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I had just left Las Vegas in my RV on my way to San Francisco via Los Angeles and was turning on to the interstate when I saw this female hitchhiker at the beginning of the on ramp.

I pulled over and asked where she was going and it was obvious right there and then she had difficulty in understanding me. It turned out that she was French and was touring the United States but at the hotel she had been staying at in Las Vegas she had had all of her money stolen. She was also heading to San Francisco where she was to meet her parents in three days time. I offered her a ride to San Francisco but told her that I had to spend two nights in Los Angeles but she would be in Frisco in time to meet her parents.

I introduced myself as Troy and she told me that her name was Gabrielle but everyone called her Gabby. She had just celebrated her 21st birthday two days previously. She agreed to come with me to Frisco via Los Angeles We arrived in Anaheim in the late afternoon and found a trailer park in South Harbour Blvde. Gabby said that she didn’t know where she would spend the night and I suggested to her that she stay in the RV. She could use the bed above the cabin and I would use the double bed at the rear. I rigged a curtain across the cabin to give her some privacy.

The next day I gave Gabby $50.00 “as a loan” to visit Disneyland which was within walking distance of the trailer park. I went off to complete my business at Fullerton just down the road from Anaheim. Later in the day I returned to the trailer park to find an excited bursa escort Gabby who told me in broken English all about her adventures in Disney land.

That evening I took Gabby out to dinner and an up market restaurant for dinner. We had a very enjoyable dinner accompanied by a number of bottles of wine. While I was sober Gabby was very drunk.

I took her back to the trailer park and into the RV where I laid her on the double bed. She looked up at me and said with her French accent “Do you want to fuck me.” I said “Of course I want to fuck you but only if you are sober enough to know what you are asking” She assured me that she knew what she was doing and started to remove her clothing. First the blouse then the bra revealing her small breasts with the most erect nipples I had ever seen. Her nipples were about one inch long and stood out from her tits. I placed my hand on her tit and rolled the nipple between my fingers

I placed my mouth over one of the nipples and began to run my tongue around it. I started to remove her skirt and she sat up and helped me take it off. Gabby was now lying on my bed clothed only in a pair of brief panties. I placed my hand on the mound of her cunt and then ran my hand under the elastic and down to the opening of her vagina. Gabby moaned and I kissed her forcing her mouth open with my tongue. Our tongues intertwined becoming more forceful against each others as I started to finger fuck her cunt.

I started to kiss down her body towards her down covered cunt when she pulled at my head and asked, bursa escort bayan “What are you doing?” I said “I’m going to kiss and suck your cunt” She said “No that is disgusting” I asked “How many men have you had and haven’t they ever kissed your cunt” She said that she had only ever had one man – her boyfriend – and he was a quick fuck man in and out and it was over and no he had never kissed her cunt”

I said to Gabby “Relax and let me take you on an orgasm that you will never forget” I started to kiss her belly and moved down slowly to her cunt where I could see her engorged clitoris poking out from under its hood. I gently pulled her labial lips apart and ran my tongue from her ass hole over her cunt to her clitoris, which I began to suck.

Gabby started to moan loudly and started bucking against my mouth as her orgasm started. She reached down and pulled my head into her cunt saying in her quaint English “Suck me, Kiss my cunt I’m coooooooooooommmmmmmming aaaaaaaaggggggh ffffffuuuuuuuucccccccccck”

She rolled away from me and with her own hand started to roughly rub her cunt moaning all the time ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh. She slowly slowed down her cunt rubbing as she started to come down from her orgasm.

She looked up at me and with her sexy French accent she said “Will you fuck me now?” I rolled her over on to her belly and lifted her ass in the air. Getting behind her I put my rampant cock at the opening of cunt and gently started to enter. Gabby pushed escort bursa back ensuring that my cock went into her up to the hilt. I started to rock back and forth and at the same time reaching around to stimulate her clitoris with my finger.

In her very precise English Gabby said “Do not ejaculate in me, please” I said “What?” she again said “Do not ejaculate in me” I could feel the semen rising in my balls and so I began to push harder and faster. At the last moment I pulled my cock from her cunt and shot my load over her back. Gabby had started to orgasm again so I continued with my fingers to finish her off.

We both lay on the bed exhausted and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning we started off towards San Francisco stopping first to buy a packet of condoms.

On our way north we stopped three times and fucked like there was no tomorrow. Reaching San Francisco in the late after noon I took Gabby to meet her parents and her 26 year old sister who were staying with friends. Her parents made me feel most welcome and thanked me for caring for their daughter. Little did they know just how much I cared for her.

They invited me to park the RV in the driveway of the house instead of going to a trailer park. I told them that I would be staying only two nights as I had to return to Los Angeles. Gabby’s sister Louise asked if I would like company on the drive as she had to go to Los Angeles to visit some of her friends. I told her that I had no objections and would welcome her company.

Two days later after kisses all round Louise and I headed for Los Angeles only getting about 100 miles before pulling over into a truck layover to continue French American relationships that her sister and I had already started, but that’s another story!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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