Hell, Yeah Ch. 02

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“Hey, get up.” Shaun prodded my shoulder, practically bouncing out of bed like a kid on Christmas. “It’s Super Bowl Sunday; we gotta work!”

Groaning, I rolled over to glance at the alarm clock. It read 11:42 a.m. We were scheduled to work at three; the game didn’t even start until 6:30. Flinging an arm over my eyes to block out the light, I groaned again.

“Come on. Get that fine ass of yours out of bed. Let’s go.” Shaun’s tone was teasing but managed to hold enough authority to remind me although we were sleeping together, he was still my boss. Considering he’d been the one to keep me up all hours of the night with his lusty demands, it was the least he could do to let me sleep a little longer.

“Come on,” he asserted, tugging the blankets and sheets off of me, exposing my very naked body to a chilly bedroom. Scowling darkly, I tried to steal them back. “You know, before we started sleeping together, I totally had you pegged for a morning person. I guess now I know the truth.” Shaun laughed, and leaning over me, pinched my cold nipple.

“I don’t have to be a morning person,” I growled, grasping his wrist and pulling him down on top of me. “I’m a bartender!” Shaun’s body was warm; I burrowed under his weight, taking advantage of the cover provided by his large chest. “Mmm… you’re like a blanket.”

Shaun’s deep rumble of laughter was a purr in my ear. Nibbling gently he worked down the curve of my neck, kissing a path to my shoulder. It was my turn to purr.

“Oh, no,” he laughed, rolling off of me and giving my hip a playful slap. “You’re not sidetracking me. It’s Super Bowl: biggest day of the year for the bar. Get up!”

I flashed him my sexiest pout and batted my eyelashes. “Come to bed?”

Torn between a threatening scowl and a broad grin, Shaun tossed his t-shirt at me. “Cover those damn things up,” he laughed, motioning at my breasts. “They distract the hell out of me.”

“Stupid Super Bowl,” I joked, pulling his extra-large t-shirt over my head; it went down to my knees and smelled wonderfully of Shaun. “Why can’t you like hockey like every other good Canadian boy?”

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.” Shaun yelled from the bathroom. “No woman of mine is going to bad-mouth football.”

Laughing, I joined Shaun at the sink, and reaching for my toothbrush I deliberately let my breasts brush his arm. Shaun tried to look mad, but the distinct bulge in his boxers gave him away.

“Stop that,” he snapped, following my sardonic gaze downward. “Just ignore it, and it’ll go away.”

“Fat chance,” I quipped through a mouthful of toothpaste. “Hard to ignore something as big as that.”

Shaun chuckled, gave my ass a slap and turned to leave me to my morning routine. “You look fuckin’ hot in my t-shirt,” he shot back over his shoulder.

Grinning, I closed the door in his face.

I like my showers nice and hot; the more steam, the better. I also like a long shower, and at least ten minutes into it I heard the bathroom door open and close. Humming softly, I reached for the shampoo and began to lather up my shoulder-length brown hair. I almost ataşehir escort bayan laughed when I heard the slide of the shower curtain and felt the cold blast of air that announced Shaun’s arrival.

“Damn,” he whispered, whistling long and low before running his hands from my wet breasts to my wet hips.

I stepped out of his grasp and back under the direct spray of the shower to rinse my hair clean. I opened my eyes to see Shaun smiling sexily and sporting one hell of an erection.

“I thought we weren’t going to have any distractions this morning,” I teased, reaching for the soap.

“Too late. Besides, I was a little worried you weren’t going to leave me any hot water.” Shaun watched with heavily lidded eyes as I applied my soapy hands to his broad chest.

“I like long showers,” I pouted, running my slick hands over the hard plane of his upper body before slipping lower to trace the ripple of his abs. “Makes me feel clean.”

“Well,” Shaun growled as my soapy hands curled around the girth of his cock. “You were pretty dirty last night.”

I stepped aside so the shower spray could rinse the soap off his body. “Me? You’re the one who suggested it.” Laughing, I dropped to my knees; bracing my hands against Shaun’s hard thighs, I leaned in and took the length of him in my mouth.

Shaun’s low groan reverberated in the small shower. He laced his fingers in my hair, guiding me into a rhythm. The hot, smooth glide of his cock past my lips turned me on more than I thought possible.

I once dated a guy who told me that there is nothing better than a good blow job and that if you make the first few truly great he’ll never forget you. Although that guy was long gone his advice stuck with me; and besides, I’d always thought it was fun. I liked the challenge of making it last as long as possible. With Shaun of course, the bigger challenge was how to get the entire thing in.

Shaun’s breath came in short gasps. Generally he was a pretty quiet guy, both on the job and as I’d only recently learned, in bed too; but he always seemed a little noisier when I was going down on him. Smiling past the cock in my mouth, I gave Shaun a saucy wink.

“What are you doing to me, Woman?” He gasped, moving my head with a little more force. I closed my eyes and concentrated on getting as much of him into my throat as possible.

He cried my name as he came, shooting salty, thick spurts past my greedy tongue; grinning, I swallowed happily. He grabbed my arms and hauled me to my feet, shaking his head all the while. Around us the shower continued.

“You,” Shaun stressed, stroking my wet hair, tracing a tendril clinging to my cheek. “Are a very bad girl.”

“You’re the one who hopped in the shower with me.” I handed him the bar of soap. “I washed your back, now you wash mine.”

Shaun chuckled. “I don’t remember that soap being anywhere but up front.” He lightly slapped my wet hip again. “But I’ll play along. Turn around.”

We switched places to that he was closer to the showerhead and I was facing the opposite wall. Shaun lathered up his hands and reached escort kadıköy around to my breasts, his slick palms sliding over my wet skin. My nipples hardened instantly, the sensation shooting down to pool between my legs. I moaned.

