Harry, Kate , Jan Ch. 05

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Monday morning and Harry was awakened by the sun shining in his eyes through his bedroom window; He had been so shattered when he arrived home the previous evening it was all he could do to climb the stairs, drop his clothes where he stood and fall into bed.

All he had covering him was a thin sheet, proving that it had been a mild night. He staggered out of bed and drew the curtains quickly, hoping that no alert neighbour of either sex was looking towards his window at that split second.

He looked at his watch and saw that he had a little time in hand, one of the advantages of living so close to work. He sped into the shower and completed his toiletries at the same time collecting a load of clothes and bedding for his washing machine downstairs. He didn’t want to get behind with his housework like last week. Once again the thought of a cleaning lady crossed his mind. For some reason a vision of a large brown lady seemed to be ideal for this role.

He even managed to make himself some breakfast before setting out to walk in the sunshine to the office. It really was getting warm. The sun on his back began to make him feel even more cheerful. He had girls loving him; sun warming him and that reminded him that the cricket season was approaching. He hadn’t been to practice for a couple of weeks. The main practice night was Wednesday and that again reminded him he was going to the away football match with Kate. He would have to miss practice again while he enjoyed himself at the game and fucking her afterwards. They didn’t often make love; they were so intense about their lovemaking that you could only really call it fucking.

Harry got himself a coffee as soon as he arrived at the bank. He sipped it as he read through his outstanding mail, checked his e-mails and looked at his diary for the coming week. Tuesday afternoon at ‘Aunty Sue’s’ was a definite highlight so far. He drew a line through the rest of the day after two thirty!

Once his working week began to be clear in his mind he let his thoughts wander, doodling on his note pad. He was aware of his colleagues arriving for work and answered their ‘Good Mornings’ automatically without noticing who the individuals were. He was idly making a sort of graph drawing on his pad with headings like ‘titty fkg’, ‘public fkg’ and ‘girls’. He had also written Kate, Jan, Josie, Nadine, Sue and Cindy with half a note saying ‘Sam..’ when a hand gripped his shoulder. He jumped in surprise, flipping his pad over and turning around. He relaxed in relief; it was only Martin!

“Wow, you jumped like a guilty man when Mr. Plod clamps his hand on his shoulder,” laughed Martin. “See you at coffee break time to compare notes, OK?”

“That’s a date,” said Harry. “We all saw you leaving the car park at the Rams Head with two big brown titties in full view. I want to know how you got home in one piece and, of course, what happened later!”

As Martin went to his desk Harry turned to his work, he made and received phone calls as the routine of the office swung into action. He was on the phone, talking to the foreign transactions section at Head Office, when he saw Samara come out of the Boss’s office close to the counter. Old man Bates was gazing into her eyes and holding on to her hand for just that second too long for a business handshake. Samara crossed the office to her desk and sat down. Harry continued his call and then watched as Samara looked up, caught his eye and then pointed to the interview room with two fingers. Harry nodded, ‘interview room, two minutes’, message received and understood.

He finished the call, picked up a couple of file folders and his pad and made his way over to the interview room. In view of the invitation he didn’t knock, just entered and locked the door as he smiled at Samara.

“Here I am boss, as ordered,” Harry said as he stood in front of the desk. Then he lowered his voice. “I’m so happy to see you looking so good. How’s things at home?”

“That’s what I want to see you about Harry. Sit down and I’ll tell you. So much has been happening. Before I start, are you free for lunch?”

Harry looked at Samara then made a point of looking at his diary.

“I can fit you in Miss,” he grinned. “Where do you want to go?”

“Somewhere private and nearby,” said Samara almost in a whisper. “I can’t be away too long, as I will tell you”.

Harry thought quickly. “How about picking up a couple of sandwiches each and going round to my place? Only five minutes walk each way!”

“Wonderful,” said Samara, “I forgot you lived so close. Twelve thirty?”

It was agreed. Samara started to fill him in with recent events.

“Everything is going so well Harry,” Samara began. “First of all I went to my parents on Saturday and told them of my problems and about my unhappiness. When I told them about being abused they immediately said I must end my marriage. My father wanted to get me a solicitor but was very pleased when I told them that I had already consulted one. We then discussed Sachin and my father said that the escort kartal best solution would be to get him to return voluntarily to India, which he might do if he was given a substantial sum of money. My father said he would lend me money but when I said I might be promoted and have to move house he said I would probably have enough out of the sale to enable me to buy Sachin out.”

