Here to Help Ch. 01

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Allie Haze

By now, those of you who’ve read many of my previous stories know that, for the most part, I usually try for some semblance of realism.

This story is pure fantasy, as you’ll quickly see if you read further.

I do warn a select group of people: the men in this story do a lot of very NON-straight things in it, and it happens quickly. So, if male bisexuality is a problem for you, please back out and read one of the other fine stories this site has to offer.


I fired up the computer, intent on settling in for a nice, long masturbation session. The wife was away for the weekend, and I had nothing I had to do, nowhere I had to be. It was the first such weekend I’d had in quite a while, and planned to take full advantage.

On the computer desk sat a dildo, one I’d used several times before while surfing the web for porn with my cock in hand. Many was the hour I’d sat with that fake dick stretching my asshole while stroking myself, as I gazed at pictures, read stories or watched movies of the various sexual activities that turned me on. Beside the dildo was a bottle of lube, both to ease the way for it into my butt, but also so that I could edge my way through an hour or more of jacking off, without damaging my most prized anatomical feature.

Now, my interests regarding porn are varied. Being a mostly hetero guy, anything where two women go at it together is definitely fair game. Straight action is most certainly in the equation, and a number of fetishes play large in my naughty activities. However, given all that, I must admit to having watched the occasional gay vid, and over the last ten years or so, male bisexuality is a pretty big fantasy. Therefore, I’m not averse to looking at a guy sucking another guy off, or taking a cock in the ass, especially if there’s a hot woman having fun right there alongside them.

And it happened that I was playing a video on one of the tube sites, watching a hot girl and two guys going at it in every possible combination, my lubricated cock stiff and very happy, when the pop-up indicating an incoming e-mail lit up the lower right corner of my screen.

It’s habit to turn on my e-mail when I’m online, just in case any of my friends happens to send me a message. I’m old enough, I don’t feel compelled to spend all my time on social networking sites, telling the world about every minute, boring detail of my life. No, the friends I have online are a select bunch, who I’ve spent quite a bit of time getting to know. Therefore, when I get an e-mail from them, I know I want to check it out.

I paused the video I was watching just as the blond guy was lining himself up with the brunette guy’s ass, while the brunette was licking the girl’s pussy. Going to e-mail, I discovered the message wasn’t from any of my friends, but from my Internet Provider. This wasn’t anything new, so I almost ignored it for the moment, figuring on checking out later what they wanted. However, the subject line really caught my eye. It read: “Answer your door.”

Just then, the front doorbell rang.

What the fuck? This was like any number of weird conspiracy movies. Or when Neo got drawn into the Matrix. How the hell could this happen? Or was it simply a massively incredible coincidence?

The fact of the matter was: somebody was waiting at the front door, and I needed to go see who it was, and what they wanted.

Ducking into the bathroom, I rinsed the lube off my hand and my cock, then threw on a pair of thin running shorts, so as not to embarrass myself and whoever might be waiting for me. Nevertheless, it was going to be sort of embarrassing, anyway, because the shorts I’d gotten into did very little to hold back or hide my erect cock.

I’d screwed around too much already, though, and I know what a pain-in-the-ass it is to be left waiting at someone’s door when you know they’re home.

Hoping nobody’d notice my hard-on behind the thin nylon, I headed for the front door. Looking through the peep-hole, I realized I didn’t recognize either person who stood there, but they looked kind of official, so I figured they’d be back if I tried blowing them off.

A quick glance to my shorts revealed my erection still hadn’t gone down significantly, so I suddenly found myself hoping they would notice my stiff cock pushing out the fabric, get embarrassed, and go the fuck away.

With a deep breath, I grabbed the knob and swung the door open wide.

At first glance, they resembled something out of the movie “Men in Black.” They were both dressed in nondescript black: the man in a suit, the woman in a tight skirt that fell roughly mid-thigh. Both wore thin black ties and jackets. The man was maybe my own age, about my build, the woman was maybe a bit older, but still fell well into the “MILF” category. She was a stunning. I’m not really much of a judge of male flesh — well, except maybe for what hangs between a man’s legs, anyhow — but I guessed that he could have been called “ruggedly poker oyna handsome.”

He spoke. “Mr. Robert Smith?”

“That’s me,” I replied. They already knew who I was and where I lived, so there was little sense in trying to deny it.

