Hard Night in Tokyo

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Well here it is my masturbation confession. My true story of one night in Tokyo. First you have to understand I didn’t start masturbating till I was 26. I am NOT Slow… I just had other things to do. Anyway, I have to make up for lost time. So when the stress is relieved and my mind can wonder, frankly, I get horny. Horny as the devil. Now, when is my stress relieved? Well, when I don’t have the day to day pressures of job and home. BINGO – when I travel. And I have had some real ‘spells’. Fortunately, I have never hurt myself. There was that one time I wondered around, driving, drunk, looking for a store that sold dildos. But after I sobering up and realized how really stupid that was… I now do all my drinking in my room. And I don’t always drink to have a good game of UNO.

Now there was that trip this spring to Japan. I really love to go to Japan. It’s not easy, a woman traveling alone and I didn’t the first time or even the 2nd. But by the 4th and 5th, I loved. And I hope I can go back sometime. This trip (the 4th) was good. We accomplished a lot at work and I was traveling with 2 gentlemen and one’s wife from Toronto. They were excellent dinner company. But after 7 days, they moved on and I was left for 7 more days alone. And evenings, even in one of the best hotels in Tokyo (The New Otani), can be boring. The only English speaking TV is CNN and BBC news. And that gets really old after 7 nights. So… I decided to buy a night of Playboy (I’d seen the movies on the movie channels). The Playboy in Asia is a little different than the one here. Here (at least in our market) they show X rated, just barely – they show no dicks. Well over there, its full on, full up nudity. Except for one small exception – the profanity laws in Japan prohibit genitals from being shown. So you get this little fuzzy area that follows around the pussies and dicks. I want that job: Japanese Sensor. I’ll take the men. Follow around cocks and pussy all day with a little fuzzy thing… nice work if you can get it.

So, Playboy Asia was an interesting mix of Japanese and US products. I’ll have to tell you about some of the Japan programs – another time. One thing I learned is I never want to see a Japanese man naked. Skinny guys, uck. And its not length they lack, but width. Skinny dicks, yuck! You could tell that much in the fuzzy area, especially when they got some head. I did like watching the Japanese women – but only with the sound off. Their voices (so high and whiny were more than I could stand). But they really looked like they were having sex and they looked like they were having an orgasm, not having their nails done – like so many of the Anglo female ‘talent’.

Well, I did enjoy watching it. And one night poker oyna after a few drinks, I started to write about it. Do a little narration. And you know how writing about it turns me on. The next day at work I am terribly distracted all day. Just waiting to get off the subway the next night and have a real hot time playing UNO in my room. I go to the hotel shop and see what snacks I can get for the night. Oh, gin and tonics in a can – nice. A pint of vodka (its cheap and I’ve spent a lot on silk). Chocolate – got to have chocolate. McVittie’s cookies. OK, I’m set. No wait. All I have is that clever little vibrator I got down in the electronics district. Cute little thing, about the size of a cigar and twice as handy. I needed batteries for it and I need a dildo. I knew, having done this before, I would be humping my hairbrush by the end of the night. Better to plan a head (nice pun, no?)

Off to the convenience stores. OK, it had to be so long, so wide. Smooth is good. Rounded tip. No. No. This is getting frustrating. I really need to get one of the real things to travel with. (Maybe someone will send me one for Christmas!!) Last store. Don’t forget the batteries. Well apparently ‘batteries’ doesn’t translate, so I can’t find them and I can’t make the guy behind the counter understand. But all it not lost. [I can steal the batteries out of a gift I had bought. ] I go over to the hair products counter, hoping to find a hairbrush with a really large handle. No luck. But apparently the power of the phallus is not lost on Japanese marketers. There is a whole row of hair spray cans shaped like dildos. Just the right width, with smooth missile shaped tops (I guess it’s to much to ask for a ridge). And they are shrunk wrapped in heavy plastic. How very sanitary. And it avoids that pesky trip to the emergency room to have the cap of a hair spray can removed from your cunt.

I’m in business. Back to the room. I order room service, something with lots of flavor that I can eat with my hands. I want all my senses filled. I get the Playboy channel cued up and open the gin. Not bad for a mixed drink in a can. Actually pretty smooth. I wonder how much alcohol is in it? I know how much to drink to get the best affect. So it would be nice to know… but what the hell.

Dinner is delivered. When Skinny leaves, I get naked and put on the complementary light cotton robe. I dig into dinner. Have another drink and watch 2 really dirty (I mean mud of various colors all over their bodies) women making love to each other – or at least what the movie maker thinks men want to watch 2 women do. Actually, some of it works for me to. But I’ve got to believe if the women were really doing it, they’d go about it a little canlı poker oyna differently.

