Handing in her Boyfriend’s Resume

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Description: A girlfriend attempts to help get her lover a job. Things don’t go as planned.

Kinks included are cheating, office sex, boss/assistant, betrayal, fingering, hair-pulling, spanking, and creampie.


Special thanks to badcompany8888 and SamCarter9001 for test-reading this story, and to an anonymous reader for their additional proof-reading.


The woman stood at the entry to her boss’s office, just out of sight from within. The time was a little past four o’clock, and she knew that the man inside would be winding down on his workload for the day, perhaps wondering how well his favorite sports team will play in tonight’s game.

It was as good a time as any to bother him… no, to ask him about this.

She shook her head in disbelief, amazed that she was so nervous to ask her boss a simple favor. Normally, she wouldn’t be apprehensive in the least about intruding on him. Their relationship was casual enough that they would meet each other in private all the time, discussing clients and recent company changes over coffee, lunch outings, and, well… other intimate activities shared.

Today would need to be different, however. There would need to be restraint shown, to focus on the task at hand and be professional if she wanted to come away achieving her main objective: getting her boyfriend a job interview.

The pages of his resume crinkled in her hands with a slight tension.

Remember what you’re here for, she thought to herself. No fooling around this time. Just in and out. Easy.

Straightening her back and taking a deep breath, she approached and knocked on the open door.

Inside of the room, an older man wearing a sharp dress shirt tilted his head up from his computer monitor.

“Ali,” he said, raising his eyebrows slightly but smiling all the same at his blonde assistant. “This is a surprise. I hadn’t expected you for another half an hour. Please come in, and grab the door.”

“Thanks, Trevor” the woman replied. She stepped inside and, briefly hesitating, closed the door completely behind her with a locking click, before turning back to him. “I finished most of my work earlier than usual, so that I could speak to you for a bit. I understand that we’re still hiring for that junior accountant job, right?”

Trevor’s initial excitement to see her faltered, though he kept himself from looking too dismayed. He sat back in his chair, not speaking immediately but instead eyeing the pages Ali held firmly in front of her.

She suspected he already knew where she was going with her line of questioning, but thankfully he decided to let her explain anyway.

“We are.”

“Well,” she started, moving a bit forward and pressing her legs together. “You know my boyfriend, Alex? He’s finishing his business diploma soon. I think with his schooling and experience, he’ll make for a good fit in the position. You can take a look at his resume if you don’t believe me.”

She held out the bundled paper to him, but instead of moving he continued to appraise her.

“Your boyfriend is in his late thirties, isn’t he? A bit old to be finishing school.” He flashed her a cocky smile with the comment, which she did not reciprocate back.

Despite her coolness, Trevor held out his hand gesturing to take the paper, though he continued to make digs at her boyfriend. “I’m surprised you’re still dating a late bloomer like him.”

“He’s not a late bloomer,” she said, furrowing her brow but handing the pages over to him. “He’s a hard worker. He just hasn’t had the same opportunities as people like us. It’s taken him a while to get where he is now.”

“Uh huh.” He glanced over the paper, clearly only half interested in its contents and the praise she was singing for Alex. It was obvious he was more intrigued in seeing how far he could take his banter, much to her annoyance.

“I don’t know, Ali. These junior accountant positions are usually for spry, young go-getters. Does a guy who spent several years in…” he looked down at the page, “manual labor packing boxes sound like a quick, on-the-ball number cruncher?”

He casually threw the resume to his desk, waiting for her answer.

“That’s just what you see on the paper,” she said, coming closer and sitting against the side of her boss’s desk. This maneuver caused the curves of her butt to bulge out, which she caught Trevor’s eyes flicking down to witness. His eyes lingered on her shapely bottom for a while, which made Ali smirk and give herself an imaginary high-five.

Thankfully, their office often allowed for a more lax dress code, which she took advantage of both for her own comfort and for, as she called it: tactical leverage. Today was no exception, with a sexy, tight white v-neck she wore to accentuate her ample chest, and, more crucially, a pair of tight black jeans that hugged her form like leggings.

Her sense of simple office fashion was something she knew almanbahis adres Trevor always appreciated. Now she just had to use it against him.

