Happy Birthday Baby Ch. 02

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I lower my legs and I lay here thinking only of your last words before you left,

“If I continue, then you’ll never learn.” you said,

I realize that maybe I pushed you too far. Maybe I should’ve done what you asked of me. But then again, I do have a goal in mind. You’ve given me a taste of what I want but it’s not enough. This my dear is far from over. You WILL give me the “angry fuck” that I yearn for.

As I get up from the bed, I hear you humming to yourself the soul music that is flowing throughout the apt. By this time you’ve put the towel back around your waist. I stand there and watch you shave away the stubble of the last few days. I’m more turned on now, then I was when you first got here. I stand at the doorway of our bedroom and gaze at your beautiful form. You must’ve sensed my presence because you turn to me and our eyes meet. I’m positive you can feel the lustful determination of my gaze. You counter my gaze with a challenging gaze of your own. I smile, blow a kiss at you and walk away. I hear a low chuckle rumble under your throat as you watch my backside disappear down the hallway.

You’re in a happy mood right now because you think you’ve won. You believe without a doubt that the excitement of the night has ended with our little interlude before. But little do you know that I’ve just begun to fight. Your birthday celebration is just getting started.

I go back to the kitchen and check on dinner. Everything looks amazing. I’ve cooked all your favorites: brazed ribs, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, broccoli and cheese casserole and chocolate chip cheesecake for dessert. Everything is ready except the ribs. We’ve at least twenty more minutes until they’re done. These next few minutes won’t be wasted. It’s time this night got back on even playing ground. First I prepare the living room table for a candlelight dinner, and then I go towards the bathroom where you stand.

You’re still in the bathroom grooming yourself for tonight but now you’re in slacks and a tee shirt. You meet my gaze again as I walk towards you. I stop mid- hallway and slowly remove my clothing. Your eyes never leave mine. I unbutton every button of my dress and allow it to swiftly fall from my body. I stand there before you totally nude and unashamed. You stop brushing your teeth and gaze at my voluptuous body. A part of me wants to touch myself and show you exactly what you missed out on earlier; but I save that for later.

I walk to the bathroom, put my hands on your cheeks and bring your lips to mine. Your arms instantly go around my waist and your lips part for my tongue to enter. Our tongues meet in a tango of passion and our kiss goes deeper. You lower your hand and rest it on the curve my ass. I can feel your hardness against my pussy and I instantly get wet. We begin to rub against each other and your cock hardens to it’s full length. I smile at your lips and then I back away from your embrace. You try to bring me back to your kiss but I shake my head and walk into the bedroom. You follow after me. When you try to open the door, you find that I have successfully locked it this time.

“Open the door Angela.” You say.

“And why would I do that?” I ask.

“I need to finish getting dressed. Open the door.”

“I’ll open it in a little bit. I have to take care of something right quick.”

“What’s that?” You ask.

I don’t say anything. Instead, I lay down on the bed, open my legs, part my still swollen pussy lips with one hand, lick two of my fingers and begin to rub my clit in slow circular motion. Small sparks of ecstasy begin to flow through my body. A low moan escapes my mouth. I remove the one hand that’s holding my pussy lips apart and I bring it to my still hard nipples. My body is in total relaxation and I let my passion build up once more. You put your head to the door and soon you begin to hear noises from the other side.

“What are you doing in there?” You ask.

I reply with a moan. By now I’m so far gone in my own world of passionate need that I can hardly hear you. I continue the circular motion on my clit with one hand. I begin to pick up speed as my clit grows bigger and bigger. I lick the fingertips of the one hand already touching my nipples and begin to pinch and move then around in my hand. The sweet torture of this action allows the feeling of ecstasy to build throughout. I let out a low growl as I begin to feel that familiar spark in my toes move up my leg.

“Oh God yes!” I scream.

