Happy Birthday, Baby

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“I finally figured out what I want for my birthday,” Carla said to me one day.

She had that ‘sly, I’m up to something’ look on her face.

“Yes?” I said, noncommittally.

“I want to fuck in public.”

“Really?” She hadn’t said she wanted to fuck ME in public, so I wasn’t getting on board with this idea right away.

“Yes, I want you to make love to me in a crowded place,” she said, then suddenly defensive, “You said I could ask for anything.”

“Why do you want to?” I asked, secretly thrilled by the idea.

“It’s something I’ve never done, and it sounds exciting,” she said with that wide eyed look she displayed when she was exploring.

“Yes, it does, doesn’t it,” I said, breaking into a smile finally.

“You’ll do it then?” she urged, a little shocked.

“Yes. But it will require planning. We don’t want to get arrested.”

“Of course. We’ll be extra careful,” she agreed, and then brightly, “Thanks, Babe, that’s the nicest present I ever got,” and gave me a big kiss.

We took our time in the planning stage. Anticipation is half the fun, after all. Location, time of day, wardrobe, venue, transportation, type of sex; we considered all aspects and discussed everything about her ‘present’ over dinner every night for a week. We visited places we thought might work for us, took photos and made drawings; it was like a mini D-Day invasion but with risqué jokes and laughter. Most of the time she got so excited talking about it that she wanted to have sex right away. Of course, I couldn’t refuse; it was her birthday, after all. What fun!

At last the day of her ‘present’ arrived. She took hours getting ready in the bathroom and the bedroom. Apparently getting ready to go have sex in public entails making a number of phone calls, also. I didn’t ask to who. Finally she presented herself for inspection. Her rhinestone jewelry, long auburn hair, and fuck-me makeup was flawless. She really was a stunningly good looking girl.

Her choice of clothing was carefully pre-chosen for the occasion. She twirled around and lifted her skirt so I could see. What I saw first, of course, was no panties at all instead of the open crotch type; good, one less thing to go wrong. Pantyhose were out, so a lacy garter belt and black stockings, very nice. A short black skirt topped with a brocaded, deep blue blouse, so as to blend with the dark atmosphere of the club; check and check. Tiny bottle of lube; check. Wet wipes; check. And most importantly, her highest black heels. She was just about my height, and with her high heels on to help tilt her butt upward, her pussy was just far enough above my dick to make our planned rear entry position feasible without her needing to lean forward. We knew this of course because we had already tried it here at home. Overall outfit rating: excellent! The girl had her shit together.

She insisted on giving me a blowjob before we left for the club. I asked her if she was sure she didn’t want to save me for the main event, but she said that she didn’t want me to finish too quickly from ‘the thrill of the strange’. Ha!

The hostess at the club seated us against the back wall on a low platform that held just five tables, just where I had asked for. She noticed that we were overdressed and she asked if we were celebrating anything. Carla told her ‘birthday’ and she wished us a pleasant evening. We were in the corner on two high padded stools, with a small round table in front of us. The platform had a knee-wall running across at the step, giving us quite a bit of privacy actually. There were people in front of us and two tables away from us on the platform, but no one behind us or beside us. It was dark and loud. The only kartal escort bayan light came from the strobes and the stage spots on the rock group way down in front. They were already playing and a lot of people were standing up and dancing down in front and even at some of the tables. It was organized chaos: just what the doctor ordered!

The waitress came up and took our drink orders and left. Carla was staring at me. She licked her lips the way she does before she gives me a blowjob. My move, I decided. I slid off the stool, which was bolted to the floor, and kind of leaned back against it, and she moved over in front of me, facing away. She pressed into me with her butt, and my partially erect cock inside my jeans settled in between her ass cheeks. She looked around, nodded and smiled to the couple beside us. We stood there for awhile, letting the people near us satisfy their curiosity about the newcomers and then return their attention to the show.

I saw her get a tissue out of her purse, and surreptitiously dry her thighs between her legs. She was so wet she was dripping. I guessed we wouldn’t need much lube.

“Good show, the lead guitarist can really play,” I said.

“Uh-huh,” she replied, obviously not interested. She rubbed her ass up and down against my cock.

