High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 25

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I was planning on sleeping in Saturday morning but the obnoxious ringtone I’d saved for office calls woke me about 7:15. Still half asleep, I picked the phone up and answered. “Hello.”

“Goodman, were you still sleeping?” My boss asked in his normal stern tone of voice.

“It’s Saturday morning.” I replied wondering why he’d care if I was asleep or not.

“Sorry if I woke you Goodman, but we’ve got a major problem.” He said.

I almost asked him if he had a mouse in his pocket but knew that if he said we have a problem he really meant I have a problem. Instead of making a smart comment I asked. “What’s the problem and what can I do to help solve it?”

My boss, Kevin Richman, seldom uses my first name unless he’s trying to coerce me into something and this morning was no exception as he explained. “Corporate wants a major revision on the pricing for the Nordstrom proposal that’s to be presented Monday at noon. I know I can count on you Allen to give up your Saturday, or at least part of it, to get the revisions entered in the system and printed out for me.”

“That’s a ton of computer work Kevin.” I replied.

“I know it is, but I can count on you Allen, correct?” He answered.

I thought about blowing him off, but knew that we’ve been trying to nail down Nordstrom for months. Apparently corporate had agreed to a reduction in our wholesale pricing and if we won this account my commission would be sizable making all the meetings I’ve attended and phone calls I’ve made worth the effort.

“I’m gonna need some help.” I replied without agreeing to give up my day off just yet.

Kevin instantly said. “Tell me who you need and I’ll get them there.”

There was only one choice, the staff member who knew the software better than anyone. “See if you can get Francine Phillips.” I said.

“No problem, I’ll call her supervisor, Marge and let her break the bad news to Phillips!” Kevin replied.

“Okay, make sure you tell Marge that Francine will be helping me.” I suggested knowing that would help convince Fran to agree.

“What time should I tell her you’ll be there?” Richman asked.

“It’s gonna take five or six hours to make all the changes, tell Marge I’ll be there between 8:30 and 9:00.” I replied.

“Okay Goodman, I’ll email you with the changes.” Kevin answered reverting back to calling me by my last name.

“I’m gonna what some comp time Kevin.” I said

“Yeah, yeah you can take a couple long lunches next week.” He sarcastically replied before hanging up.

I started a pot of coffee then jumped in the shower and shaved while it brewed. “At least I can be comfortable while spending my day off at the office.” I thought as I slipped on a pair of old faded jeans and a red sport shirt.

As I enjoyed my morning java my cell phone rang, it was Fran calling. “Hey there Fran.” I said answering her call.

“Good morning Allen, I got a call from Marge and I understand you asked specifically for my help with the pricing changes on the Nordstrom proposal.” Fran said.

“Yes I did, and I know you were most likely up late last night celebrating your anniversary with Jim, but we both know you’re the expert on that software.” I explained.

“Well you’re right about the second part.” Fran replied.

“Oops, so your anniversary celebration didn’t go so well?” I asked.

“He’s a fucking asshole.” Fran remarked without expanding on how her night with her husband went.

“I’m sorry to hear that Fran.” I said.

Francine giggled and answered with one word. “Liar.”

“So you’ll help me today?” I asked.

“If it gets me outta here I sure will, besides I can’t imagine anything I’d rather be doing today.” Fran said rather sarcastically.

“You’re a lifesaver Fran, is 8:30 okay?” I said asked.

“I wanna shower and shampoo my hair, 9:00 would be better.” She answered.

“That’s fine, I need to go over the changes first before we can make the revisions to the proposal. Richman needs it on his desk by noon Monday.” I explained.

“You don’t mind if I wear jeans and a tee shirt do you Allen?” Fran asked.

“Of course not, it’s just us so dress as casual as you want.” I replied.

“Thanks, I’ll see you a little later.” Fran said before disconnecting our call.

On the way to the office I considered calling Kay, but decided against it for a couple reasons. First, I figured it was too early for her to be up since she didn’t open the shop until 10:00 AM on Saturdays, and second, I doubted she want to hear that I was working on Saturday even though it would be completely honest. Maybe I’d call her later or stop by her store to see if she wanted to spend the evening together.

I pulled into the empty parking lot outside the office and parked in Kevin’s reserved space certain he’d never show up on a Saturday. With my travel mug of hot coffee in hand I rode the elevator to our floor, then unlocked the door and entered the dark office.

