Helping out a College Student

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Several times a year, I travel on business to different parts of the country. As a guy in my early fifties, married with adult kids, etc., I look forward to getting away for some “me” time where I can explore my bi-side. Ever since I was a kid I have always been curious about the male body fueled in part by being one of six siblings of all boys. I’ve had my share of sibling curiosity in my teen years, but that is for another story.

A few days before arriving for my four-day stay, I posted several ads on craigslist offering to give a hand job or blow job, full body massages and engage in some feet worship for younger guys. The responses are always overwhelming which confirms to me that a huge percentage of guys who consider themselves to be straight have secret fantasies as I do.

One response I received was from a college student who said he was interested in having his first man to man experience and asked if I was available to help him out. He told me he was an eighteen-year-old first year college student and had never done anything with another dude. I was very skeptical at first considering his age, but I contacted him, and we agreed to meet at a public place. I agreed to meet as long as he would be willing to prove his age by showing his driver’s license. He agreed, and we planned to meet after his classes were over later that same day. It’s a good thing my work schedule allows me flexibility.

I sat at a fast food restaurant trying to picture in my mind this young man who said was a high school athlete, now in college athletics and in great shape. He also said he was very shy about being around girls and never did anything with his guy friends. Just as I looked up, in walks the most handsome young man I have seen in a long time. He approached me, sat down, exchanged greetings and had his driver’s license out ready to show me. Once I verified he was actually a legal adult (almost 19), we left. I followed him back to his house as he was by himself for a poker oyna few days.

We parked a block away, walked into his backyard and entered into a finished basement. He told me he was very nervous but wanted to meet an older guy similar in age to his own father for his first time. He led me to a spare bedroom in the basement and I encouraged him to enjoy the experience as I take care of him.

I instructed him to sit on the bed while I stood over him and placed a blind fold securely over his eyes. Then I stood him up got behind his back as I slowly caressed and hugged him touching everywhere from his head to his ankles, slowly grazing his package over his blue jeans. As he offered whimpering verbal responses, I encouraged to let himself go. He became audibly loud with moans of ecstasy. He was so responsive to each touch on his body, that I got instantly hard, still confined in my jeans but was pressing tight into his ass as I leaned into him.

Slowly, I caressed his scalp and face with my hands while I kissed his lips and neck. I love it when guys respond to each and every touch and he offered every encouragement I could have ever wished for. Slowly, I pulled his polo over his head and stood there for a moment to admire his sculptured chest. I removed my shirt and then hugged him tightly. He moaned as our naked torsos touched. As he was still standing, I kneeled in front of him and slowly caressed his beautiful round ass and massaged his bulge over his jeans. I open the snap and pulled his zipper down as I planted my lips on his belly button and followed his happy trail down to the top of his briefs – all the while caressing his nipples.

I loosened his sneakers and laid him back on the bed while I removed them slowly and caressed his feet through his socks. He couldn’t stop moaning and moving around, it was as if every touch was sending him shocks of ecstasy. Off came the jeans and socks. I just stood over him admiring this Adonis and noticed the biggest wet canlı poker oyna spot on his briefs. He had to be leaking a gallon of pre-cum.

I removed his underwear and told him to turn over onto his stomach. I then removed my clothes and began pouring drops of massage oil on his back. As I slowly and sensually started rubbing his backside, I asked if he ever had a massage. He simply mumbled the word “never.” I slowly worked down his body to the waistline. Then started at his feet, massaging and licking every toe, ankles, calves and up his thigh. As I approached his inner thighs he spread his legs out to give me better access. When I touched his balls, his ass moved up and down. When I spread his ass cheeks, his hole was winking at me.

I began to massage his mounds and worked a finger into his ass. He was so worked up it seemed his ass “grabbed me” and sucked me right in. As I found his prostate, he yelped with ecstasy and moaned uncontrollably with pleasure. As his ass clenched my finger, he exploded with an involuntary orgasm. He violently humped the bed as he shot his load all over the sheets.

As he was slowly coming down from his high, he relaxed his body but remained spread eagle as I lightly tickled him all over. He sighed with contentment, turned his head, removed his blind fold and said, “That was amazing. Thank You.”

As we laid next to each other and relaxed, there wasn’t any uncomfortableness from him. He slowly got up and grabbed a couple of drinks out of the refrigerator, came back to the bed while we chatted about how his first year at college was going. As we talked I looked him over admiring his body and seeing his soft 5 inches for the first time. He looked at me with curious eyes, rubbed my chest, reached over and stroked my 7 inches as he said he never felt another cock before. I moaned as he gave me some attention, but I had to stop quickly before I blew my load.

Instead, I asked him if he was ready for me to finish his front internet casino side. With a smile, he tied the blindfold back on, laid back on the bed and put his arms over his head. I straddled his chest while my dick was poking his chin. I started rubbing his hair, temples, face and leaned in to give him several sensual kisses. He opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out as we spent several minutes making out.

I then scooted down his body and felt his 7 inches poking me in the ass. As I continued moving down, I settled between his legs, grabbed and admired his beautiful cock before taking his very hot tool in my mouth. As I stroked and sucked him down to the root, he was squirming his body and making loud moans. I pulled his legs up to his chest and took each ball in my mouth. I licked his ball sack all way to his asshole and settled in for a few minutes eating his mound. I had a hard time keeping my tongue on his hole due to his squirming and bucking despite holding his feet. The guy was going nuts with pleasure!

As I worked back up to his cock, I finger fucked him while massaging his prostate. He exploded in my mouth in less than a minute and I swallowed it all. When he was done, I leaned up and open mouth kissed him as I shared the remnants of his seed. The guy was panting and couldn’t seem to get enough.

He then asked me to lie down as he got between my legs, grabbed some lube and stroked me off nice and slow. He said he wanted to see someone else shoot a load and see if it felt the same in his hand. He leaned in to kiss me as I was building up to explode. I warned him when I was about to cum. He got his face close to my crotch as I shot my load all over my stomach and chest. He grabbed a towel, cleaned me up, smiled, and thanked me for this unbelievable first experience.

As I got dressed, he stood naked and chatted with me like we were longtime friends. No shame, no shyness. As I left, he said he was going to take a shower and clean up the bed. As we hugged, I grabbed his ass once more time, and give him a quick kiss. As I drove back to my hotel, I was so pleased to help a young guy explore his bi-side. I told him I would contact him the next time I was in the area.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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