“May we come in?”

This, I hadn’t expected, so I hesitated a moment, finally stammering, “Uh… sure,” then stepping aside and inviting them in.

When I closed the door behind them, the man introduced, “I’m Mr. Briggs. This is Vicki,” he said, indicating his companion. I nodded in acknowledgment and mute greeting. “We’re from your Internet Provider. We’d like to speak with you regarding your web habits.”

My heart started pounding, and a freezing wave swept through me. What the hell was this guy talking about?

Vicki placed the satchel she carried on the floor, fished out a tablet computer and tapped the face a couple times. When she held the screen up to show me, to my horror, the video I was watching just before answering the door was playing.

“Before you jump to conclusions, you aren’t in any trouble,” Briggs assured me.

Yeah, sure. Then why confront me like this? I wondered if my wife had finally gotten fed up with my screwing off at the computer with my cock in hand and was trying to corner me into something.

“Your wife doesn’t know about your internet habits, Mr. Smith,” Vicki said, with a hint of a rasp to her voice.

“How do you know that?” I asked suspiciously.

“Trust us,” Mr. Briggs told me. “There’s been no activity to indicate that.”

“How do you know all this?” I whined with rising paranoia.

“Your internet activity is monitored. Everyone’s is. It helps us… understand our users better, and how better to serve them.

“It also helps us know when to intervene.”

Vicki tapped at her tablet again, then read from it. “Bibuttboi511, bihubby2344 and cokskrwannabe. Are these aliases you have used in the past? For chat rooms and the like?”

Jesus! What the hell was going on? I couldn’t believe it! They were watching the web sites I was going to? How long had this been happening?

“We’ve paid close attention to what you’ve told others in your online chats, and want to help,” Briggs said, falling to his knees and pulling at the elastic waistband of my shorts. He was so close to my crotch, my half hard cock popped free and nearly hit him in the nose. Wasting no time and giving me no chance to think or protest, he opened his mouth and took me down his throat.

And I mean down his throat! While I’m not hung like a porn star, I’ve still got a respectable length of penis to contend with, and this man swallowed me like I was no more than an inch or two.

Now, my fantasies had usually been of the “bottom” sort, meaning I primarily thought about being the one doing the sucking and being penetrated. I figured, I already knew what it was like being the one doing the penetrating, I was curious as to what it was like to be on the other side of that interaction.

Nevertheless, what was being done to my cock was amazing! Having never had any kind of intimate activity with a man, I had no idea what it could feel like. I can’t say I liked what he did with his mouth more than I liked any of the women who’d done it before, but he certainly did know his way around a cock.

For a brief moment, I felt a twinge about doing this without my wife’s knowledge. I wasn’t sure she’d approve. In fact, I rather doubted she would. I’d never cheated on her before, and had a difficult time thinking I could make myself do so now.

“She’ll never know,” Vicki purred, placing the tablet back in her bag and stepping over to me. I wondered suddenly how she knew what I’d been thinking, but my ability to reason was abruptly stripped from me when the beautiful woman reached up, wrapped her hand around the back of my head, then pulled my face down to hers in a scorching kiss. When she released my head, she said, “In fact, if you’d like, we can wipe your memory of this ever happening, so you needn’t worry about guilt later.”

Vaguely, I thought it humorous how much like “Men in Black” that sounded, but didn’t dwell on it. No, I was getting too drunk on what was happening, how unreal it was, how incredible.

As the gorgeous Vicki kissed me, I felt thin, small fingers begin to cup and caress my balls while the talented Mr. Briggs worked his magic on my cock. I wasn’t sure what exactly was happening, but my body certainly liked it, and my brain was following along.

When I felt a hand reach between my legs and begin to probe my ass, I was already so lost in the sensations and pure surreality of the moment that my only reaction was a low moan. It didn’t matter whose hand it was there, it felt too fucking good to lodge any type of protest. I’d been fantasizing about a situation like this for so long, I was only barely able to convince myself I wasn’t dreaming. The way it was happening certainly emphasized the dream possibility, but any canlı poker oyna dream sex I’d ever had had never felt anything close to this.

While Vicki continued to kiss me and play with my balls and Briggs continued to slowly work a finger toward my wanting asshole and expertly worked his magic at my cock, I felt Vicki’s free hand guide one of mine to her full, lovely breasts. Since I had both hands free, I lifted the other to join it.