After they finish, and I finish drink number 3, A good looking (for low cost films) stud rides on screen on a nice bike. [Bike cost more than he does, I’m sure. ] He stops and contemplates a dessert bush (no pun there). Suddenly, 2 women appear, apparently a fond memory is being reenacted. OK, I can get into this. I lay down and get out ‘little willy’. Oh yes that’s good. He’s fucking her from behind. And she sucking the other’s tits. Yeah, that’s it. I’m over the top. Go willy go. Oh yes. One down.

As I sit up I realize that first drink was strong. And 2 and 3 are joining with a vengeance. Better back off the booze and eat more food. I sit cross-legged on the bed and eat more of the delicious spread. The cool air helps put my twat on idle while I eat. I watch the blond women with silicon tits get fucked and look like they really don’t care. Look at the camera; smile pretty; don’t get a black eye when your super-tits hit you in the eye.

I finish dinner and think, fuzzily, that I should put the tray outside, so the room doesn’t smell like old mizo soup in the morning. OK. I stand up. Steady myself. (can you see the problem here?) I pick up the tray and manage to open the door and go to set the tray outside.

Pause and catch the scene here: 1) You have to set the tray outside and to the side so you don’t step on it in the morning (made sense at the time). 2) This lovely hotel has very strong return springs on the doors. 3) I am very nearly 3 sheets to the tsunami, from drinking too much too fast. 4) I have nothing but the hotel robe on. Nothing.

Yes, in fact, as I set the tray on the floor, I step forward to keep from falling over and lo.. the door closes and locks behind me. OK, driving around drunk is stupid. Standing alone, naked except for this cotton robe in a hotel is… exciting, but really, REALLY stupid. But I am my best when challenged. I remember this is Tokyo. They return your wallet if you leave it on the subway; I will be safe. But this hotel isn’t filled with Japanese. There were those Chinese bodyguards (BIG guys) that were with the delegation of Chinese diplomats in the hotel. There is that bunch of businessmen from India with the hospitality room on the floor below. There are those 30 Germans I saw leaving for dinner. I shrink against the door. I don’t really fit in the door sill, but I give it a good try. Some of my best parts are sticking out. I must remain composed. I have to dial the desk and get the door unlocked. I compose myself and stand straight and walk to the phone, which is by the elevators. I dial, I request and I walk, don’t run, back to my door internet casino sill thanking God for small favors – that no one got off at this floor.

Now as I wait for the key to arrive I think of what could happen. And its not all bad. Why it wouldn’t be my fault if I fainted of embarrassment at some handsome man’s feet and he had to fuck me back to health. Especially if he looked like Sean Connery or Alex Baldwin. Or one of those nice strong German women could ‘mother’ me back to health. While I enjoy the thought… Skinny2 comes round the corner with the key. I sign for it, he lets me in. I lock the door. And so much for excitement.

But it has left me wanting some level of satisfaction. There is some hot action with almost real looking men and women. One scene with the guy getting sucked off through the bars of a jail cell really has me going. Time to get out little willy and the spray can. I lay back on the bed and start running my finger through my hot and wet lips. Oh yes they are wet. My clit is swollen and ready. Round and round my little bud and now in with the can. In and out. In and out. Oh I wish there was a body attached to this. I bring willy into action and in a minute I am doing my best to crush the can.

I keep the can in and get the best simulation of a g-spot cum going. Its good enough to make me just a little crazy. I have never come with my clit more than twice in one night. But the fantasy and excitement of being trapped out side has me really wanting it. If only another good scene comes on TV. I might get there.

A Japanese program comes on. The good thing about them is the women REALLY look like they are cumming. And this one is doing a fine job of it. I leave the can in place and reach around my backside. I put a wet and smooth swizzle stick from the wet bar in my ass. Oh yes… Oh I am aching now. It actually hurts, my clit is throbbing so deeply. I put willy back in place. I am running out of hands. The can slides out. The trimmed hand is on willy and going to town. My other hand in my mouth. I gotta suck something.

Now there are Anglos fucking again. And heaven save us, she gets it from behind. Oh yeah, fuck her baby. Harder, Oh god he spanks her. I moan. (She looks bored) But its working for me. Willy’s working over time and I am moaning out loud. I am sucking on my finger and wanting some skin real bad. I take my hand out of my mouth and fumble for the can. I slip it in and start to fuck it like the couple on the screen. I keep rhythm with them and now I can’t keep the moans in. I let go of the can long enough to pinch my nipples a bit. That’s good. Oh.. I gotta cum. Now, please… please. I start to breath harder and then… yeah it cums deep and hard. My knees come up and I spasm in the fetal position. Yeah that will do. I lay back pretty much wasted. I start to fantasize again about what could have, might have happened in the hall and I fall asleep with a smile on my face.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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