Honky Tonk Ch. 02

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We didn’t talk about our fantasies again and a month later we were back at the same bar dancing and having a drinks. It, of course, brought back memories of that night and I couldn’t wait to get home and screw my wife’s brains out. I had learned my lesson and on this night I only had two drinks. It’s not that I wouldn’t love a repeat of the previous night but the chances of being stopped by the same deputy with the same results were pretty slim.

At about eleven o’clock I put Shelly’s hand on my crotch so she could feel my rock hard erection and whispered that I was ready to go home. She smiled a devilish smile and said she needed to pee first and headed in the direction of the restrooms. A few minutes later I noticed her in the hallway talking on her cell phone. When she returned she had another glass of wine.

Disappointed, I said, “I thought we were going home.”

“Don’t worry,” she purred, “I just want to have this last drink, then I’m all yours.”

I could wait fifteen more minutes, especially since alcohol worked well to bring out her uninhibited side. Remembering that I saw her on the phone, I asked who she had been talking to.

“Oh, that was just Josie. Boy troubles again.”

It seemed late for her sister to call but I didn’t really want to hear about her ongoing relationship problems, so I let it drop.

Twenty minutes later we’re turning onto the gravel road leading to the house. That’s when I noticed the sheriff’s car sitting on the side of the road about 100 feet from the intersection. He was facing the opposite direction as us before we made the turn. I assumed he was running radar but I wasn’t concerned; I was in a hurry to get home but I was keeping it within five miles per hour of the speed limit. Plus I had only had two beers and the last one was over an hour earlier.

To my surprise, the deputy’s headlights came on just as we turned and he followed us to the house. As soon as I turned into the driveway he flipped on his red and blue lights.

“Fuck, what’d I do this time?” I said. “I wasn’t speeding.”

“Relax,” Shelly said, “he probably just wants to check your license.”

She seemed unusually cool. I guessed that she wasn’t worried because she knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong.

I pulled up close to the house under a lamp post and stopped. This time there were two deputies in the car, which was unusual. I thought maybe one was a rookie in training. They both got out and approached either side of our car. I rolled down my window and reached for my wallet and driver’s license. Shelly must have noticed the second deputy too because she rolled down her window.

“Good evening, sir,” the deputy at my window said. I immediately recognized his voice and turned my head to see it was Corporal Carter, the same deputy whose dick was in my wife’s mouth a month earlier. “The reason I stopped you is that you were weaving. Have you been drinking tonight?”

Before I could answer, Tracy intervened. She was leaning towards my window with her blouse unbuttoned to her navel and for the first time I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Oh, yes sir he has been drinking, and I’m afraid he had way too much to be driving. I think he really needs to be poker oyna taught a lesson.”

What the fuck was she doing? Then I noticed the mischievous grin on her face and it hit me; she setup this whole scenario. I wasn’t sure what was in store for us so I just played along.

“Would ya’ll step out of the car, please?” Cpl. Carter asked, as polite as he was the first time we met.

We both got out and Cpl. Carter (whose first name, I later learned, was Bill) said I was under arrest and told me to turn around and put my hands behind my back. I complied and Bill placed the handcuffs on my wrist. On the other side of the car I could hear the other deputy (later identified as Eric) saying something about Shelly being drunk in public.

Shelly pleaded, “Please officer, I’ll do ANYTHING if you would just let us go with a warning. She was standing inches from his body rubbing his substantial chest with her hand.

“Well, we might be able to work something out,” Eric said, “but first I’m going to have to search you for weapons and drugs.”

He walked her to the rear of the car and leaned her against the trunk and proceeded to “search” her. His hands went immediately inside her blouse and he was fondling both her tits. Then he stuck his hand under her skirt and started to finger her pussy. Shelly moaned her approval.

Then Bill suggested we go inside where the light was better so they could search us thoroughly. The acting was right out of a bad porn movie, but I wasn’t complaining. Once inside, Bill grabbed Shelly’s blouse and ripped it open, causing the last few buttons to fall to the floor. I decided to add my own bad acting to the mix.

“What the hell are you doing to my wife?” I screamed, trying to sound angry.

Eric back-handed me across the face, soft enough that I knew he was still acting but hard enough to sting. Then he pushed me down on my recliner.

“You cover him while I search her for drugs,” Bill said.

Eric stood next to me with a hand firmly on my shoulder while Bill had his way with Shelly. First he caressed and kissed both of her tits before removing her blouse completely. Then he pulled her skirt to the floor exposing the fact that she was wearing no panties. Shelly stepped out of the skirt and Bill grabbed her from behind and reached around to finger her pussy. Shelly offered no resistance and moaned as he moved his finger in and out of her wet cunt. Bill pushed her down on the couch and then took off his gun belt and set it on the end table and removed his pants and jockeys, revealing his already rigid cock. Shelly knew what he wanted and started licking his shaft and balls. Then she took it into her mouth and started giving him a slow masterful blowjob. After a few minutes, he directed Shelly to turn and get down on her hands and knees on the couch. He climbed behind her and in one smooth move entered her pussy from behind.

That’s when I noticed that Eric had his pants and underwear down to his ankles and was masturbating his cock just inches from my face. While Bill had a nice cock, about seven inches with nicely trimmed pubes, Eric’s was about an inch longer and thicker and he was completely shaved. A cop was pounding my wife’s pussy a few canlı poker oyna feet away but I couldn’t take my eyes off of the other cop’s cock.

“Your turn,” he said, sticking his hard rod in my face.