I left the door unlocked and pendik escort flipped on a few lights, then headed for my desk. As usual Richman’s email was blunt and to the point. Corporate had asked for an across the board seventeen percent discount on the order, but also wanted our new spring ladies jogger line added at full wholesale pricing. I assumed the big wigs at corporate figured with that deep a discount we could add in the spring line without the buyers at Nordstrom noticing, and the total cost would still be less than previously quoted.

I knew Fran could handle the discount fairly easily using a global price change in the order, but adding the ladies jogger line would take a lot more time.

I figured Fran would like a coffee when she arrived, so I printed the email and headed for the lunch room to brew a pot. The coffee maker was making those gurgling sounds it does when the last of the water had been heated and pumped into the brewing basket when Fran peeked around the door jamb to the lunch room.

“Good morning Allen.” She said with a bright smile.

“Hey there good lookin.” I replied.

Fran was wearing that same three quarter length coat she wore Friday, but this time instead of her sexy legs showing below the coat it was her perfectly ironed jeans. The needle sharp crease in front rested perfectly on the top of her black leather pumps. Her pearl white teeth were framed with a succulent shade of pink lip gloss and those sparkling blue eyes were accentuated by expertly applied eye shadow and darker eye liner. She had curled her brunette locks with a soft wave, taking advantage of their longer length to let them flow behind her shoulders and down her back. One delicate wave crossed her forehead further accentuating her crystal clear blue eyes.

“Did you make coffee?” She asked, obviously a silly question since the aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air.

“Of course, would you like a cup?” I replied.

“Yes please, but let me hang up my coat first.” Fran answered.

I stepped to the doorway so I could watch her walk toward her desk. She had a vivacious bounce in her step, walking much like a runway model would with one foot perfectly in front of the other. Even with her coat covering her hips I could tell they were moving very seductively. Her long wavy brunette hair bounced in rhythm with her steps.

Fran must have known I was staring intently at her as she walked and she stopped by the coat rack facing away from me. Her hands moved to her waist and she undid the twisted belt that held her coat closed, the ends dropped to her sides dangling toward the floor. She took way too much time unbuttoning the coat then slowly slipped it off her shoulders. She casually gave her head a shake causing her hair to spread even wider across her shoulders. Her jeans fit snuggly over her sexy ass and thighs and the white tee shirt she wore was pulled down over the waist line of her jeans. From where I was standing I couldn’t detect any lines of a bra under her shirt. From her appearance I instantly assumed that more than a price change was on her mind this morning.

After carefully hanging her coat on the rack Fran turned toward me, her smile even wider then before. She began walking toward me with the same vivacious bounce to her step. But this time instead of watching how seductively her hips moved I was staring at her braless tits bouncing with every step. She had cut the tiniest possible V in the neckline of her white tee shirt almost as a pointer to draw my attention to her big unencumbered breasts.

I nearly dropped my coffee mug, and I’m certain my jaw dropped as I watched her sexy stroll until she stopped inches from me. Her vanilla scented perfume wafted into my nostrils and with those awesome baby blues sparkling up at me she asked. “I hope this isn’t too casual?”

“It’s perfect for me.” I answered resisting the urge to reach out and touch one cotton covered breast.

“Good, now about that coffee?” Fran said as she sidestepped my mesmerized body.

I turned and like a puppy dog following its mother walked behind her into the lunch room which allowed me to admire her incredible ass.

Fran didn’t wait for me to pour her coffee instead she tipped the pot and filled her cup. As she added creamer and sugar she said. “I like my coffee like my men, hot, creamy and very sweet.” She turned to face me, leaned against the counter and added. “We better get started or we’ll be here all day.”

I just smiled wondering if she meant we should get the work done so we can fuck each other senseless later.

Fran again sidestepped me and headed for her desk. I walked behind studying her ass wondering if she was pantyless also.

She sat down at her desk and crossed her legs, then turned on her computer. I stood beside her waiting for the computer to finish its start-up process. Fran leaned toward me and pressed her arm against my hip. “I hope you’re not going to hover over me all morning.”?????

“No, but I may want to hover maltepe escort over you later.” I replied letting her know her revealing casual outfit had me thinking sexual thoughts.

