Happy Days

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It would be a good career move, my managing director told me. I’d overseen the drawings and costings for the project, so why not see it through to its completion, he insisted? So, I packed my bags, left my girlfriend behind and relocated to a comfortable hotel on the east coast.

It took me twenty-four hours to realise that the hotel the company had chosen was depressingly boring, so I determined to find a flat for the duration of my stay. Easier said than done. But the estate agent I was using for my search suggested I look for board and lodgings instead, and by chance she just happened to know a lady whose home would be perfect for my requirements. So arrangements were made and off I toddled to visit my prospective lodgings.

I didn’t have to wait long for the door to be opened and the lady of the house to announce herself, but Mrs Crawley wasn’t what I was expecting. She was a rather large lady who exuded instant friendliness and when she smiled her sex appeal was apparent. The lady’s seductive appearance was enhanced hugely by her dress sense, carefully crafted to present her fine figure in the best possible way. The grey dress she wore now buttoned from cleavage to hem and flared elegantly into a full skirt finishing around her knees. Mrs Crawley’s breasts were large like her hips and strained enticingly at the grey worsted material; I dragged my eyes from her shapely breasts and met her eyes, she stood aside and invited me in. As I passed her I was assaulted by the delicate aroma of perfume.

Mrs Crawley stood about 1.7 metres in the high-heels she wore – strange choice for wearing about the house I thought – and her blonde hair was styled short, layered and complimented a round cherubic face. Full lips painted bright red co-ordinated with the red shoes and the red belt around the waist of her grey dress, which I again noted seemed to be under a tremendous strain from her mature weightiness. When my eyes had completed yet another take of her massive breasts they returned to her face and I observed how perfect her complexion was … that of a woman half her age.

I followed Mrs Crawley as she tottered down the hallway, high-heels click-clacking on the wooden floor. Her plump, but well-shaped legs were encased in black nylon and rasped softly as they brushed against each other. Whether the nylon mesh was pantyhose or stockings I couldn’t determine immediately. However, once I’d taken the Cuban-heel pattern and seams into consideration, I erred confidently on the side of stockings; and very nice they looked on her.

Laura, as she insisted I call her, gave me a tour of my rooms and by the time we arrived back in the kitchen for a cup of tea and a slice of home-made cake, my mind was made up … I intended to take the accommodation. Laura gave details about the rent and the extra charges for meals and laundry, and confirmed she would give me a monthly receipt so I could claim expenses. She said I could move in anytime, so I chose the weekend, which happily coincided with the start of the month.

It didn’t take long to settle in and find my feet. Laura and I struck up an instant rapport and she went out of her way to make me feel welcome. Although large mature women had never held any sex appeal for me, thus far in my life, Laura was somehow different. Our age difference of twenty or so years was purely an arbitrary figure and had no bearing on my evaluation of Laura as a big sexy woman whose inviting sexiness was to become an ever present problem!

It was noticeable that Laura liked to dress neatly and attractively at all times, a trait I appreciated, and I never saw her without a touch of make-up, not even at breakfast time; I had the feeling it was an image she nurtured for my benefit and I constantly wondered whether she saw me as being more than her lodger? My lust, though, had to be kept in check, for my cosy billet, although temporary, was too good an arrangement to mess up in order to satisfy my cock; so jerking off in the shower was usually the order of the day!

But the woman’s voluptuous presence and constant unwitting provocation were testing any resolve to try my luck. Naturally, I fantasised about any amount of different scenarios that might bring us together and even went a stage further by trying to plot such a physical encounter. But this only left me further exasperated, when, at the appropriate moment, I failed to take the chance or have the courage to make the required move. This state of affairs, however, was to radically alter in the space of a few days.

I returned from work one evening and on opening the front door shouted out to identify myself to Laura. She replied from the kitchen, where I discovered her standing on a stepladder trying to change a LED light bulb in the ceiling. It wasn’t going well for her, so I told her to step down and let me do it; she thanked me and started to descend the stepladder. But her foot slipped causing her to fall and cry out. My instinct was to reach out and catch her from falling further, which I did by grasping her poker oyna powerful thighs and holding her steady while she regained her footing.

We remained in this position for several seconds with my hands holding her thighs. Laura thanked me but made no move to descend the steps. She looked slightly flustered and commented on my strong hands before wriggling herself against them.

