Her Name was Melissa

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My husband Frank is 33 years old and teacher at a high school. For me as a 49-year-old woman he was like winning the jackpot. We know each other for three years now and last year we even married. He is a really attractive guy. Short black hair, a well-trained body, wide shoulders. Well, because of my cooking abilities there´s a little belly, but that doesn’t bother me. Frank has a well shaved skin and strong arms I feel very safe in.

To marry me has been no easy decision for him. Some years ago my doctor told me I would never be able to have children. But Frank decided for me and his love for me. He always assured me children would never be so important for him.

For two years we live in a nice little flat outside the city centre.

When it came to sex we were very open right from the beginning. Of course I enjoyed the qualities of a younger lover. We always told each other our sex fantasies. Frank and I are always getting very hot imagining other combinations. From time to time we talk about a threesome with a young woman, for example. A lot of güvenilir bahis times Frank has told me: “Right now I imagine you watching me fucking her real hard!” After that talk we always got so extremely hot and had wild, almost animalistic sex with each other.

One day our fantasy became visual. Every time I saw Melissa, the 19-year-old daughter of our neighbors, my imagination was running wild. The whole night through I couldn´t get any sleep. Not only that the imagination of doing it with Frank and Melissa in a hot threesome got my mature cunt dripping. For a bit longer than a few days I had the strong fantasy of doing it with Frank at a beach. And then there was the chance at the beach to watch other couples having sex…

I fantasized getting really hot being with Frank watching other people fucking each other, witnessing them getting hot, how they moan and scream in lust while climaxing.

And now I had this idea to take Melissa to the beach with Frank and myself, so that we could combine both fantasies.

In the morning I decided to talk türkçe bahis to Melissa to ask her if she would like to join us on a trip to the beach. I waited until she came out to our neighbor’s balcony. That was the moment I talked to her from one balcony to the other. And immediately she said yes, she would like to go to the beach with us.

I went back into the house to tell Frank about it. I just had spoken my words as Frank and me were tearing our clothes from each other’s body. With heavy breathing I stared at him. His body always took my breath away, well, a sport’s teacher’s body…

Frank’s ass was just like you could wish for and his cock was like every woman’s dream. Thick, long und in full erection like it was now just a wonderful sight, shaved perfectly. Sometimes I was wondering why did Frank marry me. He could have get almost every woman in town. Looking forward to what was to come I licked the delicious top of my husband’s cock. Frank moaned in lust.

If he would sound the same with Melissa? Or differently?

However, I had to güvenilir bahis siteleri have his pleasure cock now. With wide spread legs I sat down on our living room table. Without hesitating he drove his dick into my greedy cunt. This little talk with Melissa and the imagination of what could happen in less than one hour we both were horny as hell. Frank’s arms laid beside me on both sides on the table. Our eyes met.

“Show me how you want to give it to Melissa!” I tried to tease him unnecessarily. My man started to fuck me on the desk, getting faster and faster. Frank got really hot, sweating like an animal. tenderly my hands moved over his perfect back until they reached his ass and grabbed it. Every move of his hard cock into my dripping cunt I answered with loud moaning.

And Frank also moaned more and more as his growing orgasm came nearer. I saw Frank closing his eyes – is he seeing me or Melissa’s young face right now? His face was glowing and I felt his hot sperm shooting deep inside my love tunnel. In perfect synchronicity our bodies were trembling in our orgasms until we lay exhausted on each other.

“Oh, hurry up darling, it’s almost time to go!”

Without taking a shower I drew a clean pair of panties over my overloading cunt and we got dressed for a trip to the beach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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