As I pulled a chair from the neighboring cubical and sat down beside her Fran glanced toward me and said. “Work before play Allen.” Her comment confirmed that she was planning on some playtime from the moment she agreed to come in this morning.

I leaned closer to her and inhaled deeply again savoring her vanilla perfume and watched her immaculately manicured nails dance across her keyboard.

“Okay, so what changes does corporate want?” Fran asked.

“They’re submitting the Nordstrom proposal Monday and want an across the board seventeen percent discount.” I replied.

“Is that all? I could have done that before 8:30 Monday morning.” She remarked as she clicked on a few places then entered the reduction in price.

“I wish that was all.” I said knowing that if it was our Saturday morning playtime could begin shortly.

“There’s more?” Fran asked.

“Yeah, they want the new spring ladies jogger line inserted at full wholesale pricing.” I explained.

“Oh shit.” Fran exclaimed realizing that adding a whole new line to the proposal would take hours. Fran knew exactly what needed to be done and jumped right in as I sat and watched her work. I really didn’t need to be here since she’d done this before, but because the proposal would have my name along with Richman’s I needed to check her work for accuracy.

As she typed, cut and pasted I asked. “So how was your anniversary dinner last night?”

She paused for a moment and answered. “The meal was phenomenal but the company sucked.”

“That’s too bad.” I said.

Fran obviously wanted to explain and without me asking said. “Jim started off with a double scotch on the rocks and before the main course was served he had two more. He was three sheets to the wind by the time the dessert cart arrived.”

I shook my head and said. “Geez Fran, he must be a complete idiot. As hot as you looked yesterday I would think even the most hardcore alcoholic would stay off the booze long enough to get you in the sack.”

“Like I said yesterday, he doesn’t appreciate me nearly as much as you do Allen.” Fran remarked. She returned to her work for a few minutes and I didn’t press her for more information about her dinner with Jim. Fran paused, reached for her coffee cup and after taking a sip asked. “Do you really think I looked hot yesterday?”

I only needed one word to confirm I did. “Absolutely.”

She spun her chair slightly toward me and placed one soft hand on my forearm and said. “Jim said my sweater was too tight and showed too much cleavage.” Her voice cracked a little when she added. “He told me that sweater made me look like a slut.”

“That was the scotch talking Fran.” I answered trying to console her.

“No Allen, that’s not the first time he’s made such hurtful remarks to me.” Fran admitted.

“Really Fran?” I asked.

“More than once he’s remarked that I flaunt my body so every man who sees me thinks I’m a slut.” She continued.

“Geez I’m sorry to hear that.” I replied knowing there was more she wanted to get off her chest.

“Last night was the last straw. After his fifth double scotch he had the nerve to offer me to another man in the restaurant, he asked a total stranger if he’d like to fuck his slut wife.” Fran said her voice cracking even more.

“He needs help Fran.” I remarked.

“I’ve suggested that he needs to get into rehab, but he becomes infuriated whenever I bring it up.” Fran said.

“I don’t know what to say.” I answered.

Fran looked like she was about to start crying, her voice breaking up even more as she continued. “Last night when we got home I figured he’d just pass out, but instead he demanded that I get down on my knees and suck his cock like the good slut I want to be.”

“Oh Christ.” I replied knowing there was more to this awful story.

Fran squeezed my forearm, her nails digging into my skin a little as she explained. “I thought maybe the whole thing was some kind of fantasy he had, so I dropped to my knees in front of where he was sitting and began giving him head. He got hard and I was really getting into sucking his cock, feeling it swell in my mouth and savoring the pungent odor of his loins. I glanced up at him hoping to see a lustful stare in his eyes, but his eyes were closed and I realized he’d passed out.”

“He actually passed out with his hard cock in your mouth?” I asked.

“Can you believe it Allen? That fucking bastard couldn’t even stay awake long enough to let me make him cum.” Fran’s voice sounded hateful as she spoke.

“To be honest I can’t believe he’s that much of a moron.” I commented.

“I was so fucking mad, I wanted to get a butcher knife from the kitchen and cut his fucking dick off.” She said.

“Why do you stay with him?” I asked.

“Sometimes I wonder kartal escort that myself, in fact I’m seriously considering asking, no demanding a divorce.” Fran said.

“That may be your only solution.” I replied.