“I shouldn’t have tried to climb the stepladder in this skirt, should I? It’s far too tight.” She giggled.

“You should have waited and asked me to do it.” I answered. Then, as she moved her legs, I felt the unmistakable protrusion of suspender fastenings through the material of the snug fitting skirt. Not just one or two, but three, on each thigh! My hands stayed where they were enjoying the intimacy until Laura spoke somewhat


“Peter,” she said. “Would you let me get down, please?” I moved my hands to grip her expanded waistline and lifted. Laura wasn’t as heavy as I thought and when she was safely on the floor – her body and breasts pushing against me, asked. “Are you a stocking lover? Come on, don’t be shy. Tell me, do you like to see your women wearing stockings and suspenders?” This was the moment that turned our relationship. I took a breath and answered her.

“Yes, I do.”

“Even plump, mature ladies like me?” Laura persisted.

“Indeed, especially older, plumper ladies like you.” I said.

Laura chuckled. “I can see I’m going to have to watch you, young man.” She pinched my cheeks playfully before escaping my clutch and leaving me breathing heavily. I sensed the start of an erection. “Dinner will be a little while yet.” Laura said changing the subject.

“In that case I’ll take a shower and change.” I replied feeling the need for some personal relief.

But Laura had barely reached the kitchen door when she cried out and dropped to the floor holding the back of her left leg.

“Cramp!” She cried. “I’ve got bloody cramp!” I rushed to help and managed to sit her on a chair. I began massaging the troublesome calf. “I always get it when I’ve been stretching my legs.” Laura said. “Sorry I startled you by shouting out.”

Stroking Laura’s stockinged leg felt most pleasurable. My fingertips glided freely over the glossy mesh, occasionally reaching as far as her knees and the hem of her skirt; it was such a temptation to go further and slide my hands beneath the skirt.

“My word, Peter, you’ve got a magic touch and it feels so nice.”

“If you like it so much, I’ll massage both legs later.” I offered.

“That sounds perfect, Peter.”

Throughout dinner I couldn’t resist ogling Laura’s breasts in the revealing pink satin blouse she’d chosen to wear that evening, particularly the inch or so of cleavage created by her bra. The blouse, which I thought was a tad too glamorous for a domestic occasion, was an inspired choice for making her look sexy and for making me feel horny. I wondered about Laura’s bra beneath the pink satin. What colour was it? Was it modern in its design? I had a fetish thing about bra’s and came to the conclusion – because of the way it shaped and uplifted her breasts so wonderfully – that is was of a very modern design.

We didn’t bother to switch on the television instead choosing to listen to some music. Laura closed her eyes and relaxed her head on a cushion, and as she lifted her feet onto my lap, I surreptitiously adjusted their position from contact with my hardening cock. I stroked her feet and legs, especially the backs of her legs and the seams of her stockings; their electrifying, tactile touch making my cock twitch!

I paid attention to each individual toe. Rubbed her heels and stroked her soles. I gently rotated my fingers around each ankle and soaked up the sensation of finely meshed nylons. From time to time I became emboldened enough to caress her knees, eliciting a satisfactory sigh from Laura. All this while I continued to sneak peeks at her ample cleavage and breasts, which rose and fell with her breathing; only her periodic sighs of pleasure assuring me she was still awake.

It felt nice, the gratification was mutual and my cock throbbed uncomfortably with desire. This desire was magnified alarmingly, when by chance she smoothed down her skirt stretching the material firmly against her thighs, the tell-tale outline of suspenders obvious. I felt the onrush of blood to my brain and took a quick breath before boldly moving my fingers to touch the erotic protrusion of her lingerie.

“‘I wondered if you’d do that.” Laura whispered placing her hand on mine.

“It somehow seemed a natural thing to do.” I answered before lowering my fingers and playing with the hem of her skirt.

“I suppose it does, but I’m afraid that’s as far as you can go.’ I must have looked crestfallen because Laura immediately added. “This skirt is too tight to accommodate wandering fingers. Perhaps, if I take it off? Would that solve your problem?” Laura’s words confirmed her tacit consent to any sexual canlı poker oyna activity.

“That would be the perfect solution. Here, let me help you up.” I pushed my forefinger deep into her cleavage until I felt contact with her bra, then pulled gently to help Laura into a sitting position. She turned to me.

