Holly’s Story – Day 09

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Emma had a field hockey game to play. She had almost been benched for missing the last two practices but Miss Burton intervened. Emma was one of the best players on the team so the coach was glad to find an excuse to reinstate her.

Even before they became a couple, Holly went to the games to support her best friend. Normally, she enjoyed them but today she was restless. She wanted to have sex. She thought about masturbating under the stands and stood up to leave.

Holly thought about how Emma would feel and sat down again. ‘Don’t be such a dope’ her pussy jewelry reminded her. A soda and a hot dog would have to do until the game was over. Then she would bang Emma’s brains out. In the locker room or on the field? Holly smiled imagining the possibilities.

Jack was out running errands for his social club. There was a dinner tomorrow night for the group and Jack was helping to organize things. He was also planning to stop by the porn store and get some toys to surprise the three women he was living with.

Miss Burton was at loose ends. She never went to the games. Her old master had demanded she come home right after work. He had wanted her lick his girlfriend while he masturbated and blew his load on her back. She realized her old master had never had sex with his girlfriend – just watched while other people had sex with her.

Miss Burton went for a drive. She drove around with no destination in mind, enjoying the sunny day and playing her favorite music.

Suddenly she realized she was at a familiar place, a strip club. In college, one of her masters made her work there and Miss Burton had made a few friends. She had never been allowed many friends in college.

Miss Burton pulled in the parking lot and went inside. The bouncer at the door recognized her and waved. The teacher watched the floor show for a minute and made her way to the dressing room. On a Thursday afternoon, business was slow and only two strippers were working. She didn’t know either one.

On her way out, the bouncer stopped her. His name was Rick. “Good to see you again. I’m getting off in a few minutes. Want to join me for a late lunch?”

“Sure. I’ll wait for you outside.” Rick appeared in about five minutes. He offered to drive her to a nearby diner but Miss Burton wisely refused. Knowing him and trusting him were two different things.

Most of her life had been spent with people she couldn’t really trust. Her first boyfriend and master had sold her for drugs. Other masters sold or traded her for various reasons. All of them considered her a thing.

Her new masters, two high school girls and an uncle, treated her like a person. They respected her and her feelings. She could trust her new masters.

During lunch, Rick kept dropping fairly obvious hints about having sex with her. She didn’t want to do that. It reminded her too much of the days when her masters forced her to fuck for own their pleasure and entertainment without any concern about her wishes.

Rick kept finding excuses to touch her. Holding her hand, rubbing her arm, massaging her shoulders. She was getting a bad feeling about this. She lied and told the bouncer she had to leave to meet Jack, her boyfriend. The bouncer didn’t seem to care.

They finished lunch and headed to the parking lot, about to go their separate ways.

“Let’s go somewhere and fuck,” Rick demanded. Miss Burton declined. Rick got aggressive. He grabbed her breast and reached under her skirt to grope her ass.

“You’ll lose your job at the club” she warned.

“I already did. They said I was inappropriate with the staff. Like you could be inappropriate with those sluts. You were the best piece of ass at that place. Now you can be my piece of ass.”

He held her arm in a tight grip and was pulling her toward his car. She was struggling but couldn’t break free. She knew she was about to be raped.

“Hi, remember me? From the other day.” Miss Burton turned. It was the lifeguard from the water park. The one she had fucked so his girlfriend could watch over Facetime.

“Yes. How nice to see you again.” The teacher jerked her arm and Rick let go but didn’t leave.

The two men eyed each other. The lifeguard was young, tall, and fit. Rick was older, shorter, and working on a beer belly. Rick glared, the lifeguard had a half smile on his face. They both knew how a fight would end.

“Bitch.” Rick stomped off to his car.

The lifeguard asked, “Are you okay?”

“Now I am. That was someone I used to know. He was being rather insistent on me going with him. You came along just in time.”

Miss Burton took the lifeguard’s arm. “How is your girlfriend?”

“She’s with me today. Let me introduce you.” Miss Burton went with the lifeguard and glanced over her shoulder. Rick’s car was gone. She made a mental note to keep her past in the past. No more visiting old haunts. She had new masters and a new life.

“This is my girlfriend, Becky. I”m Charlie. We never did get properly introduced.” Becky wasn’t wearing poker oyna the tattered sweatsuit from before. She was in a pretty dress that hid her weight and wore makeup and jewelry. Clearly, this was a special occasion.

“So nice to meet you. I’m Miss Burton. Don’t let me interrupt your plans.”