She spoke again, using his pet name to catch his attention back up to her face. “He’s responsible, Trev. He saved up for college, went in hard on his studying, and is really trying to improve his life… our life, I mean.”

“Our life, you say,” Trevor repeated, now staring up and down the legs that were now an arm’s reach away from him. “Doesn’t really sound like this is something for you though, Ali. Sounds like you’re doing this without understanding the consequences of what will happen if I accept your request.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, if your boyfriend gets hired here, that likely means the end of our mutual fun together. You get that, right?”

Ali’s heart skipped a beat.

She flushed, turning away in embarrassment. “I-I know that.”

It was his turn to smirk. “Considering that look on your face, I find that hard to believe.”

She frowned, not saying anything. The truth was she hadn’t considered the consequences. Not all of them, at least. She had spent too much time thinking about all the afternoons she came home from work, seeing her tired Alex nose down at his textbooks and preparing for their future. It made her proud to see him like that, and was adamant to reward his efforts somehow.

The two of them had wound up together through a mobile dating app, and she found his practical, if humble lifestyle appealing to her. Despite being seven years younger, and a fresh hire at the accounting firm, she was already making more than him at his full time factory job. Luckily Alex never seemed to be bothered by it, though he did vow to her that if their relationship got serious, he would do his best to become a breadwinner for her.

Fast forward two months later, and he enrolled in night courses to qualify for post-secondary education.

That was almost three years ago. Alex was a caring but busy man throughout those years, essentially putting any romance to their relationship on hold to give schooling his all. Now he was on the cusp of graduating college, and she was all set to deliver some good news to him, especially after all the several unsuccessful interviews he already had so far.

…And yet, over that same timespan, she also developed an intimate fling with her boss, Trevor.

It started with a handful of innocent, formal dinners when Alex was buried under assignments, but soon enough their relationship escalated into two adults consistently hooking up, with a reciprocal, hungering need for each other. He desired a younger, attractive partner that was close by and easy to control, and she learned to crave the touch of his strong, dominating hands on her body.

How, how did she miss that if Alex worked in the same office, that her cheating with Trevor would need to end?

Seeing his assistant remain silent, Trevor reached out and place his left hand on the inside of her thigh, causing her to gasp.

“Also,” he said, his voice softer now. “It must not be a very exciting life with him, considering all our after-hour meetings these past few years. It’d be a shame to stop it all, wouldn’t it?”

Ali took a sharp breath at the familiar but sudden touch of her boss’s fingers. Slowly, he began rubbing them up and down along the soft denim covering her leg, traveling as high as just outside her womanhood before teasingly moving away from it.

“You like it when I touch you like this, don’t you, Ali.”

Ali closed her eyes and mewled. She couldn’t decide if she wanted to grab his hand to stop him, or to shove it down the front of her panties instead.

She settled on doing neither, and simply allowed each pass to send a shiver through her body. It was like a warm tingle was spreading from his fingertips into the deepest parts of her. She knew she needed to stop him before her arousal got out of control, but the delicate, deliberate circling across her thigh made for a compelling argument not to.

With her willpower diminishing, the blonde continued to grant her boss full permission to grope at her leg, registering every time he squeezed at her flesh as an indication of want. Of need.

“Did you really think you could get your boyfriend a job at your own workplace,” he said, making her look at him sitting there, gazing at her body intently as he stroked her. “And expect that you could still cheat on him after?”

“I… I didn’t think about it.”

“Well, no time like the present.” His hand stopped right at the top of his last caressing brush. If she wasn’t wearing clothes, it’d be resting along her pussy right now.

“Mind if I help convince you?” he asked.

“Oh, Trev. I don’t know. Right now?”

“I don’t see why not. Come here.”

Trevor pulled his arm away. With a light push, he rolled with his office chair from his desk, allowing ample almanbahis adresi space free in front of him. He patted his lap in invitation, and looked at her expectedly.

The confidence her boss portrayed as he waited for her frustrated Ali, mostly because it was not for show. He knew the absence of his touch left a fierce longing in its place, and the desire to touch herself right there in his presence was hard to ignore.

