Here Cums the Bride

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I was asked by a family friend to video and photo her daughter’s wedding. Since it was going to be held at her parent’s home, the bride-to-be wanted lots of special shots. I arrived a few hours early and got a list from Christi (mother of the bride) of general shots, and I got started.

After taking the obligatory pics of the outside venue, the trellis woven with flowers and ivy, and the cupcake layered cake, I went in search of Christi to see what else she wanted. Not finding anyone outside, I made my way into the house in search of guidance.

I found the groom and his groomsmen all decked out in jeans, boots, white shirts and vests, and Stetson hats. We spent the next ten minutes getting the classic poses, and then started clowning around the outdoor seating.

At this point, Christi poked her head out an upstairs window and said the bride was ready for some pre-wedding poses.

I went upstairs and found Ashley, the bride-to-be, wrapped in a dressing robe with one leg sexily peeking out the side of her robe. She motioned me to follow her into her bedroom. As she turned away from me, I got a shock when I had a quick view of her five month baby bump. As the wedding had been put together so quickly, Christi forgot to tell me the bride bahis şirketleri was expecting, and the shock was evident on my face.

Ashley went white as a ghost and thought I was going to storm out without taking any more pictures, as I was a deacon at their church and she knew my beliefs. I assured her I was good with the situation and that we should continue with her special photos.

Ashley wanted some photos and video on a special camera that only she and the groom would see. I assured her that would not be a problem, as I had done similar shoots for her girlfriends’ weddings. Ashley then dropped her robe, and there before me was a sexy goddess with just the hint of baby bump. Her white lingerie consisted of a satin strapless bra struggling to hold in what I later found were 36E tits, a lacy see-through thong, and thigh-high hold up stockings.

As I started taking photos, I slipped my cell phone to video mode and laid it alongside the dressing mirror so I could video the bride as we went through posing and lighting setup. Ashley started rubbing her baby bump, and my cock started growing down my pant leg. I made sure to get close-ups of Ashley’s engagement ring as she rubbed closer to the top of her thong. I could see moisture starting bahis firmalar to stain the lacy material, and Ashley rubbed over her mound and shivered a low moan.

I reached out and placed my hand on top of Ashley’s, guiding her to slowly rub down the slit of her lips. Ashley moved her hand out from under mine, and pressed my fingers into the lacy material. Now my fingers played along her slit, and found her clit protruding out about a half inch. Ashley begged me to rub harder.

I set the camera up to video off a tripod, and leaned back in to rub harder. The aroma wafting out became too much to ignore, and I leaned in and placed my nose against her lacy thong. As I got a good whiff of her heady aroma, I let my fingers trace under the leg hole and ran them along her lips. Ashley starting humping my fingers and trying to get them further inside her. I rolled the waistline down and inserted two fingers into her cunt. My lips traced around her clit, and Ashley started bucking into my fingers and face. I was now two knuckles deep into her cunt, trying to find her G-spot as I sucked her clit harder and harder.

All of a sudden, my chin was flooded as Ashley came for what seemed like minutes without end. She had a death grip on my hair, pulling kaçak bahis siteleri me closer and closer while she bit her finger to keep from shouting out her pleasure. As she calmed down, she held my head away from her pussy and asked me where I learned to do that so well. I smiled and said that it was just inspiration.

Then I suggested that we remove her bra and get some photos in just the stockings. Ashley dropped her bra onto the floor and started massaging her nipples. Then she picked one up and started licking it, with a sexy smile as I zoomed in to get a close-up. I asked her if she had ever had an orgasm from nipple play, and she said no, but was game for it after what we had just shared. I slipped her ring off her hand, and pulled a nipple through it and then plumped her breast between my hands. I licked her nipple, ant then proceeded to suck it through the ring. Ashley shuddered, and said the sensation was unbearable. I just kept on sucking one nipple and massaging the other, then swapped sides. When I was finished both nipples had an imprint of her ring, and the nipples poked out harder from her quivering chest.

Ashley was breathing faster, and all of a sudden she shivered with a mini-orgasm.

She laid back on her bed and begged me to eat her to another orgasm before she had to put her bra and thong back on and get dressed for the wedding. I agreed, but only after her promising to get together after the wedding to finish with her riding my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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