Ho Ho Ho’s

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As I know some of you follow my work [ thanks! ] I want to let you know that the characters in this story appear in two other tales – ” Decking The Hall & Jingly Belles ” and ” It Is Far Better To Give ” – in that order. I hope you enjoy them and Happy Holidays! – BrettJ

“This sucks !” Christina groused as her mother adjusted the fake beard and whiskers. She had on extra padding, not that she needed as much this year, at 6 months pregnant.

Jacqueline sighed — she loved her daughter dearly, but Santa’s granddaughter didn’t always share his jolly temperament.

“Why can’t Daddy or Noel do it?” she sulked as her husband walked into the room, carrying two glasses of punch — Rum Punch for him, non-alcoholic for Chris.

“Because your father has to stay here and mind the store while your grandfather is out with the flu — first time in so many years — and Noel has his new baby and wife to look out for. Besides, you’ve got the natural padding!” Jacqueline teased her daughter, who pouted.

“I’ve still got the sexiest wife in the world under all that!” Andy toasted his bride, as he saw her smile.

“Aww — is it any wonder I love him so?” Chris sniffed, getting sentimental. They’d been married a little over a year, she’d been his best Christmas present ever . True, getting used to being married to the granddaughter of the real life Santa Claus had been an adjustment, but ever since she whooshed down his chimney 3 Christmases back, his life had been a series of wonders. The 48-year old man had thought his life over then, now he knew it had merely begun. Christmas at the North Pole — who’da thunk?

She had appeared that night, a vision in red — then black teddy underneath, all the sex appeal of a centerfold come to life. They’d found each other, she without her boyfriend, Andy, without love in his life — and once they consummated their passion, they were rarely apart. Andy took one look in her eyes — unique in all the world — and he knew whatever she wanted, wherever she was, he wanted to be. Christina had found the one man who would fit into her world and she was determined to keep him.

She moved in with him and never could quite satisfactorily explain how she “commuted”, but he didn’t care. Andy was happy and it showed in every facet of his work, including his art.

Some of his friends teased him about his sexy, blonde “younger woman” – little did they know, Chris was far older than she looked. Time for her, and him as well now, moved at a different pace. She was a Christmas miracle wrapped up in a sexy, naughty little package. The sex was otherwordly too, she seemed inexhaustible, like a nymphomaniac — but he rarely tired in her presence, she rejuvenated him in body as well as spirit.

When Christina let loose though, she was far from the “nice girl” one would expect. In bed, she was a wildcat, the best whore in the world couldn’t handle his cock the way she could. She gave head like it was a joy, she took his cock and whimpered for more, she was generous and the best, hottest, sluttiest piece of ass he’d ever known. She had access to the best lingerie and the naughtiest sex toys and man , did she ever take advantage of that!

When he proposed eighteen months ago, she’d looked at him quizzically. “Why?” she asked. “I don’t need marriage, I’m not going anywhere and I …”

He kissed her and smiled. “Despite all the odd and wonderful things that have happened since we met, I am somewhat old-fashioned. I want you to know that you have my heart now — and forever. I don’t want to own you, I want to be a part of you and share in your world? Sound corny?”

She smiled, that brilliant, winter-white smile of hers. “No — sounds perfect and yes, I’ll marry you.”

She took him to bed that night, making it one of the best fucks either of them had ever known. Her “OhOhOhs” were so loud, he thought they might hear her in the North Pole, she rode him until he was over the moon and back again. She twisted and writhed and his cock throbbed deep within her, blasting into her sucking lips until he thought he could cum no more.

He was wrong.

They fucked nearly 5 times that evening, once, in a truly kinky moment, she wrapped her long legs around his neck, he braced himself against the wall and she sucked him off while hanging upside down. It never seemed perverse to Andy, whatever he and Christina bursa escort did, it was done with love and respect.

Their engagement party was about as far from traditional as one could get. The term to describe it? Bacchanal came to mind. Or orgy.