Worse, he also knew that there was no way she could turn him down. His lap had been her favorite seat in the office for the past several months, after all. She loved sitting astride him. Indulging him.

Obeying him.

Heat burning in her loins, Ali hesitated for only a moment before drawing closer, settling her butt onto his right thigh, turning herself in his lap and sitting snuggly against him. Victorious in their silent struggle, Trevor was quick to reclaim her. He returned his hand to her body, this time sending his left down to rub at her crotch while his right wrapped around her back to the underside of her tits. Manipulating both hands at once, he stirred at her flesh through the fabric of her clothes, sending her into a consenting, wild lust.

“Forget the resume,” he said, working at her feverishly. “This is what you really came for, my little office minx.”

Ali panted into the side of her lover’s neck, placing her own hand onto his chest and feeling the healthy thump of his heart as he groped her. Each beat seemed to knock triumphantly at her touch, daring her to press into him and enjoy his body to her full content. She wanted to and did. Trevor was a handsome man, and despite the gray hairs she could spot at the base of his temples, he exuded an air of young bravado with all the experience of age.

He seemed to her like the peak of what a man could be.

It was always difficult to admit to herself, but the feeling was nothing she ever experienced with Alex. Alex was a teddy bear: soft, plump in most areas and warm in both body and mind. She enjoyed his company greatly, but there wasn’t the same kind of secured attraction coming off from him. It lacked the reassurance that Trevor offered when she felt him finger her insides, or while kissing her just before the office closed up. She would never say it aloud, but there was a comparison between the two men in her life that Ali could never get out of her mind, no matter how she tried to reason otherwise:

Trevor seemed capable. Alex didn’t.

“Ali,” Trevor said, causing her to look up at him. His dark face swooped down to meet hers and he kissed her with a hungering ferocity. She accepted him. Not only willingly giving what he craved but wanting more of his body for herself as well. He pressed his tongue against her lips and she parted them, allowing him full access to her mouth and swallowing the warm fluids that came with it.

With both of his own hands busy, Ali took hers around the back of his neck, pulling him close and moaning into her boss’s embrace.

Amidst their passionate kissing, Ali could feel the button of her jeans being undone, and Trevor slipped the tip of his large hand deep into the front of her panties. His middle index quickly found her clit, and with vigor started rubbing into her, sending pangs of pleasure jolting through her pussy.

“Aaah,” Ali uttered, taking a gasping breath from their broken kiss and focusing on the sensations of the hand beneath. “Oh God, Trev. You’re so good at that. Fuck…”

“Why do you want to have your boyfriend work here,” he asked, not breaking his hand’s rhythm in her panties. “Don’t you enjoy this? Enjoy us?”

“I do,” she admitted, clamping her thighs around his hand like a vice, pressing him closer. The length of his fingers pushed further and were now playing with her labia, brushing up and down her wet slit in quick strokes. The fact that the underside of his hand continued to just barely pass above her clit drove her mad.

“I do enjoy us,” she repeated, breathing heavily. “A lot. But… it’s not fair to Alex. He’s been good… good to me.”

A jolt of delight lit her ablaze as the man lightly tapped at the surface of her pussy. “I’ve been good to you too though, haven’t I?”

She smiled a bit as she cuddled into his broad chest. Underneath her, she felt Trevor’s cock throb and grow bigger.

“Yes,” she said, wiggling her butt into his pants. “But I can’t keep doing this forever. Alex deserves a loyal girlfriend.”

“A loyal girlfriend that doesn’t have sex with her boss every week?”

“Something like that,” she breathed with a light giggle. “We might have to reduce our get-togethers to just holidays and birthdays from now on.”

“Very funny.”

Ali crooked her head up, seeing Trevor stare at her with his stern, handsome eyes.

“I don’t really want to stop,” she said. “But if it means rewarding Alex for his hard work and dedication, then, maybe it’s time.”

Her boss almanbahis adres pondered her for a moment before responding. “Well, maybe you’re right. Maybe he is a decent guy who deserves a break. However…”

He leaned into the side of her head, whispering into her ear as he squeezed her right tit.

“If it means I have to lose this, then I believe he can go fuck himself.”

