Her Happy Ending

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It had been a long day and my body ached from working out. I promised to treat myself to a massage after this work out. I went to a spa that specialized in massage. They asked me if I preferred a male or female to do my massage. I chose a male because my back and body really ached and I wanted the deep tissue massage with some strong big hands.

I was shown to my massage room and told to remove all my clothes and lay on the table with a large sheet over me. I lay face down on the table listening to the sounds of nature playing through the sound system. They had candles lit that smelled like a citrus paradise.

While I laid on the table and started to relax. I heard a knock on the door. That must be my masseuse I thought and said come in. He came into the room and introduced himself to me. I was a little nervous I explained as this was my first professional massage. He told me to just relax. I pendik escort kept my face down so I had no idea what he looked like.

He told me at first he would start with a warm oil and put it on my neck shoulders and back all the way down to right before the start of my bottom. I started to relax as I felt the oil being rubbed onto my body. His hands were big and strong and felt so good pushing deep into my neck and back. Every now and then I would let out a moan of pleasure. After he felt that I was more relaxed. He asked me what other areas I would like to have massaged.

I told him that I would love to have my feet legs and thighs rubbed. He asked me to roll over on to my back. As I rolled over I looked into his eyes. I realized that I knew him. I had known him for a while only we had never really met. We had been talking online for quite awhile always talked about meeting but nothing maltepe escort every worked out.

I felt my cheeks get warm, I must have been blushing. He noticed and then finally said I believe I know you. I smiled at him and said yes you do its nice to finally meet you. He told me that he could stop the massage and get me someone else if I wanted. I told him that would not be necessary.

He smiled back at me and told me that he was happy to finally meet me as well. I laid down on my back. he moved the sheet up to my thighs. he started rubbing my feet and my calves and then he slowly made it to my thighs. I moaned in pleasure with his touch as he caressed and massaged my thighs. I felt my pussy start to get moist the closer he got to my upper thighs. I’m starting to get a little hot now thinking of all the things I want him to do to me.

I’m starting to breathe a little heavy kartal escort for someone getting a massage. I sit up for a moment and he stops rubbing on me asks if I’m ok. I tell him I’m fine and tell him to come a little closer and then I pull his face to me so that our lips touch. His lips are soft and pressed against mine. I slowly feel him part my lips so that our tongue intertwine. Now my pussy is really wet and warm just from his hot kisses. His kisses are making me want him to touch me more. While are kisses are getting pretty passionate I grab his hand and put it at the top in the middle of my thighs.

I tell him I want him to feel how wet he has made me. I feel him spread my legs and slowly move his fingers up toward my hot wet pussy. He starts by rubbing on my clit. At this point I’m doing the best I can to not be to loud with my sounds of pleasure. He finds my pleasure zone and I feel a finger slide in mmmm it feels so good I tell him. He slides another finger in. The feeling of two fingers is so intense I almost cum instantly. I tell him that we should finish this elsewhere so we can have more time. He agrees…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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