Her friends were much like Christina herself — warm, engaging, bubbly = and highly sexed. Because of her “job”, she had friends from all over the Globe and Andy got to experience the full gamut of sexual fun — Danes, Fins, Swedes, Asians, Africans, Italians — and all of them could fuck . No one was better than his Chris, although a cute little blonde named Mia was a wild little fuck. Later on that evening, he saw Chris and Mia in a hot sixty-nine and could see that she obviously knew her way around his fiance’s body.

Some of his friends were invited and he was happy to see them paired off with some of the hottest women he’d ever seen, wanton, passionate and totally uninhibited. He saw one of his friend’s, Roger — known as “Rog” – screwing a wild blonde named Maggie he later learned was Mia’s mother. She was a little taller than her daughter, a bit more mature, but moved with a supple grace and seemed to be giving the 25-year old bachelor a run for his money. He was fucking her up the ass and she was loving it, her face buried in the sweet muff of her dearest friend, Katie. Dark-haired Rog and silky-blonde Maggie looked very hot together, later on, he saw the swarthy stud fucking Mia as well, her mother looking on and applauding their actions. Somewhere else in the room, he could hear his co-worker and friend Rachel having the time of her life too. Chris brought joy to not only his world, but to all those around her. How could he not fall in love with her? He was almost afraid to ask her to be his bride, but after he had and she’d accepted, she hugged him close and said quietly in his ear “It’s about time !”

That was that. Christina had a long talk with her family, who hugged him close, welcomed him by getting him soused on Schnapp’s — and then insisted the two pick out a new home there to live in. Andy’s bachelorhood had come to an end and he couldn’t have been happier. Only a few days before their engagement, he’d given her a special gift — the little massage therapist, Holly, with whom Christina had formed a special bond. When Christina told Holly who she really was, Holly thought she was a bit nuts — but Christina’s wild party on Valentine’s Day had quelled those thoughts for good.

This year, Holly was going to spend New Year’s with them and she promised a New Year’s delight or two. As the girls had become very close, Andy wondered just what the sassy redhead had in mind.

“I”m ready to go!” Christina sighed, her statement bringing Andy’s mind back to present-day. He laughed inwardly at the unintentional pun. “Present Day” – heh.

“I don’t like that we’re not together for our first Christmas as husband and wife!” Andy sighed as his wife moved the false whiskers aside and kissed him.

“Me either, but I’ll be home by mid-morning. Meanwhile, I’ve left you a little present in our cottage that should ensure you a good night. Don’t open it until I’ve gone, okay?”

Andy agreed and walked back to their tiny home, the fresh snow crunching under his boots. Despite being a city boy at heart, he would have followed Christina to the ends of the earth — which he kind-of had .

He entered their tiny home, which smelled of Mulled Cider that his mother-in-law had lovingly prepared for him. He sat down and had a drink when he noticed the hard-to-miss package in the corner. It stood about 4 feet high and 6 feet wide and … okay, did this thing just move ?

Andy walked tentatively towards the box and heard something. There was a big card on the box and all it said was “Unwrap and Enjoy, all my love, Chris.”

Andy pulled the big green bow on the red box and stood back as smoke and sparkles filled the room, he was sure he also heard the tinkling of bells. When he stepped by, a very nice Christmas surprise stood in the corner.

In a see-through Red Teddy was a petite blonde, no more than about 5’2″. Beside her, in a pale Green Teddy, stood an equally petite Asian girl. Both wore stilettos and both were — in one word — delectable.

“Hi. I’m Julia — but you can call me `Yule'” the girl said in a faint Norwegian accent. She walked towards Andy, standing on tip-toe and bursa escort bayan hugged him, pressing a petite-yet-firm body against his and rubbing ever-so-slightly.

The Asian girl made her way over to Andy and hugged him from the other side. “I’m Toy – your Toy for tonight, and I’d love to be played with!” she cooed.

Yule and Toy moved away from Andy, who was momentarily confused. The girls stood, side-by-side, and kissed.