Shaun continued his slippery exploration, pressing himself against my back. I could feel the spent cock nestling between my ass cheeks give a little twitch. For a thirty-two year old he had a pretty impressive recovery time. I wiggled my hips in appreciation, giggling as the twitch became a slow firming. Shaun’s hands teased the edge of my curls before spreading slickly over my hips. I ground against him harder, wanting him to reach down and touch my pussy more than anything.

Chuckling, Shaun gave my ass a light slap. “Ah, ah. You said wash your back, not your front.” He stepped back a pace, pulling my hips towards him with one hand and pressing my spine forward with the other, making my ass jut out lewdly. Half bent over and trembling with excitement, I braced my hands on the shower wall.

Lathering up again, Shaun ran his hands from my shoulders, down my back, and over my ass, giving it a rough squeeze for a moment before reversing and coming back up. The slickness of his hot, soapy hands against my skin made my knees weak. My usual enthusiastic sounds of pleasure echoed in the small space of the shower.

Keeping one broad hand on my hip, Shaun ran a single finger down my spine and into the cleft between my ass cheeks, pausing to tease my asshole for a moment. My sharp intake of breath must have surprised him because he stopped.

“Should I not do that?” He asked gently.

“I don’t know,” I admitted, glad my back was to him so he couldn’t see me blush. “No one’s ever done that before.”

“Do you want me to stop?” His slick finger continued its soft circling; it felt amazing, better than I thought it would have. I shook my head. Shaun’s free hand slid from my hip to my pussy, seeking out the wetness there. “If you tell me to stop, I will.” He lightly stroked my clit while pressing just the tip of his soapy finger into my ass. I groaned loudly. “You like that?” Shaun asked, his voice hoarse.

I nodded, amazed that so much feeling could be centered on so small a place. The pressure was incredible; he felt huge inside of me and it was only a short length of his finger. My breath came in ragged, harsh pants. Shaun gave me a moment to adjust to the new sensation before pulling out slightly and then pushing in again.

“Holy fuck,” I gasped as his finger penetrated my ass further.

Shaun laughed, strumming my clit while deepening his thrusts. There was a little pain, but it didn’t bother me; the building sensations in my ass cancelled it out.

“I told you that you were a bad girl,” Shaun teased, withdrawing his finger slowly, circling my asshole with it before plunging it back in; he repeated the exploit several times with languid strokes, increasing the pressure on my clit all the while. Behind my wails of pleasure I could hear him moaning too. His erection was a scalding hardness against my hip.

“That is so fucking maltepe escort hot,” he groaned, stepping back further to watch his thick finger disappear into my ass.

My orgasm hit me hard. Abandoning my throbbing clit, Shaun wrapped his arm around my waist to hold me up, the index finger of his other hand still embedded deep in my ass. I could feel my muscles contracting around the digit, the sensation of fullness magnified by the tremors which continued to run through me.

With an unapologetic grunt, Shaun shoved his cock in my pussy, hitting bottom just as another orgasm wracked my body. His finger continued to saw gently in and out of my ass while he fucked me. “You are so tight,” Shaun lengthened his strokes, slowing down to allow me to feel every millimetre of his eight inch hard-on.

“You’re so big,” I gasped, the feeling of his dick deep in his pussy combined with his finger in my ass was incredible. I’d already come twice, much harder than usual; if this is what a little anal action did to me, I was pretty sure I liked it.

“Talk to me.” Shaun moaned, his voice husky. “Tell me what it feels like.”

My head was swimming. Talking dirty was something I was new at; we’d both been surprised to discover how much it turned us on. “Your cock feels so huge. I can’t believe it. I’m so full; it feels so good.”

“And your ass?” Shaun’s finger became rougher, his thrusts into my pussy and ass more demanding.

“Oh, God. I fucking love your finger my ass. I didn’t know it would feel so good.”

Shaun’s breathing was harsh; the sound of his ragged panting combined with my loud cries filled the bathroom. “Are you going to come again for me, Baby?”

“Yes.” I wailed; the rising throb of orgasm driving all thought from my head. My muscles contracted violently, ass and pussy both clenched down strongly on Shaun. His grunt of surprise broadcast his own finish; I could feel the hot spasms of his cock deep inside me, it made me smile through the fog. His finger slowed in my ass, gently massaging the clamping muscles, lengthening my orgasm. My vision narrowed, blackness crept around the periphery; I couldn’t seem to get enough air in my lungs, and my ability to remain standing was failing me. The tingling stretched all the way from my head to my toes, which I could no longer feel.

Wordlessly, Shaun reached back with his foot and shut the shower off. I hadn’t even noticed that it had started to go cold. Gently he slid his finger free of my ass while helping me stand upright. He kissed a trail across my shoulders, ignoring the heaving gasps of air I was trying to get into my lungs. Shaun opened the shower curtain and reaching for my towel, wrapped me in its soft warmth.

Sopping wet and wearing an ear-to-ear grin, Shaun scooped me up and carried me into the bedroom, depositing me gently on the bed. I was vaguely aware of the damp towel being taken away and warm blankets covering me. Shaun leaned in to kiss my nose. I sighed contentedly; I couldn’t remember ever being so spent before.

“You can sleep for an hour,” he murmured, smoothing my wet hair back from my forehead. “And then we really do have to go to work. It’s Super Bowl.”

I smiled, feeling the sleep edging in; satiated, I allowed myself to relax back into the wonderfully heavy weight of my limbs. “Yes, boss.”

The last thing I remember hearing was Shaun’s deep rumble of laughter.

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