“Tear my shirt open, Bob,” Vicki pulled slightly away from me and purred. “Let me feel your hands on my bare tits. I know you want to feel them.”

I was being brainwashed by these two, but I didn’t really give a damn. Without bothering to stop kissing, I fumbled for the spectacular woman’s shirt, then gave a mighty tug with both hands when I found what I was looking for. I felt and heard, rather than saw, buttons pop, but when I reached out once again, I felt soft, feminine skin beneath my hands, and round, beautiful breasts only barely hidden by a lacy brassiere.

Since I’d been told to rip her shirt open, I reached around the cups of her bra and pulled with all my strength, reveling in the sound of rending fabric. This time when I reached out, I felt smooth, womanly curves under my fingers.

Briggs then gave a push and I felt his finger slip into my asshole. My orgasm became immediately imminent, but I didn’t want to be out of the action so soon.

“Hold on,” I gasped, pulling away with some reluctance from Vicki’s delicious lips. “I’m gonna cum, but I don’t want to get off too fast.”

Briggs never hesitated, but if anything, began to work harder at pleasuring my cock. Since her companion was occupied, Vicki said, “Go ahead and cum, Bob. You’ll be fine.” She then gave my balls a gentle squeeze.

While Mr. Briggs sucked my cock and fingered my asshole, and the spectacular Vicki kissed me and played with my balls and let me play with her fabulous tits, I let my orgasm wash over me.

As I moaned uncontrollably into this amazing woman’s mouth, I fired shot after shot of cum, oblivious to whether Briggs was still sucking me, or if I was simply spraying the room. When I finally came to, Mr. Briggs straightened, wearing a closed-mouth grin, then leaned forward to Vicki’s and my mouth. He then proceeded to kiss us both, letting my cum leak from his lips, coating our kiss in my love fluid. Now, I’d never kissed a man before, had never even dreamt of doing so, but I had no qualms about this, and just gave in to the wantonness of what we were doing. Before long, all three of our chins and cheeks were pretty well coated in jizz, and when we backed away from each other, we all grinned.

And remarkably enough, instead of feeling wiped out like I usually did after cumming, I found myself still ready and rarin’ to go. In fact, my cock was still hard, and I didn’t feel the dull ache at the base that I normally felt after an orgasm. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I felt like I was going to be able to go indefinitely.

All of a sudden, I was struck with an incredible wave of lust. I pulled Mr. Briggs to me and began to lick my cum off his face, and when I’d finished with him, I grabbed Vicki around the waist and drew her in close, cleaning her face exactly the same way. I’d never felt so desperate to taste my cum after a climax, but I certainly couldn’t help myself now. This was already the fulfillment of any number of fantasies I had, even without my wife present, and it seemed I was going to get to do just about anything I wished with these people.

I’d never undressed another man before, but I turned back from the beautiful Vicki and reached out for Briggs’ clothes. I slowly and methodically removed his suit, while Vicki looked on. In fact, as I swept the jacket off his shoulders to the floor and began to pull his tie out, I glanced over to find her sitting on the arm of the couch with a hand firmly working at the crotch of a very sexy pair of panties.

When Briggs’ tie fluttered to the floor, I turned my face to him, then to Vicki. With a wicked grin in her direction, I placed my hands either side of the buttons on his shirt, then yanked, just as I’d done hers. I grinned at the moan I heard from both her throat as well as Mr. Briggs’.

Pushing his now-button-less shirt off his shoulders, I had to admit, Briggs had a pretty decent physique. Not Adonis-like, by any means, but very nice, even so. I then unbuckled his belt and opened his trousers. Before I pulled them down to expose the bulge I could now readily see, I knelt to remove his shoes and socks.

With him finally barefoot, I reached up, hooked my fingers around the top of both his pants and underwear and tugged.

Briggs’ hard cock, having caught in the waistband of his boxers on the way down, bounced free of the elastic, the tip brushing my cheek, leaving a wet, warm trail of pre-cum across my face.

Oh my god. I’d never been so close to another cock before, but this thing was gorgeous! internet casino I was almost afraid to touch it, but easily overcame that reluctance and ran my hands up his thighs, letting them home in on the stiffness before me. Briefly I framed his hard-on and balls with the thumb and forefinger of each hand, before lightly grasping the firm shaft and caressing up and back.