“Chris hired us to keep you company tonight — sometimes we help the Elves relieve tension, but she thought you’d need us more, so … ” Yule said.

“Chris is so cool … she knows we like to work together!” Toy chimed in.

“We’re roommates!” Yule spoke again.

“And lovers!” Toy sing-songed. She kissed the sweet blonde again and their bodies wrapped around one another.

“Chris was our roommate once too, wasn’t she baby?” Toy purred to the blonde who was nibbling on her ear.

“Mmm-hmm, a while back — she used to give us the hottest Christmas stockings!” Yule sighed as Toy’s fingers played with her pussy through the teddy.

“Yeah, silk with garters and heels to match!” Toy giggled as the pair continued putting on a show for Christina’s bemused spouse.

“So — when Chrissie called and asked us to keep you company … ” Yule said in a husky voice.

“… how could we refuse? So what do you say Andy, can we keep you company?”

Andy nodded. Knowing his wife well, he doubted she intended for them to drink Cider and watch ” It’s A Wonderful Life ” together, but he offered one to both girls, who eagerly accepted.

“Thanks!” Toy said as she sipped her cider. “Fucking is thirsty work!”

A few years ago, Andy would have choked on his drink, but living with Chris had made him unflappable. He nodded and said “Well, no one’s started fucking yet, have they?”

Yule stood up and plunked herself in Toy’s tiny lap, her tongue mingling sinuously with her lover’s, gentle hands cupping one of Toy’s golden, sweet tits. Andy felt an immediate arousal, the women were delectable and he knew they’d give him anything but a “Silent Night”.

“Did you bring our favorite strap-on baby?” Yule teased as she smooched and cuddled her Asian cutie. Toy’s face scrunched up.

“Why should we use a strap-on when we can have the real thing? We can have the real thing, can’t we Andy?” Toy cooed sweetly.

“Oh, I think so Toy — I like to play with toys at Christmas!” Andy bounced back as the girls got up and moved towards him. “Am I going to find out who’s been naughty and nice?”

“We’re both naughty!” Toy purred.

“And that’s very nice!” Yule smiled as the girls moved in close and undressed him with a precise skill. Shirt, belt and pants went in short order, his cock was already surging out of his boxers and his libido was rising — he was aching to fuck these miniature beauties. Luckily, that thought seemed to be swirling about in their minds and they yanked him into the nearby bedroom. They used the dimmer switch to light the room and scampered to the bed, meeting in the middle. Toy undressed her lover until only Yule’s pussy was covered, she teased and fingered the tiny, tight blonde cunt until Yule was yelping in pleasure. Andy declined to be an inactive participant — he moved in behind Toy and helped her wriggle out of her Teddy and began eating her out from behind. She had a sweet, pungent taste and he enjoyed that, the tiny beauty was really getting into getting her girlfriend off too.

“Hey, weren’t we promised some cock?” Yule protested as Toy continued eating Christmas pie. Toy turned around and smiled at Andy.

“Yule isn’t known for her patience studly, better get that dick and fuck the shit out of her hot little cunt, okay?” Toy grinned, feeling free to be lewd and uninhibited with their new friend.

Yule moved on top of Andy who reclined on the bed and she rose up, towering over Andy’s thick rod, and lowered her tiny frame over his dick. Toy gripped it and let her babygirl slide down, down, down until she was packed full of Andy’s manhood. Once she saw that Yule was being taken care of, she moved on top of Andy’s licking mouth and let him pay dutiful homage to her own golden body and pussy.

“He’s got a great fuckin’ cock!” Yule hissed as she bounced her sweet little ass on Andy’s rod. “It’s packing me full Toy sweetie, I can’t wait for you escort bursa to feel it in you!”

“Soon baby, you just enjoy that dick, his tongue’s magnificent too!” Toy sighed as Andy put his best efforts into slurping Toy’s well-groomed poon. Neither was as naturally fucky as his Chris, but they sure were enthusiastic little fuckers.