“Would you like to see my 44 DD tits, too?” She said jiggling her bountiful breasts. “Though they might frighten you off me altogether.” Laura paused with her fingers ready to begin unbuttoning the pink satin. “Do you want me to remove my blouse?”

“Laura, you dear, sexy landlady, I’d dearly love to see them, eventually.”

“What do you mean, eventually?” Laura snapped back.

“First, I’d like you to unbutton that gorgeous blouse and show me your bra; I love bras. Then, I’d like to watch you to lift both breasts from their cups and hold them for me, I want to see them naked beneath that pink blouse. Would you do that for me, please?”

“Of course, anything you ask of me. But first, you have to get naked too; I’m longing to see your young athletic body. It’s been a long time since I’ve caressed one and even longer since I’ve had a hard cock in my hand!”

“It will be a pleasure, Laura; I hope I don’t disappoint you.”

“There’s no chance of that happening. My wish is that I don’t displease you with my body; after all I’m not some young porn star.”

“Laura, you sweet, mature woman, there’s no chance of that happening!” We got to our feet and started to undress.

Laura was at the stage of wriggling her skirt down her thighs and I was on the point of stepping out of my slacks, when my phone rang.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I hissed angrily, it was either concerning work or my girlfriend. I glanced at the screen saw it was work. “I’m so sorry, Laura, I have to answer. Please don’t move.”

“Of course you do.” She replied nodding her head at my phone. I took a few steps away from her and touched answer. I was the duty key-holder that week, which was why the security company were phoning me. Apparently there had been an attempted break-in at the site office and they wanted me to go down and check for possible theft. I had to go.

“Laura, you look absolutely gorgeous and sexy and I want to make love to you! But I must go to the site.” I looked enviously at her naked breasts which she’d covered with the satin material. “I’ll be as quick as I can – obviously!”

“That’s alright, Peter, I’ve waited years for the right man to come along, so a couple more hours won’t hurt me! When you come back, why not slip into bed beside me and we’ll continue indulging your bra fetish!” I kissed her greedily and left.

Unfortunately, the police had other another more urgent incident to attend to before a patrol car turned up, so by the time I got back to Laura’s it was turned midnight. I let myself in and saw immediately that the lights were off downstairs, which could only mean one thing; I felt a sudden rush of excitement knowing I was only minutes away from playing with Laura’s beautiful big and mature tits. Hurrying up the stairs I wondered if she was still dressed the same; I was dying to feel her nipples through the pink satin blouse!

“I’m in bed, Peter, ready and waiting for you.” Laura called out softly. I entered the dimness of her bedroom and made for the sound of her voice. “Don’t waste any more time young man, just get naked and let me feel you against me! I want you inside me, desperately!”

I tore off my clothes and slipped between the cool sheets. Regrettably, Laura had taken off her clothes from earlier but in their place I felt the lustrous appeal of a nightdress against my throbbing helmet.

“Christ, Laura, you feel lovely.” I murmured running my hands over the slinky material. There was a lot of Laura to feel, but it was evenly spread and nicely balanced. Her big breasts were surprisingly firm, their nipples hard and prominent. I toyed with one through the silky material and speculated about her choice of lingerie; I strongly suspected she wore some form of corset or a basque to keep her voluptuousness in check.

Laura took my cock in her hand. “My word you’re nice and hard, please make it last for me.” She begged. “Now, just lie on your back and leave everything to me.” I obeyed her wishes and immediately heard the rustle of her silky nightdress as she straddled my body. Then, without further hesitation Laura took hold of my cock and introduced the helmet to her pussy. Laura was eager and in a hurry and after a few swipes up and down the moist valley of her labia with my dribbly knob, she eased her body onto the tip. Laura wasn’t just moist, she was wet, wet with her own love juice, juice that aided my stiff cock in its urgent and lustful undertaking to bury itself deep in her pussy. My throbbing knob encountered little resistance, as she forced me between her pussy lips, completing her mission to have me inside her body!

I told Laura how wet she felt. How big and plump and fucking lovely she was to shag! I reciprocated internet casino her actions, quickly realising how powerful a woman she was.