“I went home and found Sachin there. With my parents blessing behind me I tackled him straight away. He sat there and listened to me and, wonder of wonders, he agreed with everything I said and agreed to my suggestions. He will finally agree when I offer him a sum that he thinks is reasonable. I shall not try to cheat him. As I have said, he is not a bad man. He says that he is keen to return to India.”

“So, I come into work this morning and immediately I go to Mr. Bates to tell him of my changed circumstances and what I am proposing to do. He says that I’m doing the right thing and also that he may have some positive news about my next career step very soon. He said that Head Office Human Resources have been talking to him about me very recently.”

During this explanation Samara had not been looking directly at Harry but rather somewhere else, especially down on to the desk between them.

“Harry?” Samara questioned, “please don’t answer if you feel unable to do so but what does ‘titty fkg’, ‘public fkg’ coupled with the names Kate, Jan, Josie, Nadine, Sue and Cindy and Sam mean?”

Harry grabbed his pad and turned it over. “Just doodling Sammy”, he stammered.”

She looked straight at him. Harry blushed. “I’ll explain at lunch time, OK?” he said. “At the same time,” he smiled, “you can explain to me why dear old man Bates was holding your hand so sweetly this morning.” Harry picked up his papers and left the interview room, saying “until twelve thirty” as he unlocked the door and returned to his desk.

It was just about break time so, after a detour for a piss, Harry went to the canteen in time to see Martin and Josie break apart as they heard the door. Josie grinned and said she would fetch their coffees. Harry and Martin sat down.

“So,” said Harry, “no need to ask if you got your end away on Saturday night, is there? We all saw Josie’s titties as you drove out the car park.”

“Oh my God Harry,” whispered Martin. “She’s insatiable, she’s only happy when my cock’s inside her and even happier when I’m pumping spunk. She takes it in any hole and always swallows. She’s fucking great, she really is. Anyway, how was your fucking weekend? As good as you hoped?”

“Better, I think,” mused Harry. “Very similar to yours by the sound of your action. Kate really likes it up her arsehole now she’s got used to it. Does Josie like it up there?”

“I don’t know but we have discussed it and she’s going to think about it and let me know. Shhh, here she comes.”

Josie arrived with the coffees. “Hi Harry, has my lover been tellin’ you about his fuckin’ stamina. He was never out of me. He pumped enough protein giving spunk into my mouth and cunt to last me …. until next time!” she laughed happily. Harry could see that Martin would be welcome any time.

“If I hadn’t had a good time myself I would be jealous,” he smiled.

“Plenty of time for other fuckers,” Josie chortled. “Me and Martin ain’t ready to settle down yet. If he gets another girl that’s OK as long as I still gets my share. Have a quick look at these”

Josie was naked under her smock again. Martin and Harry both had a good feel of her big round tits and sucked on a big hard nipple each. She ran out quickly as she heard someone approaching down the staff room corridor.

Harry and Martin grinned at one another and talked some more about future fucking plans. Harry mentioned that he really wanted to titty fuck Josie and Martin laughed, saying he would fix it for him. They discussed a possible foursome, with some fucking thrown in, of course.

In due time Harry returned to his desk and managed to get through a fair amount of work until just before twelve thirty he signalled to Samara and they left their desks. They met across the square and turned towards Bishops Close. After a couple of hundred yards Sammy linked her hand through Harry’s arm.

“Oh Harry, I feel so free,” she said happily. “I have to see my solicitor again this afternoon to tell her to go ahead and prepare my divorce papers and then I will feel that my life is really starting again. Oh, here we are, Bishops Close, it’s very close to the office, isn’t it?”

As soon as they entered Harry’s house Sammy explored the downstairs, having a pee as soon as she found the loo. Harry went into the kitchen and soon returned with coffee and a Breezer for Sammy. He stopped in the middle of the room as soon as her saw her sitting on the sofa. She was topless again, her beautiful breasts pointing straight at him, her hard nipples standing out proudly.

“I thought you would like to see them again Harry,” she smiled. “No, that’s not true, I wanted to show maltepe escort them to you again. I want you to stroke them again with your hands and with your cock. If you do it now perhaps you will be able to do it again before we have to leave. Do you think so Harry?”