I whispered loudly over the music, “Are you ready?”

“God, yes, hurry up,” she said, and moved forward a little to give me some room.

I tugged my zipper down carefully because I wasn’t wearing any underwear. My hard cock came out with some difficulty from between the zipper teeth. I was fully hard and raring to go. She was intent, urgent, feeling around behind her to see how I was doing. She whispered ‘balls out too’. Okay, it was her birthday. I poured a little lube on my dry cock and rubbed it around with one finger. She briefly looked at the people around us, then leaned slightly forward, and balancing with one hand on the table, she spread her legs and backed into me while dropping her skirt over my lap. I felt the shaft of my cock ride in between her thighs and bump upward against her pussy. She was hot and soaking wet with desire. I lifted my stiffness up, bent my knees, and effortlessly slid my cockhead between her smooth, shaved lips and into her. She slowly backed against me and forced herself open around my stiff cock shaft, right down along the whole length of it in one movement, ending with her heels on the floor and my cock completely captured inside her body. My senses exploded. The feeling of her hot, liquid flesh engulfing my cock took my breath away. I literally could not speak.

She stood up straight, looking around to see if we had attracted any attention.

“God, you’re big as a horse,” she said over the music, “I love it. Are you alright back there?”

I leaned into her ear, “Uh-huh.”

To anyone looking at us in the near darkness, she was just a girl leaning back against her boyfriend’s lap, his arms around her, listening to the band. The back of her skirt was draped over my lap, shielding our sexual connection. We rested like that for a while, not moving, pretending to watch the show. But I didn’t see the show. All I could think about was how my raging cock was buried inside her hot pussy, deep as I could be. The head of my cock began jumping with little electric spasms of anticipation high up in her belly.

The waitress walked up and set our drinks on the table. I saw her stop, peer at us in the darkness, smile, and then turn away. I think she knew what we were doing.

Carla looked back, “Want some of your beer?”

I reached around her, fondling her breast as I fetched my glass and sipped.

“I like when we escort maltepe go out and do things together,” she said.

Well, that was one way of putting it, I guess!

She was the first one to give into our rising desire. She put her hands on my hips and pushed herself forward, moving off my cock a little. I stopped her movement after just an inch or so, afraid to have my cock pop out in such an unusually strained position. And then very, very slowly, she settled back against me. We both glanced around nervously, but no one was paying any notice to us.

“Good girl,” I whispered to her, “be careful, not too far.”

She closed her legs to help hold me in and continued her achingly slow, one inch posting on my rod. Wanting to get in on the act, I hooked my feet around the legs of the stool for leverage and began to push with my groin up into her a little, bumping her every time she rested back into my lap. Her head bobbed upward quite noticeably when I did that, so I had to do it extremely slowly to not be too obvious. I could feel the heat rising between us, her cheeks were rosy, mine too probably. This was really an exercise in contradictions, I thought, as we merged and separated in our own private dance. It was kind of hard to keep fucking at a waltz rhythm amid the rock and roll beat. And despite our extreme slow motion coupling our breathing had become quite rapid.

What sensation there was, was tremendously arousing. My nut sack was being held by the zipper hole of my trousers in an unusual position, up high and jutting out, and it was being squeezed and massaged in a very enjoyable way when our bodies came together. I could feel the base of my cock sliding out from between her butt cheeks and then back into her heat, her slippery pussy easily drinking me in. My cockhead felt like it was as big as a water balloon, and although it was moving only very slightly high up inside her, every tiny motion caused shivers and muscle ripples up my back and through my pelvis as I resisted the urge to just ram the hell out of her. The psychological exhilaration was much greater than any physical stimulus we were able to generate, but it was no less powerful. I was just bursting with the desire to cum. This went on for a seemingly long time, but it was probably only a few minutes.

I held my mouth to her ear, “I can’t take much more of this.”

She smiled, loving the control she had in this unique situation, “This is so exciting. Just keep fucking me. Go slow.”