I wanted to take him in my mouth right away, but this impulse I did resist, deciding there’d be plenty of time for that later. Briggs and Vicki seemed to be in no hurry, so I took that as permission to take as much time as I liked.

For the moment, Vicki and her luscious breasts and – no doubt – incredible pussy were forgotten, as I marveled at the cock before me. This was the first time I’d ever held a hard, thick, warm penis that wasn’t my own, and I liked it. The thing that’s most remarkable about an erect cock, is how soft it really is. The skin’s so smooth, it belies how urgently rigid all the blood-filled tissues beneath are. From my own personal experience, when a cock’s this aroused, all those nerve endings seem to really come alive, making any gentle touch a deliciously intense sensation.

Slowly, I stroked up and down his cock, marveling at what another man’s cock felt like in my hand. I could hardly wait to find out what it felt and tasted like in my mouth, but I wanted to get a feel for it first.

Releasing his shaft, I gently feathered my fingers along his length, and smiled at the deep moan of appreciation I received in return. The old saying: “You have to have one to know how best to pleasure one” isn’t entirely off the mark. I was doing things to Mr. Briggs’ stiff cock that I knew worked for me, and if he felt anywhere near as good as I did when my wife played with me this way, I was doing just fine.

When the clear drop appeared at the tip of his hard-on, I knew he was just aching to feel my lips wrapped around him, but just as I love for my wife to do, I leaned in, extended my tongue, and carefully flicked that drop away, only barely touching his pulsing member.

Now, I’d tasted my pre-cum many times before. In fact, I thought it tasted better than my cum. I let Briggs’ pre-cum drop sit on my tongue for a few seconds, then pulled it into my mouth and looked into Briggs’ eyes as I made a show of swallowing it. From beside me, I heard Vicki moan in feminine harmony to her companion.

Mr. Briggs’ pre-cum was every bit as tasty as my own, and I could hardly wait for more. Still, I was still hard after my previous orgasm, and the idea of sucking my first cock just made my erection throb.

Before I did that, though, I turned to Vicki and said, “Come down here. I want you to witness my first cock up close. It’ll make it a lot hotter for me.”

With only a moan as a response, the lovely woman unzipped her skirt and wriggled out of it, then slicked off the skimpy panties she’d worn before kneeling beside me in front of Mr. Briggs’ gorgeous cock. Her beautiful eyes were only inches from my face as she breathed, “Suck him, Bob. We know you want to. You know you want to. I want to see it. It’s so fucking hot to watch two men fuck.”

With that kind of encouragement, I certainly wasn’t going to back down. With a glance up to Mr. Briggs, I opened wide and pushed my face forward.

Guiding the way with my tongue, I let Briggs’ hard-on slide along that wet path into my waiting mouth. The taste wasn’t much different than sucking on a clean finger, aside from a slight saltiness from pre-cum. What was most amazing was how wide my jaw had to open to let him in. Nowhere had I ever read how far apart your teeth need to be to not damage the guy you’re sucking. I instantly had a better appreciation for what all those women go through while sucking their men.

I wasn’t going to let this bit of revelation deter me from what I’d started, though. I’d held fantasies of being in exactly this position for years, with the expectation that it’d always remain that: a fantasy. However, here I was, on my knees with a hard, throbbing cock in my mouth, with a gorgeous woman beside me watching.

I jumped a little when I felt fingers on my balls, but I quickly got used to it, it felt so good. As Vicki fondled my balls and drooling cock, she purred, “This is so fucking hot, baby, watching Mr. Briggs’ cock in your mouth. I hope you’re enjoying yourself, because you’ll be doing a lot of it while we’re here.” The only acknowledgment I could make to that was a long, low moan.

“Kiss it,” she then urged. “Let me see your lips on that beautiful cock.”

Was it submissive to so willingly do the things this woman prompted me to do? I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t really care at that point. If she wanted me to do something, I was ready to do it for her.

Obediently following the pretty lady’s suggestion, I pulled my mouth off Briggs’ cock till my lips lightly kissed just the tip. Briefly, I sucked on the tip of his cock, parting my lips just enough to flick my tongue across the sensitive slit. I’d fantasized about something like this for quite a while, so if I had the chance to try some of the things I’d imagined for so long, I figured I’d try as many of them as I could.

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