She turned a little toward me her incredible blue eyes no longer had the amazing sparkle they did earlier but instead a somber appearance, since she’d just admitted her marriage may be ending. “Can I count on your emotional support if I do ask for a divorce?” Fran asked.

I slipped my arm behind her and squeezed her shoulder a little. “Yes, of course, feel free to vent with me anytime. I’ve been where you are now. The uncertainty of not knowing what may happen is the hardest thing to deal with but in time everything works out.” I said.

Fran smiled and a twinkle returned to her eyes, her skillful fingers again dancing across the keyboard as she said. “I guess we should get back at this so we won’t be here all day.”

“Let me get you a fresh cup of coffee.” I said as I leaned forward and picked up her coffee mug.

She paused a moment and said. “That would be wonderful, you’re such a sweetheart Allen.”

I walked back to the lunch room, emptied the cold coffee from both mugs, rinsed them out under the faucet and refilled them. After adding creamer and sugar to Fran’s and giving it a quick stir, I picked up both mugs and turned toward the door.

Fran was standing in the doorway and asked. “Do you think I look like a slut?”

“Not at all.” I replied.

Fran started walking toward me as she asked. “How about my tits, do I flaunt them to much?”

“You have incredible tits Fran; any man in his right mind is going to notice their perfect shape. You don’t have to flaunt them.” I answered avoiding her question.

She stopped a couple feet from me, the sparkle had returned to her eyes as she said. “Allen, you didn’t answer my question, do you think I flaunt my tits too much?”

I placed both coffee mugs on the counter as I thought for a moment how to best answer her question then said. “What you wear invites men to notice your tits, but no more than a woman with shapely legs invites men to notice them by wearing short skirts.”

Fran smiled widely then said. “So you don’t think I have great legs?”

“I didn’t say that, I do think you’ve got great legs and before you ask I think your ass is incredible too.” I replied.

Her smile continued as she spoke. “So if my husband had asked you last night if you’d like to fuck his slut wife what would you have said?”

I again took some time to consider my response before answering. “I would have very politely told him that his wife is no slut, but rather an incredibly beautiful and sexy woman that I would love to fuck.”

“So why don’t you fuck her?” Fran said as her hand moved forward to touch my cock.

I moved my hips forward pressing my cock firmer against her hand as my hands moved up to comb through her wavy brunette locks. “I’d love to.” I said softly.

Her hand began stroking my cock through the denim fabric of my jeans causing it to harden down along one leg. I pulled her head toward mine, inhaling her intoxicating vanilla fragrance into my nostrils then parted my lips and gently kissed her allowing my sense of taste to enjoy this vibrant sexy woman once again. As we kissed Fran’s hand moved expertly along my cock shaft as it hardened under her delicate touch. She opened her mouth wider inviting me to probe her with my tongue, as I extended my tongue she closed her lips around it and sucked hard flicking at it with the tip of her tongue. Fran moaned softly while sucking my tongue as I closed my fists pulling her hair tight along her temples. With my fists locked in her soft wavy hair I directed her mouth around mine as together we began feeling the effects of the first moments of passionate foreplay.

Fran’s hand began stroking my cock through the denim fabric of my jeans causing it to harden down along one leg. I pulled her head toward mine, inhaling her intoxicating vanilla fragrance into my nostrils then parted my lips and gently kissed her allowing my sense of taste to enjoy this vibrant sexy woman once again. She opened her mouth wider inviting me to probe her with my tongue. As I extended my tongue Fran closed her lips around it and sucked hard flicking at it with the tip of her tongue. She moaned softly while sucking my tongue as I closed my fists pulling her hair tight along her temples. With my fists locked in her soft wavy hair I directed her mouth around mine as together we began feeling the effects of the first moments of passionate foreplay.

I pulled her head back so I could stare into those inspiring crystal blue eyes. “Your kisses are so sensuous.” She whispered.

I pulled her mouth to mine again, this time kissing her deeper and crushing my lips against hers. Her flattened hand continued stroking along my cock shaft, then her fingers arched so just the tips of her nails teased my cock head as I grew even harder and my cock extended even further down my pants leg. Her sensual moan confirmed that she loved feeling my cock grow under her delicate caresses. Fran moved her free hand to my jaw as we continued a long passionate French kiss, our tongues dancing together in a ballet of lust.

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