Becky said “No, you come join us. The other day was such a thrill for me. We’re celebrating my new job. I’m going to manage the trailer park where we live.”

Inside, they ordered and Becky explained about the other day. “I’m not the best looking woman around but I have fantasies and desires like everyone else. Just never thought they’d become real. Then I met this wonderful man. He loves me and tries to make those fantasies come true.”

Miss Burton asked “What kind of fantasies?”

“Oh honey, I really like the group sex stuff. Him with other women. Me with other men. Gang bangs. Threesomes. When you did him the other day, that was the first fantasy of mine that actually came true.”

Charlie the lifeguard said, “When I got home, we had sex for like three hours, she was so excited.”

Miss Burton smiled inside. She knew how she was going to spend the rest of the afternoon. She caressed Becky’s hand.

“My Master Honey could help you with that. He belongs to a special kind of club. I’ll give you his number.”

Becky looked puzzled. “What’s a Master Honey?”

The teacher smiled. “I’m a submissive, dear. He’s one of my masters along with the two girls you saw. He’s the one that fucked his niece. His name is really Jack but I call him Master Honey.”

Charlie was concerned. “Don’t you have to ask permission or something?”

Miss Burton continued. “No, my masters let me run free sometimes. Like right now. I can do whatever I want.” She took her shoe off and rubbed Becky’s calf under the table.

“In fact, I could help you with your fantasies right now. If you’ve got some time that is.”

“Right now?” Becky said hopefully. “You and me?”

“Right now. You and me and Charlie. A threesome. We can go to my house.” Charlie was already paying the bill.

In the parking lot, there was a choice between Charlie’s beat-up pickup or Miss Burton’s newer sedan.

“Charlie, you drive my car. You know where Crossman Street is?” Charlie nodded. “Becky and I are going to get comfortable in the back seat.”

It was about a twenty minute drive. Miss Burton wouldn’t let Becky do anything. The girlfriend sat there, relaxed, as the teacher nuzzled and lightly kissed her neck and arms. Becky’s dress was slowly unzipped and opened.

As they pulled in the driveway, Miss Burton was kissing the woman’s breasts through her bra. “Do you like to be naked in public, Becky?”

“I never thought about it but it sounds exciting.” They sat in the driveway while the teacher removed the dress. She kissed the breasts some more and took off the bra. The breasts were small, like Holly’s, with dark brown nipples.

The teacher’s hands caressed Becky’s hips and thighs. Her thumbs went under the waistband and pulled the panties down. Miss Burton took Becky’s hand and helped her out of the car. She sucked on a breast as they stood in the driveway.

Charlie was playing with his cock through his pants. “This is hot,” he thought. It got hotter.

Miss Burton kissed Becky and caressed the woman all over. She pulled the girlfriend close and held her ass. The woman was sighing. The teacher pressed a hand against the hairy pussy.

Charlie got the door unlocked and they went inside. Charlie and Becky looked around in wonder. The house was so different from their shabby trailer.

The teacher stood in front of Charlie. She pulled Becky in close behind her and put the woman’s hands on her own breasts. Miss Burton pulled Charlie’s shirt over his head and kissed his nipples.

Becky was unbuttoning the teacher’s blouse. She slipped her hands under the bra cups and kneaded the large breasts. “I can’t believe this is actually happening” she whispered.

Charlie’s pants fell to the floor, releasing his large cock. He wasn’t wearing underwear.

“Why don’t you take off my bra?” Miss Burton whispered. She had one hand lightly playing with Becky’s pussy and the other slowly stroking Charlie’s cock. “And my skirt.”

Still in her panties, Miss Burton took Becky’s hand and Charlie’s cock and led them to the master bedroom. She lay in the middle of the bed and gestured at her panties. “Becky, will you do the honors?” The girlfriend slid the panties off.

Becky climbed up on the bed between the teacher’s legs. “I’ve never been with a woman before.” She lowered her head and began licking the hairless pussy. Her rear end stuck up.

Charlie climbed on the bed behind his girlfriend. Her big pussy was open in front of him. It was wet and glistening. He pushed his cock in slowly.

“This is so much better than I imagined,” Becky moaned.

Miss Burton lifted the woman’s head from her pussy and slid down. She fondled the small breasts while Becky sucked on the teacher’s big tits. canlı poker oyna Charlie continued his slow thrusts.

“You want to give Charlie a treat?” asked the teacher. Becky nodded. “Let him fuck you in the ass while I lick your pussy.”

Becky moaned at the idea. She had never let Charlie take her in the ass. It always seemed gross. Now it seemed like a wonderful idea.

