Holiday Extended

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Double Penetration

As the light from the fire danced over her prone form, each flicker on every curve. I reached out for the phone, her eyes glazed slightly with recent bliss but still clear enough to plea the words “..don’t answer that…”

With reluctant acceptance to the inevitable, she rolled over and was treated to the sight of her delightful bottom.

Flipping the rotten little piece of modern technology, which

tethers me, open. Receiving a single word to which I respond in kind, the very same word. As the instructions are being spouted off, my eyes gaze over her and an idea is spawned. I did something I had never done before, I interrupted the nameless, faceless Voice on the other end. ” Wait One”, cupping the receiver, ” Do you have a passport?”

Rolling back towards me, taking in her beauty and trying to concentrate as she answers and her interest peaked” Yes….Why?”

“You free the next few days?”

With a crooked smile and raised eyebrow ” I can be…….Whatta ya got in mind?” I love it when she’s playful. Winking to her I continue with the Voice

“Change in plans, I’ll need two seats” watching her eyes brighten ” ….yes…..yes…I understand” smiling back at her ” Six hours.” An audible beep and I closed the phone.


“Well, we have six hours to get dressed, go home, pack, and get to the airport”

“Wait” and so I did, stopping in my tracks, like a statue ” You haven’t told me where we are going?”


* * * * *

Through the small window, a hazy crescent moon could be seen. Turning my attention back to the angel that sleeps beside me. Our seats reclined As far back as they can go, listening to her soft breath. Watching the gentle rise and fall of the single blanket that covers us. Her arm wrapped around me, mine around her. Reaching out to clear a rogue lock away. Even in this dim light I can easily make out her beautiful face, her cute nose, closed lids with long lashes, full lips, edges slightly curled back in her slumber.

It appeared that it was the first time she allowed herself to relax in a rather long while. Smiling to myself, remembering her regaling me with her Captains’ reaction to her request for some time off. I believe her exact words were ” Who is this really?” followed up with ” What have you done with the real Lefay?” We had shared at laugh at that, and now I smiled again, knowing that we would soon be on the ground.

* * * * *

After making out way through customs and baggage claim, we selected a green and yellow cab, and we were on our way. The sun was newly raised, it’s golden radiance bathe the tiny island that was just waking up. With the window down we enjoyed the constant gentle breeze that ran over the paradise.

In a few scant minutes, we pulled up into the parking lot of what could be considered, by island standards as, an office building “This will only take a few moments” I reassured her. True to my word I was back with a manila envelope in my hand. Quickly I asked the driver if he could find the address I read off from a card.

Always the investigator, I could see she was more than curious to our next stop.” We’ll be there soon.”


“I want it to be a surprise.”


“I know, I know….you don’t like surprises. You’ll like this one…I promise.” Delving once again into her eyes, then the queries stopped.

* * * * *

I had studied the map on the flight, it seems the taxi driver decided on the scenic route. He rambled on and on, pointing out sight after sight. Either he was fishing for a bigger tip or he really was proud of his home. Either way I was more enthralled by the angel. Exchanging glances and smiles, holding hands.

* * * * *

The winding road, a path rarely used by the locals and even less than by tourists, was flanked by wondrous plants, trees and wildflowers, colors more vibrant and brilliant bursa escort than I thought possible. Turning down a simply driveway, until reaching our destination.

Only a second after he shifted to park was Lefay out of the car. While the driver went to get the baggage, I removed the keys from the envelope.

Her eyes were wide with astonishment, taking in her surroundings. Making careful steps over the slabs of slate that make up the walkway.

The secluded little house was even more than I had expected. Single floor, stonewalls worn by time and the elements. Opening the front door, placing the bags on the terra cotta tiled floor, the same shade as the roofs’. Paying the driver plus a rather nice tip

We toured the house. It was cozy to say the least, white wall making it cool, well placed area rugs, a comfortable sofa and couch, an all marble bathroom .The kitchen was more than adequate and happily it was fully stocked. The second set of keys were for the jeep we later found in the garage.

The bedroom was simple enough, a dresser, two end tables and a four-post bed. When we looked at each other just then, we both raised and eyebrow each at the same time, causing us to both share another laugh and smile.

A sliding glass door that led to the patio in the back and to the beach beyond. A hammock swaying in the island breeze. The waves, bright blue with snow white crests, lapping at the shore. Lefay completed the vision of paradise when she stepped out on to the shore.