Yule’s body rippled and shimmied and she came — but Andy didn’t, he seemed to be able to hold himself back. Toy and Yule moved around, shared a kiss and now Toy was feeling Andy balls-deep in her cunt.

“Like his dick, don’t you, you fucking Asian slut?” Yule growled at her roommate / lover. Yule knew that Toy relished being nasty, despite her strict upbringing, she grooved on being a “bad girl”.

“He’s a great fucker, gotta cool hard thick dick!” Toy moaned as she took all of his dick and yearned for more. Yule was riding Andy’s face differently, her body was away from his and she leaned into Toy and the girls kissed and fondled each other in tandem with fucking Andy.

“Can you keep going for a while, hunk?” Yule sighed as she and Toy felt their bodies awash with pleasure. It was early in the evening and neither was in a hurry — their double-dildo could wait, a real dick was so much nicer.

“I’ll do my best ladies, what do you have in mind?” Andy steeled himself.

“I want to eat my baby’s pussy while you’re fucking her, okay?” Yule beamed. Toy had no objections to that, no one ate her pussy as well as her roomie, even Christina had been a close second. It was their sexual synchronicity that made them such a good pair and popular with all their clients.

The girls, petite and alluring, moved into a sexy position and Andy moved in behind Toy, her body was aglow with a light from heated sex. He eased in at first, but Toy yelped for him to ” shove it in, you fucking bastard !” and he did as she ordered.

Toy loved it nasty, she loved it raunchy and Yule and Andy were more than happy to provide. Andy growled out ” I’m balls-deep in your fuckin’ cunt bitch, love it, don’t you ?” as he fucked her nearly into oblivion.

This was a woman — no, they were both women — who lived for sex, who were only happy when they were fucking. Andy sensed that intuitively and he looked on as Yule’s sexy tongue slithered in and out of Toy’s horny pussy. He could see the look of bliss on the girl’s beautiful face as she turned and looked at him with dark, lust-filled eyes.

Toy writhed in pleasure, but she was one of the most giving lovers around — so she moved from Andy’s dick and spoke to him again.

“I want you to let my sweetie ride you lover, with her body facing away and then I can eat her while she’s fucking you, okay?” Andy nodded, Yule seemed almost lost in fuck-lust. Toy had to guide the pretty blonde back on top of Andy, who miraculously, wasn’t exhausted, just happy to be satisfying these eager nymphs.

Yule’s taut form moved with a totally different style than her lover — she seemed to like it gentle, cool and sweet, her eyes were closed as Toy licked the joining of pussy and cock. Toy slowed her own pace to match the fucking pair, she took it slow, she didn’t rush, she just licked and stroked, her hands playing all over the recesses of both their bodies.

Andy couldn’t take anymore and he let himself go, freeing himself in an orgasm that let the girls know All was most definitely not calm. He blasted a huge load of cum into Yule’s tight pussy, but it didn’t stay there very long. Toy moved in again and began eating Yule’s pussy clean of Andy’s Christmas pudding, being a very noisy eater indeed. Andy just sat back and watched, waiting to regain his strength. After the girls had played for a while, they gave him a Christmas goose and started all over again, until all had enjoyed a piece on Earth.

The girls cleaned themselves up and said goodnight after another glass of cider and Andy drifted off, dreaming of Sugarplums and other things dancing in his head — mostly wearing heels and G-strings. He awoke around dawn to find Christina snuggled close, smelling fresh and making his heart sing. He snuggled her close and her eyes opened.

“Merry Christmas.”

“It is now . I missed you last night.”

“Oh, really? You didn’t enjoy the Tidings of Cumfort and joy?” Christina giggled.

“Oh sure!” Andy smiled as he kissed his wife’s glowing face. Carrying his child, she had never been lovelier. “But next year, this Merrie Gentleman doesn’t plan on resting — he wants to fill your Christmas stocking with a heavenly piece!”

Christmas — well, Chris actually — came early that morning.

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