With a sudden savagery, Trevor’s left hand began to mash violently against her slit, assaulting her body without guilt or shame. Two of his fingers dug their way inside of her sex passage, manipulating her inner flesh while his palm constantly patted against her crotch. He was like a manic beast, and the cruelty of this treatment to her body only served to make Ali howl with ecstasy.

“Ow fuck!” Ali clasped her hand around her mouth as she came on Trevor’s fingers, drenching his hand with her love juices and wetting her panties beyond modesty. The sensations her boss awoke with his practiced fingers was too much to bear, quivering as he withdrew the source of her climax and wiping it on her pant leg.

Ali, taking a moment to register the incredible orgasm she just had, went lax against her boss’s chest and tried to recuperate from what she allowed to occur. A part of her wanted to admonish herself for letting their conversation progress to getting fingered in his chair, but the truth of it was she didn’t have the presence of mind to really care too much. In reality, she knew things would’ve escalated like this eventually, since that’s always how their private meetings went.

She also knew that, even though she was still basking in her afterglow and wanted to call it a day, Trevor wasn’t going to let her get off that easily.

“Over the desk,” he commanded, issuing with his hands for her to get up.

With barely enough strength in her legs, Ali stumbled off of her boss’s lap and forward, sprawling her arms out just in time to catch herself from falling onto the mahogany surface.

The man that was highly proficient at office sex wasted no time in pulling down Ali’s pants and panties, revealing her soaked womanhood that glistened with her recent orgasm. The cool air against her moist flesh made her shiver, though that might’ve also been her anticipation for what would happen next.

“You know,” he said, unbuttoning his own trousers. “This is the first time we’ve fooled around with people still occupying the building. If you scream as loud as you normally do, one of the other workers might hear what a loyal girlfriend you really are.”

Despite herself, Ali could feel her arousal start to peak again. She knew the door to Trevor’s office was locked, that he had no more meetings for the rest of the day, and that no one down the hall was within ear shot of them. Yet, the idea of getting caught by one of her coworkers, or even Alex, excited her beyond belief.

As if reading her mind, Trevor spoke up.

“Say your new hire boyfriend was on the other side of that door right now, wondering if you were going home with him. What would you say?”

Ali stared at the door to Trevor’s office she closed only moments ago. She imagined her Alex on the other side of it, reaching out to her inquisitively, innocently, unknowingly.

She also pictured the very real, very thick cock of her boss that was waiting a mere foot behind her, and responded.

“I’d tell him to go home without me. He’d understand. He doesn’t even message back when I text him that I’ll be late. He knows better than to interrupt me during… overtime.”

“Over-the-desk overtime,” he chuckled. “Well, at least tell him I’ll make sure you arrive home safe afterwards. Of course whether that’s my home or yours that’s up to you.”

Finally feeling the heat of Trevor’s cock as it brushed against her ass, she unconsciously shuffled her feet wider to accommodate him. It entered inside easily, and the feeling of his length splitting her flesh erupted a surge of warmth and pleasure up her body like a volcano.

“God, damn,” she moaned, arching her back as he bottomed out inside her. “Fuuuck. Why… are you so good at this?”

“I’ve had a lovely assistant help me practice,” he replied, smacking her ass with a firm CRACK!

The blonde subordinate squealed in delight, which only fueled her boss’s lust further. He backed out and thrust into the deepest depths of her pussy again.

“So, back on topic,” he continued. “You said you can’t keep doing this forever, but you also said that you don’t want to stop. Which is it, Ali?”

Another CRACK! and another squeal.

“Fuck, Trev! Don’t make me choose!”

“Are you a lowlife’s girlfriend, or are you my office pet, Ali?”


Ali’s world became dizzy with pain and pleasure, the amazing sting of her ass and the pounding of her body being used like a toy intermingling in perfect balance.

“What’s a better fit,” he groaned, his groin pounding into her ass as he fucked her in a steady pace. “Your boyfriend in this office that’s too good for him, or my cock sliding in between these needy pussy lips?”

“God, fuck,” she moaned, throwing her head back. “I… I don’t know! I can’t think. I can’t stop. It’s just too fucking good!”

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