Harry said nothing as he put the coffee on the table and the Breezer into Sammy’s hand. He produced his long hard cock from his trousers and put Sammy’s other hand around his shaft. He looked down at the erotic sight of her small hand with long slim fingers beginning to wank him slowly. He moaned quietly.

“Sammy, oh Sammy, that’s lovely. Keep on doing that. I want to come all over your breasts soon.”

Harry knelt down in front of her. As soon as he did that Sammy sat forward and enveloped his cock between her breasts. Harry pumped his cock in her titty channel, gripping her long hard nipples to give him purchase. Sammy clasped her hands over the top, gazing at the scene.

“Oh yes Harry, I want to see your spunk again. Do it to me hard and fast and make me feel so good. Your cock is so big and hard. I do love it so. I want it all the time. Just watching it is making me so wet, you know, between my legs.”

Sammy’s words had the desired effect on Harry. He pumped harder and faster, his pre cum lubricating Sammy’s tit channel until he reached his peak of feelings. He shot his first jet of spunk into her face as she looked down, then pulled away and spurted all over her hands and breasts. Even after the weekend exertions his sperm producing kit was still working fine, making his spunk in great quantities.

Sammy spread his spunk all over her breasts and chest, licking off the excess and tasting him. Harry leaned forward and kissed her for the first time, tasting himself in her mouth as he gently parted her lips with his tongue. Sammy seemed to be unused to open mouth kissing so they had a long exploratory mouthing together. Finally she sucked the end of his drooping tool before taking a big drink of her Breezer and then picking up her coffee.

“Harry, that was wonderful. I’ve never had such a good time. Now, you promised me an explanation of the notes on your pad although I think I’ve worked out a lot of it and it doesn’t seem to have much to do with work at the bank. ‘fkg’ I presume is an abbreviation of fucking and I think I’ve just had the titty one. You must tell me about ‘public’ and the girls I don’t know, Josie, Nadine, Sue and Cindy. Have you got enough, er, spunk for all these girls Harry?”

Harry smiled and kissed Sammy again. She liked it so much that they did it some more and his prick began to recover. Harry gently rested his hand on Sammy’s thighs and she opened her legs a little wider, She felt hot to his touch.

“You have got it almost one hundred percent correct,” he replied. “I hope to have a chance to supply all those ladies, including yourself Sam, with as much of my cum as they want. Josie works in the staff room at the bank, Nadine is my best mate’s girlfriend, Cindy is Kate’s twenty two year old stepmother but Sue must remain anonymous. Public means that Kate wants us to start fucking in public places where we might be observed by others. We are going to prepare a list of places.”

Sammy was fascinated and started to help Harry with some places. In no time at all they had the bus and railway stations, the town hall steps, the fountain in the square and outside the main police station.

Harry thought the last one was a bit risky but kissed Sammy as she suggested it just the same. This kiss turned into a much heavier one, with Sammy putting one hand behind Harry’s head to pull him to her and the other went back on to his prick which swelled appreciably. Harry deliberately pressed one hand down on to Sammy’s groin and rubbed gently. To his great surprise she opened her legs wide to give him access. He wasted no time, moving his hand under her skirt and quickly finding her wet panties. He dived underneath to find her hairy pubic patch with it’s wet cunny dissecting it from top to bottom. Sammy squirmed and stopped the kiss.

“Ohhh, Harry, ohhh that’s wonderful. Wait a moment!”

Sammy lifted her skirt, wriggled her bottom and whipped her panties down her legs. She opened her legs wide, showing her juicy hairy cunt in all its glory. Harry pressed his hand to her charms, parting her hairs and sliding two fingers into her juicy passage. His thumb rubbed over her little proud clit. Sammy screamed.

“Yes Harry yes, do it some more. Don’t stop please, don’t stop! Make me come, oh please make come. I want it, I want it.”

Sammy had already grabbed Harry’s big hard cock and was stroking him furiously. She was naturally pulling him so he moved his knob end to her mouth. Sammy didn’t hesitate, as soon as his prick touched her lips she opened her mouth and fed his knob end in. Harry pushed into her molten hole, fucking it gently but firmly in and out.

Sammy was all fired up and ready to shoot. She could only moan with her mouth so full but she lifted her bottom off the pendik escort bayan seat, driving Harry’s fingers deeper into her cunt. His thumb pressed down harder on to her nub and she exploded into her orgasm, almost dislodging his fingers as she did so.