I hesitated and that’s when he slapped his dick across my cheek and grabbed the back of my head and forced it into my mouth.

“Suck it you little bitch,” he demanded as he forced it deeper in my mouth.

I gagged a little at first but slowly got a groove going. It had been a long time since I had sucked on a nice hard cock. I was only able to bet it about three quarters of the way in my mouth before it hit the back of my throat but the cop’s moans told me I was doing a good job. As I sucked I savored his taste and the silky feel of his hard cock sliding back and forth across my tongue.

Shelly was getting loud and drew my attention back to her. She was watching her husband suck a cock and the look on her face told me she liked what she saw. As Bill pounded his piston in and out of her cunt she was bracing herself with one hand and her face on the couch as she watched me being face fucked. Her other hand was rubbing her clit.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she said breathlessly, “fuck me harder.”

Then she lost it and screamed as she orgasmed. Bill was just moments behind her. He grunted as he emptied his seed deep in her pussy. By that time Eric was fucking my face hard. It was difficult keeping my balance since I was still handcuffed but I managed to keep my lips locked on his cock as it pummeled my face. His first spurt of cum hit the back of my throat. I pulled back so just the head was inside my lips and the second and third spurts shot over my tongue. Eric pulled out and jerked two more shots of semen onto my face. I was in seventh heaven as I savored a mouth full of cum while the rest dripped down my face. My own cock was so hard it felt like it was going to rip my jeans.

“I think you have some cleanup to do over here.” Bill’s voice broke my trance.

Bill was sitting on the couch with his legs open stroking his still hard cock. Shelly was sitting next to him with her feet up by her ass and knees spread, her freshly fucked pussy open for all to see.

“Bring that sissy over here so he can clean my dick and balls with his mouth,” Bill commanded.

Eric grabbed me under the arms and brought me to my feet, pushing me towards the couch. Then he forced me to my knees and pushed my face into Bill’s lap. It wasn’t easy with my hands behind my back but I licked his hairy balls and his dick until they were free of any semen and Shelly’s juices. Next, Bill moved my face into Shelly’s lap and I started licking her pussy clean. Bill and Eric had moved to the back of the couch just behind Shelly so she could turn her head from side to side alternating sucking their cocks. I can’t explain the exhilaration I felt tasting Bill’s cum in Shelly’s pussy with the flavor of Eric’s cum still fresh in my mouth, all the while Shelly was sucking two cop cocks. It wasn’t long before Shelly was having her second orgasm all over my face.

As much as I loved eating Shelly’s cum filled twat, it was getting uncomfortable, especially with my hands still handcuffed behind my back. So, I internet casino was relieved when Bill came around and helped me stand up. I was hoping he would uncuff me and let me fuck my wife. Damn, my cock was hard as steel and I needed some relief. However, Bill had other plans. He took me to the side of the couch and pushed me face down over the armrest. Then Eric helped him pull my jeans and briefs off. It felt good having my cock free. I was the only one who hadn’t cum yet and my cock was hurting. It didn’t help seeing two hard-bodied cops, still wearing their uniform shirts with their swinging hard dicks. I had my head turned in an awkward position staring at the two half naked cops, wondering what was going to happen next.

I didn’t have to wonder any longer when I heard Bill ask Shelly for some lubricant. In case it wasn’t clear already, Bill moved in behind me between my legs and started to rub my ass. Shelly returned with the lube and Bill rubbed it on his cock and then rubbed it into my asshole. He forced one finger inside and then two. I was apprehensive, my asshole was still virgin territory, but I knew it was no use fighting it. I was about to get fucked.

After probing me with his fingers, Bill pushed the head of his cock against my maiden asshole, slowly forcing it inside. I protested when it started to hurt but he just pushed harder. I didn’t think he would be able to fit inside of me. My sphincter was burning when I felt his bulbous head enter. Then, inch by inch, he pushed and pulled going deeper with each stroke until his pubes were touching my ass. He was in to the hilt. He paused momentarily and the pain started to subside a little. Slowly he started an in and out motion until he was fucking my ass with a steady rhythm. Shelly had her face inches from the action, mesmerized. Eric was on the opposite side of Bill stroking his own cock. I wasn’t sure but he had a look on his face like he was waiting his turn.

The pain never stopped completely but slowly became pleasurable. I could feel the couch move as Bill pounded my ass like a bull. Bill lasted probably fifteen minutes, having just cum in Shelly’s pussy, and I was in bliss. I never thought being fucked could feel so great. When he shot his load into my me I could feel the jets of jism in my bowels. He pulled out and collapsed on the chair. Eric didn’t waste any time shoving his large meat inside me. I was already stretched out but it was a renewed pain at first. I thought I was going to cum as I got fucked for the second time. With each stroke my cock rubbed against the cloth of the couch. It ached to find a hot mouth or pussy.

I became one with Eric’s cock as it went in and out of my ass like a piston. It seemed like he had been fucking me for twenty minutes and I did not want it to stop. Finally he grunted and poured his semen inside me. He leaned forward resting on my back for a few minutes as his cock became soft inside me.

Before I knew it, Bill and Eric were dressed and taking the handcuffs off of me. They both gave Shelly, who was still naked, wet kisses as they said goodbye, copping one last feel of her tits and ass before leaving.

Shelly gave me a long kiss and thanked me for the most erotic night of her life. Then she went to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. I could only take about a minute of her sucking before I shot, what seemed like a gallon of cum, down her throat. I hadn’t cum that fast since I was a teenager.

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