neighbour across the street suddenly appeared walking a Labrador.

The path was tight with many bushes and I jumped slightly as he suddenly appeared and my dog barked. We both laughed, and it suddenly seemed strange that for all the years we have known of each others existence, this was a first, and actually the closest we have been to each other.

‘I never knew you owned a dog’, I remarked, embarrassingly?

‘Actually I don’t’, he retorted, ‘it belongs to a friend who is away on holiday and he does not like the shelters for the dogs, so I agreed to look after it’.

There was something really nice about his accent, soothing and I also noticed he had a nice scent about him, perhaps the keenness of nature or the fact I was physically more receptive to the scents a man, in such close proximity, I was both hormonal and horny for this upcoming week.

We agreed to continue walking our dogs together as he was not used to the forest like I was, ‘You can show me all your hiding places’, he remarked, I suddenly found myself being drawn in to him, my libido was firing up, so to speak, the thirty odd years between us made me wonder if he had sexual ideas towards me, after all my bedroom looked onto his and I sometimes I saw him moving around his room.

‘Your husband is still away’, he asked me and my heart almost skipped a beat? ‘Yes’, I replied, feeling my throat tighten and my voice thicken with a mucous desire, my pussy was suddenly doing the same, as I thought we could do anything out here and no one would ever know, I really was horny.

‘How long is that’, he asked softly as we walked side by side, our arms brushing against each other due to the proximity of the surrounding bushes?

‘Believe it or not’, I replied, ‘2 1/2 months’, looking directly into his face, my eyes searching for something, anything, did he think I needed attention as out bodies came into contact, this time I let it linger, as if I was reaching out to be held.

We both stopped walking and faced each other, like a pregnant pause, so close and each of us on the verge, ‘How come we never connect’, I heard myself say, my knees went weak, I felt giddy, nature, I wanted to be naked I wanted him to fuck me and I reached out slightly and touched his arm, then suddenly and with spontaneity, we started kissing, at first softly and unsure, then with force as the passion broke like a dam, as he tore at my clothing and bared my flesh, as eagerly as my flesh craved his touch.

All these years of sub conscious longing from across the road, peering into my abode when my bed, lonely for most of the year, his wishes and my needs not making the connection and now here in the seclusion of nature, the final shreds are tore to reveal my own desires and needs, as I fall back onto the ground, my legs open and knees bent, to receive his organ of love, to fill my emptiness and seed my hungry womb, as my fingers dig deep into his buttocks, my heels spur him in deeper and my gasps and mouthing confirm my whorish needs, we fuck like never before and my thoughts smile at the submission of my pussy to his cock and I reach around and cup his balls, squeezing his man sauce into my fertile canal.

‘Oh God’, I moan and sob repeatedly as my arse rises and falls to his eager thrusting into me, ‘Fuck me, Fuck me’, my voice echoes amongst the trees, all these sex starved months being answered by this thick cock moving so freely into my hole.

I grasp his hair and pull our faces together, ‘Cum in me’, I demand as if totally surrendering my very being to him, impregnation and fertilization of a females body is a domination like no other, and raising your arse to force his cock glans into your cervix to fire those spermatozoon into your inner works, no wonder we locked lips as I fell back feeling his tongue in my mouth and the heat if his seed pummeling my vagina I was conquered and submitted my body to his need of a woman, we lay in silence as my eyes surveyed my s**ttered clothing, I suddenly realised I was completely naked and felt like a little girl again.

I lay there as he rolled off of me, surveying my nudity which I displayed unashamedly and wantonly, ‘Did you ever want to see me like this when you peered into my bedroom’, I asked as he lit a cigarette?

He smiled as if now we could really talk about our feeling, and he puffed on his fag, and toyed with my pussy as he smoked, I lay back and let him have that freedom. ‘From the day I saw you arrive and you looked up and looked at me’.

I laughed out loudly, ‘I wondered that day when I saw you if you wanted to fuck me’. I was feeling very receptive to being truthful, ‘I was so full of my own shit’, I confessed openly, ‘every man I caught looking at me was always the same, he wanted to fuck me and all I had to do was nod’.

He still smoked and lent on his side fingering my pussy, so starved of attention for nearly three months, so I let him as he moved in and out of my warm orifice, ‘You are making me want another session’, I warned him as my body moved with his finger.

We kissed and that was when it happened, his Lab, or his friend’s lab, started to lick me very intimately. I froze as he pressed down on my body as we continued kissing, and that feeling of being totally enveloped as my pussy responded to the tongue washing my open legs invited.

We stopped kissing but kept our faces together, ‘You appear to excite all males’, he said before resuming kissing again and all I could do was groan, I was cumming again to such an outrageous circumstances, ever kiss a woman having her orgasm?

He had stopped and resumed smoking as he lay propped up on his side watching me orgasm to such an outrageous creature, I could not break that bond and let him see a side of me I never knew myself so capable of enjoying and with that vision being clearly formed in his eyes as I screamed my acceptance, my life in those few moments sent me as a woman in another perverted direction, yes I had tried it, enjoyed it, and now thanks to my neighbour who seemed to know more about me and my kinky sex drives, I could not wait for my husband to go away so the best sex I had could start, such as liking his toilet bowl with my tongue as he fucked me with my husbands semen still in my pussy from our final fuck, life as a woman is great, if you let your mind and body go to places that some men forbid you to go.

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