You then realize what I’m doing in the bedroom and you instantly get hard. You’re needs are conflicted right now. On one hand you wish that it was your tongue that was bringing me to orgasm and not my fingers. On the other hand you’re very angry because I’m still playing a game that you thought you nipped in the bud just a few minutes before. Thinking about what I’m doing to myself makes your cock yearn for release, but you refuse to give in. kartal escort bayan You try to think of anything but what’s going on in the other room. You know that you should just walk away but you can’t. So you stay there and continue to listen to my moans of pleasure.

Soon I get so close to release that I can feel it coming from every pore in my body. I continue to rub my engorged clit. Wetness flows from my heated pussy like a fountain. I lift my legs up slightly and as my two fingers bring me to the ultimate release, I yell out obscenities and other inaudible words as wave upon wave of orgasmic bliss take over my body.


When you hear your name being yelled out you instantly start to rub the hard bulge that’s straining in the front of your slacks. You want me so bad but unfortunately you can’t get to me. Your lust turns into anger.


You scream this over and over as you try to break down the door with your fists. Your angry shouts bring me back to reality and I smile to myself. We are now one for one. I still have some of my pussy juice on my fingers. I raise them up to mouth to lick them off but then I think of a better idea. I get up from the bed, open the door and come face to face with your angry glare.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing in there. Pleasuring MY PUSSY without me, Girl I should…..”

I interrupt your train of thought with a passionate kiss that leaves you speechless. I smile seductively and bring my pussy-drenched fingers to your lips. I caress your cheek and walk away. You lick your lips and realize what it is that I’ve left for you. You shake your head and watch my naked backside sway back and forth as I walk to the bathroom. Your gaze swiftly falls into a sort of day dream. In your dream you see me on my knees begging you for mercy as you plow through my pussy hard and fast. And with a glorious mixture of pain and passion I scream your name over and over. I beg you not to stop and you readily comply with my pleas.

I get to the bathroom doorway, I look back and see a big smile on your face. But this smile is different then most. This smile tells of more adventures to come. I may have won this round but the night is still young.

I lock the bathroom door, turn the shower on and get it to the right temperature for my body. Before I step in I call you to the door and ask you to turn the oven off. You say “ok!” And I continue on with my shower.

I believe that you’ve left so I begin to sing to myself and wash my body. Little do I know that you haven’t left but are still standing outside the door with your eyes closed listening to me sing. It’s a secret moment that you share with me that no one not even I know about it.

In those brief moments of song your mind thinks back to memories of our good and our bad. And every memory makes you smile. You realize that your love for me sometimes feels bigger then yourself. This is the first time that you’ve come across a woman that makes every day worth living. Then you begin to think about the events of today. Your happy expression changes to frustration. Today should be about what you want and it’s not. You asked for something specific and I didn’t deliver that for you. That alone is reason enough for a kind of punishment that only you can deliver. But you would be remised if you didn’t admit to yourself that tonight is definitely turning out to be better then you could’ve imagined.

You suddenly realize that the singing has stopped. You quickly go to the kitchen and turn the oven off.

I turn off the shower, grab a towel and dry myself off. As I make sure that every part of my body is dry, I think about the events that have already come to pass tonight. I can still hear that voice in the back of my head telling me,

“Stop this foolishness and give your man what he wants for his birthday! This isn’t about you. This is HIS day”

But then another voice says,

“Yes this is his day, but you and I both know that he likes to tear your pussy up just as much as you like getting your pussy tore up. So stay on course, Tonight is just beginning.”

I smile at myself in the mirror. I continue the necessary bathroom grooming activities and then I open the door to go to my room. When I step into the hallway I realize that all the lights in the house are down and the only light I see is the small sparks of light floating from the numerous amount of lit candles in the house. I smile to myself and go to my walk-in closet in our bedroom. I get to the threshold of the bedroom and notice that you’re not there. I think nothing of it and continue to my closet. I step over the threshold and the door to the bedroom swiftly closes. I turn around and there you are standing by the door barefoot, shirtless and in your black slacks.

Your penetrating gaze escort maltepe leaves me trembling. You slant your head to the left and ask me huskily,

“What’s wrong baby? You’re trembling!”