‘No, don’t move, Peter, let me do everything. That feels so beautiful down there! Please, let me satisfy myself at my own speed. I want enjoy this moment. And for your information, the reason I’m so juicy is because I’ve been playing with my clit while awaiting your return.”

I pulled her face close to mine and whispered. “Your pussy is also very lovely to fuck, my darling!”

“Thank you for saying that, Peter, and as a reward I’ll show you my breasts.”

In the muted light of the bedside lamp I watched as Laura dropped the shoulder straps of her nightdress and lean forward placing her hands either side of my head. She swung her massive breasts in my face, the nipples grazing my nose. My fingers automatically reached for the roundness of each orb, lifting and squeezing the flesh.

“Dear God, they’re heavy!” I muttered squeezing and distorting their shape. “And so wonderful!” I added. “So big and sexy and inviting!” I mumbled trying to latch onto a nipple with my teeth. I succeeded and felt it harden some more; I swore lewdly as my craving to suck on them became urgent.

“They also like being treated rough so don’t be shy when handling them.”

My mind wandered back to seeing Laura in her pink blouse, if only she’d kept it on. I imagined her big naked breasts and their hard nipples showing through the flimsy fabric and felt a surge of lust coursing through my body; I sucked harder on a nipple making Laura squeal.

“Oh my God, Peter, more of that please!”

I switched my attention to the other tit, chewing and drawing hard on it while Laura continued to fuck me; it was fantastic being screwed by a plump, mature lady … a true revelation!

“Peter, I want to cum!” Laura’s words were pleasing and encouraging; I was obviously doing something right! Then I became aware of her hand coming between our respective groins and, I presumed, rubbing her clit. She hunted and fingered herself until finally she uttered a series of cries. At this point I began humping her pussy like crazy and our mutual orgasms happened within minutes. Laura screamed in pleasure at the moment of delivery and pressed her body down hard on my cock to accept my squirting cum that was happening deep inside her pussy.

Laura eventually removed herself from my still erect cock and positioned herself to suck the cum from it. The sound of her greed kept my desire alive, which in turn fueled her own pleasure. It was sheer wanton greed that made me shove her onto her back and spread her chubby thighs wide to see her bloated pussy. The puffed up lips glistening with a mixture of her moisture and my driblets of cum; I wondered what it would taste like? Then, unceremoniously, I wiped my knob over the warm, sticky mess and forcefully drove it back into her wet cunt, and we fucked once more. Laura couldn’t get enough. We hammered against one another as furiously as was humanly possible, the sound of our damp sweaty flesh slapping out a rhythm in time with our desperate vocalising.

Within seconds I felt myself ready to climax once more. Laura sensed it too and told me to cum in her mouth. She’d hardly completed the sentence before I started

squirting my sticky stuff onto her tongue and lips, a sensation that drove me to deliver every last drop I could manage to squeeze out of my knob. Laura didn’t swallow, choosing instead to allow my spunk to dribble down her chin and drip onto her breasts, where she used a forefinger to smear her nipples with the wetness.

Later, wrapped in each others arms, we talked dirty. Laura praising me for the duration of my hard erection and the ability to climax so powerfully, and me complimenting her for having a beautiful moist cunt and lovely big fucking tits! It was a fitting climax – no pun intended – to our activity.

The following day was a Saturday and during a late breakfast, Laura told me that her friend Grace was visiting that afternoon and would I like to meet her. I agreed but said I had to check in at the site for a couple of hours, so don’t bother preparing any lunch for me.

I arrived back at Laura’s around 3 o’clock and as usual shouted out my return. Laura came into the hall to greet me and I could straight away see that she was dressed for my benefit. I was about to compliment her on the the way she looked, but she pulled me into the kitchen, whispering that we should keep our voices low so Grace wouldn’t hear.

I looked at her and immediately desired her big breasts pressed against me. I tried to pull her close, but she resisted and held me at arm’s length.

“Peter, listen to me. I’ve done something that might make you angry.” Laura said batting my hands away.

“Mrs Crawley, what on earth could you do to make me angry?” I mocked.

“I’ve been telling Grace about your work and what brings you here. She in turn has been asking personal questions about you, too. Anyhow, I must have sounded a bit too enthusiastic with my answers, because when she asked me whether I’d like to fuck you I hesitated with my reply. This she construed as an affirmative response and guessed immediately that we’d already been naughty.”

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