Miss Burton rearranged everybody. She lay on her back, legs dangling off the bed. Becky knelt on the bed, so the two women were face to pussy, the classic 69 position. Charlie was by the head of the bed, behind his girlfriend.

“Come down and lick my pussy. Stick your ass up for Charlie.” Becky did as instructed. Miss Burton raised her head to lap at the woman’s big pussy. She was a little surprised at how good it tasted.

Charlie’s cock was still nice and wet. He waited until his girlfriend was moaning again. Very gently he pressed his cock against her brown ass hole. It opened a little. He pressed harder. The head of his cock slid in. It was a snug fit but not too tight.

Becky let out a long moan. “Oh, that feels good. Why didn’t I let you do this before?” She laid her head on the teacher’s bare pussy and pulled her cheeks apart.

Miss Burton’s tongue probed the pussy hole. Her hand massaged the clit.

Charlie pushed in deep. Becky moaned louder. Miss Burton had her eyes open so she could time her tongue to Charlie’s thrusts. Becky was gasping.

The girlfriend’s hand went to her clit and began rubbing fast and hard. Becky had a huge pussy and Miss Burton put three fingers in. It wasn’t quite enough. She added a fourth finger.

Charlie was thrusting into the snug ass hole and moaning.

Just as the couple neared a peak, Miss Burton put her whole hand inside the pussy. She could feel Charlie’s cock inside the ass.

She felt Charlie’s cock throb and pulse and knew he was cumming. Becky felt it too and it made her cum.

Charlie collapsed on the bed. His cum began to ooze out of his girlfriend’s ass. Becky’s cum oozed from her pussy. Miss Burton licked and sucked the pussy first. Then she licked and sucked the cum dripping from the ass, licking the ass hole long after it was clean.

Becky lay collapsed on top of the teacher. She was still rubbing her clit. The licking was making her horny again. “Can you do it again, honey?” she asked. Charlie had no response.

The teacher put two fingers in the woman’s ass and gently moved them in and out. She shifted her tongue to slowly lick the woman’s pussy and eased her down into post-orgasm bliss.

Miss Burton managed to get out from under the woman. She maneuvered the two exhausted bodies like rag dolls until they lay side by side. They embraced and kissed and smiled. They fell asleep.

Miss Burton closed the bedroom door behind. Jack came in just as she arrived in the living room. “Shhh, we have company. They’re sleeping.”

She told him about her meeting with Charlie and Becky, the threesome, and Becky’s fantasies. “Can you help them get into your social group? I think they both could use a safe place to try out their fantasies.”

“No problem. What about you? Did you cum? Do you want me to fuck you in the ass?”

Miss Burton thought about it. “No. I enjoyed helping them enjoy themselves. I’m not really horny.”

A few miles away, Emma’s game had ended. They won 12 to 4. It was an unexpected blowout and the whole team celebrated in the locker room.

Emma suspected Holly was going to sneak in and want sex. She lingered at her locker waiting for her teammates to leave. She didn’t take a shower – she knew Holly liked it when she smelled like a ‘dirty little pig’.

Only one other girl remained in the locker room. Gabriela wasn’t a very good player but she tried hard. She was plain with a long face and straggly hair. Her clothes always seemed a little ill fitting and slightly worn, like they might be hand me downs.

Gabriela was a senior but had only arrived in the middle of last year. She didn’t seem to have made many friends. Her locker was one row over from Emma’s.

Holly came around the corner. Emma warned her to be quiet and pointed to the next row. They really didn’t need to be caught naked and making love. Holly nodded and flashed her boobs. She licked her fingers and rubbed her nipples to tease Emma.

Emma tiptoed to the corner and peeked down the next row of lockers. Gabriela was sitting on a bench, naked. She had average size tits that sagged down. Her nipples were nice. Emma could see some brown hair down by her pussy.

The girl just sat there, looking sad. Emma turned the corner and walked toward her. Gabriela jumped with a start and tried to cover her tits and pussy. “It’s okay Gabby. I know what tits look like.” Emma said to lighten the mood.

“Gabriela,” the girl said. “I hate being called Gabby.” Emma nodded and sat next to her.

“So Gabriela, what’s going on? You look sad.”

“My parents didn’t make the game again. They say what’s the point since I never play. internet casino They think I should quit.”

Emma replied “Don’t quit. Even if you don’t play, you’re still part of the team. You share in our victories. That’s worth something.”