Harry gasped out, “I’m gonna cum, Sammy, it’s coming. I can’t hold it.” Sammy opened her eyes and kept on pumping Harry. He shot a huge stream of hot sticky spunk into her mouth. She pulled his cock out and pumped him all over her tits again, her open mouth showing a full measure inside. They kissed again, sharing his taste.

They lay together on his sofa, an arm around each other with her other little hand holding his sticky cock and his resting on her cunt with his thumb still teasing her clit. Eventually they kissed and stirred.

“Darling Harry, that was so wonderful. Now I’ve got to get off to my solicitors appointment and you’ve got to get back to the bank. I don’t think anybody knows that we went out together today. Can we do this again? I’m sorry, I don’t mean just this, I want you to, ..er.., fuck me soon. Will you please Harry? Soon?”

Harry hugged her to him, his cock still dangling between her legs. Sammy pushed at him.

“Of course, you know I’d love to Sammy my darling. One condition though, you still haven’t told me why old Bates was hanging on to your hand so tenderly this morning. So give, tell all.”

Sammy’s eyes were sparkling as she laughed. “I must admit that I’d given him a little kiss when he told me my good news. I think he’s missing his wife still; it’s only nine months since she died. I bet he’s not had sex for at least two years what with her illness and all. Poor old boy! He had an erection this morning”

“Are you going to help him out then?” enquired Harry with a laugh.

Sammy didn’t laugh. “It’s not impossible Harry. I do think he’s very nice but it couldn’t happen until I’m at another branch and my divorce has come through. It would be quite nice to have two lovers for a while, one older and one younger. We’ll have to see what happens. Will you tell me when I can see you again?”

“How about Thursday lunchtime here, same time?”

“Yes please,” said Sammy, kissing him again and fondling his growing cock. She giggled. “He’s getting ready for the next one.”

Sammy left for her appointment and eventually Harry returned to work.

Harry had no intentions of seeing another girl today; he needed a rest especially after his unplanned lunchtime. However, when his doorbell rang at about seven thirty that evening and he opened the door to see John and Nadine standing there he welcomed them in. Nadine’s tits were almost bursting out of her thin white woolly top with her nipples clearly visible. How she managed to seem to never wear a bra Harry intended to find out,

Nadine asked to use the bathroom and Harry guided her upstairs to his en suite. She turned and smiled her thanks to him and he took her big right tit into his hands, thumbing her nipple erect. She smiled even more.

“That feels lovely Harry. We must do it some more soon, eh?”

“Yes please Nadine,” sighed Harry. “I would love to pump my cock between your gorgeous titties until I come all over them.”

Nadine laughed. “Just like fucking John,” she spluttered. “He’s always doing that. Tell you what Harry; I’ll let you do it to me as long as you fuck me as well. OK?”

Harry took some deep breaths as he returned to John downstairs. He still had a fair tent in his slacks as he re-entered the lounge.

“Beer John?” asked Harry, heading straight for the kitchen without stopping. John accepted and laughed.

“You don’t have to hide your stiffy, you know,” he said as he followed Harry to the kitchen. “Nadine always makes guys hot for her. You can touch her if you like, I don’t mind. It sort of warms her up for me later!”

Harry admitted to having had a touch upstairs already. He didn’t mention Nadine’s offer just in case John generosity suddenly changed.

Just then Nadine returned. Something had excited her as her nipples were now really sticking out through the material of her woolly top.

“Have you guys eaten yet?” asked Harry. “I was just going to go out for a Chinese when you called.”

“That’s a great idea,” said John. “It’ll be quicker if I fetch it. You like the one just up the road, don’t you? No Nady, you stay here darling and help Harry get everything out and ready.”

Fortunately John went straight out of the door as if he were in a hurry because Harry and Nadine could hardly contain themselves as they convulsed with laughter as the door shut behind John.

“Get everything out and ready?” she screamed. “Surely he must have known what he was saying? Fucking hell Harry, come here and get everything out and ready!”

Trying to hold back his laughter Harry crossed the lounge to Nadine and in one swift smooth movement pulled her woolly over her head. He dropped it to the floor as he gazed upon her giant mammary glands, barely contained in a thin gauzy almost transparent soft bra. He had seen a lot of them on Friday of course but now they were much closer and he knew that they were all for him for the next few minutes. Her nipples were big and hard, protruding at least an inch from her aureoles. He put out his hands but she stopped him.

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