We continued our painstaking, teasing, insane fucking as the waitress looked up from the floor to see if we needed anything. I shook my head in an emphatic NO. She nodded knowingly and left. Damn! Nothing was going to separate me from the firm, young flesh that surrounded my cock, the delicious peristaltic waves that I felt inside her vagina as she milked me, squeezed me, and gave me such irresistible pleasure. My erection was as big as it had ever been in my life at this point, and I could feel the tip of my cock pushing against her cervix when I was fully rooted. I don’t want to brag, but I do have a long cock, and I can bottom out inside her in some positions. Some girls find that painful, but she loves it, it’s one of the reasons we are so sexually compatible. She started to wiggle around on me when she felt me touching that deepest spot inside her, and I pulled her tightly into my groin and pumped up my cock inside her to gratify her desire. She gasped, and grabbed my hand to place it on her thigh. It was one of our unspoken signals, she was really getting excited and needed me to touch her. I reached under her skirt with my hidden arm to find her wet slit and rubbed circles on it to moisten my pendik escort fingers. I folded the lips back and pressed into her to put my middle finger on her hard little clit. I stroked it lightly and was rewarded with a shiver. She turned her head toward the wall to hide the grimace on her face. She was close.

“I’m going to cum inside you, right here with all these people around,” I told her, “I’m going to fill you up with my sperm.”

She nodded rapidly in agreement, “Yes, yes, oh my God, hold me tight, I’m going to cum…yes…I’m cumming.”

I held her up with my hands around her hips and stomach and pulled her tightly into me. My balls fitted perfectly into the little hollow of her upper thighs under her ass. We were an exact fit for each other inside and out, genital contact maximized, crushing our intimate flesh as close as physically possible. I felt her channel squeezing down tightly around me as she shuddered against me in full climax. Her legs weakened and she slipped down along my body, moaning very quietly as she shook. She threw her head back and I watched her face dissolve into a look of orgasmic pleasure, a most beautiful thing, and I shared in the joy of her release.

My cock was at maximum hardness now, and her hot pussy was clamping and releasing spasmodically around me as she climaxed. Fuck! I was on the brink, no, too late, OVER IT! I abandoned my control to animal reflex as I gushed into her, powerful contractions quickly followed one after another, my pelvis jerking forward in time to each jet as I filled her with my hot semen. Seven, eight, nine, ten! I lost count of how many times my cock exploded. I fought to keep us both upright as I emptied myself into her completely, helplessly, not just my sperm, but my strength and everything else I had as well.

After a minute she regained her composure and asked, “You okay?”

“Yeah,” I said, coming back to earth.

She loved to milk out every last trickle of my sperm during sex, so every few seconds she would squeeze down tightly on me with her internal muscles. I shivered each time she did it, and stroked into her reflexively, spasming and emptying myself utterly. She straightened her posture and took a completely nonchalant sip of her drink, looking around and wearing a satisfied smile. She looked like just another girl watching the show, but I knew her too well. I knew that she was reveling in her conquest and that she was probably feeling superior and thinking that she was the only girl in the place that had a hard cock spurting inside her.

I let her have her moment of triumph, but I was really squishing around now in that slippery feeling after you cum inside, and our mixed liquids were squeezing out of her pussy and down along my cock onto my pants. I signaled her and she slowly pulled herself off of me. I hurriedly covered up with the front of my sports jacket. She slipped her shawl off the stool and hung it over the little table. Then looking around, she quickly got down on her knees under it, and faced me.

“Well, c’mon,” she whispered.

We hadn’t planned for this, but it looked safe enough. No one could see her behind the shawl unless they bent down near the floor. I stepped up to the table, felt her cool hands on my cock, then the heat of her mouth. I couldn’t believe we were doing this. But if she wanted to give me a blowjob that much, who was I to say no, it was her birthday. Although I couldn’t get hard again for a third time in two hours, she seemed to enjoy sucking my softening cock for a few minutes anyway.

I had just returned to our table from the rest room when the house lights came up and the band said their goodbyes. The waitress walked up with the check. I handed her a tip ten times what the bill was. She looked at my wet trouser front, then at Carla’s conspiratorial smile and smeared lipstick.

She nodded her head happily as she folded the cash into her bra and said to Carla, “Happy birthday, baby. Come again.”

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