Before I answer you I turn to the bed and notice that you’ve been busy. There on top of our bed is a treasure trove of personal “trinkets” that you’ve used on me before when I’ve been what you would call a “Bad Girl.” You have the leather and satin restraints, the 9 inch life-like dildo, the clit kisser, and the butt plug. I close my eyes and I think back to the last time you used these tools on me. My body instantly reacts to the thoughts of the pleasure you brought me. Without me realizing it you moved from behind the door to behind me.

I turn and you instantly take me into your arms. I can feel the contrast between my soft bosom and your rock hard chest. I make a small effort to get away from your embrace but it goes unnoticed because your hold is so strong that all I can do is succumb to your hold.. You rock me gently to the smooth sounds of Maxwell. When you notice that the tension is released from my body you whisper in my ear,

“I’m not done with you yet. You my dear have been very bad and it’s now time for your punishment!!”

You reach down and kiss me. And while you bring me into a mind blowing kiss you remove my arms from around your waist and bring them behind my back. I’m totally unaware of your intent and just stand there basking in the euphoria of your kiss and touch. By the time I realize that everything is not what they seem; you’ve picked up the restraints and have restrained my hands behind my back.

You’ve never restrained me this way before. I’m a little worried but then I’m also excited as well. ,

“Baby what are you doing?” I ask.

You smile at me and turn me around to face the wall. You take a hold of my restrained hands with one hand and with the other hand you take a hold of my hair and forcefully pull my head back. I scream out in a mixture of pain and excitement,”


You continue to whisper in my ear, “You have two choices. You could either cooperate or you could make this harder then what it really has to be. You’ve been showing your ass all night. You think that it’s gone unnoticed, but it hasn’t. I know what you want, and my darling wife you’re about to get it twofold.”

“Aidan, I’m…”

“You’re what? Angela? You’re sorry for not doing what I asked? Or are you sorry for pleasuring MY PUSSY without me? Which one is it Angela?” I don’t answer immediately and you give my hair another yank and say, “ANSWER ME!!”

My mouth begins to get dry and I try to moisten it but I cant. “Both!” I whisper.

“I can’t hear you Angela, What did you say?”

“BOTH, I’M SORRY FOR BOTH.” I yell out.

You chuckle, “Well my love, you’re about to make up for both.”

You turn me to the side of the bed and gesture for me to lay down. I stand there defiantly like a statue.

“Are you going to make this hard or easy? It’s up to you.” You ask huskily.

I decide the easy way would be best considering the stakes just got higher.” Which way do you want me to lay?” I ask timidly.

“Good question. How about on your stomach with your arms in front of you. It will make things a lot easier for what I’ve planned for you.”

I look back at you with surprise. I get on the bed and lay down with my restrained arms in front of me. You take my restrained hands and use the excess ribbon from the restraints and tie me to the bed post. I begin to tremble once more. You begin to rub my back with both hands which automatically begins to soothe my fears. Your touch relaxes me and I begin to feel the heat between my legs ignite. You rub my back for a short while and then your hands move down my back to the curve of my ass. You give my ass a good squeeze and I begin to squirm with anticipation of what’s to come.

The hand on my ass switches from one cheek to the other, squeezing and kneading them like dough. You move your other hand down my body to my glistening pussy. You separate my pussy lips and my glistening clit protrudes out for your enjoyment. You bend down and take it in your mouth. You lick it and lightly suck on it. Sparks immediately shoot through my pussy and my essence begins to fall on your tongue. As you continue to massage my ass and lick my clit; I begin to feel a tight feeling in my stomach and my body begins to tighten up. My orgasm continues to build throughout my body.


You raise up from my quivering pussy and ask me, “What do you need?”

“TO CUM!!!” I scream out.

You chuckle. You replace your tongue with your fingers and you begin to circle my clit with you index finger. My orgasm is seconds away from release; and just when I’m about to explode on your fingers, you stop. I moan in disappointment. You go back up to my ears, pendik escort lick the outside of my earlobe and then lightly nip it with your teeth. You whisper in my ear,

“Not so fast my love. I will have you cumming before the night’s done. But first you must be punished for disobeying me.”