Stepping up from behind her, putting my hands on her hips, bringing myself near, whispering in her ear”…you like?”

Turning around, keeping my hold at her waist, looking incredibly at me. A half crooked smile, and a raised eyebrow, as fingers now rest behind my neck. “Just a little”

Leaning in unison, eyelids falling, heads tilting in opposite directions, lips finally touching, pulling her even closer. Mouths opening, careful tips of tongue, engaging in a slow and sensual massage of each other. Moaning as a hand finds her bottom. Fingertips slowly around, cupping my face. Feeling my lower lip being enveloped by hers, suckling softly, riding the edge of her teeth.

I am motionless as she pulls back just enough to break contact. Letting looses a soft sigh I open my eyes to meet hers. Purring,”…you like?” in a playful tone. Slowly nodding as the words have left me for the moment. She giggled and started to head back for the house. Watching her, her hips shifting as she crossed the sand.

Taking a minute to survey the area for myself. Looking to see that the nearest house was well over a mile away.

Strolling inside, heading for the bedroom, finding the angel just finishing unpacking. Through the mirror above the dresser, she can see me in the doorway, smiling at her.

Once again I am behind her, tenderly pulling her hair to one side, kissing the side of her neck. Trailing up with great care not to miss a spot. Delighting in the sharp intake of her breath and the low rolling moan of her approval. Nibbling the edge of her ear. Watching her reflection, eyes closing, rolling her head back to rest on my shoulder, a smile curling.

My hands slipping around to the front of her in a loving embrace. Gliding cautiously over the material covering the curve of her bosom. Loving how the nipples could already be felt starting to bud. I suckle her earlobe, letting it slide over and through my teeth. Grasping their fullness, cupping and squeezing her breasts, lunging with heavy breath. The fire in me starting to stir, building quickly.

With like minds, as I arch my hips forward she pushes her bottom back. Nimbly undoing one button after the next. Parting the material, revealing incredibly thin, soft white lace. Continuing to grind back to me, stoking my excitement. Turning to face me once again, hands caressing and touching, tugging away at our clothes. Lips covering bursa escort bayan each other, eyes locked.

Pulling the zipper on the back of her skirt down, ending as a halo around her ankles, as she focuses her attention on my now bare chest. As the she moves along the collarbone and moves down, giving tiny kisses, I moan louder. Gasping at the flicking of her tongue over my own nipple, while her lips surround it.

Gliding over her shoulder, down her back, using only the thumb and middle finger to deftly unhook her bra. As it falls, I can feel the loosening of my trousers. A purr like moan, slow and drawn out escapes her as she discovers how much her touch has affected me. Open palm, stroking the length, feeling the heat through the thin silk.

Her smile, wicked and full of promise, as she turns and starts to cross the room. Following her to the foot of the bed, she presses her upper body in a half lean against a bedpost that rises high above. Her bottom arched in a wicked temptation, one I couldn’t, even if I wanted to, resist.

Dropping down behind her, kissing the back of her knees, trailing up to the thighs. Hands firmly gripping the silk covered curves before me. Fingertips, motivated by my hunger, curling over the elastic, peeling them down slowly. Laying loving lips on newly bare skin.

Stepping out of the panties, legs parted enough to spy the glisten of her arousal. The deep dusky aroma making my want for her turn quickly into an absolute need.

Rocking up on the balls of her feet, allowing me to delve in and under. Taking my first taste of her outer edge, suckling the lips, slick with my saliva and her excitement. Her shutter urging me on, feeling the heat of her essence emanating from her core.

Fingers outstretched and over the curve, thumbs pushing up from the base of her bottom, kneading the supple flesh, as I feast. Glimpsing her own fingers from in front of her, parting my delight, revealing the tender pink folds.

As I tugged and teased, moving closer to the center, to lick and lap the very edge, sparing nary a spot, drinking her in. Hoping to slake my thirst, to quench this fire that has taken hold, taken over me. Tongues tip tracing the contours of her sex, running over and over, delicately encircling the clit, with slow and feathery brushes. Loving every gasp and moan, loving the sudden jolt of her body, when I’d hit just the right spot and the waves that followed.

Her breath ragged and heavy, her knees appearing to almost buckle and falter. Bending forward, rising up on tip of toe, threatening to topple. With hands on her waist, I ease her back to me, hinting for her to turn.