The girl shook her head, she had tears in her eyes. For some reason she trusted Emma. “I had to leave my last school. They found out I was a lesbian and I got bullied until I couldn’t stand it. Now I’m afraid to make friends, afraid it will happen again.” She got a worried look. “Don’t tell anybody.”

“I won’t tell anybody. I’m a lesbian too. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Gabriela looked at her with wide eyes.

“You’re a lesbian? But you’re so popular and everything.”

Holly popped around the corner. “And yet she’s still a lesbian. In fact, she’s my favorite lesbian.” Holly kissed Emma on the mouth then sat on the other side of Gabriela “We’re a couple.”

“You’re a lesbian too?” Gabriela seemed to be having a hard time processing the idea that there were other lesbians in school.

Holly laughed. “No, I am an impetuous slut if you listen to Emma. I swing both ways.”

Emma held Gabriela’s hand. “Are your parents coming to pick you up?”

“Not for a couple hours. They’re working overtime.”

“Well, give them a call and tell them we’ll bring you home. We can hang out together until then.” Emma rubbed the girl’s back. Gabriela put her head on Emma’s shoulder.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” asked Holly. “Maybe we could double date.” Emma knew she meant ‘maybe we could have a foursome’.

“No. I dated a girl once but it didn’t work out.” Gabriela started crying.

Holly, the risk taker, took a risk. She embraced the girl and began to caress her. The girl shrunk away a little but Holly didn’t stop.

“I bet you’d feel better after a good fuck.” Gabriela looked at her like she was crazy but edged a little closer.

Holly ran her hand up between the girl’s breasts. She slid her hand down over one of the saggy tits and toyed with the nipple. The girl sighed a little. Holly bent down and sucked on the nipple. Her hand went down over the hip and along the outside of her thigh.

There was another sigh and Gabriela spread her legs a little. “Ever have a threesome?” asked Emma.

“I never even had a twosome.” replied the girl. Holly’s hand was on the inside of her thigh, almost to her pussy. Gabriela didn’t know what to do. She wanted more but they were in the gym locker room. What if somebody came in?

Now Emma was toying with a nipple. “Why don’t you come home with us? We can talk.” Emma reached for Gabriela’s blouse. “Or do whatever.”

Holly and Emma dressed the girl in her blouse and skirt. They put her panties and bra in her gym bag. “You don’t really need those.”

There was a fight over who would drive and who would sit with Gabriela Holly agreed to drive for once to please her lover. Emma and Gabriela got in the back seat. It was only a ten minute drive home. Emma kissed Gabriela a few times and rubbed her hand along the girl’s bare leg.

They parked and went inside. Miss Burton was sitting at the table naked. Gabriela’s eyes widened at the sight of her teacher. The teacher said ‘hi’ like nothing was unusual.

Jack was cooking dinner. “Charlie and Becky are in my room. The lifeguard and his girlfriend. Don’t wake them.”

Inside Holly’s room, Gabriela asked, “Why is Miss Burton naked in your house?”

“She’s lives with us. We’re always naked in the house. But you can’t say anything.”

Holly and Emma undressed the girl and laid her in the middle of the bed. One lay on each side of her. They started kissing her, starting with her mouth. The kisses went on her neck and shoulders. Holly and Emma each sucked on a tit.

Gabriela was sighing and rubbing her thighs together. Sex was supposed to be good but this was extra good. The two girls kissed her stomach and her pubes. They each put one of Gabriela’s legs behind their heads. The girl’s pussy and ass lay exposed.

Gabriela reached down and was caressing both heads. “Touch my pussy,” she said. Emma started to rub and massage around the lips. Holly caressed the girl’s ass and floated her fingers up and down the crack.

Gabriela’s breathing was shallow. She was aroused. She was hoping more would happen. It did.

Emma parted the long curled pussy lips and put a single finger inside the slit. The girl was very wet. Emma’s finger slid up and down. She tapped on the end of the clit and Gabriela groaned.

Holly held one leg with her hand and began to kiss the girl’s breast and tongue her nipple. Her other hand was trapped but she rubbed as much of the ass as she could reach.

Emma removed her finger and replaced it with her tongue. She flicked the clit and probed into the hole. She sucked on the wetness. Gabriela made little satisfied noises.

Emma put a finger in the pussy hole. It was tight. She slowly moved in and out, not going too deep so she didn’t tear the hymen. Gabriela thrust her hips up, trying to get more.

Emma sucked on the clit and pushed her finger in faster. She forced a second finger in. Holly pinched Gabriela’s nipple and the girl came. The fluid that came out was clear and flowed easily. Emma lapped it up. Gabriela continued to cum.

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