You kiss me on my neck and then you move away from me. I lay there on the bed trying to figure out how to calm my body down. I lay on the bed face down on the covers and begin to contemplate how I can get myself out of these confines and finish what you have refused to finish twice tonight. While I lay there in deep thought, you silently remove your pants. When your pants and boxers drop to the floor, your throbbing member immediately pokes straight up. Pre-cum begins to seep through the head of your cock. You smear it down your shaft and get it fully lubricated. You want to thrust into my wanting pussy and just end this; but you also want this to last as long as possible. You rub the head of your cock and try to think of something other then your naked wife wriggling naked on the bed ass up.

Your dick finally softens a little and that gives you the notion to continue with my punishment.

The silence worries me a little. ” Aidan what are you doing?” I ask.

You smile and answer, “Don’t worry baby, I got you.”

You reach under the bed and grab the leather paddle that we sometimes use during our more intense play sessions. You smile to yourself as you inspect it. This paddle is a pure work of art. It’s made from red cherry wood that gives the core of it a red tint. The interior is black and red satin with an embroidered Chinese symbol in the middle that means “man of power.” It has a leather handle that’s easy to grasp and hold on to. You think to yourself that this is the perfect tool for my punishment.

My thoughts are jumbled. The silence is a bit disconcerting. I don’t know what’s going to happen and a part of me thinks that maybe you’ve left me here naked; but then it happens. I almost hear the smack on my ass before I feel it. The pain I feel from the paddle makes me arch my back and scream out.

You continue to hit my ass and the outer lips of my pussy. I scream out your name as each strike goes against my backside. Although the pain is almost unbearable my pussy can’t help but spasm in joy. The mix of pain and lust that I’m receiving is helping me build the most intense orgasm of the evening. You say nothing as you give me ten smacks on the ass. When you’re finished you set the paddle to the side, you take two fingers and you insert them into my pussy. My pussy instantly latches onto your fingers. I moan with delight as you begin to lightly scrap my g-spot with the tip of your fingers.

“You like that?” you say.

“MmmHummm,” I answer.

While you’re fingering my dripping pussy, you also begin to rub the soft spot on my ass. You soothe me with your words as the spot begins to feel better and my orgasm is yet again about to erupt from me. My breathing becomes labored and my pussy begins to quiver around your fingers.

“Now why do you make daddy do this to you? Hmmm? You know that every time you do these things I have to punish you, and you know I don’t like to do that.”

Secretly I know that, that is not exactly true. You love it when I defy you. Defiance means submission later, and you love it when I submit to you. Proof of that can be seen in the hard dick poking my back.

I’m so close and I know you can feel it to.

“Aidan, Please….” I say to you.

“Please what Angela? Tell me what you want.”

“I need you, I need you now.”

“What do you need Angela? Tell me!!”

“I need YOU!!”

Your fingers begin to work harder inside me, “TELL ME WHAT YOU NEED ANGELA. TELL ME!!!” you demand.

“I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME AIDAN!!” I scream out.

Without thought you remove your fingers and with one thrust replace them with your throbbing cock. You begin to thrust inside me so hard that I’m lifted from the bed. You reach over and begin to rapidly rub my clit.


I shatter all over your dick. Making your dick glisten with my creamy essence. The feel of my moisture around your dick shatters your own reserve and your thrusts become more violent. You remove your hands from my clit and put them around me and you hug me to you as your own orgasm tears through you. You bite into my left shoulder as spurts of cum fill my hungry womb.

You reach up and untie the restraints. You lift from on top of me and lie down beside me. We lay there in silence as we allow our breathing to shallow out.

I look up at your sweaty form and smile.

“Happy Birthday Baby!!” I say.

You look at me and your green eyes twinkle with amusement.

“Thank You my love. Now lets go eat because we have so much more to do tonight!!!”

I smile knowingly as I remember the other “trinkets” you placed on the bed earlier that night.

“I love you Aidan.”

“I love you to Angela.”

We get up and go into the living room where a birthday dinner is waiting for us.


Copyright BBWLove8369 October 2009

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