Sensing what I had in mind, La Fay rose at the hips. I briefly pulled back as she spun before me. Without hesitation, one legs was upon my shoulder, hooking around my neck, drawing my in. My mouth covering her mound. Her hands, one gripping the post behind her for support, the other clamped on the back of my head.

Cupping her bosom, my thumbs teasing the hardened points, rubbing circles and tenderly toggling the tips.

My head bobbing back and forth, hips meeting my rhythm. Venturing past the threshold, slipping between, in and up, curling the tongue, in a beckoning motion. Moaning upon her softness, the vibrations traveling deeply throughout.

Feeling her body tense, I pick up the pace, her legs clenching me in even closer, peering up La Fays’ body. Fingernails dragging over the back of my head, while balling into a fist, pulling t the hair. Meeting her eyes as her mouth contorts into such away as to send a message of impending bliss, a hint of the storm raging in her loins.

Tiny whimpers, with labored breaths are suddenly replaced with shrieks and cries as her hip buck wildly. The shuttering of her being arriving to that point and going well beyond.

The climax which once thundered, crashing loudly, now, slowly, escort bursa ebbed like the morning tide, each aftershock slightly less than the one before.

Easing herself down to the bed, I gingerly unhooked the leg on my neck. Climbing over the angel lying on her back. Velvet soft lips put to her kneecaps, to her thighs, the curve of her hip to lavish the navel. Up the middle, through the valley of her breasts, still heaving a bit. Kissing the edge of her collarbone, along the slope of her neck, under and on tip of chin. Circling the lips that are formed in a broad smile, so broad it may ache. Loving the light laughter mixed with girlish giggles. The cheeks, the nose, on each eyelid before finally gently resting on her forehead.

Lowering my body to hers, watching her eyes lazily open and then grow wider at the realization my excitement has yet to subside and is pressing to her thigh. The same smile that was soft and one of satisfaction, now reborn as a wicked grin.

Pleasantly surprised at the swiftness of her movement, a combination of good hands and agility, plus the ability to use her toe to draw the material down, I was soon stripped of my boxers.

Finally, bare, body against body, almost one but not quite. She can feel the fury raging inside, the want in me. Trying to make me lose control and take her wildly.

Hearing her moan my name, knees coming up, flanking my thighs. Her strong hands, fingers spread on the small of my back, running down, following and gripping my buttocks. The light grazing of her toes over my calves.

Arching my hips back, and still a bit more, before cautiously moving in. Delighting in how ready she is for me, how I had to catch my breath at just the initial contact and the jolt it had sent through me. Like a chill but instead making me hotter.

The resistance of her most intimate holds me back for a moment till she allows me to pass and embrace me with the sweetest tenderness. The sensation causes me to gasp louder than either of us anticipated or expected.

Replying with another purr blush. I am rewarded with a contraction of her loins. Making the already impossible grip on my manhood even tighter. Incredibly she continues to pull me in further till I could take no more. Launching my whole being as far as my desire would allow, receiving her gasp in return.

Our sensual dance goes on , pulling back slowly as her hips retract. My shaft, swollen and red, soaked with combined arousal. Drawn back, driven in. Each thrust, the impact rippling through her, legs bouncing in rhythm, as her grip on me loosens not.

The sounds between us growing, the grunts and groans, the panting and moans. The whispers and shrieks of each other’s names. The distinct sound of bodies crashing together, again and again and again.

The motion of two bodies becoming one. Faster, harder, each second stoking the fire in me higher and higher, the tempest in her brewing, writhing beneath me. Each trying to hold out as long as we can, trying to put off the release.

Her sudden silence, the wild quake, eyes rolling back as she is catapulted into orgasmic bliss again, triggering a shiver of my own, as I throw everything I have left in to a final thrust. Letting loose, letting it take me over. A tidal wave of pleasure washing us away, together in this amazing embrace of ecstasy.

Our bodies as one, sharing the others breath, hearts pounding, chest to chest, throbbing over and over surrounded by her core. Together, enjoying the cool breeze accentuated by the layer of perspiration coating us.

Sapped of energy, we lay there, panting and holding each other. Gently caressing her exchanging weary smiles, taking in the beauty of her eyes.

“So” kissing her softly, “How do you like Curacao so far?”

Receiving a smile and a kiss” mmmmmm, I think I could get used to it”

Sharing a light laugh she then asked what we were to do next. I simply told her that other than a meeting with someone for lunch tomorrow and another for dinner two days form now, the next five days were ours. We opted for a quick shower before a light lunch.

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